Topics: What Ra mean when they spoke about Carla’s purity; hope; the “geography and geometry” of the mind.

(Jim channeling)

I am Q’uo, and greet each in love and in light. And this evening, it is our great honor, once again, to be called to this group to help each perfect that skill of the channeling of the words of the Confederation that has been the work of this group for so many years. And now, we have been honored to be with you throughout these time periods and thank you for your dedication to this type of service. We, as always, come in the love and the light of the One Creator, for this is all that there is. And we find each of you also basking in that same love and light. And together, we wish this evening to move across time and space to be with each of you so that you may speak the words that we give you in response to the queries you give us.

We remind you that we are not ultimate authorities, and would ask you to take those words and thoughts that we give to you … to each of you … and use them if they are of benefit to you at this time. Please do leave behind any that do not have benefit to you at this time. If you will do us this favor as you know, it will allow us to speak more freely, to respond to those queries you have for us. At this time, we would ask if there is a query with which we may begin.

Ra said, “We were able to contact this group using this instrument because of the purity of this instrument’s dedication to the service of the One Infinite Creator, and also because of the great amount of harmony and acceptance enjoyed each by each within the group.” 1 That was not the only instance that Ra spoke of and emphasized the purity of the instrument’s dedication to the service of the One Creator.

What did Ra mean when they spoke of the instrument’s purity? How did Carla become so pure in her dedication to service? And how can the seeker in general do as much?

I am Q’uo, and I’m aware of your query my brother. This is a query which is close to the heart of this particular instrument. And we will attempt to speak in a manner which does not utilize the special feeling of unity with the instrument that this instrument has experienced for many of what you call years.

The one known as Carla had been of service in many ways before serving as the instrument for the Ra contact, for it was a portion of her life pattern to seek any means by which she might be of service to others. Beginning at a very young age when she was able to partake in the family situation and provide what you would call the babysitting for the younger siblings that were born to her family. Sometime after she was within this illusion, this desire to take care of her younger brothers and to begin to serve the family in various ways was the beginning of her life path that she had planned previous to the incarnation.

Each entity within this illusion has those pre-incarnative choices that manifest as various lessons that can help each become more positively polarized within the incarnation as it is lived year by year. And in the time period that the life is experienced within the third-density illusion, each entity may then look within itself to see what types of patterns of experience or catalyst have made themselves apparent during their life to this point. These pre-incarnative choices will begin to make themselves known to the conscious seeker of truth in a way which repeats in what you may call a circular or spiraling fashion so that various ingredients may become a portion of a pattern within the life so that one may recognize the repeating experiences as being the type of lesson that may be concentrated upon in some manner to provide service to others.

As the one known as Carla progressed in her years, she was able to continue to look at the various opportunities that came her way to be of service to others. There were many that repeated in a fashion which made it clear to her that the One Creator was moving within her life stream in a manner which gave her increasing opportunities to be of service to others, whether it would be in the life pattern of the first mated relationship, or singing music that was uplifting and inspiring to others; or if it was as a later relationship developed with the one known as Don: to begin to blend their energies in a manner in which this type of channeling experience that we are now engaged in would be shared between them, and others within their group, so that the Confederation philosophy, as you may call it, could be shared on a larger scale, and become a means by which other seekers of truth could add to their own philosophical understandings of how the life pattern, that was individual to them, might be pursued in a manner that also was of service to others.

For this illusion that you now inhabit is that place or point of choice within the life pattern of all third-density entities. This is the density of Choice, shall we say, so that there is the conscious decision on the part of those conscious seekers who wish to polarize in the positive sense that would allow them to continue being of greater service to others, and in different ways this service then could be offered as well.

The one known as Carla had developed the ability to serve as an instrument because of the work with the one known as Don. This attempt to share the Confederation philosophy was pursued for a number of years as her primary means of service so that she was able at some point within the life pattern to offer herself as an instrument to speak the words that those of Ra were able to provide her in the trance state, as you may call it. This type of offering of the self to the One Creator had expanded from the beginning contact of fourth-density Hatonn who offered the advice of love as being the goal of this third-density illusion, to open the heart in unconditional love in order to make what you would call the graduation or the harvest. Then she was able to accelerate the type of channeling into those of Lattwi of the fifth density so that the wisdom of the light of the Creator could give a larger overview to the experience of love and making the choice of service to others. Thus, as the progression of channeling experience moved to those of Ra, she was able to make herself available to those of Ra who would then be able to blend or balance the initial channelings of love with the intermediate channelings of light to begin to then explore the density of love/light or light/love, that which expresses a certain kind of power that is the product of blending love and light in a balanced fashion.

Thus, each individual seeker who wishes to become more aware of its own life path may explore the possibilities of discovering the pre-incarnative choices through meditative practice in which the question is asked at the beginning of such a meditation as to how the life pattern may be enhanced to become congruent with the previous or pre-incarnative choices. The dream state may also be utilized by such a seeker of truth who wishes to know more if its own means by which it may be of service, so that the utilization of messages from the unconscious mind through dreams could be a means by which this process of discovery could be practiced.

