Can you share some teach/learnings with us on the value of innocence and remembering what it is like to look at the world through the eyes of a child?

(Jim channeling)

I am Q’uo, and am with this instrument at this time. We greet you all, in love, and in light, and in the unity of the One Infinite Creator. We thank you for inviting us to your group this evening. It is a great pleasure and honor to join this circle once again as old friends reuniting for the grand journey back into unity with the One Creator.

We will be happy to begin to respond to your query as soon as we are able to once again ask you to use your discrimination in listening to the words and concepts that we speak, so that you may take those that have meaning to you at this time and leave behind those which do not. We are not any kind of ultimate authority, so this gives us the freedom to speak as we will and as we can. And we thank you for granting us this favor, as you are always so willing to do.

Your question this evening is one which touches upon the very basic nature of each entity within your third density illusion as being much like the child, the newborn infant that enters into your illusion with a kind of innocence that is unmatched at any other time during its incarnation. This innocence is a quality which is quite necessary for the newborn infant, for it has begun a long journey from a very basic place of perception of the world around it still being much as it feels itself to be—and that is connected to every other portion of the world it sees. The newborn infant begins an exploration that takes it into experience that informs it in a more unitive way that it is indeed that from which it comes; the great cosmos, of consciousness of love. And here it is, within the third density illusion, beginning to grow in experience and in understanding so that it begins to mature in its thinking and its acting. That allows it to become individualized in a sense that it is aware that there is a world around it to be explored; that more and more seems to be different in some degree from it and how it perceives itself.

In this process of maturation, it is easy to become so engrossed with learning the skills of a third density entity: to speak, to stand, to walk, and to engage in discourse and in a kind of blending of experience with those about it. It eventually is more the third density entity partaking in the world of seeming separation, so that it may pursue its individual path, which it has programmed from before its birth into this world. This program has laid out before the innocent infant, a path which will hopefully find it able to utilize its individual qualities of seeking more and more experience in a manner which allows it to grow in what you would call understanding of the purpose of a life pattern. At some point, within this maturation process, the infant becomes so aware of its unique qualities that it sees more and more seeming separation between it and others as it identifies others as being unique unto themselves, as it feels unique unto itself.

It is at this point, that it is most helpful for a conscious seeker of truth to remember the innocence of its childhood, the ability to identify with others around it in a manner which gives credence to the heart of love that the infant felt in its own being to begin its incarnation, and that this heart of love is also present in other entities about it.

As this process of growth and seeking of that which you call the truth progresses for the seeker, it is well advised to continue to look upon the world about it as an expanding version of its own beingness which has the capacity to inform it of more and more aspects of itself; of a self which also seems to be embedded within the being of both the infant, the young child, the young adult, and the conscious seeker of truth. This concept of the self, or the consciousness of love—being that which is the basic quality of such an innocent perception—is that path which will lead the conscious seeker of truth to the conclusion that the unfed conscious mind (that began the incarnation) is that expansion of the consciousness of love of the One Infinite Creator. That exists within the heart of each innocent infant and continues to exist within the heart of the conscious seeker of truth which sees such love as being the primary quality of all experience and of all the creation. This quality of love and the unity of the Creator then becomes more and more evident in the mind the body and the spirit of the innocent creature of original thought that is the One Creator existing within each portion of the one creation and every entity there in residing at this time.

We would transfer this contact to the one known as Tricia. We are those of Q’uo.

(Trisha channeling)

We are those of Q’uo and we are now with this instrument.

Being that this instrument is more of a visual creative expressionist, if you will, we have given her the image of a room full of bubbles. We ask her to sit and view these bubbles as she continues to move deeper into the contact.

We presented this instrument with this quick thought experiment as a means of perhaps showing or expressing the beautiful and, dare we say, fun aspect that is the childlike view that one may associate with this term innocence. To imbue this term which you have titled innocence, we must first express that innocence has no value judgment or connotation associated with it. We realize in your density on this planet, the word innocence can seem to mean one side of a two sided coin: the good, you may call it, side of a coin on which the other side there is bad. We remind all that there are no inherently good or bad bits to this creation, for it was all created with love. We merely intend to express that innocence is but a hue or flavor of this creation; a specific avenue for experiencing this illusion.

