Topics: Attention, will, and faith; attitudes of avoidance; physical ailments impairing one’s spiritual practice; feeling empty and unfulfilled.

(Jim channeling)

I am Q’uo and greet each in the love and in the light of the One Infinite Creator. What a joy it is to join your group this evening. We are most happy and honored to be asked to join your circle of seeking. To continue the process that you have been utilizing for lo these many years. To become instruments of the One Creator, funneled through our perceptions of that Creator.

We would at this time ask if there might be a query with which we could begin to channel that love and light through this instrument.

Yes, there is, Q’uo.

In #42.12 Ra says, “There is but one technique for this growing, or nurturing, of will and faith, and that is the focusing of the attention.” They go on to say, “Thus it is a matter of wishing to become able to collect one’s attention and hold it upon the desired programming.” So A asked about that quote and one in #41.22.

“Can you elucidate on how the process works of wishing to become able to collect one’s attention and hold it upon the desired program?”

I am Q’uo and am aware of your query, my brother. We would begin with our usual request that you look at what we have to say with your own clear vision and utilize the words and concepts that have meaning to you and disregard the rest. If you will grant us this simple favor, we will feel more free to speak those thoughts which are ours to speak.

In the process of realizing one’s own personal desire to seek the Creator in the most efficacious manner possible, it is well to take into account the many distractions that each seeker of truth encounters in the daily round of activities, and in the experience of your third-density illusion. For beyond the veil of forgetting, there is not this type of distraction that causes one to lose the focus upon the basic nature of all creation, including the self that is unity with the One Creator. Thus, you are facing what we would call a challenge within your third-density illusion as you seek to find that will within yourself to know the Creator, to be able to feel the Creator moving in your meditative state into a manner of communication that you may perceive in a variety of ways—whether it be words, images, inclinations, thoughts of joy and inspiration.

Such communications with the One are unique to each. The will to find this focus, this single pointed focus, is also enhanced in its functioning by an equal amount of faith that such a process can indeed put one into a state of consciousness that is likened to the facet of the Creator’s gem or jewel so that you begin to radiate the love and light of the One Creator to all those about you, whether in the meditative state or in the conscious state. For you are awakening within yourself the capacity to encompass a larger and larger portion of the totality of infinity that is the Creator, as you were able to focus your attention inwardly in meditation with the desire to become one with the Creator.

This type of blending of will and faith is a kind of empowering of the conscious mind to begin to travel the journey down through the lower levels of consciousness into the subconscious mind, and further on into the planetary mind and the cosmic mind of the One Creator. This is a very deep and fulfilling dive into unity with all that is. As you focus your attention on this journey of seeking and serving the One Creator, you yourself begin to expand in what you would see and feel as an outward nature, so that you touch upon more and more of the creation around you—and not just touch upon it but you become it. As you find this focus becoming more intense as time passes, you will be able to uncover the gems of your own self, that you will see and experience as expanding into the infinite reaches of the One Creation.

This is a natural process that is experienced by all entities that are in the, as you would say, inner planes or higher densities, in both cases, so that they are in this state of consciousness at all times, to some degree. You, having the veil of forgetting to move through in a more or less clear fashion, are challenged by that same veil so that your effort of focusing your attention on seeking the One Creator in all things carries a great deal of weight of, you may call it, success or union or victory over unconsciousness. This ability to finally focus your attention becomes your great tool of inspiration and evolution, as you are more and more able to reach that focus in meditation, and then carry with you the bounty of the open heart that you have reached in meditation with you when you come out of meditation. This allows you to see with a clarified vision that you inhabit an illusion with different portions of the One Creator who are also seeking to know more firmly and fully, how they also are the same as you, your other self, the One Creator.

This is the journey of the third-density illusion and this is the great joy that awaits you as you continue to improve your focus in a single-pointed fashion, and become able to resonate in harmony with the Creator in all things, in all people, in all times, because you have done that within yourself. At this time, we shall transfer this contact to the one known as Gary. We are those of Q’uo.

(Gary channeling)

We’re those known to you as the principal of Q’uo and we greet this circle once again through this instrument. We may ask if there is a query to which we may respond.

Yes, Q’uo. We have one sent in from L, who asks, “How does one choose to stop avoiding and to change their attitude towards experience, especially after having avoided it habitually for so long? And how do will and faith play into all of this?”

Thank you for vibrating this question and we thank the one known as L for its asking, as this is a question that many upon the spiritual path would do well to consider.

That one recognizes patterns of avoidance is reflective of such an entity’s experience that may speak of ways in which they feel off-kilter or out of harmony with the experiences and circumstances and relationships of their life. There is perhaps a sense that to not avoid would be to meet the moments and myself more squarely with greater trust and openness.

