Group Question: Confederation sources speak of the pure seeker, the pure channel, pure desire, pure love and wisdom, and something of the process of purification. What does it mean to be pure? What is the value of being pure in any particular way? And by what means does the seeker purify themselves?

(Jim channeling)

I am Q’uo and greet each in love and in light this evening. We are with this instrument at this time, and shall be within each instrument as we pass around the circle in our effort to provide an answer to your query this evening. But before we do this, we, as always, would ask you that simple perennial favor to take the words that we speak through each instrument and use them in any way that is beneficial to you. And the second part of the favor is to leave behind any words that are not useful to you at this time. If you will grant us these favors, as always, then we will feel free to speak our opinions and share with you those thoughts that may hopefully be able to answer your query as to the nature of purity.

What is purity? And what value has purity? And then with these two portions spoken to, how then, does a seeker become pure? These are the most salient questions, my friends. For as you are seekers of truth within the veil of the third-density illusion, it is a process that you go through in every day of your life as you seek to become pure.

By pure, we would say that you are of one quality, and that quality might be described as desire: the will to become able to shed all desires other than seeking the truth. For within your illusion, the truth is oftentimes not easily ascertained. The truth seems to be that which has increasing levels of meaning. As you begin to perceive the lower levels, then you ascend to greater and greater truths. And it is your purity of desire to travel this path of seeking the expanding nature of truth, the truth of the nature of the universe, the truth of your relationship to this universe and of the One Infinite Creator, the truth of how you may best travel this path as you seek to become pure; pure in desiring only to be able to apprehend this truth, the exercise of your will balanced with faith that such is possible. This type of purity is that which continues to become more and more the only quality of your being as you move forward on your journey of seeking the truth.

Thus the purity, as we would describe it, is that which contains no dross, no incidental qualities, no hindrances to perception. This is the work of the adept, my friends. Such purity is not easily achieved and yet, as one continues to travel the path of seeking the truth, one continues to purify oneself, and this is a great value of so doing. For as you purify your desires, you are casting a seed within your mind/body/spirit complex, the seed of pure seeking, the seed that, when you fertilize it and water it with your attention more and more effectively, grows within you more strongly, more vibrantly, more expansively.

This is a noble journey, my friends. There is no more noble journey, my friends. And how then, does one accomplish this purification of the self? We would suggest that this is a process that is unique to each seeker of truth. For each of you has an identity that represents a portion of the One Infinite Creator. This identity or quality, and we would say, equality with the One Creator, is that journey that you seek that does not travel into distant lands but that travels within yourself. For this journey is to discover in some fashion, unique to yourself, how you are the One Creator, and how you become the One Creator.

Once again, though this journey continues for many millions of your years, as you would measure the densities of light that formed the creation of the One Infinite Creator, it is a journey that continues to be interiorized, no matter the density of your dwelling. This is of the greatest value to any seeker of truth, to be upon this journey in such a conscious fashion, that there is no other desire within the seeker other than to do the will of the One Infinite Creator, to become the will of the One Infinite Creator, to become the One Infinite Creator.

At this time, we shall transfer this contact to the one known as Austin. We are those of Q’uo.

(Austin channeling)

We are Q’uo. We are now with this instrument. Through this instrument we wish to express our gratitude for this instrument and this circle for its increasing fidelity towards the process of tuning and challenging. These rituals, performed repeatedly, act as a purification process for each individual instrument and the circle itself. And this increasing purity developed by the repeated act of these rituals allows us to join even more closely and express our thoughts in more intricate and meaningful ways.

Our gratitude extends also to all those who are aware of our words and take them in with discernment and reflect to us the calling that we are joyed to respond to. This continuing contact offers us a chance to be of service, which is our greatest desire, one which we have continued to purify in our own seeking for much of what you call time.

As we speak to the uniqueness of each individual’s journey of purification, we are welcomed by certain distortions within this instrument that speak to a sensitivity towards the uniqueness of each individual’s interpretation of certain spiritual concepts, especially those that we present to you through the instruments within this circle.

This instrument is sensitive to what it calls semantics and we appreciate this sensitivity, for it allows us to emphasize that as we speak of concepts such as purity and truth, that these words are meant first and foremost to be catalysts for each individual’s inner journey, and are not intended to be exact prescriptions or instructions—though any guidance any seeker may find within these words, we are very happy to accept.

