Today we are seeking any guidance that you may have to offer for our new extra channeling circle moving forward.

[This is the first transcript of a new additional meeting launched with Jim’s blessing by members of the channeling circle. Taking place outside of the regular environment of Jim's living room, the new adventure is intended to allow members of the circle to gain practice, become familiar with channeling in new locations, and explore new possibilities and potentials in channeling. The name, C/C Channeling Circle, refers to the respective neighborhoods of the homes in which these circles take place, and to a lack of other good options for naming.]

(Austin channeling)

We are Q’uo, and we greet this circle in the love and in the light of the one Infinite Creator.

We find great joy in responding to this call and discovering this new configuration and new location chosen by your group to further your practice of the art of channeling in order to serve others as conduits that may receive our thoughts and impressions and transmute them into your reality, so that they may reach all interested seekers in hopes that those seekers are aided by our words.

You seek, in this new configuration, guidance for how you may empower and refine upon this initial choice you have made to seek further as instruments. Before addressing the heart of this conscientious query, we ask our usual favor—not just of this circle, but of all those who may infer any spiritual principles or advice or guidance from our words, that such words are weighed deep within the heart of the self with great discernment of the self. Our relationship with you is not one of an authority prescribing a given path, but one of brothers and sisters upon a path aiding each other and offering catalyst in hopes to inspire one to find one’s own path. For that is our greatest goal in all of our interactions with your planet: we offer those seekers who call for our aid the means by which they may discover the truth for themselves instead of delivering that truth for them.

If this group and all those who are aware of our words take this request into their heart as they evaluate what we share, it enables us to serve in a deeper sense, for we can trust that the risk of us becoming distorted in the perceptions of those seekers is lessened. In this particular circle of seeking, on this particular day, with this particular query, this favor is quite important for us to ask. The query that you have posed is general, seeking whatever guidance we may have to offer, and our ability to offer guidance that is meaningful and somewhat specific without infringing upon the free will of your group [relies on this favor].

This request of ours plays a deep role in how far and to what extent we may offer such specific guidance. We thank you for this opportunity to join you in your initial exploration, your initial footstep outside of the realm of the normal path. Your circle of seeking has for some time now, as you would say, performed this service within a somewhat limited and safe and ritualistic environment. By seeking to expand beyond the normal environment and the normal means of performing the service, you are not making a simple choice. You are expressing a deep desire and will to seek further and to serve further. The heart of this will is manifested as this new configuration of channeling circle. But we encourage you, as you are attempting to understand the potential of this channeling circle, to meditate and consider deeply the heart of this desire that has encouraged you to meet in this capacity.

When a seeker or a group of seekers, such as this circle, dedicates themselves and rededicates themselves further to their chosen path—such as is done by the choice to expand your channel in service—this is a signal of sorts. It generates a type of light that is attractive, and creates a potential for other metaphysical energies or entities and, in general, the light of the Creator that is available to such seekers. This attraction brings with it a level of duty and honor, which involves what we have called in previous contact the Law of Responsibility.

The one known as Carla explored the deep metaphysical implications of serving as a channel for the Confederation of Planets in Service to the Infinite Creator, and discovered (with alignment to our own perceptions) that dedicating oneself as such a channel is not simply a choice of hobby or side task to be complete in addition to one’s regular daily life, but rather such a choice is one that encompasses one’s entire livelihood. The choice to serve as a channel and receive and share information and inspiration as we offer it is one that requires constant dedication to that which one desires to receive and to share.

We encourage you to consider the heart of your desire to serve in this light. For we believe that you will find, in expanding in your circle of seeking and your circle of channeling, that the light will increase as well, and thus, the Law of Responsibility will also increase within your lives. It is of great importance for instruments such as yourself to consider what is received and dedicate significant attention to applying it to their life. To fail to do so would risk this new increase of light for your group becoming unstable and affecting the quality and ability of your circle to seek together.

