Topics: Anxiety; energy centers and communication; group meditation; the physical catalyst of being overweight.

(Jim channeling)

I am Q’uo, and am with this instrument at this time. We are most grateful to be able to join this group once again in its desire to not only seek and know the truth, but to speak that truth; as we give each instrument the words they represent that truth that all are one. We would at this time ask if there is a query with which we may begin.

Yes, thank you, Q’uo. Can you describe what anxiety is and how the seeker may work with this energy and balance and heal it within the self?

I am Q’uo, and your query, my brother. To begin, let us ask that each of you consider the words and concepts that we channel in response to this and every query as being our opinions, which we offer to you freely. If any word or concept does not sit right with you, does not ring of truth to you, we ask you to dismiss it. Leave it behind. And take those words and concepts that have meaning and use them as you will. This gives us the ability and the freedom to speak more clearly in answer to your queries.

The concept of anxiety is one that is a deviation from the path that one may describe as confidence—a knowing of how all is one and works together in a harmonious fashion for each seeker of truth as it makes its way upon its path through its third-density incarnation with hopes of discovering more and more levels of consciousness within itself that are in harmony with the nature of a creation which is of a unified nature, [a creation] in which each partakes freely and equally so that the journey may be, shall we say, without detour, a straight, and sure path to the One within all.

Anxiety develops a kind of attention-getter, a detour that each seeker of truth will have experienced at some point within the incarnation. For it is not always possible to remain unmoved by the world about one where there are disharmonies and inequities and confusions and, shall we say, the misapprehension of various details that are shared with the seeker of truth as it moves upon his path of seeking the One in all. When these disharmonies become so attractive, or so encompassing of the attention that the seeker cannot, in the moment of the disharmony, find a means of blending the disharmony into the path of moving into unity with all, the disharmony becomes that which requires a special effort by the seeker to investigate the various qualities of the disharmony. The source—whether it be the seeming friend or the seeming unknown entity that exists within the mind of either the friend or the seeker of truth—can find a home within the seeker if the disharmony continues to perpetuate itself in a series of repetitions that are experienced by the seeker.

When there is a barrage of such disharmony at any particular time within the seeker’s experience, then it is that the work upon the self, utilizing disharmony as grist for the mill, you may say, [becomes] food for the soul. For in truth, all such disharmonies may be seen as one facet or another of the One Creator, with the light and love of the Creator flowing through the facet that has become clouded in some way so, that clear communication from the level of the heart and the level of wisdom is not perceived. This is that which can generate or serve as the seed for anxiety within the seeker, for where there is confusion, or anger, or disillusionment, or misperception, then it is that the seeker must somehow untangle these threads of miscommunication or disharmonious communication so, there is some sense of commonality, some sense of communication that may be perceived more clearly.

It is the hoped-for outcome that such disharmonious communication that the seeker may find within itself the ability to accept the communication as an attempt, however, well or poorly offered, to speak a truth; that is, the perception of the One in communication with the seeker. It is often helpful to look through the communication that seems misperceived or ill-conceived to that quality of the Creator within the entity generating the disharmony that is always present, though perhaps not always perceived by either the communicator or the seeker. For at all times, there is only the One Creator speaking in a more-or-less distorted fashion to the seeker, and the seeker likewise is expressing some aspect of the One Creator in his response to the problem of communication causing anxiety.

The anxiety is an indication that the work of the seeker may need to proceed upon various levels of interpretation. Those levels being synonymous with the various centers of energy within the seeker and the communicator. This perception of levels of meaning, then, can be seen to be a portion of each self seeking clarity, seeking communication that can enhance the experience of both the seeker of truth and the disharmonious-seeming entity that communicates in a manner which is difficult to perceive. Thus, if one can place the qualities of any communication within those energy centers that are active and open within one’s energy body, then there may be the opportunity to grasp various aspects of the communication that have meaning to the seeker and which may, in the process of examination of meaning, give rest to the anxious feeling that has been born from the seed of disharmony. In other words, it is possible for one to look at any communication, however harmonious or disharmonious, as having various levels of meaning to the seeker. These levels then, may be worked with in a manner which has meaning to the seeker, and which enhances the seekers eventual perception of the communication that will then relax the anxious feeling within the being of the seeker.

Is there another query, my brother?

Thank you. Can you speak to the capacity of the witnessing awareness within the seeker to transmute energy within the self?

