Topics: Broad versus specific compassion; dealing with intense empathic energies; offering service in response to attitudes towards the pandemic.

(Jim channeling)

I am Q’uo and am with this instrument at this time. We are pleased to greet each of you in love and in light of the One Infinite Creator. We come this evening, as always, to exercise each instrument that the practice of channeling might become ever more firmly established within each instrument, so that which you call the Confederation philosophy of seeking and serving the One Creator might be shared more fluently or inspiringly and more practically as well. We would at this time ask if there might be a question with which we may begin.

Yes, Q’uo. We have a question sent in from A1 who writes, “For the most part of my adulthood, I have been struggling with the following circumstances: I have a healthy level of compassion for humanity as a whole. I have tremendous empathy for minorities and groups that are suffering worldwide. I understand often deplorable situations, underprivileged groups regardless of the national financial, racial or ethnic background. I take this from the perspective of service to others as generally proper alignment.”

“Yet when dealing with certain attitudes and characters in a daily life, I fail quite often to show the same kind of respect, compassion and understanding. This is unrelated again to culture, race or background. It is purely attitude related. I am aware that certain very specific attitudes trigger me and this might be personality related, or might be a form of conditioning, or perhaps karmic, I guess. I built myself an ample dose of catalyst hopefully to overcome this predicament. Yet, this dichotomy of general and specific feelings, and ability to empathize is very puzzling. And it’s worrisome to me. Can you reflect and advise on this situation, please, since I feel that many others might have a similar dichotomy present in their daily and general makeup?”

I am Q’uo, and I’m aware of your query, my brother. Before we begin our reply, we would, as always, ask you to grant us this simple favor of seeing and accepting those words and concepts we offer in reply to the query as our opinions. And we hope that you will take those words and opinions that have meaning to you, and without a second thought leave others behind. We would not wish to be a stumbling block in any seeker’s journey for we are not ultimate authorities. We are your brothers and sisters who seek the One as do you and who have our own distortions to deal with. We believe that this gives us a leg up, shall we say, [to] be able to speak to those distortions you describe as particularly troubling to you, and why this might be the case.

When you are able to see and accept people of all races, genders, creeds, nationalities, various other distortions as being equal to any, including yourself, and that you have compassion over such entities—you wish them well, have no problem with them, and wonder why it is that you in your daily round of activities find that there are people with certain attitudes or behaviors that trigger a kind of harsh reaction in your being. A kind of perception that you feel is distorted in a way that is very hard to understand or make sense of. And we can suggest to you, my brother, that you as all conscious seekers of truth with open hearts have challenges within the incarnational pattern that are set there by you and your guides and/or higher self that you may focus on these distortions, these attitudes, these behaviors that are troubling in order that you might not only be challenged to understand them, but might make the journey necessary to see how they are an integral part of your own unfolding spiritual path.

Each conscious seeker of truth such as yourself has planned the general framework of the life pattern so that at certain times within the life pattern, there will be presented the opportunity to go beyond the current capacity to accept various behaviors, thoughts, and attitudes that you had previously been unable to accept. This is what you might call a spiraling journey, where you are able to do this upon a certain level of challenge or experience, then this ability to see an other-self as deserving of your compassion and your support and your inspirational efforts to blend energies with them, then, this accumulated, we shall call it, spiritual power may then be set in motion to spiral even higher or further along your spiritual path.

As you are able to take these behaviors and thoughts and attitudes into the meditative state and consider them with the scrutiny and conscientiousness of the adept, shall we say, the one who seeks to create changes in consciousness, then you have accumulated a certain kind of spiritual power that can feed your journey further along the path into unity with the One Creator. As each challenge is looked at, within the meditative state, and seen to be a portion of one’s own self; as you attempt to balance the negative response to such behaviors with the positive response, then you are coming to know more and more about yourself regarding how you are a portion of the One Creator, as is the entity standing before you in meditation. This entity has given you the opportunity to balance dislike or disgust with acceptance and love.

In many other ways, you will be challenged to find an acceptance of another entity, which then represents an acceptance of yourself that will further propel you on your spiritual path. As you are able to do this throughout your life pattern with various entities, behaviors, attitudes, beliefs, creeds and so forth, you will become more and more what might be called a 360-degree being. That is, you will see that you are all things, all attitudes, all people, all behavior.

