Group question: Ra said that “The south or negative pole is one which attracts. It pulls unto itself those things magnetized to it.” 1 And also, “The most important concept to grasp about the energy field is that the lower or negative pole will draw the universal energy into itself from the cosmos.” 2 Q’uo, could you explore this concept of us attracting experiences or drawing experiences to ourselves; how we can better understand it and integrate it into our spiritual paths; and how some people might be able to attract experiences to themselves intentionally through willpower?

(Jim channeling)

I am Q’uo and am with this instrument. We greet each in love and in light. We thank you this evening for inviting us to join your group and speak upon the questions that you have asked us. We would first ask you to take whatever words and concepts that we share with you and use them as you will, discarding any which have no value for you at this time. This small favor will allow us to speak as clearly as possible to your question of the love/light or intelligent energy that comes to each soul on Earth and moves through the energy centers or chakras in a manner which provides experience of an expanding nature, as the energy is able to move further and further up the energy system or energy body.

The intelligent energy, or love/light of the Creator, is what you may call an activator of potential within each seeker of truth. The potential is that type of learning that has been preincarnatively programmed by the soul before the incarnation so that there may be certain experiences possible for each soul as it is able to process the catalyst that is produced when the love/light of the Creator moves through each energy center. There may be, for each entity, certain potentials for learning that are activated as this preincarnative stream of learning begins to flow through or upward through the energy centers. Before the entity is consciously aware of the potential being activated, the subconscious mind of each entity has, in its repertoire of possibilities, a means by which it may color or bias these preincarnative choices so that at each level of the energy centers there is the ability to learn or experience what you may call catalyst.

The catalyst is presented by the interaction of the seeker of truth with other selves within the incarnation so that there is a mutual interaction of these energy centers being activated or blocked by each entity that moves upon the face of your Earth. These types of catalysts may come from a clear energy center or a blocked energy center in any degree. The clearing or the blocking of this energy produces a certain type of interaction of the seeker of truth with fellow seekers of truth as they go about their incarnational activities. The normal, mundane, day-to-day experiences, then, can be used as what you may call grist for the mill, food for the soul, as expressed through each ascending energy center. In many cases, this type of processing of the catalyst has associated with it a kind of excitation of emotions or traumatic responses that focus the seeker of truth’s attention upon the catalyst being processed.

As this catalyst, then, within each energy center, is worked upon and utilized to expand the seeker’s comprehension of the nature of itself, this image of the self, then, by the seeker of truth, begins to expand in a manner which then allows a greater overview, shall we say, a spiritual flavor to the daily round of experiences. This type of gaining of a larger point of view of the self, of other selves, and of the environment around one is that which is a continuing process that all conscious seekers of truth may take advantage of and utilize on a daily basis, as the activities of the day are pondered in a meditative state at the end of the day. Therefore, this type of gaining of experience has a continuing and growing effect upon the seeker’s gaining of experience and becoming more and more that which it seeks, ultimately to become the One Infinite Creator.

At this time, we shall transfer this contact to the one known as Austin. We are those of Q’uo.

(Austin channeling)

We are those of Q’uo, and we are now with this instrument. This journey of the seeker of truth, which ends with the realization of the self as the Creator and becoming the Creator, also begins with the Creator. We believe that, in understanding this process of how catalyst is attracted to the self and generated by the self, it is useful to examine this origin of the self as the Creator at the beginning of your octave.

In our own inadequate understanding, the Creator’s primal desire to know Itself generates the necessity for this system of octaves in which the beginning of each octave lays a foundation and sets a stage upon which the Creator may indulge in this desire to know Itself and begin a journey of gaining experience to fulfill this desire. Your own octave that we share with you was based upon a foundation of the polarities of the mover and the moved. This basic dynamic was the result of the harvest of what you might see as the previous octave; and it is this dynamic that generates the potential for experience for the Creator.

This dynamic creates what might be seen as a type of tension or friction. This friction, by some perspective or understanding, can also be called awareness or experience or consciousness. But it is this very simple dynamic that helps to create and generate all further experience within the octave. And as the journey of the Creator into the octave progresses, this dynamic is refined and iterated upon in more and more fine and complex ways—first by the Logos, and then by the sub-Logoi, and so on—until this exploration of this simple dynamic has become quite a complicated and intricate system that you now experience as life upon a planetary sphere.