To then digest and metabolize that which is occurring, and to live life more fully from a position that is not seeking to run away from that which may be perceived as uncomfortable, or to find security in the routine or to the… we pause to deepen this instrument.

We resume and find some fatigue with this instrument, described as a fuzziness somewhat impeding this connection, but find the state of the instrument satisfactory nonetheless to continue.

There is perhaps a sense within the seeker that there may be greater riches to be had, shall we say, by openly facing and countering that which the moment brings. And for such a self wanting to heal that avoidance pattern it is well to sit with the self and attempt to replay those moments that live on in memory—the closer to the actual experience the better—to discover what it was that triggered this avoidance mechanism. What caused the self to put on its armor or to simply choose another path? What was it that was uncomfortable or which the self wished not to face or to know? Was it a vulnerability? Was there a perceived threat? Was there an attachment which one wished not to relinquish? Many are the reasons unique to each seeker.

This practice, to bring in other elements of the questioner’s question, requires consistent use of the will and the faith that this exercise will bear fruit, for the process of knowing the self is not one undertaken in a single exercise, self-analysis, or visualization, but it is the setting and the execution of intention that must be carried out over time. The more consistent and true and unwavering the focus, the more efficacious the process, the more likely to find that which the seeker seeks. And the ongoing unfoldment of sitting with the self and understanding the mechanisms which contributed to this pattern, the self begins to reveal itself to itself. There are strands of biography woven into these patterns that connect to perhaps the relationship between the child and the parent in the early years, when avoidance was exercised for reasons perhaps of protection, or a desire to avoid that which is painful.

Perhaps the roots go deeper, but they do proceed at this moment, particularly as the questioner noted, a history of such patterns. But the gaze and this process of knowing the self is not one which should look through the lens of self-judgment, or castigation, or the locating of deficiencies within the self which would pan out any sense of unworthiness. Instead, compassion is requested for the self as the self discovers the workings of its own mind and heart that may not be so visible to the conscious waking awareness, as it provides upon the various momentums set into motion long ago. For it is only upon stopping to gaze with a directed focus, the focus directed by the question one is asking oneself, that one can begin to see that which has not before been seen or apprised by the conscious mind.

And this discovery must be brought into the heart, as we were indicating, of acceptance. And in terms of this particular pattern of avoidance, one can develop an awareness that which is being avoided need not be feared, or run from, or turn from that which is being avoided. Ultimately, there is no harm or threat to the self, or any sort of loss, which is not productive of growth. That there is something quite valuable awaiting the self when the layers of resistance, and rejection, and avoidance can be peeled back, so that the self may come into contact with the self. For to avoid is to choose to be partial, to choose not to embrace the entirety of the self. That circle which defines self has infinite layers moving ever-outward and ever-inward.

And as the self incorporates more of the creation into itself or discovers itself already in the creation, the more that circle of identity grows, expanding eventually to include all entities, all places, all circumstances, events and energies, so that the self understands that the self is all things. The self is one. It takes repeated exercises of trust, first and foremost in the self, and then universe, that which is being avoided can be not only faced but brought into the heart that takes a level of trust, that is made possible at first by faith, but gains ever greater traction through repeated experience that affirms to the self that, it is indeed okay to move forward, to open that which is hurtful can, if processed through the heart, be loved and serve the entity’s own growth and helping the entity to peel back the illusory notions and stories about the self.

That this entity asks such a question indicates that a good deal of work in self knowing has been undertaken. To simply identify a pattern is a step away from the purely unconscious, shall we say, sleeping entity, and onto the path of becoming aware of the self, and harkening to that which calls the self into greater growth and self-revelation. Continue, our brother, listening to that voice and applying your practices. And with each step, and the next, and the next, you will find more and more of your whole self awaiting you as you feel ready to set aside those attachments of illusionary identity that give you snug in their place.

At this time, we would transfer this contact to the one known as Trisha. We’re those known to you as Q’uo.

(Trisha channeling)

I’m Q’uo and I’m with this instrument. Is there another query at this time?

Yes, thank you, Q’uo. We have another one sent in from P, who writes, “I am worried about the effect my physical illness is having on my spiritual path, one that I’ve only just started in life. I felt I was making pretty good progress, learning my lessons and seeing love in places I never did before. But this illness, whatever it is, knocks me out so that I cannot even meditate much anymore. I feel as if I spend most of my time now, wrapped up in my illness and trying to fight through it, rather than spreading love. How can someone who is so overwhelmed with such an illness and can hardly meditate anymore, still follow their spiritual path and also give back to the world?”

I’m Q’uo and I’m aware of the query. This instrument in particular is fully aware of how the physical vehicle can act as, what you may call, a roadblock or hindrance to one’s spiritual seeking. But we would caveat that by saying that, that roadblock, that hindrance, is only illusory. It is, dare we say, self-created, and it is also a potential motivator for spiritual growth as well.

