Topics: Sub-densities; mixed contact; pain as a catalyst; ADHD; the Law of Responsibility; unblocking the yellow ray.

(Jim channeling)

I am Q’uo, and greet each in love and in light. We are honored once again to be asked to join your circle of seeking. We join you in this seeking and we are most appreciative of the opportunity to share our words and thoughts with you according to the questions that you have devised for this evening’s session. We as always advise each here to use discrimination when listening to our words, our thoughts, our suppositions. We are your brothers and sisters. And we are not ultimate authorities. And we are most grateful for your kind discernment to be behind any thought that does not serve you now. With that having been said, we would ask if there might be a query with which we may begin this session.

Yes Q’uo. I have one sent in from A1 that I have reworded a bit: “In addition to the general seven or eight densities of our octave, Ra also describes sub-densities within each density. In regards to our current third density, can you describe these sub-densities in more detail? How do we experience them and how can this knowledge help us on our spiritual journey?”

I am Q’uo, and am aware of your query, my brother. This is a query which has an answer that stretches to what you would call infinity. For each of your sub-densities within your third density illusion is composed of further sub-densities. Seven is the number which is critical in this overview of your third density experience. So within your third density are seven sub-densities within each of these sub-densities are seven more sub-densities, and so on. So that there is an infinity of refinement to your experience of this decision-making density. The decision that each of you seeks to make in a definitive way is the decision as to how you will polarize your consciousness to continue your journey of seeking past this third density illusion.

As you are going about your daily round of activities, you are in contact with other-selves, others, such as are you, perhaps conscious seekers of truth, perhaps not yet conscious, that they are also seekers of truth. In these interactions, you have the potential to be of service to these entities by interacting in a matter which is demonstrative of who you are, who you are as an unique expression of the One Infinite Creator. Such interaction, whether in thought, word or deed has the potential to take upon itself a life, shall we say, of its own. This creation of thought, words and deeds has reverberations that move into these sub-densities according to your exercise of what we might call your will to be of service, and your faith that service and growth and polarization are possible as the products of interacting with others.

As you proceed further into relationships, you will discover that there are times of communication where there is clarity, times when there is misunderstanding, times when there is confusion. These may be seen as opportunities to grow in your own service to others, and thusly, in your polarization of consciousness. As you engage in conversations with such entities in an attempt to share more of commonality, to resolve that of difficulty, to reduce that of confusion, you offer to yourself and to the other-self the chance to process the catalyst that has brought you together in this shared journey of seeking the One Creator in all things.

This is a process which redounds to the very basic nature of your being and every other entity’s being, which is at heart, the One Creator. As you process the catalyst that brings you together there is food for spiritual growth produced. Whether you are in the presence of an other-self experiencing this catalyst or alone in contemplation or meditation, your thoughts carry a weight that moves beyond the normal realms of third density experience, moving into these sub-densities, where the thoughts may enhance your processing of catalyst and discovering more harmony, where there was disharmony, less confusion, where confusion reigned supreme.

These deeper levels or sub-densities of this third density are always available to each seeker of truth, and indeed, to those who are not yet conscious seekers of truth. For all have contact with their own subconscious minds, in one fashion or another, and consciously and subconsciously, one may travel perhaps unbeknownst to the self, to these deeper levels of the third density illusion and find sustenance there, and find that there is the quality of thoughts that are more enhanced and clarified, so that the clarity lends its growth potential to the seeker of truth, who means in all efforts to be of service to others.

Thus, we would suggest that your desire, your will to polarize in a positive sense of service to others is enhanced when you give your attention completely to the resolving of difficulties, and the enhancing of understanding, as much as is possible within the third density illusion. Thus, your will and your faith in the exercise of will to produce such growth are those qualities that will serve you well, whatever sub-density you are able to access in the shared experience that you are blessed to have with all other-selves that you come into contact with in each day’s round of activities. For each other-self is indeed not only a portion of yourself, but a portion of the One Creator that speaks to you in words not heard, in images perceived, and in the open heart, sharing the love of the One Creator in all things. Is there another query my brother?

Thank you Q’uo. One from A2, who writes: “In session #14.13 of the Ra Material, Ra stated that George Van Tassel was contacted first by the Confederation, then the Orion group. The Confederation was caused to find the distortion towards noncontact due to the alteration of the vibration mind complex patterns of the one called George. Can Q’uo please comment on what kind of vibrational mind complex distortions can lead one to become unviable for Confederation contact?”

And I would add to that, what kind of mind complex distortions, or things we can do as a group to increase our viability to maintain contact with the Confederation.