This is why we begin each of these sessions with our requests that seekers utilize those words most useful for them, for we wish most of all to aid each seeker in that ongoing journey of inner discovery through offering concepts that spark the seeker’s interest and inspiration and contemplation, more so than we wish to specifically guide seekers in understanding such concepts in specific ways.

In this particular topic [of purity], we find this disclaimer particularly important, for the concept of purity has historically among your peoples been used in ways which have not aided spiritual seekers upon their path. And we find that such a concept has an unusually high chance of becoming a stumbling block of requiring seekers to perpetuate experience and require further incarnation rather than allowing the seeker to walk the strait and narrow path and come closer to the upward spiraling light that carries the seeker through the journey of densities.

When examining how this concept may be misapplied in such a way, one may look to how the concept of purity can be used in terms of self-judgment, of finding that one does not measure to a certain ideal, and thus the self is judged as a failure. And this dynamic has been further exacerbated by religious systems and other spiritual philosophies by necessitating that the seeker who does not match a certain requisite purity then repent and partake in certain activities intended to purify the self. These activities, when undertaken through threat of eternal suffering, or through fear of prolonged difficulty in the afterlife, can cause the seeker to distort the concept of purity so that it becomes a drag upon the seeker’s journey.

This is a difficult concept to communicate, for it seems as though, to any sensible seeker within your density, that to measure oneself in terms of purity, one must necessarily judge oneself. We may do our best to resolve this seeming paradox by suggesting that this judgment is, as we have spoken, a certain semantical difficulty, for judgment can take the form of simple assessment of the self and understanding the self in comparison to some ideal, but then this comparison can take upon itself a charge of control and harshness towards the self, feelings of failure and the feeling of necessitating self-punishment, or types of self-flagellation, in order to make up for what is seen as a failure.

The root of this confusing concept may be seen in how certain systems of religion upon your planet have been influenced by forces known to you as the Orion Empire, to take what can be a legitimately positive tool for a positive seeker—such as the concept of purity and ideals—and turn it into a confusing concept by introducing the concept of self-control or even control of others so that an individual or a group may believe in their heart of hearts that they are seeking a positive higher path of service and light and yet, when it comes to assessing the self or others, the measure of purity results in a desire for control and separation of that which one finds unacceptable

This, my friends, is a key that we believe is necessary for each individual to understand how a positive seeker, wishing to shine the light of the Creator and service to others, may utilize the concept of purity to further their desire. The key to the positive path is acceptance, and the key to the negative path is control. When these two concepts are twisted amongst each other, this creates the distortions that perpetuate the necessity of incarnation and experience. Look within the self and find where those concepts of control, of harsh judgment, of assessing oneself as a failure to meet a certain level of purity arise, and sit with those ideas and those currents within the self and observe them. Notice that they play out in certain energetic patterns that have been impressed upon you, not just in this lifetime, but in previous lifetimes; and impressed upon your society so that they have been made present within the self, simply by virtue of being present within the society.

As you witness these currents, offering them your loving acceptance, they may dissipate. And you may find a softer way to evaluate the self. It is true that you will inevitably fail to meet a certain standard of purity again and again, and again and again. This is the very purpose for your incarnation, for third density presents the opportunity to receive these reflections known to you as failures. But these reflections become most useful when one is able to receive them with patience for the self, with kindness for the self. And as you cultivate this inner patience and this inner kindness, you then cultivate a patience and a kindness that is extended outwards to your fellow other-selves, and any judgment or harshness or control that was projected outwards may also be dissipated. As the self becomes loved and accepted by the self, so does the creation about one.

This is not an easy task for you to achieve within your reality, for we understand the vast numerous influences that have ingrained themselves within each individual and each seeker upon your planet. But the very act of attempting to find a more loving and more accepting way to view the self and to pursue purity of the self in any capacity is such a meaningful act that it resounds to the infinite depths of your being and the infinite reaches of creation. And the creation resounds in joy with each attempt.

At this time, we take leave of this instrument and pass this contact to the one known as Trisha. We are Q’uo.

