Group question: From Fox, who writes: “It seems like in third density, we cannot really know the truth through our thoughts, which are mentally formed symbols or conclusions colored by our past experience and biases. For example, a thought about a glass of water is a description, a symbol of it, and is not something you can hold and drink. The thought of hope, likewise, is an abstract representation of a feeling that points to hope, but is not hope itself. There are a number of references in your messages that have told us that our current third density thoughts become things on a metaphysical level and that this will happen more on the physical level as we enter fourth density. Please tell us about what actually happens when thoughts become things. Will our thoughts then be true? Would you please give more examples of a thought becoming a thing. If it happens to us now, or as we enter fourth density, what will that experience be like for us?”

(Jim channeling)

I am Q’uo and with this instrument at this time. We greet you in the love and in the light of the One Infinite Creator, who made all that there is. We are grateful to each of you for asking us to join you this evening that we all may work upon our service to the One through speaking some facet of the words of the One in response to the query you have presented us.

As always, we wish you to look upon the words and concepts which we share with you this evening as that which is our opinion. We are not ultimate authorities. We suggest, therefore, as you use your own discernment to decide which words and thoughts are helpful to you, use them as you will leave behind all others, without a second thought.

This evening, you ask a most interesting question. As your planet and its population move into that which you have called the fourth density of love and understanding there is more and more in manifestation. Those “things,” as you call them, those embodiments of concept, they become more real, more apparent, more effective within the path of the seeker of truth. For now, you are aware that as the query was stated the thoughts that you think are a product of your intellectual mind. Your mind is the means by which you plot a path through each day’s experience, and indeed, through your entire journey of seeking within this third density illusion for the length of your incarnation. Your mind is as a magnifying glass in some respects, generating certain images, receiving certain images, using these images and perceptions to make sense of your daily experience, to attempt to understand—to use a somewhat lofty term—how the experience that you now have within your daily life may teach you what is the meaning of your life. How do you proceed upon this path?

The thoughts that are your response to your inner questions are your estimations of the answers to your questions. They are more or less accurate from time to time. They give you some indication of the nature of your evolutionary process. They give you steps to take in this evolutionary process, one step after the other, whether in rapid sequence or in a reduced pace of progression. These steps are the fruit of your intellectual description of how your spiritual journey may best be accomplished.

However, as you are more and more aware of the changing nature of the environment in which you now move and live and have your being, you are aware that there is a fundamental difference in how your thoughts may aid you in this evolutionary journey that you share with your brothers and sisters upon your beloved Gaia. As she and you move together into that higher vibration that is the fourth density of love and true understanding, it is apparent to many that the thoughts of the intellectual process are beginning to take upon themselves a kind of expanded reality so that as you ponder your journey, the nature of yourself, and the purpose of all that you experience, you attract to you experiences of an enhanced nature that become what you may call crystallized as gems of great price, of facets of information and qualities of being that heretofore were not such perceptions or experiences.

Now you are engaging in a level of experience or reality that is more vivid, that is more to the point of the purpose of your spiritual journey, of your incarnational lessons. Each of you has, before this incarnation, programmed the means by which you would be able to open your being to greater and greater levels of fourth density vibrations, for each of you has chosen to incarnate during the time that has been called the harvest, or the graduation of souls into the vibration of love and understanding.

It is that time now within your incarnation and within the planet’s clock face, shall we say, that the hour has come, and has been for some time now, to be able to manifest the product of your thinking, your thoughts and images that are of a spiritual nature and are able to enhance your evolutionary process. This is a grand event for all as you are beginning to form that grouping of intelligence and spiritual essence that will allow you to join together as a social memory complex where the experience of any is shared by all.

At this time, we will transfer this contact to the one known as Austin and continue our thoughts upon how such thinking upon your part can become things. We are those of Q’uo.

(Austin channeling)

We are known to you as those of Q’uo and we are now with this instrument.

The question posed this evening focuses on the changing nature of this dynamic between thoughts and things. We feel it is important to reinforce the nature of this question as arising more from the standpoint of the third density. The notion that thoughts become things is one intended to catalyze the third density individual to examine the nature of their thoughts and how they relate to those things that seem to manifest about one, and within the creation of third density.