I am Q’uo and am aware of your query, my brother. This is the query which is most salient for any type of channeling process that an entity may engage in, in order to be of service to others. The Confederation of the Planets in the Service of the One Infinite Creator has for many thousands of your years, as you would measure time, been able to utilize certain channels or instruments ranging back to those days of old where the prophets that are recorded in the Christian Old Testament were contacted by various entities of an unseen nature. And these prophesied various messages that were given to them. And in those days, it was said that this was an holy honor and service to one’s fellow beings to share such inspiration.

However, at that time there was, shall we say, a division in the type of information that could be received into those messages which were of an inspirational nature and reflected the positive desires of the One Creator to bless the children of Earth with knowledge of their participation in the evolution of the population of Earth. And there were those of a nature that you would call service to self who mimicked a certain power—we correct this instrument—a certain type of message that began in a positive nature, but as time and contacts continued, became that which was tainted, shall we say, by the service-to-self quality that would begin to turn the message of hope into a message of doom.

This is a process which has echoed throughout thousands of years of human evolution upon planet Earth, for the Confederation of Planets in the Service of the One Infinite Creator has itself utilized many instruments, as we may call them, to share the Confederation philosophy that you are aware of through many contacts with our own group. The philosophy of the great original thought of the One Creator becoming the creation that you now exist in, that has the purpose of allowing the Creator to discover more of itself, within each entity, and each entity’s free will choices.

There is, shall we say, a balancing process that is of necessity in order to observe each soul’s right to choose the option of the free will that requires that any type of positive information that is given through an instrument will be balanced by offering the opportunity for that instrument to be contacted by those of what you would call the service-to-self polarity. Thus, it is always appreciated by Confederation sources when an instrument is aware of these two possibilities that might append from any channeling or transmission of information to an instrument.

Thus, each instrument has the responsibility to determine the nature of any discarnate entity wishing to speak through it and to use it as an instrument. As you know from your own years of study of this phenomenon, it is well for each instrument to know itself so thoroughly that it has at its heart a quality that is most precious to it in the spiritual sense. This quality is that which is the foundation stone of the instrument’s life path. It is that quality for which the instrument gives its life in joy and expression, and would, if necessary, gladly die for this quality rather than not utilize this quality. Thus, if the heart of the instrument is offered in a kind of challenge to any discarnate entity who wishes to speak through it, then any entity so wishing must be able to answer in the affirmative, if it is able to speak through the instrument.

The entity known as George Van Tassel was at heart most strongly polarized in service to others, and thusly began its contact with Confederation sources in order to build what was called at that time the “Integratron” that had the potential of extending the life path of an entity of third density. However, the entity George was unaware of the necessity of being able to determine the nature of any discarnate entity wishing to channel through it. Thus, when the balancing effect was put into motion, this entity was approached by those service-to-self entities that for the beginning contact mimicked the positive channel, and then as time went on, began to turn the entity known as George away from pure service to others. Thus, the Confederation source found the need to take its leave of the entity known as George so that it might exercise its free will as it chose.

We thank you, my brother, for your query. And at this time, we would transfer this contact to the one known as Kathy. We are those of Q’uo.

(Kathy channeling)

We are those of Q’uo and we are with this instrument. Do you have a query, my brother?

Yes, we have another one sent in from L, who writes: “It seems that many souls find the catalysts of pain to be very useful. Our third density life today seems to offer constant opportunities to experience mental, emotional, physical and spiritual pain. Can you help us better understand the catalyst of pain and its use and is there also value in evolving without significant exposure to pain?”

Thank you for your query, my brother. We are with this instrument and we’ll address your query.

As in all things in your density, there is a twin set of attributes that belong to any situation, condition or event. There is the understanding that there is honor and duty within every situation that you may face. These are related attributes that apply to the same situation or condition. For a situation could be seen as purely a duty or as purely an onus, one seemingly negative and one seemingly positive, although it is not so black and white. There are colorations within each of these sets of attributes pertaining to any situation. For out of duty, for example, a great deal of honor can be born. One can indeed produce the other. They can also co-exist in any situation.

The same could be said of the situation or condition of pain of which you speak in your query. It would seem then that multitudes of pain exist, especially at this time upon your sphere. But we may point out that it is only seemingly so. When the entity can pause in a moment that even seems filled with only pain, pause enough to consider an enlargement of that moment such that it could include more attributes, more feelings, more understandings, in addition to the one-dimensional view of it as only pain, for out of that pain can be born love in a new understanding that appears in the flash of an instant in the consciousness of the entity. Out of that awareness of pain, in another example, could be born the awareness of beauty or any other positive attribute.