(Trisha channeling)

I am Q’uo and I am now with this instrument. We will begin by stating our gratitude for the efforts and energy this circle creates in their attempts to serve by allowing us to speak through them. This instrument in particular is thankful for the word spoken through the one known as Austin, for this instrument has a long storied personal history of a somewhat dysfunctional relationship with the term purity, with the idea of purity

As was previously stated, the idea of purity has historically been used to “other.” We use that term as a verb to other self from self to cause separation, to cause rift, to create inner harsh and outer harsh critical judgment for the self and other-self. For you see, the way the term purity has been played with on this planet insinuates that purity is a singular position or existence or manifestation, that anything less than perfection is a mark against purity, that anything outside of perhaps what one may see as planned or quote “good” is a blemish, is something to distance oneself from, is something to hate, is something to judge, is something to ignore, is something to bury deep within and try to forget.

Dear seekers, we would like to remind you that at the core, at the center, at the root of all that is yourself, your other-self, the environment in which you find yourself, every aspect of this illusion is inherently pure. Pure in the sense that it is perfect and imperfect, which is quite perfect.

In this previously mentioned idea of acceptance versus control is so key in terms of relating to the term of purity, the concept of purity. When self can fully and truly see the self as perfectly imperfect, as an extension of the Creator, as a piece of this larger puzzle, as an object in this illusion, one can see that one is naturally pure for there is nothing else but purity. That is not to say that there is no room for growth, for there’s always room for growth and evolution, but with the knowledge and the gentleness one would afford the most beautiful aspects of creation, for you are just that, you are deserving of the patience and the gentleness.

View this illusion in which we exist as a masterpiece be it a painting, a song, or a sculpture, it is as it is—a highly complex, intricate [work] of many pieces, many brushstrokes, many notes, each of them [brought] together in this dance to create this perfect whole picture. There are no blemishes. There are no mistakes. The brushstroke that is you, the note that plays when your soul sings, that is pure and important and necessary to create the larger whole picture. When one can see oneself with that kind of humble but true love and regard, then one can accept oneself as pure, which then provides avenues for the self to accept one’s imperfections whether they be seen as imperfection in action, imperfection in thought, imperfection in existence in a general sense.

Purity, in the eyes of this instrument, is not something one seeks to be, but is something one realizes one to be, what one remembers one to be. Purity is the fullest expression of the truth of the self. Purity is the free flow of love within self and out of self. It is the full realization of every aspect of the Creator as part of self. So, to seek one, we correct this instrument, for one to seek purity, in the mind of this instrument, is to be a self with kind and gentle hands upon the self, seeing the self as this child learning with each step, striving with each step to be the best version of the self; and by best we mean what comes naturally, what is at the core of the self. Best does not mean some unattainable goal, just as purity doesn’t; we mean simply the freedom of self to be self.

Dear seekers, we fear that we might be on repeat with this instrument but we do want to again express how purity, the pureness of your soul, exists regardless of action. You cannot be anything other than pure. It is merely different facets of purity, different flavors, different hues. How can you not be anything other than pure? Of course, there will be moments when perhaps your actions do not fall in line with who you see yourself to be, or your thoughts, or even the way you see your physical vehicle.

The realization that you are learning and can forgive yourself and learn from the experience, learn to love and accept the self rather than demonize the self, is perhaps one of the purest manifestations of being. Acceptance is key. Love is key. Radiance of both is key, and expressing that within the self and toward other-self, toward circumstance, toward every aspect as difficult as it may be, is purity in its fullest, most vibrant expression.

At this time, we will leave this instrument and transfer the contact to the one known as Gary. We are those of Q’uo.

(Gary channeling)

We are those known to you as the principle of Q’uo broadcasting our beam through this instrument to this circle and outwards to any who may come upon our words at a later time. We reflect on this instrument’s own human appreciation and admiration for those dear other-selves in the circle who have articulated our thoughts, each in their own flavor. He found it a particularly edifying experience.

This subject of purity is one that, conscious or not, will come to the attention or mentation or decision-making processes or desire-aiming procedures for he or she who seeks to become ever more one with the Creator, ever less a creature wholly identified with and asleep within the illusion, and ever more awakened to the true nature of self that always was and ever will be.

What is it? My friends, that [question] positions the self, so to speak, upon such a spectrum, illusory though it may ultimately be. What is it that makes of the human a transparent vessel such that, as with the clear windowpane, the light shining through is visible, and not so much—save for glimmers at a certain angle—the window itself. On one end of that spectrum, what is it that binds the entity to a consciousness locked in separation in the generation without end, often unconsciously, of suffering for the self, not infrequently inflicting suffering upon others?

