Q’uo, today our question has to do with wisdom. What is the positive use of wisdom for a seeker on the positive path? And what does it mean to balance love and wisdom?

(Jim channeling)

I am, Q’uo, and am with this instrument at this time. We greet each of you in love and in light, and we thank you for inviting us to your circle of channeling this evening. We wish, as always, to begin our process of transmitting thoughts and words through each channel by asking each present to grant us that perennial favor of taking the words and thoughts we offer through each and use them in a way that feels appropriate to you. If any do not feel appropriate or worth consideration at this time, we ask you to leave them aside with no thought or worry—for we are those who seek, as do you, the One Creator within us, within each, and within all things. And we are on the same journey as are you. We are not infallible authorities. If you will, as always, grant us this favor, and we are free to speak as we may.

This evening, your question is a very fundamental question for each positive seeker of truth, not only within your third-density illusion, but within any density that comes after the third density. For these qualities of wisdom and love are the fabric of creation. All of you, of us, of all other entities, and each fabric of the creation, each portion of it, exists because of love and light’s interaction within each seeker of truth. As the seeker considers the quality of wisdom—that type of light which illumines the mind and the spirits to their function within the life pattern—the seeker becomes aware that, to see more clearly that which it experiences in its daily round of activities and interactions with other-selves, it is necessary to look at such experiences as means by which one can seek the Creator within all. For the light of wisdom shines brightly within each seeker who has the ability to open the mind and the heart to the greater reality of its existence and experience within this third-density illusion.

As you become more aware of how each entity reflects to you the light, the wisdom, the knowledge of existence, and how all of the other-selves are a portion of yourself, you are then able to take steps upon your spiritual path that are upon solid ground, shall we say, the ground of your being that is created of love and of light. Thus, the service-to-others-oriented entity has as one of its primary priorities the seeing of the Creator within the self as equally the Creator within each other-self so that when one thinks or conceptualizes with any thought [about] an other-self or [has an] interaction with that other-self, one sees the Creator interacting with the Creator.

This is more easily said than done. For within your third-density illusion, there is that known as the veil of forgetting that makes the personal and powerful recognition of each other-self as being the Creator more of an intellectual activity rather than one which is experienced within the heart of one’s being. The great challenge of the third-density illusion is to be able to, in some manner, pierce this veil of forgetting so that you may see and experience the reality of the other-self and yourself as being one in all your interactions. This is the ideal manner of seeing the proper use of wisdom, and the light that makes wisdom powerful as an interior experience that reflects to the exterior world. The balance of the love and the wisdom then becomes a result or a product of the ability to see the other-self, and yourself, and all other-selves as being one Creator that has individualized itself in whole in all portions of the creation and, with it, in each entity within the creation.

Thus, the process of balancing the heart of your soul, shall we say, the basic nature of your being as that of being created of love, is what happens when you are able to look upon any dysfunction or disharmony with another being as reflecting the true nature of each entity when it is able to be processed in a manner which moves beyond the veiled creation of seeming separation. Thus, you avail yourself, shall we say, to the reality of the always present potential for balancing love and wisdom as a basic function, or process, of your spiritual journey. This is why we all exist. This is what we all feel is the most important feature of the nature of the creation that exists within each entity, and within all other creations, or densities of experience, beyond your own third density.

At this time, we shall transfer this contact to the one known as Gary. We are known as those of Q’uo.

(Gary channeling)

We are those known to you as the principle of Q’uo, and we greet you once again through this instrument to speak upon a subject to which we would commend your attention time and time again upon the long journey of seeking, as it is a question with application to many of the moments that greet you within your incarnation. Wisdom is, or can be, an elusive quality to thinkers and non-thinkers alike. The subject can grow as complex as is the thinking mind [which] considers this subject, but there is a great simplicity as well to wisdom. In fact, wisdom applied when perceiving self, or other-self, or world, or situation brings clarity. That clarity can often be understood as a peeling away of that which is not or that which is distorted in order to reveal that which is or that which is less distorted.