This is the journey of a lifetime. This is the journey that each conscious spiritual seeker is upon and indeed all entities are upon this journey. Some, however, are not conscious of this journey and are awaiting the realization that this also is a path that they shall tread at some point in their incarnation—if not this one then perhaps the next, or the next. So the equation, as we may call it, is that as you come to know yourself and to accept yourself throughout your life pattern and see an accumulation of a great variety of qualities that you accept now that were not acceptable before, that you are in effect becoming the One Infinite Creator. This is the goal of the journey of the life path of many incarnations of all entities within each density of the octave of beingness.

We wish you godspeed, shall we say, on this journey returning home to the One Infinite Creator. At this time, we shall transfer this content to the one known as Kathy. We are known to you as those Q’uo.

(Kathy channeling)

I am Q’uo; I’m with this instrument. Is there a query with which we can begin?

Yes, Q’uo. We have one sent in from A2 who writes, “As someone who has always been strongly empathic, it can be distracting, depressing, or overwhelming to be a person here. Being keenly aware of others’ feelings, aware to the point of something along the lines of what I’d call auric infringement or entanglement, or something else. Someone else’s signal gets mixed with my own. I still struggle at times with letting others’ feelings overwhelm me. I’m sure the answer is something like, respond with love and/or take this into your daily meditation. And I know that on some level the answer is available to anyone at any time as we’re all the same One Creator, but if there are any tips or tricks available, I’d be curious what might be suggested.”

We understand the query, my brother.

A helpful reply may be made beginning with the idea that upon your planet at this time, the personal energies relating to the energy field of a particular entity are becoming heightened across many entities as the energies of fourth-density rise up in your planetary sphere, and also within and around the entities who live upon your planet.

While this situation that you described is acute, as you have expressed in your words, we may assure you that it is a condition that can be worked with, softened, and attenuated through insightful and careful attention to your own energy levels and [the] expression of such during your daily activities upon your planet at this time.

For with the heightened nature of personal energies and planetary energies in general, there is also to come commitment rising up in your inherent ability to, we may say, cope with, work with such energy changes such as you described.

At the same time that you sense a heightened awareness of the energies of other-selves around you—or even those, as you mentioned, who are not in your vicinity but who draw your compassion toward their situations—you may also attune yourself to your own energies on every level of your being, your physical energies, your emotional and mental energies, and your spiritual energies.

We may suggest that once or perhaps twice per day, in your cycle of life, that you go within for a brief moment or moments of meditation, attuning yourself to these various levels of energies personal to yourself, becoming aware in that heightened way of the sensitivities of these energies. Just as you would when finding yourself near an other-self who has energies, thoughts, feelings that you sense, and that may overwhelm you, you may do this with yourself first before going out into your day. Become aware of the sensitivities within yourself. We may say, accept yourself and love yourself for the gift that these energies bring you in terms of insights, understandings, and compassion for all living things.

And we may say, as you are aware of the full complement of these energies in your levels of being, bathe yourself, bathe all of these levels of your being in the love and the light of the Creator. Know that you are bathed in this loving light from which you came in the very beginning when perhaps energies were not as sensitized as they are today. But this light and love is intelligent, that you bathe yourself with. It can soothe, heal, protect your own sensitive energies.

Thus you may, after a few moments of bathing in this helpful light, healing light, and love, you may go out into your day with a feeling of confidence in the awareness that the awareness that your energies are balanced, and that serve you first in your daily journeys.

Thus you may find interactions with others to be of a more palatable, acceptable nature. So that you may have, what may feel to you to be, a greater degree of groundedness of natural love for self and other-selves as you go about your day; the energies of others do not impinge upon your purpose in life for that day, your well-being, your peace, and happiness. We may suggest that at the end of every day that you attune once more to these levels of your energy field as we described in the morning routine. Do so likewise, we may suggest to you, in the evening to again bathe all the levels of your being, all the energies in your field with this light and love that is intelligent, that is healing to lighten your sense of self; perhaps without effort letting the light and love of these healing vibrations simply wash away all of the energies of other-selves that may have unintentionally been taken in by your own heightened awareness, by your own empathy and caring. Let what is not yours to bear, to solve, or to heal, be lovingly washed away into the love and light of the Creator. Let the great original thought of love that lived in those energies from the Creator assist you in restoring yourself, your energies to what can rightly be felt and known as your own in a balanced field state.