We focus this examination upon your specific planetary sphere. For the question, as it has been worded this evening, and as seekers upon your planet attempt to grasp such mechanisms of the Creator knowing Itself, may be best explored in a specific sense, as it applies to your current experience and those things that may be observed within your own experience. And so, as the Creator begins its exploration upon your own planet in the first density, you see that the basic elements present necessary for further evolution of the densities or sub-octaves. These elements begin a process of learning by interaction of moving and being moved. And this simple dynamic, that is the foundation of your entire octave, is present within every interaction. And such interactions become varied in the sense that, not only is an interaction between mover and moved, but it may also be seen as the attract[ed] and that which attracts.

The basic first-density entities upon your planet learn these simple interactions and gradually become more and more refined until the point at which the second-density energies emerge upon your planetary sphere. And those entities continue this process of moving and being moved, attracting and being attracted. And the entity that is your planet grows and becomes more intelligent in its expression of the love and the light of the Creator, further still, until the emergence of your current third-density experience where now, as the illusion of the veil is draped upon your consciousness, you may look inward and outward and recognize that you may be seen as an individual within this singular entity of your planet that is expressing itself in this complicated dance of moving and attracting.

This basic examination of this dynamic can be seen to yield the understanding that you are a conduit of energy, of intelligent energy. And as you move throughout your life, the nature of your conduit is changed by those interactions—the points at which you are moved and at which you attract to yourself that which moves you. The nature of this conduit can be simplified by examining the energy center system. This energy that you attract to yourself is attracted through this system.

And as each energy center is activated, it contains within it certain distortions that you have adopted through your experiences or through your preincarnational planning that, as this energy flows, meets this friction and generates the most basic polarity in your octave of mover and moved, experience for the Creator. And this experience may be utilized as catalyst to further understand the nature of the self as Creator.

As this energy moves through your system and meets these distortions which generate friction, you may see that this friction generates a sort of charge or magnetism so that, if this friction is continuously generated by experience and is not paid due attention by the self, this magnetism will arrange the energies of the self as they interface with the energies of those around you and those of your planet so that certain experiences are designed or developed in a sort of subtle intelligence so that these specific distortions or frictions within your energy system begin to more and more attract to you those lessons needed for you to become more and more aware of yourself and your nature as the One Creator.

There are many influences upon this process, both conscious and unconscious, and those things available to the third-density entity, particularly known as faith and as will.

At this time, we take leave of this instrument and transfer the contact to the one known as Kathy. We are Q’uo.

(Kathy channeling)

We are those of Q’uo, and we are with this instrument. The red-ray energy of the individuals upon your planetary sphere, centered at the south pole of receiving and attracting experiences to itself, provide the focal point that not only connects each individual to the great and long history of your planet’s red-ray energy, but also to the upward growth and development of each individual, from the red ray upward through the energy system, toward becoming the Creator; and on the way to doing so, knowing oneself and accepting oneself.

This great process of growth and development of each body/mind/spirit complex, as it absorbs from the red-ray energy and all that it attracts through that red ray to itself, is the great propeller of upward energy throughout the incarnation in which the individual finds itself. The individual is not only attracting discrete, specific experiences, but whole arrays, whole collections of experiences that follow important themes designated to be processed and understood throughout the lifetime of the individual. Indeed, the spirit or soul of each individual does have a role in the preincarnative choices—the choices made during the incarnation, as well—that will help develop and fulfill the potential of the individual.

There is an intelligent energy at work to attract just such experiences that are a perfect match for what the individual needs to learn and to use as its growth in upward fashion. The use of faith connects both the awareness of the connection the individual has with the basic earth energy with its own spiritual purpose in that incarnation. Simply by having faith that this process is eternal and matched to the individual and its needs for growth—growth toward love and understanding and greater compassion—speaks to how the simple concept of faith, a turning over the process to a greater consciousness of which the individual is a part, is at work. On some level, each individual is aware that there is a great process going on—of growth, maturity, and greater awareness toward love and light—and can trust that process to take place, beginning with that red-ray attraction of the appropriate experiences to be processed and to be taken into the heart, as it were.

Faith in the very process of life itself unfolding is what of importance here, for faith and trust are aligned in this sense. The use of will can also be seen as important at certain times in the process of this upward growth through this experience being attracted and used. Through conscious will, an individual can coalesce all of its energetic forces within itself all along the energy system, from red ray and upward, to make use of, in a very determined way, the experience, the catalyst, the joy of taking the energy in and flowing it upward through its system toward greater understanding and love.