We realize that conditions you experience in your physical vehicle can seem overwhelming, can feel overpowering, can leave the entity feeling drained, unfocused, without direction, even hopeless.

We wish to humbly state that those sensations, however great in magnitude they may seem, are fleeting just as every other experience in this incarnation is. We do not wish to devalue or minimize the experience of the questioner. For we, through this instrument, can see how the words we’re saying can seem to diminish the suffering that one can experience via the physical vehicle.

We will start by saying that one may view such trials and tribulations as potent medicinal opportunities for spiritual growth and the lesson of acceptance.

Through this instrument, we can witness an experience of feeling flustered but wanting to do so much, wanting to be so much, wanting to learn so much, but feeling as you would say trapped in a shell, that keeps, in the entity’s mind, them from moving forward. We dare to suggest that sitting with that frustration and that pain is an opportunity pregnant with the potential for developing acceptance. This acceptance we speak up is not a simple acceptance of acknowledging a sensation or emotions existence, rather the acceptance we speak of is one of unconditional love for the experience.

We understand that pain and discomfort are not usually sensations that entities within your incarnation seek actively. However, it could be seen that these moments are also what you may call experiments.

We refrain from using the word gift for we know that may come off as insensitive. However, that pain, that discomfort can be accentuated, sat with, pottered over, meditated upon, and accepted. We realize we used the word or rather phrase, meditated upon,when previously, the questioner stated that meditation does not come easily in the current state. My dear seeker, we would suggest that meditation can take many forms. Of course, you know of the meditation of sitting in silence, allowing the divine to release itself of its chaotic incarnational environment, and grasping for that connection to the unity that exists underneath all.

However, there are other forms of meditation, of seeking connection with the unity, with the Creator, with love. For instance, prayer and intention setting are two intentional practices. Two practices wherein the seeker may sit with what they are feeling in their heart and soul, and speak it into the universe, whether that be in the instance of prayer. Perhaps expressions of desire, or asking for guidance. Or oppositely, in the instance of intention setting, the expression of what this instrument plants or seeds for themselves.

We would also suggest a practice of any other form of relaxation that this questioner can find. Any practice that allows the entity to release itself from the finding of the physical vehicle can be a most beautiful, and intensive, and helpful exercise or experience.

Perhaps we would say to this questioner that, if they wish to continue their spiritual practice that they feel they only recently began, but are experiencing the obstruction that is the physical vehicle; that this entity’s statement of desire to continue the spiritual journey is the intention setting; that they are already taking steps. We would caution the questioner lovingly to not be so hard on themselves, to practice patience for the self, for the body, or that which comes easily, and that which comes without much ease.

Each moment is ripe with opportunity for every entity to be, but a fraction of the Creator, experiencing itself.

And that experience is limitless in how it can be defined.

One final [thought] that we would share with this questioner, and we state it very humbly again knowing that it could be misconstrued as being insensitive to the questioner’s experience, that this instrument personally believes entities who received these tough physical experiences asked for and received them, for the Creator knew them to be strong enough. And it is only with time, and love, and full acceptance of the self that this instrument, and the questioner, may find and discover how truly strong they are.

We thank the questioner for this question. And we will now take our leave of this instrument and transfer contact to the one now as Austin. We’re those of Q’uo.

(Austin channeling)

We are Q’uo. We are now with this instrument.

We would take a moment to express gratitude and appreciation, not just for those seekers within this circle, but to all seekers who are made aware of our words through whatever means. For as we speak through these instruments, it is the collective harmony, and vibration, and will, and calling to which we respond. And we are honored by the ability to interact in this way, and in other more subtle ways with all those who call.

We may ask at this time, if there is another query to which we may speak.

Yes, Q’uo. There’s a query from A, who writes, “What can we do when, despite doing everything right, and having our needs mostly met, we still felt empty inside without a defined purpose, or just not content enough with how our lives have turned out? What is the wisest way to humbly ask your higher self for guidance with your purpose in life?”

I am Q’uo and I am aware of the query, my brother.

We thank the one known as A for posing this question, for we feel that this is a pertinent question felt among many seekers who discover their will to seek, the flame alight within them, calling them to a greater service, and to a greater purpose within their life. And yet, when taking an assessment of the circumstances about one, they feel as though the potential is unmet, and that there is more to be done. This, my friends, is a very common experience. And indeed, it is an experience that is as equally important and valid to the seeker as is the experience of fulfillment and joy. For all such experiences are catalysts for the seeker upon the spiritual path, and were all catalysts imbued with the feeling of satisfaction and contentment, then progress, and self-reflection, and the urge to move upon the spiritual path would be much less present.