I am Q’uo and am aware of your query, my brother. Each seeker of truth, according to its level of activation of the energy centers of the energy body, may be likened to what you would call the white magician so that as communication is perceived, there is the ability to, as we said in the previous query, find levels within the energy centers where the communication may be seen to have an accelerated or advancing level of meaning as the qualities are moved upward along the energy centers. A communication which is difficult to make sense of, shall we say, is that which may be seen at the very basic level of experience to be that which may threaten the survival of the seeker. The seeker may look at this experience and find that, if there seems to be a harmonious feeling within the seeker that the survival can be maintained and indeed enhanced by the perceiving of communication at the level of survival and enhancement of survival, then the seeker may be able to perceive the communication from the orange-ray energy center, where the sense of self is seen to be that which can perceive in a unique way, according to the self’s own personal eccentricities, those qualities which make one what one is as a faceted jewel, to have various means, by which it can express itself to another on a one-to-one basis. Then, there is the possibility of utilizing this level of perception to enhance the feeling or interpretation of the communication so, that it is seen to be a part of a group effort where various individualized entities lend their personal energies to a common goal. And this goal is seen to enhance not only the well-being of the seeker, but also the ability and well-being of the group.

When this has been accomplished and has been seated within the seeker, then there is the opportunity to perceive any type of communication at the level of the green-ray energy center, that which is denoted or perceived as the all-embracing unconditional love, seeing each as the Creator and awakening within oneself the ability to move even higher within the centers of energy so that this universal love may be expressed at the level of the blue-ray energy center so that any type of communication may be enhanced and utilized within the blue ray of freely given communication, and that which is also freely received so that there is an exchange of the light of the blue ray energy center; that which is the wisdom of the Creator; that which is outpouring and outgoing and sees a broader perspective from which the original communication may be viewed.

Then, the energies may be transmuted or transferred even more highly and profoundly by operating or activating the indigo-ray energy center, that which is the universal energies of the One Creator that are the gateway to a greater experience of the illusion that one finds oneself within so that the creation of changes in consciousness operate at will in a manner in which the white magician, as it may be called, has the capacity to view any communication at a level which sees the One Creator within the communicator, whatever the message may be. When this has been successfully accomplished, then the gateway to intelligent infinity of the violet-ray energy center may be activated so, that the experience of the seeker becomes that of the Creator and sees any communications as being those from the Creator; that is the self, to the Creator, that is the self. For at this point, all are one.

At this time, we would transfer this contact to the one known as Kathy. We are known to you as those of Q’uo.

(Kathy channeling)

I am Q’uo and I am with this instrument at this time. Is there a query, my brother?

Yes, Q’uo. This one comes from A. It’s about meditation. A. asks, “Does it make it difference if a group of people, let’s say five individuals meditate alone in their own dwellings in relative proximity, let’s say a large city 40 kilometers at the same time, or if the same five individuals gathered together and meditate at one location as a group?”

I am Q’uo and we are aware of your query, my brother. The keyword in your query may be seen as the word difference. It is asked, “is there a difference between the different modes of meditation practice?” We would say that, while there may appear to be differences, there are also similarities between these modes of connecting with one’s inner self, one’s higher consciousness, and the Creator.

Whether one is by oneself or in the same location as others, we would first point out that, in any meditation practice which draws the attention and the consciousness of the practitioner inward and upward, that there is a kind of non-local existence, non-local consciousness which is being accessed. Whether one is alone practicing with others in other locations or with others in the same location, that non-local point of focus is the key determinant, for it is possible for practitioners of the meditation to be apart from one another physically, or to be together physically, and to achieve that point of focus which is not a physical point in space/time. It is not connected with space and time specifically, but above that. Therefore, seeing this way, a meditation group could access this point of focus, whether alone or together.

We would also point out that when individuals are practicing meditation, that inward thinking when they are together in the same location, there is an energy from each individual’s auric field from their energy centers radiating outward from each individual in such a way that these, we correct this instrument, that every individual’s auric field forms a connective bond of energy among each one. This energy that is produced from the connecting together of each individual’s field, adds its own collective quality, you might say, to the meditation experience. There is a connection that opens the consciousness of not only each one but all present in a collective way.

This same opening collectively can happen between and among individuals who are not located in the same physical space when meditating together. But the connection is often not as strongly bonded when meditating separately. Yet still, a connection can be formed between and among these individuals who are not located together physically. This is felt mentally, spiritually between them. It is of a different quality of connection.