It is through the recognition that each moment is multi-dimensional that the entity can expand its awareness, its consciousness, and thus its spirit to understand that this is what growth is: the growth of consciousness in an ever upward spiral of understanding. Through the pain, for example, of witnessing in these times—we correct this instrument—in what you call these times, what seems to be a laying waste of precious parts of your environment through wildfires or floods, through human activity, that things do harm the environment and the natural life that lives within that environment. This is from purely one viewpoint. Pain can be seen as painful to watch. Such things can lead to feelings of hopelessness or helplessness or other emotions … feelings of injustice. Yet within that moment of the painfulness of witnessing such destruction of an environment there is also another awareness there, because it could be seen that out of such pain is also born the honor and duty of correcting such situations and conditions upon your planet. And out of such awareness comes not helplessness or hopelessness, but hope and growth, a rising up of a new consciousness, a new awareness of what could be done.

For out of that pain can come joy, the joy that some upon your planet may have for the very first time. The joy of understanding the preciousness of the natural environment upon your planet, the preciousness of life and of nature, those second density treasures upon your Earth where perhaps beforehand, such entities never saw that preciousness before. For every pressure point within the entity’s experience—pressure points that produce that pain of which you speak—there can come a wonderful expansion in new ways of some positive awareness that was not there before that can literally change the consciousness, bit by bit, the greater consciousness of the entities upon your planet, in a new and positive direction. And this expansion and growth of consciousness is part of the purpose of the entity’s existence, and continuation upon your planet: that growth upward in understanding and in love.

Another example of this dynamic can be seen in a situation involving a self and an other-self, in which the pain of what one watching another in illness or one felt observing another and other-self in a negative light, and we say, again, within such situations are further gradations of awareness that can be found where entities look more closely. The pain between a self and an other-self when accepted, understood, can open the consciousness of each, like a window opening, where light and love can be let in. Even one small awareness through compassion toward that other-self will allow the consciousness of both, of each, of these selves to grow upward in the light and love of the Infinite Creator.

In this way we could see that indeed pain has a purpose upon your planet to produce an ever-expanding awareness of the possibility of love, beauty, joy, growth and many other positive attributes coexisting and which just need to have the light shined upon them, and each entity’s consciousness simply to open a little bit to let them in.

We are those of Q’uo. And have we addressed this query sufficiently, my brother?

Yes, I think you have, Q’uo.

Do you have another query for us at this time?

I do have one from J, who writes: “It appears that ADHD and other similar mental disorders can cause havoc on a person’s life in many ways, from disrupting relationships, to being unable to remember information, to learning or being unable to learn, to having a grasp on common logical mental life, etc. Does ADHD and other similar mental disorders have a significance on a mind/body/spirit complex’s journey, and is it a particular distortion designed for something important chosen by us before we incarnate, or is it a societal distortion?”

I am Q’uo, and we understand your query, my brother. The condition observed or perceived in some entities upon your planet at this time that has been labeled or described as ADHD, or some similar condition, or in some similar form, may have indeed been chosen—pre-selected if you will—by an entity before coming into a lifetime. And in that way, it can be seen to be serving a purpose not only for the entity who chooses such a vibration in its mind/body/spirit complex, but also for those around that entity as it is born and grows up and adopts a profession, a career, a lifetime of experiences in work and family and in friendships. The entities being mirrors to one another mirrors of self and other-self do provide the purpose of increasing each entity’s adaptability to each other, each entity’s ability to adjust preconceived notions or tolerances that each may have, adjusting such that to allow for a different vibration to exist in an other-self or in their own self. For it can be understood that those with so-called ADHD have a certain vibration or frequency or pattern of biological, neurological behavior and thinking that is occurring at a frequency that is perhaps faster than the vibrations of entities around it.

However, there are two situations we will mention regarding this. One is that the vibration or frequency upon your planet has been increasing and becoming faster in general. Those who seem to vibrate or operate at a frequency to themselves which is faster, more speeded up you could say, are in some way reflecting the faster vibration of your environment generally. They are attuned to that faster vibration, the faster pace of life, the faster frequency, the higher frequency, that your planet is gradually becoming.