The will might be seen as a rational part of the body/mind/spirit complex. But it also has an aspect of great love at its center as well, for the use of the will can assist the individual to persevere toward that love and light when the individual may feel it doesn’t have the strength or may not be able to continue processing especially difficult experiences. And this is where the will and the faith are also connected. The will is assisted by an individual’s faith and trust in the process of life as growth—growth as the purpose of life.

In this way, the attraction of experiences through the red ray can be seen to be the first note played in a grand symphony of notes of the experiences. It plays itself upward in the individual’s energy system, bringing it higher and higher in its understanding, whether this is in a short period of time or over a lifetime. The beauty of all of the colors of the energy centers that are in-play as the experiences are processed upward, especially into the heart and into the indigo-ray center, provide a look at the process as one of the beauty of the Creator at work.

Lessons learned that may have started as harsh experiences may be seen as they develop the individual upward as becoming a pearl of great price. They are treasures in the individual’s ultimate culminating achievements in its growth toward becoming the Creator. We would say, have faith in this process. It is the same as having faith in the Creator, and then becoming closer to that goal of becoming the Creator.

We are those of Q’uo, and we have been with this instrument. We now pass this contact to the one known as Gary. We are Q’uo.

(Gary channeling)

We are those known to you as the principal of Q’uo, and we greet you again through this instrument. To turn this group question over regarding the attractive mechanism of the south pole and its workings, both unconscious and conscious, in the journey of the spiritual seeker, you, the reader, may have picked up on a theme of design, as we have spoken on this topic. For while that which is attracted to the entity in the very beginning stages of its third-density experience is something of a random pattern, the more that the entity forms biases and begins to move in one polarized direction or the other, the more that the entity configures its own energy centers, its own biases, and particularly, its programming on the preincarnational level.

This, then, has an affect on the type of energy, specifically in the form of experience, which is attracted to the entity. For example, the entity may be desirous of learning lessons which challenge its ability to keep its heart open and to express forgiveness—to return not anger for anger, but love—in which case, this entity may seem to be the recipient of negatively oriented, even at times cruel-seeming catalysts, whether that is from the parental entities or others in its home environment while growing up. And onward as the entity matures, there will be additional opportunities.

And for the entity unaware either of this attractive mechanism or that it is a conscious being immersed in an intelligent universe which is teaching it that which desires to learn, such an entity may find itself quite validly the victim of hard circumstances. “Why does this happen to me?” “Why are others this way?” “Is there a way to stop this?” Such may be on the mind of an entity with this mindset. And many may be the ways that the entity successfully avoids that which it desires to learn, whether by numbing or intoxicating the self; whether by, as many of your peoples do, seeking distraction and escape from that which seems to cause pain, whether it is the memory or the current experience; along with projecting various levels of responsibility onto anything but the self.

Thus, one of the great gifts of coming into an understanding of this attraction through the south pole is the empowerment that comes to the entity in the realization of its responsibility for its internal reality. This is not to suggest that you, my friends, are responsible for the actions, and behaviors, and thoughts, and intentions of other-selves, [it is rather only to suggest] that the way in which other-selves relate to you, as we have long suggested, offers a mirror to you. That mirror, insofar as you are having a reaction to the other-self, is revealing yourself to yourself. What is coming up within you is likely to be connected to your preincarnational design, that is, what you intended to learn in your incarnation.

So it is quite possible that you pattern your life such that you would help to trigger or precipitate certain ways of other-selves relating to you so that this experience would arise within you. For without the aid of the other self, you may not have the benefit of this experience.

Such is but a tiny window into the way that this attractive mechanism works on an unconscious level. That is, without your seeming conscious input or direction or even the necessity of reflection, there are gears turning at deeper levels which are causing this attraction, be it to moments, to situations, to other-selves, to long patterns of choice of geography or vocation or service; inward or outward, these gears turn as others are attracted to you, and you to they.

The red ray, thus, always has the first opportunity to respond to the moment, as we have previously described. And in this regard, we would leave a suggestion for the contemplation of the seeker: that there is much that can be opened by meditating upon a basic “yes “response within the red ray. Much is resisted, feared, blocked, denied, or not accepted at this first nodal point in the system of the mind/body/spirit complex because of a deep, shall we say, “no” that exists there, because perhaps there is fear or rejection, often of the self’s own reflection.