Wisdom—while, as all things, a distortion of the undifferentiated mystery-clad intelligent infinity—is, from the perspective of the journey, an undistorting mechanism, it might be said or at least fruitfully considered. Consider its locus of power and operation within the chakra system as being positioned above that known to you as the green-ray energy center, the center of unconditional love, that which opens and receives all experience into the heart as the lower triad of energy centers are given their attention and are activated and cleared and brought into balance so that the Creator’s energy may flow through the feet into the red ray, then the orange, then the yellow, and into the heart.

As the will of the entity establishes a stable base, you may say, within the heart center, that is, as the entity strengthens the heart and teaches itself to love itself and all others, to see all things as love, to not slip into the trap of resentment and anger and other energies which negatively obscure the love that exists within each moment, and instead learns to love and to forgive, the will can continue upward into higher work upon this platform, into the penetration of the blue ray; a ray, as we were describing, of clarity.

That clarity is born most truly because the entity has laid a foundation of learning to accept catalyst through the loving operation of the heart. Thus that which is seen prior to its deepened clarification is accepted. It is accepted as part of the self. It is accepted for what is, whether or not it is understood or seen clearly. Without wisdom, this acceptance may make significant errors in judgment, because the faculty of seeing and, if we may use this misnomer, understanding have not been brought to full strength. The entity may expend itself not understanding limits or what may be in the highest for the situation, or the entity may fail to establish boundaries appropriate for the self’s integrity and service. But, we emphasize this sequence to bring to your attention the fundamental requisite of learning, practicing, and increasingly crystallizing acceptance as a key to moving into the work that you, as a seeker, wish to do in the blue ray of seeing, and, in your limited ways, understanding.

What is the clarity availed one within the activation and operation of the blue ray? It is inherently an uplifting clarity, an inspiring clarity, a freeing clarity. While the blue ray may understand very sorrowful situations, by your measure, and the mechanisms of harm—as this seeing is also an empathic seeing—and while great pain may be felt therein, this seeing is still understanding that which is deeper than simply the stories, real though they are, of receiving and causing suffering, of receiving and causing harm, of the labyrinthine ways of your world and it’s various distortions and rejections of the Creator and the illusions that spring therefrom.

There is a level within which the blue ray can grasp, to some degree, the workings of this illusion, understanding cause and effect, as you see it, consequences of actions and so forth. But, beneath these confused and uninformed operations of free will, there is a seeing of the Creator—a not-yet-fully realized, but beginning grasp of the unified nature of all things. Though the seeker may understand “the operations of the illusion”, in a limited respect, in broad or specific dynamics, [the seeker will understand that] it is all part of a greater context [of] the Creator knowing Itself; it is the clashing or the collaborating, the congruence or the incongruence of multiple myriad splinters of free will, each seeking the light and often missing the light.

There is compassion and there is non-judgment in this seeing; and it is, we would note, key to the way that the positive entity makes use of wisdom. For this seeing is put into service in the reminder to self and other-self of their true nature. This seeing is put to service in helping the self first and foremost, and perhaps by way of offering catalyst to other-self, a key to unlocking the confusions and the puzzles that keep the thinking and patterns of missing the essential nature of the light. This seeing, put to use upon the positive path, is of an empowering nature to self and other. The wise entity with a heart open to love wishes to lift all other entities up in service to them in accordance with their free will and sensitive to the request for service. Whereas, by contrast, the negative entity, also very wise, uses such wisdom to exploit and manipulate others—seeing, perhaps, their blockages or weaknesses as points of vulnerability to, as we have said, manipulate and increase the self’s power.

Much more there is to explore on this topic. At this time, we would take our leave of this instrument, and eagerly transfer our contact to the one known as Trisha. We are there’s known to you as Q’uo.