Illusory though it may be, that windowpane that is the mind/body/spirit complex system becomes covered, shall we say, dirtied or muddied. We would not use these terms to suggest that this is in any way a lessened state or any quality which should be resisted or judged, because that which covers the windowpane in this metaphor is, as we spoke at length through the previous instruments, the judgment for the self, the lack of forgiveness for self and others, and the many ways in which one ensnares themselves in the patterns of the illusion, the separation-based fear, the desire to control that which is perceived as threatening to an insecure and fragile illusion of separate identity

When these windowpanes are obscured by that which is accumulated upon their surface, it is not just the other-self or other-selves which are not perceiving the Creator’s light shining through [the self], but it is the self who operates within a darkness, feeling perhaps the symptomology of the pain of darkness and being cut off, yearning for relief, for freedom, peace, connection and joy, but not understanding that the source of such is, as we have been alluding to tonight, and that is the recognition of the self as the Creator, the gentle and forgiving-loving embrace of the self as it is, as a perfect or perfect/imperfect representation of the Creator.

In this state, as many of your people know it within the illusion, the desires become mixed, shall we say. There is or there may arise a multitude of desires, desire for status, desire for imperviousness to illness, desire for accumulation of wealth, desire to chase constantly the elusive quality of pleasure, desire to run away from that which is painful, etc. And meanwhile, at the center of this desire all along has been not so much the desire for status or wealth or prestige, but rather it has been the desire to seek and to become one, to thus discover that core desire which lives within the self but which has become obscured and hidden or denied and abused is what may be called a process of purification.

Through the processes to which we continually commend to the seeker, of working with one’s daily catalyst, of seeking the love in the moment, and of practicing forgiveness and balance, one’s desires can become distilled. Why was it that I was seeking that pleasure? From what basis do I view the attainment of goal? How is it that I am moving forward in my days? These and other such questions the seeker may ask the self in order to become increasingly conscious of the mechanisms in operation within the self at all times, and to see what is perhaps less than true and more true within the self within a context constantly of seeking to accept and love the self, however, seemingly mixed or quote unquote “impure” the desires and the motivations.

Through this increasing self-knowledge about that which is in alignment and perhaps less-than-aligned with the core of being in the seeking, that which generates suffering for self or others and that which does not, that which moves toward control and that which moves toward love, one can come into increasing understanding of the configuration of self and that which is blocking the upward and the downward Love and Light of the One Creator. And through persistence, one can come to refine these desires so that that which is not in service to the Creator through the positive polarity, or life affirming, can be healed as it arises from that which is unhealed within the self. And the self can increasingly purify the heart so that it is unclouded by jealousies, resentments, competitions complexes of superiority/inferiority, possessions and so forth, and thus unclouded become a center of love and love only, love in total, love without that which would obscure the heart.

This instrument is quite dissatisfied with his own channeling, feeling that he is but skimming the surface, and stumbling at that.

We would close with this instrument in the reaffirmation of the understanding that the self is and has been pure all along; that which seems to be other than purity is the material of the illusion which has, shall we say, accumulated around the shell of the self through the self’s own actions and attitudes and ultimately through the self’s belief about who the self is, what it is made of, what its needs are. It is through contact with the truth that exists already within the heart of self most above all that the self comes to release the struggle and the tension and the striving in the surrender of the Creator’s opinion of the self.

At this time we will transfer our contact from the one known as Gary to the one known as Jim. We are those known to you as Q’uo.

(Jim channeling)

I am Q’uo and am once again with this instrument. We have been very pleased with each instrument’s generation of thoughts and words that we gave to each for a specific purpose, that each might provide an intimate and unique interpretation of the answer to your question this evening. We feel that this has been accomplished and that any doubts that may exist within the minds of any instrument are simply those thoughts that shall drive one onward into the further purification of the ability to channel any word or thought; it is a type of angst that exists to help move the channel forward in the channeling process. We thank each instrument for its dedication to the learning of the art of channeling which has been continuing to improve within this group over much of what you call time, and at this time we feel that there is a great deal of experience that has been gathered by the continued exercise of each instrument. The exercise is much like the muscle of the physical body that gets stronger and better with continued exercise.

At this time, we shall take our leave of this instrument and this group. We leave each in the love and in the light of the One Infinite Creator which dwells in all and inspires all to seek the One. We are known to you as those of Q’uo.