Another idea we may speak of here is that in some cases those who have, or are seen to be having, ADHD are in fact vibrating at this faster rate because this will provide a greater match to a particular profession or activity that the entity is planning to do in its lifetime. And in such cases that faster frequency is serving that entity quite well. It will be the match that it needs to be to that activity. An example of this can be seen in the person who, operating at a faster pace, seems to be out of step with those seemingly more normal around them as they grow up. But yet if that young person so quick at everything, so fast in its thinking and actions, may be then quite suited to becoming an emergency medical technician for example, someone who has to work within seconds of time very quickly doing several things at once and doing them well, and is, operating at that faster frequency, able to do that profession and be a perfect match to it and save lives because of it. So, we would say that if we could look at this condition that those on your planet call ADHD, look at it in a new way across the lifetime of a person and see or perceive perhaps, that it has a purpose, it has a use to attune that person to the thing that it will do in life in a most productive way. In fact, in a most excellent way.

A final comment we would make upon this subject is that the consciousness collectively upon your planet is becoming aware of all the different types and speeds of mental and neurological abilities—all the different speeds that exist—and are becoming more able to allow for, to be tolerant of, those that may operate at a different frequency, whether it be slower or faster, more in depth or more upon the surface of subjects. All entities have their own unique way, their own unique frequency. And consciousness is growing to accept this, each accepting one’s own portrait in frequency and accepting those of other-selves so that each can see the beauty of the whole, the beauty of the entire collection of entities and all their uniqueness, each one thus enabling more love and compassion to exist between and among entities. So that there are really no labels no conditions that exist outside of norm, but rather each one coming forth in this lifetime perfect as they are, and operating at the perfect frequency for their intentions in this lifetime–for the role that they will play, the purpose they will fulfill, the love and the beauty they will bring to the world and to themselves and to others.

Has this query been addressed sufficiently, my brother?

Yes, Q’uo, thank you.

We’re those of Q’uo. We thank you, my brother, for this opportunity to speak on these subjects and share with you, and we have been with this instrument and now pass this contact to the one known as Austin.

(Austin channeling)

We are Q’uo, and we are now with this instrument. We offer our gratitude to this instrument and to this circle for the diligence of the challenging and to the tuning process. These processes allow us to merge our vibrations with your circles, so that we may share together in your journey of seeking and benefit from you, as you may benefit from us.

Is there a query to which we may speak?

Yes, Q’uo, in session #101.8 Ra says, “We may only suggest that the honor of propinquity to light carries with it the Law of Responsibility.” What does this mean to the seeker of truth?

We are Q’uo. We are aware of the query, my brother. This query is a vast topic as it touches on a central theme that arises in the journey of the seeker, particularly within the third density as the seeker continues upon its path and develops to a certain point at which it begins to manifest and discover information, inspiration, and most basically, light, and in this process of discovery also discovers that such light carries with it an inseparable burden, if you will. That is what has been called the Law of Responsibility.

In most basic terms we may speak to this Law of Responsibility as the notion that as an entity becomes aware of its capacity to create and to accept within the creation around it, that this capacity—if not utilized to a certain purity commensurate with the purity of the light which this seeker has discovered—then catalyst is generated to a higher degree to catch the attention of this seeker and to call the seeker to address where this responsibility is not being accepted and utilized. This effect becomes greater and greater upon the path of the seeker as the seeker exercises and refines its will and faith. And at a certain point, this will begins to draw to it more and more opportunities for the seeker to act in service, whether in service to others or service to self. These opportunities will present themselves more frequently and with greater breadth as the seeker draws to it this light and love.

This is an important cornerstone for those who wish to approach what has been called adepthood, for while this Law of Responsibility is always a factor in the life of a seeker, or even an entity in its most early stages of seeking, once an entity becomes aware of its own ability to manifest light and create, the Law of Responsibility, you may say, takes full effect. The entity at that point may realize that there is nothing within its life that it cannot offer love to, or be of service towards. This suggests that seekers who are actively practicing to refine their will, to balance their energy centers, and to manifest love and service, that dedication to this path must also become purer and purer. And such a seeker will necessarily need to maintain a great awareness of potential imbalances within the self, distortions and particularly those distortions taken upon the seeker from its upbringing within the society about it.

This awareness of the distortions developed by an upbringing within a distorted society become ever more important, for an individual may balance the self and clear the self of distortions to a certain degree, [and] an entity may seem to be balanced and move with ease about the society, offering service where it is requested, yet there is an ever difficult process of examining those things that are nearly universally agreed upon within a society and determining whether or not these aspects of society that have seeped into the heart of the self are in alignment with the chosen path of service to others or even service to self. And if these deep seated, widely accepted distortions do not match with the seeker’s chosen vibration, then the seeker accepts the responsibility for the society and will begin to generate catalyst for the self that calls the attention more and more to that which will put it at odds with society.