At the end of each day in your cycle of life upon your planet, we may also suggest, if this thought appeals to your sensibilities, that you may also send out love and light to all those with whom you had contact that day or upon whom your thoughts rested, and to any other entities or groups of entities for whom you felt compassion. Again, it is a suggestion you may take if it feels right to you in your heart that sending out light and love to all these others may uplift you as well as the love and light may uplift them.

We hope this set of suggestions may meet with your understanding. We ask that you may take and utilize what may feel right to you in your heart, and leave the rest. And ever we suggest: meditate to listen for those answers, beyond what we have suggested, that may help you in more specific ways pertinent to your own situations and relationships. We thank you for this query, my brother and we are with this instrument.

We hope that this response satisfies the essence of your query. We are those of Q’uo. We have been with the instrument and we now pass this contact to the one known as Austin.

(Austin channeling)

We are known to you as those of Q’uo and we greet the circle through this instrument at this time. We ask if there is a query that we may address through this instrument.

Yes, Q’uo. I have a question from E. “The ongoing pandemic and the response of government to it has caused great division in our societies, and brought many opposing worldviews to the forefront: anti-authoritarian versus authoritarian, risk-avoidance versus risk-acceptance, different views on medicine and health, and so forth. Wherein each area both groups seem to be drifting further away from each other. What can we do to bring these groups closer together again, to find some common ground, and in general, relieve some of the intense stress that people are feeling? Are there any spiritual principles involved or ways that we can find balance and relate to the divisions?”

We are Q’uo and we are aware of the query, my brother. This query is one that we sense weighs very heavily on many minds of those seekers who are aware of our words, and we are grateful to the one known as E for offering us a chance to speak to these circumstances upon your planet and within your societies, and to offer our own insight into the spiritual principles that may be viewed and utilized for the positive seeker wishing to offer their service in the midst of what seems to be quite turbulent waters.

The circumstances are born from relatively complicated and, what you may say, new energy upon your planet. We take this opportunity to reiterate a central point that we often repeat, for it is often the most relevant point for any seeker contemplating such complicated issues. And that is that no matter the circumstance, no matter the people’s or attitudes present within any circumstance and the dynamic energies dancing in what can appear to be chaos when one views such situations, that all are the Creator—each individual and each situation is but the Creator wearing certain masks interacting with itself in order to experience itself in more and more significant ways.

This is undertaken by the Creator in the hopes that one of its sparks that has forgotten its origins, such as the entity who poses this question, may become aware enough to ask such a question, to realize that they feel called to serve and to offer their heart, and undertake the difficult journey to do so despite the fact that there is no clear answer to how that may be achieved. This is the beginning of the role of faith on the journey of the seeker: to witness such a situation as described in this query, to feel called to offer oneself in service, yet see no clear opportunity—but nevertheless trust that an opportunity may present itself to one who continues to seek to share the love of the Creator.

We are glad and honored to take part in this seeking with you. The core or heart of these circumstances described within this query may be in many ways traced to the incoming fourth-density energies upon your planet. There are certain trends and technologies that seem to accentuate the divisions within your society to create opposing energies and bring people to come together in what has been called certain social bubbles, and define themselves in opposition to other social bubbles. This may be seen as the questioner has framed the situation as a series of opposing attitudes.

We understand that this may be puzzling how energies of fourth-density, that one may liken to unconditional love and understanding, may create such a situation. These energies, as they stream to your planet in ever-increasing ways, cause each individual to express their unconscious natures more and more in an external way. The certain technologies that take part in this process, what this instrument is familiar with as such technologies as social media, or media in general that tends to influence one’s consciousness, are not accidental.

And while they have been used by entities with agendas, they have been manifested upon your planet in response to the onslaught of these energies that are calling each individual to become aware of how they are projecting their unconscious natures out into the world. And one way that they help do this is to accentuate these opposing group mentalities. This accentuation results in the seemingly chaotic situations described by the questioner. Just understanding this context may help the seeker wishing to alleviate and calm these energies within the self and within the other self, simply by grasping the context within which these dynamics take place. We hope that there is some small comfort and understanding that this is part of a process that is necessary in order for your planet to transition to the fourth density—and that at the end of this process, at the end of this very bumpy road, these choppy waters that each seeker has set sail upon, there is a destination that speaks much more clearly to the love of the Creator. The storm will wash away and reveal a deeper truth that will be available to all upon your planet, with time.

As to what any individual may do to help alleviate or bring love and understanding to these situations, we suggest looking to those contributing factors that cause entities to dig in, so to speak, to defend certain positions, certain attitudes with such fervent certainty. The so-called pandemic upon your planet has created an intense catalyst, specifically creating such fervent attitudes.