We would suggest that there is also the possibility of utilizing what you may call the journaling or the automatic writing so that the subconscious mind may once again have an avenue through which to offer thoughts that may enhance the seeker’s understanding of its own abilities to be of service, and the direction in which it would be most fruitful to move in service to others and to the One Creator, which exists within all of the creation and within each being that seeks to be of service to others. For one is of service to the Creator as one serves others, for this is a universe of unity, and the One Creator moves fully and freely within each seeker of Truth and is available to help each seeker be aware of the most appropriate life path that may be pursued in this particular incarnational pattern.

At this time, we would transfer this contact to the one known as Kathy. We are those of Q’uo.

(Kathy channeling)

I am Q’uo. I am with this instrument at this time. Is there a query, my brother?

Q’uo, this question is about hope. Our own recorded history on this planet, coupled with what the Confederation communicates is the history of our exploded planetary neighbors, tells a story of one calamity after the next. That is a small data set, but that’s all we have. So, statistically speaking, large-scale catastrophic events are likely to recur, yet, the Confederation always shares a message of hope. Is there a time not to hope? Does hope ever have an effect on the spiritual or rather, the situational outcome? Why hope at all?

We understand your query, my brother. Hope, one may say, is a quality of the soul and spirit. It is felt rather than discerned by thought or by the senses. Hope, we may say, is a reflection of what is felt in the spirit of those upon your planet. It is a reflection of your reaching upward, of the spirit of an entity or entities. Hope is something that is felt deep in the spirit in times of calamity, crisis, or great difficulty. And it is that reaching upward that the spirit may do for the higher knowing or understanding of the truth of any situation.

The spirit of an entity may sense, through that higher faculty of understanding, in a wordless, but poignant way, the meaning of such situations such as your query describes. Without putting it into words, it may be understood on what you may call a subliminal level that a great difficulty, or crisis, may be playing a role in the collective process of growth of entities upon the Earth at the time of such a situation.

While the mind and body are dealing with situational decisions, coping with outcomes of such difficulties, the spirit dwells within the entity always radiating upward and outward toward true understanding of what is really going on, as you may say. To the extent that this understanding can filter into the conscious mind of an entity or entities, this is where hope is born, where hope is carried throughout the experience. For through higher understanding, through that deeper knowledge that dwells within the spirit, hope can point the way toward right action in response to difficulties. Hope can point the way toward salvation of one kind or another. Hope can point away towards service to others.

You could say that hope is a spiritual faculty itself that blooms within the heart of an individual when it is most needed. The spirit will plant it there within the heart of an entity to point the way forward, to lift up the understanding of an entity so that that entity may keep going, no matter what the difficulty.

The cousin of hope is faith. Once hope is felt, faith, the companion to hope, can be born, for faith is hope extended out into what you may call the future. Faith that there will be a meaning, a purpose, an outcome that can be lived with, an outcome that can be supportive of the entity or entities living through such situations. Faith is hope projected upward and outward, again through the spiritual faculty within each entity.

Through these, entities can receive an upflowing of strength from within themselves. This is the role that hope plays. It is born of that inner knowing and inner connection that each entity has to its Creator, whether or not an entity is conscious of such connection.

Is this response sufficient to address the query, my brother?

Sufficient and beautiful, thank you Q’uo.

Thank you. We are those of Q’uo and we have been with this instrument. We now pass the contact to the one known as Gary.

(Gary channeling)

We are those known to you as the principal of Q’uo and we greet this smaller than usual circle again through this instrument. [We are] looking forward to exercising this instrument’s reception of our transmission and relay of our thoughts, as it has been a couple of circles since our last cooperative exercise with this instrument. We give gratitude to each for their fidelity, first simply in taking the time in the busy schedule and clearing the space in the busy mind for the sole purpose of offering oneself in service to the One Infinite Creator that love and light may, in this particular form, reach interested spiritual seekers intent upon the journey of self-discovery.

At this time, we would open this instrument to any query that may be available.

Q’uo, we have a question from A. He says, “In 5.2 Ra said, ‘We begin with the mental learn/teachings necessary for contact with intelligent infinity. The prerequisite of mental work is the ability to retain silence of self at a steady state, when required by the self. The mind must be opened like a door. The key is silence. Within the door lies an hierarchical construction, we liken unto geography, and in some ways geography, whoops … geometry, for the hierarchy is quite regular bearing interrelationships.’ Can Q’uo elaborate on this hierarchical construction of the mind? What does it look like?”

We have received the query from the one known as A, and we give our thanks. This is an area which lies well beyond the knowledge of this particular instrument, so we may have some difficulties in communicating our concepts, but this instrument allows us to move forward and they trust that he will be able to share our thoughts on this subject.