We find on your planet at this time among those who are aware of our words and our teachings, that this is quite a difficult stage. And we suggest to those who are aware of our words that great care and patience be taken in meditation and examining the self, and that seekers wishing to approach adepthood do not force themselves into a position which they are not yet ready to accept such a responsibility. It is not necessary, my friends, to explore this deeply magical path to be of service and to share love and light upon your planet. The simple work of taking each day and finding the love within it is as admirable as the greatest magical works that require the greatest magical responsibilities.

Have we addressed this query adequately, my brother?

Yes, Q’uo. That was very good. Thank you.

I am Q’uo and we thank you, my brother. Is there another query at this time?

Yes Q’uo, in the Ra contact #102.11, Ra says, “Each entity must in order to completely unblock yellow ray love all which are in relationship to it with hope only of the other-selves’ joy, peace and comfort.” And my question is, how does this work if there is disharmony with other-selves in relation to us?

I am Q’uo, and I’m aware of the query, my brother. We may begin addressing this query by pointing out the extreme goal of what has been described as completely unblocking the yellow ray. To describe an energy center, particularly the yellow ray energy center, which is a central center of activity within your density, as being completely unblocked is describing an ideal that, it is fair to say, is essentially unattainable in practical terms for an entity upon your planet at this time. However, there is great value in describing such ideals, for it offers a clear picture of that which is a seeker of truth and of service to others may strive towards and compare their own beingness to, helping them to understand the self and the seeker’s place upon the great journey of third density and the greater journey of the path back towards the Creator.

To address the heart of your query, and how to understand this ideal of a completely unblocked yellow ray energy center in a situation in which we are at disharmony with others, we may begin by differentiating between one’s internal world in which one seeks to manifest their very best in any situation, and the external world where such desires may fall short and actions may be seen to have many various effects upon those around us.

It is possible to wish all those around us comfort and peace, yet to wish such does not necessarily imply that such will be manifested by our actions, and this then demonstrates that the yellow ray energy center is just a single piece of a spectrum and a system where catalyst is not just evaluated upon a single energy center, but may be influenced by multiple energy centers and may contain lessons for multiple energy centers. Thus, even though one may wish all about one the very best, and their intention to effectively communicate and act upon this requires also a clear green and blue ray energy center, and even to find certain magical inspiration for truly manifesting the light of the Creator so that a situation may truly shine with the intention and the wish to bring peace and harmony about one, the indigo ray must also be open to a certain extent and clear.

This description of the yellow ray energy center as an ideal to strive for is intended to cause one to contemplate its social relationships, the social identity, and how this social identity of the self may relate to other social identities, particularly those that may describe groups of others.

We reiterate, my friends, that to completely unblock any energy center should not be seen as the ultimate goal of your time and your journey within the third density. There is also great value in finding a balance of energy centers, so that while one may not be fully activated, or fully cleared, in any one given energy center, one may still find a balance of energy so that the love and the light of the Creator has a clear path through the individual that may be manifest as light adequate enough to help bring the self, other-selves, and the planet about one into the next density, that density of unconditional love. The journey of working within each energy center will continue, my friends, beyond this incarnation and beyond this density.

Do not be discouraged for not meeting an ideal, yet always strive and discover the self that can be better and can do better and will eventually, through many lessons and many lifetimes and many densities, find the self one with the Creator.

At this time, we will take leave of this instrument and transfer the contact to the one known as Jim to offer our final thoughts. We are those of Q’uo.

(Jim channeling)

I am Q’uo and am again with this instrument. It has been our great pleasure and honor to speak with this group once again this evening. It is amazing to us to discover how each entity’s channel has been opened to the degree that we experienced this evening. We feel that over time, as you would call it, that the art of channeling has become ingrained in each channel here this evening. Ingrained, we say, as it is now more apparent to us that this is like unto a natural function of your mind/body/spirit complex to open to energies such as the Confederation of Planets in the Service of the One Creator have to offer those such as yourselves, who seek to be service to others through the channeling process.

This is our great hope. And when we find our desires and hopes are culminating in such a grand fashion as we experienced this evening we are filled with joy. We hope each of you may feel that joy as well, and know that you are of great service to the One Creator as you have become more and more competent, confident and inspiring channels of love, light and unity. We are known to you as those of Q’uo. We shall now take our leave of this instrument and this group. We leave each of you as we found you in love and in light. Adonai vasu borragus.