Part of the how of the situation is that this pandemic has introduced a great question of unknown and uncertain futures. For all entities upon your planet, like a lightning bolt, the catalyst called the pandemic arrived and took hold of each individual’s mind and heart upon your planet very suddenly and very strongly. And this caused a great illumination of just how uncertain the future is for each individual.

It poses a great question of how to deal with this uncertainty. For many, this took form in addressing the situation head-on, understanding the specifics of the pandemic, and attempting to bring all powers to bear upon it, in order to tame it. For others, this uncertainty caused a desire to remain unfazed and put them in opposition with those who felt this was a collective responsibility that all within the collective should be addressing.

These attitudes, as each seeker is certainly aware, have been energized and manipulated somewhat by those who feel they can take advantage of these opposing dynamics. And this manipulation, we understand, may bring some concern to the seeker. Yet we offer the thought that it does not change how the individual seeker may address the situation. At the core of this is for the seeker to recognize the fear, and anger, and strong desire within each individual in how they respond to the pandemic.

The very strong attitudes and seemingly increasing division have, at their root, the fear of the uncertain future that this pandemic, and the response to the pandemic, may bring. In grasping this root, empathy may be offered. No matter one’s attitude or opinion of the circumstances, one may then interact with those about one, whether they believe society should be reacting in one way or another way, and understand that for many individuals, despite seemingly opposite reactions, they are operating from the same point, from the same distortion, and are expressing themselves in ways that are attempting to reveal the self to the self—attempting to soothe this uncertain fear to bring light to the unconscious aspects of the reaction to the so-called pandemic.

[We suggest] to offer one’s love in disagreement, to cultivate a gentleness, to plant seeds of attempting to understand and to connect, and to water those seeds continually despite any circumstance, despite any uncertainty one may have within themselves about the future, and to cultivate a shared understanding among all other-selves that despite any individual reaction, you are all in the situation together, and finding a way to respond in a unified and love-filled manner is a very noble and significant endeavor.

Ultimately, this situation asks each individual to do this work for themselves. We understand that a seeker wishing to bring unification to divided peoples may find frustration and failure. The catalyst upon your planet is very intense, and as fourth-density beckons, it will intensify, eventually taking the attention of each individual and forcing them, if you will, to address their inner darknesses, their inner shadows, those inner natures that have gone unaddressed for many lifetimes.

Any individual seeker wishing to help alleviate the situation may have their own opinions about how society as a whole may respond to any given crisis or catalyst. Yet, we encourage you to contemplate: instead of attempting to reform society and convince others how to behave or how to respond, or convince them of impending doom or danger; instead offer one’s light so that the individuals who are facing these inner shadows for the first time may be aided by your example, may be comforted by your love, may be guided by your gentle hand.

For you are here to offer love, no matter what situation arises. There is no specific prescription for how to solve any situation that arises on your planet, except for abiding in the faith that love may transform any situation and bring light to all in due time.

We again, thank the one known as E for posing this question and wish to offer a final thought to any seeker who wishes to offer their love in these difficult times. Please know that we, the Confederation of Planets in Service to the One Infinite Creator, join you in open hearts. If you could witness and see the amount of love being showered upon your planet, and open your heart to that love so that you may be empowered by it and pass it along from your perspective within the veil, your inspiration would be infinite, and you would have no doubt that though you have chosen quite a difficult and uncertain time to incarnate, you are exactly where you wish to be and exactly where you are needed.

At this time, we will take leave of this instrument and transfer the contact to the one known as Jim to offer our closing thoughts for this circle. We are Q’uo.

(Jim channeling)

I am Q’uo and then once again with this instrument. We have been most heartened by how we have made our words and thoughts available to each of the instruments present this evening. The practice and art of channeling are that which makes one more and more able to experience the love and light of the One Creator as the art is perfected. The channeling process is one which not only shares this love and light with those who may hear or read our thoughts, but affects each instrument as a kind of food for the spirit and helps to make the channel more crystallized feature of each instruments beingness. This is occurring at a steady rate as we have been able to assess the practice of those present and those who are not at this particular meeting. We thank you for your conscientiousness. You inspire us on our own journey of seeking. We are known to you as those of Q’uo. We leave you in the love and light of the One Infinite Creator. Adonai, vasu borragus.