This is an important aspect of this query, for such a question arises only when the true nature of reality is hidden by the veil of forgetting and the underlying connection between one individual’s thoughts and those things that may be manifested from those thoughts is hidden. In order to examine this mysterious dynamic, one may, in meditation, find the silence of the mind and begin to question the nature of the self that seems to produce thoughts. In this examination of self, it helps to begin with the notion that the self is but an illusion, and the distinction between self and other-self, and between the creation about the self is on the most fundamental level of creation the product of this illusion—and especially, within the third density, the product of the veil of forgetting. Yet this illusion is truly important for the evolution and the experience of the Creator. For without the ability of the Creator to conceptualize itself as individual parts, and for those parts to adopt an identity that is separate from their origin within the Creator, [it would not be possible] for the Creator to have any experience at all.

And so, we suggest beginning by examining the illusion of the self and the utility of the ability of the Creator to identify itself as separate selves, and then begin to question the true nature of thoughts as they occur to the self. For if the self is essentially illusory, then from where do the thoughts that occurred to the self come? Are these thoughts generated by the self? Or is the relationship between the illusory self and the thought that is realized by the self deeper and more connected to the creation about the self? This may seem like a rather difficult endeavor to understand, and as we speak about it with clumsy language and through an imperfect instrument, it may be difficult to conceive that the nature of the self and the nature of thoughts are vastly different than you regularly experience in your day to day life. But we encourage you to attempt to release the identity of the self and begin to consider that if the self does not generate those thoughts that occur to it, then those thoughts have their origin from outside of the self.

The notion that thoughts become a thing implies a causal link and a progression that first a thought is conceived by the self and subsequently a thing is formed from that thought. But when you remove the barrier between the self and the creation, then the causal link may appear to be much less linear.

The experience within the third density of having a thought may seem to be abstract, and when the thought then unfolds into reality, it appears as though the thought preceded the creation. Yet since the self and the creation are indeed not separate, we ask you to consider that perhaps these two seemingly separate things are further linked, or more intrinsically linked than they appear to the third density self. And that thing that was born from the thought may not have actually been born from the thought, but the thought simply preceded the inevitable existence of the thing.

When taking this view and perspective of the self and thoughts, that can be quite difficult to grasp from a third density perspective, one may understand how, as the fourth density approaches upon your planet, this dynamic between the existence of thoughts and the creation of things becomes much more apparent to the self, and the notion that thoughts become things becomes less valid only in that there is a deeper understanding that they are not so separate.

As your planet progresses into the fourth density, and your peoples progress along with your planet, you will begin to realize more and more that the thoughts that seem to be generated by the self are indeed occurring simultaneously among many individuals. And as this experience grows, and the relationship between groups who partake in the same thought deepens, the social memory complex begins to form more and more efficiently to the point where thoughts become more crystallized. And as more and more groups share in thought, they begin to perceive with more clarity the creation that lies before them that will unfold, not as a result of that thought, but as the path that has been perceived by that thought.

At this time we will take leave of this instrument and transfer the contact to the one known as Trish. We are Q’uo.

(Kathy channeling)

We are those of Q’uo, and we are with this instrument. We have been speaking on the topic of thoughts as things, thoughts becoming or seeming to become things, and thoughts as part of a greater consciousness that is collective, that is the beginning of the forming of a social memory complex upon your planet. Indeed, the concept of thought concerning one self or entity or many entities can be seen as the building blocks, in a very basic way, of what will become your social memory complex—thoughts that are part of the greater consciousness and share among the collective group of selves upon your planet are the beginnings of the connections that are made on the mind and spirit level.

What do you call existence upon your planet? Such connections between and among selves do form, do extend and reach out like beacons of light across the population of the third density selves, creating a community of thought. Indeed, this greater consciousness of which we are speaking is one important aspect of the idea of thought creating a new reality upon your planet. The power behind the thought grows as it is shared among the community, and as the thoughts harmonize due to the shared feeling among the selves for that thought to grow in a certain way, a spirit of the cultivation of positive and productive thought grows as well. This is, indeed, a foundation of the growth of a social memory complex.