We encourage you to maintain vigilance in noticing how even minor catalysts manifest within your lives and ask for your attention, and suggest that a requisite increase of attention commensurate with the increased seeking—symbolized by this new additional channeling circle—may be necessary to maintain the stability.

As we examine this group, in this particular configuration, as is present this day, we explore a certain boundary of free will in what may be offered to you in terms of specific guidance in this capacity. And we find that the extent at which we may guide specifically ends at our suggestion that this particular group in this configuration may seek more successfully the inward workings of manifesting confidence in their ability to serve with faith and offer their full heart by releasing attachments and letting go of preconceived notions of what it means to serve in this capacity. For you have embarked on something of a new journey and this creates new potentials for your group that could be limited without examining closely those inner distortions present within the circle that limit each individual in releasing themselves to this service and fully embodying what it means to serve as such an instrument as you have chosen. This we feel is of primary importance as you begin in this new exploration.

We admire and praise this group’s dedication to harmony among the group, to the magical protection and safety necessary to create the environment that manifests the service of channeling. And we feel that there is no shortcoming that prevents this group from successfully taking this step and tapping into the greater potential that such a step of faith implies.

We may speak somewhat further on how this group can realize that potential, for we appreciate and encourage the caution shown and not wanting to jump too fast and too far into the unknown This journey will require some leaps of faith, but we feel the cautious nature of this group serves to maintain that protection and that harmony that has thus far been manifested. As you as a group of seekers reaches into the unknown, the capacity to find that potential for which you are reaching may be increased by further realizing the larger circle of seeking surrounding this specific channeling circle. This concept we find you have discussed already within your opening discussion of this particular circle of seeking, and we find it to be a rich area of exploration for this group to recognize and consciously accept the love and the light available to it, manifested by those who find our words as shared by your circle and your group, and offer their gratitude and are transformed by this service that we share with you. Such transformation generates a certain metaphysical charge. It offers a certain light to you and to us, for we are aware of every seeker who reads or hears our words and we are with that seeker in their heart as our words are taken and offer transformation to the seeker.

This group may consider how to better consciously allow a manifestation of shared seeking between the smaller circle that offers this direct service and the larger circle surrounding it, so that the light that is generated may be more consciously directed and more consciously contribute to this service as you perform with us in this circle. This may take many forms and the potentials are numerous for consciously garnering and encouraging this empowering community. We offer one simple example simply as inspiration for what may be considered by your group.

This circle of seeking has already become familiar with the concept of synchronized meditations and offers some general guidance to seekers to synchronize their efforts and offering healing for your planetary sphere as you call Gaia. 1 Such similar synchronized efforts could be directed towards manifesting gratitude and inspiration and empowering this circle of seeking at the times when such a circle takes place, this increased magical charge will not only contribute to the potential available to you within these circles and the ability of us to connect and manifest in more significant ways but will create a lasting foundation upon which this new exploration of seeking may find greater stability.

We reiterate as a final thought shared through this instrument that this increased light comes with a responsibility. One might view this responsibility as a burden, but we encourage you instead to view it as an honor/duty, or a duty/honor, for we find within the hearts of those present the desire to meet that potential and to serve within deeper waters of inspiration and magical potential. Though the necessary dedication to the responsibility implied by this further seeking is increased, the potential to meet and even surpass such responsibility is alive in the hearts of each present within this circle.

We commend you to this new exploration and join you in your excitement for what may come from this journey. At this time, we transfer the contact to the one known as Gary. We are Q’uo.

(Gary channeling)

We are those known to you as the principal of Q’uo and we greet this special circle of seeking once more through this instrument.

We might begin by reflecting upon this instrument’s approach to the service as—though committed to this path—[he] has experienced some apprehension, we may say, of late. He finds greater cause in recent experiences for self-doubt to arise, wondering if he is transmitting our thoughts as they come to him as well as he can be, as well as he perceives others in the circle to be offering. And to this instrument, we would say that we align our thoughts with the heart and the intention to serve. It is from that base that we have an opening to broadcast our frequency to a receiving station, shall we say, that it may be shared in its own way, somewhat idiosyncratic to the receiving station.