Innocence can be seen as the ability to witness the moment as it stands on its own without judgment. To imbue this innocence would be to fully accept, to fully witness, and to refrain from assigning value judgments. To turn off the brain, for lack of better phrasing, and simply open the heart.

Think of the way a child witnesses something for the first time. Perhaps there is fear, but there is curiosity, there is wonder, there is love, there is desire to welcome and know the experience better, to understand it for what it is. That is the energy behind the state of innocence. To be able to detach the self from the ego, from the identity, from the boundaries which separate self from the rest of creation; be that social constructs, mental constructs, even things as simple as your skin, your body, your environment. Simply opening the eyes, opening the heart, welcoming all the stimulus in and filling the soul, letting that stimulus pass through the self and bathing it in light and in love on its way in.

We understand that this density and this planet are often difficult playgrounds for the entity to practice finding its way back to its core element of innocence. There seems to always be distraction, always information or emotion that can cloud the view, if you will, create blockages within the self so that the ability to freely accept and love becomes more difficult or impossible—or seemingly impossible, we should say.

There are expectations both within the self and that the self assigns to its environment and other selves. There are unknowns that the self would like to control or be able to forecast and those pieces of the experience, the expectations, the desires to forecast or control these pieces, are restrictive. They may allow the self the ability to make better sense of its experience in some ways, however, those ways are inherently separating. They make sense of a creation which has a more hard to define structure. These pieces try to create false structures, or seemingly false structures; frameworks for a creation that lacks true shape or form. What we mean by this is that those actions that come from a place of trying to control or forecast or to desire a certain outcome or to hold on to an expectation are perhaps helpful in the moment however, they ultimately keep the self from truly sitting within this illusion, within the moment. These false or flimsy structures you create can limit your view, and by limit your view we mean narrow the entity’s ability to fully grasp and take in that which the creation has to offer. And that is what we feel we wish to impart upon you as a forgetting of innocence.

You must see that innocence is at the core of every element of this creation, just as love is at the core and the energy and motivation for all that surrounds you. Innocence is inherent and foundational, and every single entity has within it innocence; it’s naturally innocent. It is when the entity forgets its ability to channel that innocence, when the entity begins to try to impose and accepts less and less, that the entity forgets its innocence. It’s then that the entity looks upon the playground of this creation and sees merely pieces of construction—a play thing that’s not of importance to explore, not worthy of time or energy spent in experiencing it. Again, this forgetting of innocence is not a “bad” thing. All experiences lead to opportunities for growth and learning. To forget innocence can provide the entity the opportunity to relearn innocence, to be all facets, to know both non-acceptance and acceptance.

We feel that this time on your planet is felt as—we correct this instrument—we understand that this time on this planet has felt to those entities upon it to be very intense and perhaps without innocence. We would like to remind those entities that there’s always a wealth of innocence underneath the judgment and the labels, the identities, we place upon one another and everything around you. You just merely need to peel away the constructs you use to create distance between you and the creation.

We suggest to those entities that wish to remember or foster innocence to dust off that shovel to clear away the, as you would call, it baggage that you let accumulate in your life that keeps you from fully experiencing the creation around you. We understand that this is not always easy work. That identity is at times the most important aspect to an entity’s experience. We are not asking that you completely remove or forget that element of your experience forever. We simply ask or suggest that you remind yourself of the child witnessing the bubbles and view the paradise around you that once had names and structure and routine and see it with new eyes. See it with an open heart where both the emotions that are tied to separation and allow the beautiful potent paradise that surrounds you to move within. Let it soak into the soul and enter the heart, and in those moments, witness how you feel. And that witnessing, that sensation, that brightness and lightening of the experience, the self may have on this planet; that is when you have remembered your innocence.