We receive this query with great care, as it is our desire to encourage seekers to understand the context of such experiences, and to understand that they may be utilized—not just to cause the seeker to seek guidance, but to also seek fulfillment with oneself and one’s present circumstances, no matter what those circumstances may be.

We will address this side of the coin, if you will, first.

The feeling of emptiness, generally, is manifested within the self because the self recognizes a greater perspective. Yet, we find that this greater perspective that can be seen as potential or desire for greater works, may sometimes be a distraction and cause the seeker to lose sight of the opportunities within one’s life—for love, for recognizing magic, for seeing the Creator imbued within all aspects of the creation. We find some humor in such a question, for it is impossible for us to not see any aspect of the creation as being full of the love and the light of the Creator. And each aspect of the creation, having an opportunity for the seeker to be rich with contemplation, and fulfillment, and love for the seeker to receive.

We do not mean to make light of what is generally a difficult and sad experience for the seeker, but only to share that it is a unique aspect of your density that allows for this experience–that aspect being the veil of forgetting that allows the seeker to be blind to the fullness of creation, for the light of the Creator to be hidden and thus requiring the seeker to do as its title implies—seek that light and find it within the creation. This need not happen by some great service or ambitious work.

This need not be a grand journey for each individual, for each day that seems to be mundane and lacks the fulfillment that the questioner seeks is potentially in itself a grand journey for the seeker to find that which it is seeking. And the seeming banality of such a day-to-day experience may be just one hurdle put in front of the seeker, the hero of this journey, to see through and to, if we may use a misnomer, overcome in its quest to find the object of the seeking.

We suggest to the questioner, and to all who may feel similarly, that the attempt to discover the love and the light of the Creator in the most regular aspects of one’s life, with patience, persistence and increasing will and faith, may yield a treasure greater than one may imagine coming from a grand journey and tapping a grand potential outside of the self, and outside of one’s present circumstances.

To then speak to the other side of the so-called coin, we can confirm with some irony that, indeed, for each seeker, and for each individual, there is more. And the potential that such a seeker intuits is indeed available and very real.

Each seeker upon the path of service to others has the capacity to yield great service for all those around them. And if this desire to bring about love within one’s life persists, opportunities will arise to the seeker. We often find that these opportunities go unperceived, or, as we spoke about previously, perhaps avoided for discomfort or fear. For those seekers wishing to discover what grand journey may lie before them, we encourage them to look to those areas of their life in which they practice this avoidance, or they discovered discomfort. And they may find that within those areas, they may have previously been blind to opportunities to progress upon their path in a more significant way that presents to them more fulfillment and more opportunities beyond.

The method for requesting guidance from one’s higher self or the unseen family available to each seeker may be quite simple. Such may be done through prayer or contemplation, either silent or spoken aloud. Through ritual, either designed personally for the self and repeated to increase its power with each iteration, or through rituals available that have been practiced collectively by others who have walked the path previously. One may find communication returned from this unseen guidance in many forms as well—whether it is slight intuitive suggestions; those things that draw the attention of the self in day-to-day life; communication through dreams, whether in sleep or waking dreams; or many other multitude of ways, that the unconscious delivers to the self communication from beyond the boundaries of the self.

This is indeed a grand journey that you are upon, my friends. And we hope to offer you some comfort in offering our perspective, that though there may be an abundance of difficulty or a lack of fulfillment in any given moment, it is not the way of the Creator or the creation for such experiences to persist indefinitely. And as you continue to walk the path, the scenery will change and will provide more and more opportunities to witness the majesty of the Creator manifest within the creation, and see that majesty reflected within the self, for you are the Creator, and all of the love and the light of the Creator is available to you at any moment upon your journey.

At this time, we transfer the contact to the one known as Jim to offer our closing thoughts for this evening. We are Q’uo.

(Jim channeling)

I am Q’uo and am again with this instrument. We are most pleased to be able to utilize each instrument in a matter which we have noticed has increased each instrument’s ability to perceive the words and concepts which we offer through each in a matter of greater clarity and profundity. We are as you, instruments, we seek to serve the One Creator in all things and in all entities. And we feel as though this process that we have utilized this evening is a fine example of the concentration that each instrument has attained that allows a more effective representation of our words and thoughts. This type of focus and dedication is the kind of qualities that come with an advanced practice of learning what you call, the art of channeling. This is a fruit, shall we say, of much labor. And we thank each of you for being dedicated to becoming more fastidious channels and more inspiring channels. For as you become aware of the words and concepts flowing through you, you are also being imbued yourself in your very being by the inspiration that you transmit to others. This is a very desirable outcome and signal of progress that each has made.

We are known to you as those of Q’uo. We shall now take our leave of this instrument and this group, leaving each in the love and in the light of the One Infinite Creator of who we are all a portion. Adonai vasu borragus.