True in this instrument’s heart, as with those present, as with the (as this instrument might lightheartedly call it) the mothership circle, is this desire to serve as a vocal channel for our thoughts. Is there a difference between the intention that opens and begins the way, and the manifestation? To which, as with all cases, we would say yes, of course. But, insofar as there is variance between those two, or just the sense that there is greater potential yet to step into, such differences or room for more do not imply cemented or final limitation, or some sort of maximum limit. Instead what they do imply is the invitation to continue, as with any skill or service which is sought, to the activity of practice. Practice, practice, practice.

Channeling is an interesting sort of practice in that, like many skills, it does have technical and mechanical and even logistical aspects to learn to master. Channeling, as we were indicating through the previous instrument, also is a practice that invites one into the spiritual journey toward wholeness of self. Its fruits manifest most visibly in the form of that which you call the channeling circle, whereby you create the dedicated space to share our thoughts. But as with any fruit, such is connected to a much larger biological living structure, rooted in an environment using the conditions and inputs and nutrients of that environment to manifest that fruit. Interacting with neighboring such plants, in our metaphor, to the extent that this tree or shrub or plant or root vegetable can use its inputs through synthesis, digestion, excretion, respiration, and various other metabolic and energetic processes, is the degree to which it may manifest its fruit. And applying this metaphor now to the one who seeks to serve as an instrument: to manifest the fruit of sharing our words in the context of a protected and dedicated channeling circle, there is the necessity to use one’s catalyst, as the plant does its environmental and internal inputs in order to fulfill its primary drives.

In the case of the human instrument there is often some confusion as to what those drives truly are; as to what those gifts are which one came to offer this world; as to what sort of tree one is and may grow into. We look at the energetic setup of those in the circle, which is common with most or all on your planetary sphere, and see wrapped up in these confusions what you may call tangles and blockages which naturally have various sources in the life patterns and various ways to analyze in terms of how such tangles and blockages came to be. But if we may speak simply, when looking at these situations— we correct this instrument—when looking deeply enough at these situations, one will soon come to find a rather short connection to some energetic configuration within the self having something to do with love or its lack; belief in self or its absence; trust in self and in the One and in the cosmic plan or its obscuration by those energies of self-doubt, self-denial, blame, shame, judgment for self.

Those in the circle, as is true with all upon your planet, have received many, many messages external to the self, it would seem that bespeak of a self which is either unworthy or worthy only upon satisfaction of condition. And it is these messages, these tangles, these blockages that one seeking to serve as an instrument must work upon if they are to fully manifest their fruit.

We empathize, my friends, for we see your position and can begin to understand how, shall we say, convincing that self-doubt may be, and how the self can be so turned around that it appears appropriate to stand in [the way of] one’s light or to limit one’s light.

It is becoming conscious of the self while the self is in flight in such a way that the self loses the faith that had spread the wings and allowed the air to pass underneath so as to allow lift and flight and movement through your skies; and the self begins to sink. This condition is not a permanent one, my friends. This condition rather is— we correct this instrument—highlights where it is that some portion of the self has been rejected and denied entrance into your very own heart. Thus it is that the channeling instrument must dedicate the self in a conscious fashion toward a continued path of love and forgiveness of self. And when the self fails by its own judgment again, then the self must renew yet again what starts as effort and becomes eventually surrender in the path of forgiveness, for as you allow and trust yourself you allow and you trust the light of the One to come through you to manifest more radiantly and fully.

Would you wish to withhold that light from others if you could but be a vessel for it? This is a question not only for this circle, but for all spiritual seekers. Each has light so beautiful as to be beyond description to share with others through their crystalline instruments. Each is rooted in the ground of being, in infinite pools of energy, beauty, inspiration, truth, clarity, creativity. By design, each has so much to share and such fulfillment to experience in the sharing and manifesting. But that requires not more self-doubt and limitation imposed upon the self by judgment; it requires not more retreat to the shadowy corner because the self does not give the self permission to participate in a circle or in a social setting or in life itself; it requires one of the hardest things that many upon your planet will do, and that is falling in love with the 360 degree self as it is.

