In metaphysical terms, what is the dance that Ra refers to in this quote? “In truth there is no right or wrong. There is no polarity, for all will be, as you would say, reconciled at some point in your dance through the mind/body/spirit complex which you amuse yourself by distorting in various ways at this time.” 1

(Jim channeling)

I am Q’uo and am with this instrument at this time. We greet each of you in the love and in the light of the One Infinite Creator who is all, in all things. We are honored, as always, to be called to your group this evening to speak to you on the question that you have presented to us. Before we begin, may we ask our usual favor? That is, that you take those words and concepts that we shall offer you this evening and use them as you will, keeping those that are helpful, disregarding those that are not this time helpful. In this way, we each recognize that we of Q’uo are not ultimate authorities. We are happy to share our opinions as long as you realize they are our opinions.

The question this evening is one which basically describes the spiritual journey of each conscious entity through this octave of beingness that is the path or the road to the One Infinite Creator, which paradoxically, is a path that leads you within yourself and not an external path only. This journey you are upon is a journey which realizes the necessity of being able to polarize your consciousness in some fashion, whether for service to others or service to self, in order to make this journey through the densities of experience, moving evermore highly and powerfully into dimensions that are more densely packed with the love and light of the One Infinite Creator.

However, as you are on this journey, you are dancing in a manner which accepts, for the time being, the description of the journey as being one which has the rhythm of polarity. This rhythm is that which you hear within your being in a manner which causes you to take one step upon another, and another, and another within the created realms of experience. You have within your own being the completed essence of the One Creator that gives you the impetus to move in a fashion which uses polarity for a certain amount of what you would call time. As you experience the ascending progress through each of the densities of love and light, there is for each entity the appearance of polarity that might be utilized in a certain fashion to accelerate this journey. Rather than resting within the inner planes of all creation, this is a journey which you have consciously chosen to take, to see, and feel, and be the One Creator that you so ardently seek when you are within the polarized realms of experience. This is a process that has a certain rhythm to it so that you are able to move your mind, your body, and your spirit in a certain fashion that allows you to become part of the illusion of separation that is, in truth, only a means towards an end of giving the One Infinite Creator more and more ways in which, it might experience Itself and know Itself through all of your actions, your choices, your thoughts, and your very being.

This is a noble journey that you make to feel, and see, and be the individualized portion of the One Creator which has the ability to experience the illusion of clarity, the illusion of separation. We call these the illusion, for in truth, as you are now and have always been, you are the One Creator who has this infinite ability to give meaning to any choice that you may make upon your spiritual path. All of these choices are means by which you come to know more and more the nature of the One Creator as being unity, which is the quality of all of the creation that this One Creator has created in order that it might, through each of you, dance to the tune of seeming separation, and then become more and more aware of the unity of all things as the dance continues through each ascending density. This is the play. This is the dance. This is the experience of the One, in each portion of its beingness, that each of you represent as you move upon your spiritual path in each ascending level of experience.

At this time we shall transfer this contact to the one known as Austin. We are those of Q’uo.

(Austin channeling)

We are known to you as the principle of Q’uo and we are now with this instrument. We are excited by the prospect of responding to this question and addressing the notion that the journey of the seeker may be likened to a dance, for this gives us an opportunity to highlight the contrasting perspectives between the veiled experience of third density, and that which we experience without the veil. A question such as has been posed this evening has an obvious answer for any entity who sees with unveiled eyes, and can witness the full dynamic of creation, primarily that which is beyond your perception of time/space. In this perspective, it is quite apparent that all of creation is one magnificent song sung by the Creator. Every aspect of the creation, every moment that you experience, all catalyst of joy and sorrow, of pleasure and pain, all that is available to you and to all entities has a quality that is able to be witnessed within time/space that may be likened to a vibration or a rhythm. And as we view a single entity, or a group of entities, or all of the creation, we see the symphony created by each unique expression of the Creator. And from our perspective, we are able to recognize and witness with great awe the immeasurable complexity, yet incredible synchronicity, of these vibrations as they express themselves as the journey of the seeker and the journey of the Creator.

Indeed, the fact that you in third density, veiled of this perspective, may ask such a question is important and telling of the journey of the third-density entity, for the purpose of the third density is to create a certain bias within the individual seeker by what we have called the Choice, that choice being between the polarities of service to others and service to self. As entities within the third density progress upon their journey, they may at times recognize certain rhythms or patterns, or to speak to the poetic nature of this question, may hear certain songs or harmonies that they resonate with. Yet these tunes may be muffled, or the attention of the seeker is not yet honed enough to concentrate upon a single rhythm, and what is experienced is more akin to a cacophony.

And yet, as each seeker continues the erratic movements to match this cacophony, there begins to unfold a certain pattern within the seeker’s mind. The seeker begins to recognize a deeper rhythm and feel called by a song they hear. Perhaps, at first, seemingly very far away in the distance and very difficult to discern amongst the noise, but more and more, as the seeker begins to move to this tune, it is realized that this beautiful song heard in the distance is the love and the light of the Creator beckoning the seeker to make the Choice and to dance in more elegant, and intelligent, and regular ways to the rhythm of this song.