(Trisha channeling)

I am Q’uo, and I’m now with this instrument. We would begin by thanking this group and the fastidiousness of the challenging practice, the tuning practice, and the intention behind the gathering. For this is a beautiful exercise of balancing wisdom and love in a multi-entity context. We present to this entity the example of a domicile, what you in your illusion may call a house, home, structure in which an entity may live. Take, for instance, the physical structure of the domicile itself. The walls the bricks, the steel beams, the glass, the roof, whatever construction is employed to create the structure, consider that your wisdom.

Now look within the home and you see the items that create the environment which is comfortable or inhabitable. Take for instance the furniture, the decorations, the lighting, the appliances. Envision those items as love. The balance between the two is inherently important. For without the structure surrounding these interior items that provide warmth and comfort, there’s no protection. The entity is vulnerable. However, if there’s only structure and no interior items for warmth and comfort, the entity finds themselves cold and uninspired and uncomfortable.

We provide that example to show you that the relationship between wisdom and love is inherently connected in terms of efficient use or efficient expression of either. For wisdom to be employed in a way that is pure and strong, there is an inherent relationship to the intention behind it—be the intention love, then the purity, if you will, the strength, the effectiveness, of the wisdom is magnified and rebounds outward. The efficiency of the energetic signature of love is too magnified when at its intention, its core, is the exercise of wisdom, then that love rebounds outward effectively. What we mean to say is that there is a paradox here. There is a dynamic relationship, a chicken and egg situation, if you will. For one without the other is hard to pinpoint, is, at least in the larger scheme of this illusion, nearly impossible to detangle. However, we understand that this density is one wherein the illusion is quite thick, if you will, quite saturated and hard to penetrate.

So, with that, we would like to impart that what you call positive wisdom is wisdom that has at its core and is backed by intentions that are informed by love. Not a love that is necessarily vulnerable but that love that is accepting. As was stated before in the previous instrument, a good example of positive wisdom at play with a backing of pure, but not foolhardy, love is the manifestation or inaction of what you call boundaries. This may seem as a—we correct this instrument—this seen… we apologize, we will take a quick pause to deepen the contact.


We find that boundaries are a good example of this dynamic relationship, though we realize that may land as an example of that which is in opposition to love and or wisdom. However, such an action as a boundary between two entities can provide potent and beautiful medicine that you may call catalyst that teaches, or has the opportunity to teach, both selves love and acceptance for self and other-self while simultaneously providing the opportunity for the development of deeper wisdom, deeper understanding of how the illusion is at play, how there is a seeming separation or divergence, and the illusory nature of that separation and divergence.

This instrument is struggling to maintain a grounded focus as we attempt to speak our words through her, and so we remind her that apologies are not necessary and that this is a moment for her to practice love and acceptance of self, and the wisdom to observe and conclude this session of channeling through her. And we thank her for her attempt and for the patience of those in the circle.

At this time, we shall take our leave of this instrument and transfer the contact to the one known as Kathy. We are those of Q’uo.

(Kathy channeling)

We are those of Q’uo, and we are now with this instrument. We would speak now to the concept of wisdom and some of its attributes, which may be understood and used by seekers intending to use wisdom for positive purposes. The first attribute we may focus upon is that of power that it may be understood that wisdom is used with an inherent power, that this may be used most positively, though one may have experienced or read about such instances in your existence in which the power attribute of wisdom may have been used in a negative manner. We wish now to refocus upon this attribute of power as a positive influence, a positive force. We may suggest that in your, what you call, history, in your space-time illusion of entities who have used power for negative purposes, and we wish to say that let that not nominate one thought about the idea of power and wisdom. Rather, see that that power is the intelligence of the very light of creation. And so, seeing this way, an entity seeking to use wisdom positively is employing the power of the very light of the Creator just as the Creator employs that same power for intelligence, or rather the intelligent energy of the light of creation is wisdom in its highest form, and indeed it is, as was illustrated so exquisitely by the previous instrument.