Performing this work, my friends, in your individual truth seeking; performing this work then as a group in sharing your catalyst with one another, in receiving each other without judgment and with compassion, and mirroring to each other honestly but in supporting and strengthening ways, you will become by necessity, better channels as you seek to do

This work is fundamental to the mastery that comes with the learning and practicing and the technique. For if we as members of the Confederation have partners, shall we say, on the ground, who are harmonious within themselves and with each other, who have life and spark in their eyes and are ready to sing the song of the Creator to the creation, then we may work with such entities to pluck their strings, shall we say, as partners in music-making, to bring healing melody to other musical beings waiting to hear the song that they may find their own song within themselves.

What you share, thus, is not simply our broadcast, but you share also the work that you have done upon yourselves. And as a circle that work is exponentially amplified and strengthened and blended into a unified, whole effort; and we in collaboration with you may shine intensely to those who may find benefit in that shine, at least from this particular proximate source. And from that base or baseline of self-work, of group work, of—as we spoke previously through the one known as Austin—the commitment to use the increase in light and meet the Law of Responsibility, then you may point your compass in the direction of your choosing.

And we took delight in the conversation preceding this circle as you explored—we correct this instrument—as you looked out upon a world somewhat charted but mostly unknown to consider what directions you may wish to travel for the purpose of service to others. My friends, we confirm that there are indeed multiple avenues of such travel available to you awaiting your footsteps or the sales to be oriented in that direction. There are discoveries awaiting ahead for your work here and in your base circle as well. Those discoveries await your setting of and pursuing intention as was illustrated vividly in that which you call the Ra contact, and as has been true of the journey of L/L Research, as you know it; from the beginning it has been a journey of free will; it has unfolded according to where the attention is placed, what is focused upon, and what is desired.

So we, in guidance, well within the boundaries of free will, would encourage this group to continue that discussion which it began today in the contemplation of discovering what it is that the group as a whole… Fed by individuals’ desires through this process of discussion and of listening to the individual and the group intuition, you will embark upon a journey of both challenge and reward. And you, in this work, will be supported greatly—not only by us, naturally, but as the vibration that you emit attracts those light-filled presences upon the inner planes that resonate with that frequency who are drawn magnetically to lend their energies, to be of support and service. And to those within your space/time around who find their resonance activated—whether or not in direct correspondence or aid—will be of aid to you by way of the simpatico that happens when like-notes are struck, wherever they may be in space upon your sphere.

At this time we would transfer our contact to the one known as Trisha. We are those known to you as the principal in Q’uo.

(Trisha channeling)

We are those of Q’uo and we are now with this instrument.

We would like to issue a note of gratitude and admiration for the efforts of the previous two instruments as well as the channeling group as a whole. We appreciate the challenging and the intensive tuning that provides a safe and productive highway, if you will, between those of us who are not sitting in a physical vehicle in this room with you but are rather with you in spirit and within your heart. It is practices such as the intentional tuning and the genuine challenging that we stress as important tools for those in the circle as you navigate this circle outside of its, as the instrument before called, mother ship. The element of self-acceptance and self-love and the healing within the self mentioned by the previous instruments are also ingredients for this potent spiritual adventure and journey that you are taking your first steps upon.

The ingredient of harmony that was mentioned before is one we feel this group benefits from and is gifted with fairly naturally, as you might say. The ability to navigate catalyst, both intra and interpersonally, is extremely important and valuable. That this group can come together and comfortably and authentically speak to the emotional/mental environment that exists between them and within them is admirable and necessary. By “necessary” we do not mean to communicate a rule, if you will, or a stipulation; rather, that for clear and concise communication between circle and Confederation, it is most advantageous.

We will take a moment to pause.

[Two second-density canine entities enthusiastically offer their contributions to the circle from the other room.]