The question may arise, then, for the seeker upon the positive path that if, in truth, there is no polarity, then why does it seem as though one must choose to dance to a song that comes from elsewhere? This, my friends, is the difficult beauty of third density, in that for you, a portion of the Creator that has forgotten its origins, this song may seem to come from elsewhere, and it may seem as though you must choose to learn to dance to this song by continually seeking the love of the Creator and choosing to serve other selves within your life. Yet you will find that as you become more and more in tune with this song—or in other words you continue to polarize towards service to others—that your experience is very much that of the dancer who has lost herself to the rhythm of the song so that it seems as though the dance and the song are inseparable, that there is no distinction between dancer and dance and song. All is one singular beautiful expression.

This is the nature of your path as a seeker choosing the polarity of service to others. You have chosen a path that, despite it not being apparent to your perception, there is no distinction between the song you hear and the dance that you dance. And you must continually choose to dance this dance until you forget that it is even a choice, and the rhythm of the song moves you seamlessly upon your path. This, my friends, is a key to understanding the reality that there is no polarity, yet, one must polarize in order to realize and embody this truth and this reality. This is a most fundamental basic truth of the creation in which you find yourself dancing. All is the rhythm of the Creator, and though you may not be able to fully perceive it now, you will eventually become one with this rhythm and realize that you are the singer, you are the song that is sung, and you are the dancer that dances to this rhythm. All is one, yet, your experience that it is otherwise has a purpose that creates a deeper appreciation for this truth.

At this time, we take leave of this instrument and transfer the contact to the one known as Kathy. We are Q’uo.

(Kathy channeling)

We are those of Q’uo and we are with this instrument. We continue this response to your query regarding the metaphysical meaning of the term “dance” as it is understood in creation among your third-density entities making their way through the journey of the octave of experience and growth. The terms we have used—rhythm, pattern, song, harmony and dance—are indeed apt terms for the progression of the journey that each entity takes upon your planet in this third-density window of what you call, time, in which the distortions of experience are used in most elegant ways to reconcile various phases of experience, to bring each entity’s spiritual growth to a fully matured level of understanding, and wisdom, and love that could perhaps only be attained through the use of this creative power of your free will that we call, the dance.

Indeed, each entity does hear and respond to the song of creation which is ever present and ongoing, as even has been called, the music of the spheres, the infinite symphony, the infinite music stretching across all creation, the harmonies, the beats, the rhythms are felt down into the very core of each entity’s heart upon your planet.

It is an infinite symphony to which you dance, and also a very private individual symphony within a symphony, to which each entity performs this dance. There is the universal rhythm, and there is also the individual creative rhythm which together produce the most satisfying reconciliation at all levels of experience of each entity’s growth, with each entity’s pathway being a unique one that only that entity will choose of its free will. And yet, there is also the overlay of the universal, the infinite symphony which exists as an atmosphere of love, light and spirituality in which the individual entity performs its dance.

We may point out to you the image of third-density entities which may come together in a theater or a hall to witness a beautiful performance which you call a dance performance such as a ballet, or another type of dance being performed as an artistic experience, both for the dancers and for the viewers in which every participant, dancer or viewer, experiences the beauty, the pattern, and rhythm and the reconciliation of the story being told through that dance performance. And yet, there is a dance that the entities who come to the theater to view such a performance are experiencing; they are watching a dance within the dance of their own life. And then, there is the greater universal dance going on all around them as well. In this way, we may point out that all levels of this dance are a thing of beauty, a thing of purpose, a thing of love, in which, it is both an honor and a duty to experience and which leads to that ultimate place of growth, which we call, reconciliation, where all is reconciled, where there is a kind of spiritual peace that, through the activity and the beauty of the dance, each entity resolves, feels and understands all parts of the experience that have contributed to the rising up of the entity through octave after octave of experience.

We point out once more the idea of free will, that in each moment of the dance which you undertake—for it is a dance of ongoing creation on the part of each entity in harmony with the greater universal dance throughout what you call, time—the individual entity can choose to dance more slowly, more carefully, more thoughtfully, or perhaps to even pause for a while to integrate notions of a course of action, for example, and then move on again rejoining the dance in solo or with others, on a small stage or a great stage.

It is all done with great enthusiasm, if you will, through the free will choices of each entity and entities together, cooperating in that larger dance. We see your movement through this dance as beautiful points of light interacting in most wondrous ways producing lovely results. Even if a single step within the dance may seem less than perfect or even a bit clumsy, it all leads to a most lovely conclusion. So, we rejoice with you that you perceive this experience in such artistic terms, for creation is, as a creative act and artistic one, with each of you serving as an artist and experiencer in the most wondrous way.

We are those of Q’uo. We have been with this instrument. And now, we take leave of this instrument and pass the contact to the one known Jim.

(Jim channeling)

I am Q’uo and am again with this instrument. We thank each channel has participated the dance for this evening.

For indeed, all that you do as you move through your life experience is to dance to the step of the moment, the step that leads you into the moment, to process the moment and to move into another moment. Each moment being that which is infinite in nature, you are free to move in whatever fashion you choose, for you are the author of the dance. You are the dance and you are the music, as we have said.

We are very pleased that each has been able to give voice to our thoughts in a manner which is most inspiring, my friends. We feel that we are able to utilize each instrument to a greater and greater facility and comprehensive nature as these channeling experiences move forward in you know of as time. We thank you for your dedication, your conscientiousness and partaking of this channeling, the dance of One Infinite Creator that lives within each and within all things. We are known to you as those of Q’uo. we bid you adieu Adonai vasu borragus.

  1. Mentioned in #1.7