In this context, wisdom as a high form of intelligent energy, is by nature paired with love. We would say that when wisdom is used in a positive manner, that this process begets another attribute of wisdom, which is peace. There is peace in knowing that something constructive, something positive has been created, done, completed or fashioned out of the positive use of the power of wisdom. There is a peace in knowing that something built with love at its foundation, with light as its structure, has been given to your reality, because of this right use of the power of wisdom. This peace is a stabilizing supportive force of what has been created through that positive use of wisdom. for other entities may feel and sense this piece that has been created. Peace born of such constructive thought tends to hang in the air to perfume the very atmosphere with its divine nature, and all entities experiencing the creation born of the positive power of wisdom can feel that peace as it imbues the lives of everyone who touches that creation, or who is touched by that creation.

This general example could be illustrated by specific examples of the positive use of the power of wisdom in creation such as inventions that make life better and easier, programs and organizations that help and serve others or help and serve the animal and plant kingdom as well on your earth, or any other myriad structures you can think of. And this peace that has also been created out of the power of wisdom stays with the creation, or much of what you call time. Always there is the undergirding of the creation with a foundation of love, which also sustains that peace.

We have been with this instrument, and we find it is time now to transfer the contact to the one known as Austin. We are those who Q’uo.

(Austin channeling)

I am Q’uo, and I am with this instrument. As we settle our vibration in joining with this instrument, we take an opportunity to offer our sincere gratitude and admiration for this circle of seeking and its dedication to refining the desire of service to serve as instruments and help us and our service to share our words with those of your planet. This continual desire to refine and become better at serving in this capacity we find can be an apt analogy for the topic this evening, that there is a desire realized within the heart of the self, and an effort undertaken to apply that desire to service. We see these as indicative of the two sides of the coin of which love is on one side and wisdom is on the other.

We will present a more relatable analogy for seekers contemplating this matter in that of the artist or the musician. At some point within the musician’s life, it recognizes a desire in the self to create music, to generate harmony, and to learn how to weave together an expression that may be shared with the world. Similarly, in the heart of a positive seeker, there awakens at one point upon that seekers path the recognition of love and a desire to then share that love with the world about one, a desire to recognize the other-selves about one, and to connect to those other-selves in ways that are caring, that are warm, that are radiant, that speak to service to others.

Yet upon this initial realization, the musician may first grab an instrument and attempt some melody. Perhaps, this melody has some semblance of harmony, or perhaps it is more akin to a cacophony. The musician realizes that to create music and to share that music with the world, there is technique, and skill, and knowledge necessary to bring that desire that the musician has found within its heart and to manifest it into the world. Similarly, the seeker walking the path of service to others, upon first realizing this desire to share love with the world, may soon discover that this desire carries with it a naivety that causes one to stumble in that sharing. Perhaps the love is not recognized. Perhaps one finds oneself vulnerable in sharing that love and reacts by withdrawing. Perhaps one is unable to find the inspiration necessary in any given moment that allows one to share love in a significant way. Perhaps the desire to share love is overcome by other distortions that rain upon the entity throughout the daily round of activities that we find upon your planet at this time, [which] can [make it] quite chaotic and difficult to maintain a focus upon that desire to love.

And so the musician undertakes a regimen of practice and seeks teachers and begins to regularly manifest its desire by playing music continually, slowly and regularly becoming more skilled, more proficient, and more able to realize the tune that they hear within their heart and bring it into the world for others to hear. The musician, if she continues to practice diligently throughout the lifetime, may even become an expert able to create sweeping beautiful melodies that manifest emotions within listeners, bringing them to the highest joys, speaking of their heaviest burdens, singing to their losses, their mourning and allowing them to connect in meaningful ways to that which the musician creates. This my friends, may be seen as the same influence of wisdom upon love.