It is indeed as Ra spoke. The mind is not what is often perceived within the conscious experience of the entity as, perhaps, a mental screen onto which thoughts, or jumbles of thoughts, come and go, where memory is projected, [where] the memory soaks in the attention such that it is as if the memory is relived, or a future scenario is imagined in desire or anxiety such that it becomes almost as if it were a lived experience in the way that it consumes and envelops the attention. This is the conscious experience of the entity and its mind. But it is a tiny, shall we say, portion in the fullness of the mind’s terrain. Were one to have the vision that we have, beyond the veil, beyond or in realms of space and time unknown to your present experience, one can see something of a world within a given mind complex. It is, we give this instrument the notion of a three-dimensional hologram. It has, as this instrument knows it, though it remains inadequate to the metaphysical dimensions of the mind, the dimensions of length, width and height, shall we say. This however blends with temporal aspects which we cannot quite articulate with this instrument’s limited understanding.

In mandalas, as you know them, and in fractals in their own way, one sees geometries of a repeating nature. This, in a way, is one such property of the mind. It bears structure. This structure is designed intelligently by intelligence, and is held together, shall we say, and manifested in these patterns of geometry. Of what patterns does the mind consist? This is an evolving function of the evolving entity. It is as if the mind consists as an unexplored and unactivated whole that the entity, through its own development, begins to shine different portions of light into, and thus bring to light and activate and reveal its structure, its geometry and its geography.

It is of such vastness that one’s mind complex can be explored infinitely, in truth, for the mind contains all things. All facets of experience may be reflected in the mind, and each such experience or locus of awareness in the development of the entity, and in conjunction with the various activations, blockages and balances of the chakra, has what you may call a corollary location within that geography of the mind.

The instrument is looking to us for more about this geometry within the mind complex, perhaps how it formulates or relates to thought forms. And we may say as your thoughts often have a repetitive nature there is something of a link between that phenomena and the phenomena of geometry.

This instrument wishes to drill down further into this subject, but remains doubtful of its own ability. We would then bring this to conclusion by bringing focus to the earlier portion of the Ra quote regarding the silence that opens the door.

As this mind complex is a world unto itself, you may fruitfully consider a vast interior space beyond description reflecting anything which it seems to encounter external to itself and reflective within itself. And given that this mind complex is, or rather exists, mostly behind a veil, such that the entity’s experience of its own mind is veiled and unknown to the conscious self, it is quite possible, and frequently the case within the third density, that the entity can become, you might say, lost within its own mind complex—roaming the halls, opening the same interior doors again and again, walking routes in circles, not grasping the exit or the availability of the upward movement or the spiral—such that the entity is bound to time and space, to the rise and fall of good and bad fortune, as you would call it, to circumstance, to growth and decay, to the shifting winds of opinion and energy; the entity is not yet rediscovering the eternity which undergirds all things.

The seeker is instead playing in the field of its mind, as it were, projecting that mind outward onto a world of separation, and taking that world of separation into itself, computing it through the various thought patterns that the mind produces infinitely, each thought an infinitesimal fragment of the whole.

The mind, shall we say, is loud, noisy, bright, and always in front of the attention, it seems, and creates for the seeker an individual identity that is separate from All. The mind is a wonderful and necessary tool for the journey of individuation and return to the One, but as it is an experience, it consumes and creates the identity and conceals the Creator from the self.

It is necessary to evolve the thinking of the mind and refine its patterns to make use of this tool, to engage in deep and considerate contemplation upon spiritual inquiry, to lift the mind from its circular ruts. There is much, much work to do in that department, and it is through silence that the seeker opens the door to that which is beyond the mind, that to which mind and body must surrender in humble acceptance and trust, in order to receive, in order to enter, in order to be made holy and transmuted into the sacramental that the self may go beyond this limit-making machine that is the mind, this comparing and contrasting and categorizing and analyzing device that helps the seeker to touch into that which cannot now nor ever be described.

And silence, as the ones known as Ra described, is the great key. And we would suggest to the seeker that the seeker asks oneself, what is silence within the self? Is it the absence of external noise? Is it the absence of thought? Is it a quality that is heard or perceived? Is it something that is created or cultivated? How does one enter silence? How does one abide in silence? What does one do, if it can be so called, with silence? These are questions rich for contemplation and we would encourage the seeker to set down the book and the phone, especially, and sit with these questions. Carve time out of that busy schedule free of external distraction to consider these questions and to take these considerations into practice as you would apply them.

At this time, we would transfer our contact to the one known as Jim, with gratitude to all who may receive our words through this circle and to these few humble instruments who gather to receive and relay our words. We are those known to you as Q’uo.

(Jim channeling)

I am Q’uo and am again with this instrument. We are pleased that we have been able to establish a strong contact through each instrument. We feel that you are proceeding to learn this art in a manner which is taking upon itself a kind of momentum that you are not only able to serve as instruments of Confederation philosophy, but more and more that philosophy imbues your very being and you are able to live that philosophy on a day-to-day basis. This is the hoped-for goal of all shared Confederation philosophy, and we are grateful for your continued perseverance and dedication to this goal. We are at this time taking our leave of this instrument and this group. We leave you all in the love and in the light of the One Infinite Creator. We are known to you as those of Q’uo. Adonai vasu borragus.

  1. Mentioned in #94.9