We would also point out that the Gaia meditation, which is spoken in love and light for Earth and all its inhabitants daily by this group does form that bond of mental and spiritual connection focused upon this point of understanding and love. This would be one example of the highest form of this type of non-local point of focus achieved by individuals around the Earth.

The more such meditations are practiced in this way, the stronger the bond mentally and spiritually becomes when practicing in such a way. This also is experienced by those who practice meditation together in the same room. The more individuals practice, especially the same one repeating the experience, the stronger the energetic bond becomes between them. When meditating in the same room and the auric fields are joined, additional energies radiating from each one can color the quality of the energetic connection—there may be emotional connections that are formed, supportive emotional connections between individuals. Indeed, psychic connections of a positive nature can occur, especially among individuals in the same location, creating a kind of family, if you will.

Is there another query that you would have this evening?

That was great, thank you, Q’uo. There’s another one from an A, who says, “From what I understand the body takes on catalyst that the mind has ignored or not processed. I’m wondering about the physical catalyst of being overweight. Is there anything you can say, Q’uo, about the lessons or the spiritual principles involved in this particular catalyst?”

I am Q’uo, we are aware of your query, my brother. The interconnectedness of the body/mind/spirit complex has many delicate and interwoven connections along which flow from mind to body, from the body to mind, from spirit to body, from spirit to mind. There is an intertwining of these elements of being. And while it is true that the mind can produce consciously and/or subconsciously thought concepts, emotions that the body receives, it is also possible for the body to be communicating with the mind in like fashion, messages being sent back and forth. The body needs the mind to respond to a need that it has, the mind sending the message to the body that it needs an outlet for thoughts of various natures, and the body receives it.

There is a great working out within each individual, within the being that is one totality but is also these interconnected parts. We would say that the design of this structure of the individual being is a reflection of the Creator’s allowance for this intra-being communication. It is important to remember that whenever communication from one part—the mind, for example, to another part, to the body, for example—that the communication can flow in the opposite direction as well. This is an openness in which all parts of the individual are receiving signals, impulses from other parts. This is a reflection of wholeness of how the individual being is created.

We would say in response to the query about body overweight, and this issue that does appear in many individuals, that in some cases the communication may be one-way only, and could be opened up the other way so, that the body may have a path of communication back to the mind and the flow of understanding between these parts of the individual would be eased and opened. And when such a sense of ease is felt, this can relax both the mind and the body so that a pattern of thought being reflected in the body as overweight would also be relaxed so that it could be dissolved, lessened or changed and rearranged in some way to help the body and the mind come to a new balance of being a refreshed sense of cooperation between the two parts of the self so that an imbalance could be righted and made in a way toward a greater sense of health and balance.

To focus on this point more specifically, we would say that the practice of meditation, of walking in the open air, of swimming in refreshing waters or of sitting peacefully in nature, that such practices—with the intention of releasing a one-way communication from mind to body, or to establish an integrated sense of communication back and forth between mind and body so that both feel a sense of health and balance—that such an intention can produce that health and balance that is being sought by the individual [by] simply allowing for the wholeness of being to come back into balance within the self, to see oneself in the light and love of the One Infinite Creator, that these simple practices could change and rearrange mind and body patterns in a way that is most desired and helpful to the self.

The infinite intelligence of the light of each individual as created by the Creator, and the Great Original Thought of Love with which the Creator created the individual, even just pondering these will help transform the individual in its seeking a great balance and great happiness and peace within the body, mind, and spirit.

We thank you for these queries, my brother. We are with this instrument at this time. And we now transfer the contact to the one known as Jim.

(Jim channeling)

I am Q’uo and am once again with this instrument. We would thank each entity present this evening in the circle seeking for adding their energies and affirmations to the material which we have delivered through both instruments this evening. It is most helpful to have these heartfelt energies of support and inspiration so that each channel may draw upon them as they practice their abilities to serve as instruments for our words and thoughts.

We are always most inspired by the continual dedication of each entity present to the seeking of being an instrument of the One Creator within the life patterns which is a challenge within the third-density illusion, for in this illusion you seek that understanding which is beyond words, that harmony which is often beyond perception, and you seek always without doubt to give of yourself in every way possible, to serve those about you. We applaud your efforts and your persistence, for in being persistent and seeking to serve others you also benefit by increasing your own polarity of service to others.

We are known to you as those of Q’uo. We leave you now in the love and in the light of the One Infinite Creator which exists within all entities and all things at all times. Adonai vasu borragus.