This instrument is humorously being given a message of patience and gentle touch, and those of us of Q’uo would use this experience, this opportunity, to highlight to this group of seeking that patience and gentle sense of humor is also of benefit as you continue in your seeking. Few instances there will be wherein all parameters are perfect or are perfectly aligned, or that the petri dish upon which you are experimenting is sterile, if you will.

So to expand upon the self-acceptance and to tie into the patience and sense of humor, we would state that having the ability to accept circumstance and seeing it for the classroom that it is, is and will be exceptionally helpful for this circle in the coming sessions of communication, as well as for the situations we’re in. The instruments here practice and own their ability to establish contact and find silence.

Again, this instrument is finding humor in that there is a sense of grace being imparted upon her for her baseline nuanced ability to focus. We see ahead of you so much potential. However, we do not use the word potential in a way that is separating you from this moment, from the you in the future, or the expression of you in any other situation, for every moment is inherently ripe with potential. We simply mean that the intentions being fostered and created and developed here, and the loving energy that surrounds the circle and the mothership, again, is of the nature which could propel this circle towards the seeking, towards the trajectory that is at the heart of its desire. The collaboration of intentions and ideas and questions was immensely appreciated and admired, and we see this initial act as the lighting of a beautiful and creative fire. We would suggest the continuing of such a practice, be it within the circle proper, or within a different virtual or physical sphere within this configuration.

If we may impart one final thought through this instrument, one final suggestion, it would be that those of this circle allow themselves to be more present, more in the moment, and more observant, for lack of a better word. And with that presence practice gratitude, finding the light and the love that surrounds and moves beneath and above all of creation. This practice of gratitude rebounds outward in many different ways. Perhaps most noticeably it can create a physical environment for a circle like this to continue to practice this study, this line of investigation and communication, fostering a healthy physical vehicle or physical space within which the physical vehicle finds comfort.

And by that we mean simply the fostering of good energy within the self and the home or the space—not in a disingenuous way, for we know that there are times that the sight line to love is clouded by pain or sadness or fear, but to allow thyself to remember the love and the light within the home, within the physical body, moving outward into the relationships that the self has with other self and the positivity bounding outward, eventually encapsulating the planet, surrounding all of those with light and making for a atmospherical, if you will, lighter vibration, brighter, sharper melody of loving music. These practices, these small steps, can have beautiful illuminating abilities to open and further refine our means of communicating to one another. We look forward to speaking through you all and look forward to what may become of your seeking. What light and love maybe remembered or generated through practices such as this and we admire your continuing desire to serve others and the creation as a whole.

At this time, we will take our leave of this instrument and transfer our contact to the one known as Austin. We are those of Q’uo.

(Austin channeling)

We are Q’uo and we are again with this instrument.

We are heartened by the magical waters that we have discovered manifested within this initial foray exploring the potentials of your seeking. We join you in this seeking, for the service that you wish to offer is a service not just to those upon your planet, but a service to us, as it allows us to interface and connect with those upon your planet in meaningful ways.

These connections, we find, will strengthen with your continued seeking, and we dedicate ourselves to this exploration and to this desire that you are beginning to manifest. We are with you and are honored to walk hand in hand with you upon our shared path. This path may take various twists and turns, and we may together discover surprises upon this path, but we affirm the knowledge found in the deepest depths of your heart that the destination, the ultimate conclusion of this path, is within the One Infinite Creator, and this path is made of the light and the love of the Creator. It is inevitable, my friends that this is where we together will arrive, and upon that arrival realize that all along there was no individual difference between your seeking and our seeking, for all is the creator and all is one.

We encourage each in this circle to maintain that deep truth within their heart to touch upon this deep knowledge as a cornerstone of the foundation of your seeking. This requires faith and will, but we see within you and within all upon your planet the potential of the light and the love of the Creator to manifest fully in its glory.

We leave you, as we found you, in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator. We are those of Q’uo. Adonai. Adonai vasu borragus.

  1. The daily Gaia Meditation