Regarding the notion of a thought becoming or translating into a crystallized thing, of which we have spoken here this evening, there is an understanding that a thought in its mental and emotional state is made of energy, an energy projecting from, and remaining a part of, the self which produces it, which is also made of a spiritual energy if you will. The energy that makes up each individual’s field, auric field, personal field, is generated by the mind/body/spirit complex in all its constituent parts. The energy centers constitute the basis of the frequencies and tones that make up each individual and color the thoughts that are produced by the individual. Some may be more feeling thoughts, such as love or hope, and some maybe more mental thoughts that are more constructs. Each type of thought does indeed, if persisted in, become more and more crystallized over what you call time in each individual’s experience. And collectively, this can be shared across selves in the community of consciousness of which we spoke earlier.

These various types of thoughts have their own energy, their own frequency, and therefore form things that reflect that particular type of energy from which they were produced. These things can come in the form of events, actual items found, created, or manufactured, or other creations of one could say of an infinite nature. For thought is infinite and each entity can realize all things are possible through thought.

Again knowing that thought of whatever type is made of a pure form of energy helps to understand that all things are indeed possible, for energy is infinite and malleable, creative, and of what you may even call a blessed nature, given that it is from the One Infinite Creator.

We would give a final thought through this instrument. Speaking to the questioner’s example of the thought of hope, and say indeed that hope begins in the hearts of all entities as an energy, an energy born out of the great original thought of love from which all things come. Hope is a pure form of thought, an ideal similar to the thought called joy, or love or peace. And we say, indeed the more the shared community of selves begin to focus their thoughts, their energies, upon such high ideals, the more the greater consciousness of the planet shall be advanced into the higher frequencies which shall yield more of same, and a higher form of physical crystallized creations as well.

We are those of Q’uo. We have been with this instrument and we now transfer this contact to the one known as Gary.

(Gary channeling)

We are those known to you as the principle of Q’uo, and we greet this circle once again through this instrument. We wish to give thanks to each who has spoken our thoughts on an exploratory question which has stretched the instruments to some degree, in the positive sense of growing and learning to go beyond.

A thought is a very fundamental concept to consider, wrapped up so intricately into identity and illusion and the birth of the creation itself. On your level of experience, a thought moves across the screen of your inner awareness, contained within and known only to your mind, it would seem, as it’s experienced on its most elemental level. In the intimate setting that for many of your peoples seems to occur within the head or the skull, where most of your entities find themselves in compulsive, unending, almost uninterruptible patterns of thought, one following the other.

Indeed, many of your entities seem to be run by thought, recognizing not what is being obscured or hidden by this runaway train passing through the mind, of beingness of open, endless spaciousness, and of the love and the light that lives therein. Thought on your level is an image, or a reflection, or a representation of some aspect of reality. Those images and reflections often fragmenting that reality and constructing the walls, the boundaries, and the distances between entities, creation, object A, and object B, in order to create an illusion. Much in the way as the questioner described, the thought seems not to be the thing. And from the standpoint of separation, that is indeed often the case, whereby the thing being thought about seems separate, in one way or another, from the exercise of reflection through the processes of thought.

Yet, we ask the seeker to consider the nature of that thing being thought about, whether that thing is an emotion, an experience, a material object within the world, something of intimacy of the self or between self and other self, and ask if that thing or object or experience is not also thought itself? Examine the nature of all of that which appears to your senses, outer and inner, and ask to what degree those things have solidity, substantiality and substance. Is it so easy to call one category “thought” and another “thing” or that which has a free-standing existence outside of thought?

To look more closely at creation and its interrelationships and its way of coming into being, and to trace that to the genesis of all things, the seeker may recognize that it is all in its own way thought. The Confederation gives a name to this concept in order to communicate it to you, rational entities in third density, we add some descriptive adjectives and they’re to give this thought its proper placement and significance in your own thoughts structures, and that term is “the One Great Original Thought.”