So through a deeper and deeper “yes” to whatever it is that is arising, through this inner non-resistance, much is opened to the seeker that this energy may flow more unimpededly and fully and with greater strength into the system to not only power this system, but rise higher and higher, that it may meet and mate with the north pole energy, eventually, ultimately, at the indigo-ray center, dismantling the veil and the illusions of separation created therefrom.

As we have described through the previous instruments, this flow into the south pole of the dual-poled energy system is happening—whatever the conscious mind may be doing or not doing—automatically on an unconscious level. This can become increasingly a conscious process as the seeker becomes a conscious being that is aware of its desires, not just its kaleidoscope of shifting surface or near-surface level desires that transpire in every daily activity, but the deeper undercurrents that seek the light, that seek the truth, that desire to give and to receive love, to seek and to become the One Creator.

The more that the seeker becomes conscious of these desires, the more that the seeker is becoming conscious of the attractive process. The more that the spiritual aspirant learns to harness and direct the will carefully in service to others, the more that one is learning to design and attract the needed catalyst for this progressive unlocking and upward spiraling. Spirituality and spiritual seeking itself is a making conscious of the mechanisms of evolution.

Those mechanisms begin, as we have noted, by that which is patterned for the self’s learning by a universe which is not filled with mindless atoms or inert matter upon which biological life is built and consciousness somehow, as epiphenomena, results, as much of your science would have it, but a universe which is saturated and brimming with intelligence—an intelligence which communicates, which responds, which is adaptive and in constant dance with all other portions of the creation, including you, the mind/body/spirit complex.

This is partly why we, the Confederation, speak so often to the purification and the setting of the intention and the becoming conscious of the intention; and why it is intention that is first and foremost important, for this is your primary mechanism of communication with that intelligent universe. It is your statement to the universe as to which direction you would like to steer the ship of self and what destination it is that you seek.

Then, as we were speaking through the one known as Kathy, one can have faith that that which is needed for the self will be delivered, you might say, to the self. And the stronger and hotter one burns with that intention, the more one disciplines and makes the intention more consistent, more single-minded, more enduring, the stronger will be the power coming into the system flowing through the south pole, to rise upward and meet with the inner light—the Polaris of self, the inward fire.

This is a process which must be undertaken with great care, for this increase of power and energy coming into the system will magnify and intensify the conditioning of the personality self that exists within the configuration of the lower energy centers—the blockages, the split-off energy, the shadow therein. This is to the benefit of the seeker, for this magnification or intensification brings these old, shall we say, stuck energies to the attention of the conscious mind. But in this enlargement, with this increased energy, if conscious awareness is not practiced more in the moment-to-moment experience of the entity, then it can become quite easy for these stuck energies, shall we say, which have an intelligence and a logic all their own, to grab hold of this energy and use it unconsciously in ways reducing the polarity of the entity.

Thus, the path of becoming conscious requires that the seeker become conscious more frequently through the practice of conscious reflection on the thoughts and experiences of the self, particularly at the end of the day, and that simple basic practice known to you as mindfulness, along with quite importantly, we may emphasize, the daily meditation, the spending of time in silence.

At this time, we will take leave of this instrument with gratitude to the fidelity of this circle in continuing to link arms and support one another and meet for this humble purpose of service to others through difficult personal and collective circumstance, month after month, [year after] year. We open our hearts in gratitude to each who seeks to serve as instrument for our humble philosophy, of which we are but messengers. We transfer this contact to the one known as Jim. We are known to you as Q’uo.

(Jim channeling)

I am Q’uo and am again with this instrument. We are most grateful to be able to spend what you know of as time with you in your circle of seeking to be channels for the love and light of the One Infinite Creator. Know that there is no greater service that you may offer the Creator or each other than reflecting, channeling, and becoming that love and light, together and individually, as one.

We are known to you as those of Q’uo. We leave you now in that love and light. Adonai vasu borragus.

  1. “Ra: The south, or negative, pole is one which attracts. It pulls unto itself those things magnetized to it. So with the mind/body/spirit complex the in-flow of experience is of the south pole influx.” #50.2 

  2. “Ra: The most important concept to grasp about the energy field is that the lower, or negative pole, will draw the universal energy into itself from the cosmos. Therefrom it will move upward to be met and reacted to by the positive spiraling energy moving downward from within. The measure of an entity’s level of ray activity is the locus wherein the south pole outer energy has been met by the inner spiraling positive energy.” #49.5