As seekers upon the positive path, the initial opening of the heart generates the desire to connect. Yet, that connection is not found immediately, just as the melody within the musician’s heart is not manifested immediately by that musician. It takes practice and even more practice, many lifetimes of practice for a third-density entity to share their love and refine that sharing in more and more significant ways before, just as the expert musician, the entity may recognize and manifest love in any moment within the highest highs and the lowest lows of third density.

The techniques of the positive seeker that are akin to the techniques of the musician may be seen as the continued willingness to return to those events of the day in meditation, bring their consciousness to bear upon them in an environment of silence and acceptance, to recognize that when one stumbles in sharing love that one may refine their understanding of love and try again and again and again. And eventually, as the positive seeker lives the life of third density, and catalyst is experienced and processed and accumulated, experience is brought to bear upon that seeker’s love in the form of wisdom.

Just as the musician may understand how certain melodies interplay with each other, how a certain environment causes certain acoustic artifacts and allows the instrument to shine brighter, how there are various ways of creating notes on their given instrument, so too does the seeker realize that there are different contexts in which love may be offered. There are different ways that love can shine at any given moment, and the seeker imbued with wisdom has a clear vision of that moment. And when this wisdom and love are mixed in that moment, the mixture creates a potent potential for inspiration to shine through, and the nature of how love may be shared is brought to realization within that seeker.

It is not expected that the seeker of third density is able to manifest wisdom and love perfectly within their incarnations. In fact, we would encourage the seeker to lean more into the naivety that was discovered upon the initial opening of the heart, for this naive desire to share love is that star which guides the seeker towards its destination of harvest of fourth density, and ultimately, its return to the Creator. Wisdom is not something that can be forced, and we find that it is easily misapplied within your density, particularly upon your planet.

We offer this caution to the positive seeker and this encouragement to hold on to the naivety. For we have seen among seekers on your planet the tendency to desire to manifest wisdom to temper their love, yet, in this desire the prematurity of this attempt causes them instead to place boundaries upon their love that are [of a] withholding [nature such] that one may withhold their care, their gentleness, or their warmth, because they believe they know what is best for another entity and that this is the wisdom that may temper their love. Yet, we find that this is much more commonly a placing of conditions upon the unconditional love of the green ray.

This is not to say that, as we have spoken earlier, boundaries are not an aspect of positive wisdom—for understanding how to moderate relationships and how one can be most effective in sharing their love is indeed an essential aspect of wisdom for the positive seeker. We only mean to encourage the positive seeker to continually reflect upon those boundaries and question the wisdom of them, and whether or not love may be manifest by removal of barriers and placing oneself into some uncomfortable position so that the heart opens even more, because this is the challenge of third density: to continually put oneself into situations where love must be sought, rather than automatically manifested. To seek that love again and again is the act which will eventually bring wisdom to bear upon the desire of the seeker

We offer you, the valiant seeker, our deepest love and our deepest support. We are available as the Confederation of Planets in Service to the Infinite Creator to aid any seeker who is finding difficulty in sharing their love by opening to the love that we share with you so that we may empower each other and help to bring the love and the light of the Creator into the vibration of your planetary sphere and help all those upon it to realize that love.

We are known to you as those of Q’uo. At this time, we will take leave of this instrument and transfer the contact to the one known as Jim.

(Jim channeling)

I am Q’uo and am once again with this instrument. It has been our great pleasure and honor to be able to exercise each instrument this evening to speak upon this most inspiring topic of love, wisdom, and the balance and the joy that comes when there is a balance of love and wisdom, and the knowing that the Creator is moving within one’s being as this balancing is taking place. All of this is the function of the one infinite creation to give you more experience of the One Creator, and to give the One Creator more experience of Itself through your choices of love and wisdom and balance in all.

At this time we shall take our leave of this group. We thank each as always for being conscientious channels of Confederation philosophy. You are most inspiring in your journey of seeking in the third-density illusion. We are known to you as those of Q’uo. We leave each in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator. Adonai vasu borragus.