Without that thought, there is no creation, there is no experience of self and other apart from an infinite and indivisible mystery of unity which has no discernible quality or boundary or spatial or temporal aspect. From this ineffable mystery comes a thought, which is that the Creator can know itself through an exploration of many-ness and thus is the first gift of consciousness made. That begins or commences what you in your patterns of recognition may see as a sequence that continues and continues and expands and distorts, and moves through stages, you may say, in unbroken sequence to eventually think into being through the additional use of thought galactic suns, solar system suns, and eventually through this progression, the thought of the third density entity, that which is your station at this time.

You, as Ra so poetically described in their very first session with the trio, are dancing thoughts in the mind of the Creator in a ballroom where there is no material. 1 Though you reflect upon yourself and feel a vessel of clay and your various attributes liked and disliked and your binding to geography and circumstance and biographical limitations, which all seem so very solid, are from the greater perspective a thought in the mind of the cosmos, much in the way that a thought as an entity of its own limited will lives with inside your mind. And in this way, you as a third density entity can see the linkage in the logoic chain and how you as third density entities are identified by us as the Confederation as sub-sub-logos, for you have within your capacity these same abilities to wield, and use and harness that thought which is both creative and destructive.

How does that thought become a thing? On its own level, a thought is already a thing. It has a lifespan of its own. It is colored by its particular host as it’s experienced and enters the awareness but has an identity that is at once independent of the particular mind within which it finds itself. It has a form or a shape as you might perceive it. On the level of time/space it can be made visible, you might say, and interacted with. But it becomes a thing, as we have spoken to through previous instruments, through the process of manifestation, often unconsciously so, though a thought can certainly be consciously developed and pursued through inward and outward action.

Consider where a collective of your entities holds a thought, say a prejudice torward … this instrument smiles knowing that his spouse would correct his pronunciation … “toward” a minority or other disliked group and the way in which that thought creates space then for it to become a thing, shall we say. Not necessarily an object like a chair, but to become manifest as an activity or action, say, as a demagogue who utilizes and embodies and puts into motion this thought toward the persecuted group, or the way in which the thought of unhealed or unprocessed anger may manifest itself as that bodily condition known as cancer.

To speak of the ways in which thoughts become things in fourth density is out—though addressed previously—is outside of the scope of this circle and this particular instrument’s capacity and time. But we may indicate that such a statement is also a way to describe how one creates their own reality with the aid of, or hindered by, as the case may be, the experience and use, skillful or otherwise, conscious or unconscious, of thought. And as fourth density removes the veil and clarifies the nature of the self in relationship to their thoughts and the thoughts of all other selves, then it becomes much clearer how thought manifests reality, or how reality which emerges is expressed and reflected in thought. And as your third density light wanes, and the fourth density light increases, the loop between that which seems to exist only on the level of thought, and that which manifests within the individual or the collective body or indeed the planet, itself becomes shorter. The progression accelerates. Thoughts today are reality tomorrow, and so forth.

And before transferring this contact, we would suggest, as always, to the seeker that they engage in that activity which brings the mind to a point of concentration whereby they are not being pulled this way and that by their thoughts, where they are entering into the silence and stillness of beingness itself, where there is no thought—that which you call meditation. This is necessary to the wellbeing, not only the wellbeing of the self, but the rediscovery of the wholeness and the perfection and the truth of the self beyond and prior to thought.

At this time we take our leave of this instrument and transfer our contact to the one known as Jim. We are those known to you as Q’uo. Adonai.

(Jim channeling)

I am Q’uo and am again with this instrument. We are most pleased with the progress that each channel has made this evening in transmitting our thoughts that are regarding how your thoughts may become things. As you become more and more the One Creator, your thoughts become your experience as they guide you through this octave of being.

We thank each of you for making room within your minds for our thoughts to become that focus that gives you the ability to create a channel for not only our words, thoughts and images, but for the Creator to move into your daily experience as you move into communication with those about you, communicating the love in the light of the One to all you meet. At this time we shall take our leave of this instrument and this group. We leave you in the love and in the light of the One Infinite Creator. We are known to you as those of Q’uo. Adonai vasu borragus.

  1. Ra: “You are not part of a material universe. You are part of a thought. You are dancing in a ballroom in which there is no material. You are dancing thoughts. You move your body, your mind, and your spirit in somewhat eccentric patterns, for you have not completely grasped the concept that you are part of the Original Thought.” #1.0