At this time we will take our leave of this instrument and transfer the contact to the one known as Kathy. We are those of Q’uo.

(Kathy channeling)

We are those Q’uo and we are now with this instrument. We wish to begin to speak of innocence as a quality as it has been stated through the previous instruments.

Innocence as a quality of the spirit of each entity on your planet. Though, it may also be seen that certain of your animals in the second density realm have a quality of innocence to their spirits as well. But focusing upon your third-density entities, yourselves, consider that innocence being a quality of the spirit—that it imbues everything in the experience of the entity with that quality; be it family life, work, other activity and leisure or in purposeful work. This quality of innocence is like an atmosphere that permeates the experience, the viewpoint, the actions, the perceptions of the entity’s being.

Innocence as a quality then, of life experience, as you may call it, is a point of view from which the entity can view all of life. Then this quality then of innocence becomes part of the thought process and the feeling heart of the entity as well; influencing, coloring, supporting all of its feelings and thoughts as well as its experiences in daily life.

Innocence, as this quality, keeps an entity who has embodied this quality in a fresh, sparkling, clean and clear state of being. Whether the entity is in the childhood stage of life or as it matures into later life or even at the end of life in body form, that freshness is that atmosphere of thought and discernment and expression that an entity can possess but literally keeps its life experiences free of thoughts, ideas, influences that are heavy complicated, worrisome, irritating or any number of types of difficult states of consciousness in which the entity may find itself. Those may be present in the experiences of other entities or groups of entities all around the one entity that is embodying and expressing the quality and state of being of innocence, but these heavier more complicated situations, experiences, are continually refreshed by that attitude or quality of innocence for the one that lives this experience, lives this state of being no matter what is going on around it.

Innocence is a type of purifier of one’s spirit, of one’s life path. It is of the quality of the spirit like a lens through which the entity looks. Seeing only the best, only the highest, only the clearest, only the freshest, only the most lovely in whatever direction the entity looks. The one who embodies and expresses innocence is one that can easily wear a smile within its heart as well as upon its face. Again, no matter what may be going on around it. Innocence is as was expressed by previous instrument, and the open heart is in close relation to love from which all creation comes forth.

Innocence represents the newness of life, the newness of creation no matter how young or old the entity is, in your terms in third density. We may say innocence is closely related also to peace or as our purifier of thought and our feelings. Peace is what is at the essence of spirit. All other heavier, more difficult, emotions or thoughts or feelings having been cleared away or kept away by the freshening ability of innocence to clear the atmosphere within and around the entity.

When an entity is able, at whatever age, to maintain a sense of innocence within its being as a primary outlook upon life experience, it becomes a state of being more permanently adopted and held by the entity.

Innocence is related to the newness of life—childhood, youth—but this state of being can be present in every age and every moment no matter what may be going on. And the peace that comes with it endures as well. Through every age of an entity or group of entities, through many different conditions, that peace endures.

We are those of Q’uo. We have been with this instrument and we now pass this contact to the one known as Gary.

(Gary channeling)

We are those known to you as the principle of Q’uo and we greet this circle once again.

It’s through this instrument as we near completion of this circuit and may we say that our journey to get here was one of joy, as is the joy of the dancer with their partner upon the floor, who becomes increasingly skillful at understanding not only the dance, but their partner, and the way that they move, such that they may move in harmony and rhythm, to form a shared unit of movement. We experience this joy in our dance with you as you channel our thoughts and secondarily through the ears of this instrument, as his wavering attention received our thoughts through your instruments with much joy and gratitude within his being.

This instrument indeed wonders what more there is to channel on this topic, as it has been so skillfully covered in his thinking by previous instruments. As we had spoken before, innocence is that which is of the essence of each entity, that which is essential to the identity. The entity as has been described, begins the third density itself and the third density incarnation with this consciousness of innocence. Indeed the third density is begun collectively in a state of innocence. This is captured somewhat by your fable, known to you as the Garden of Eden, wherein two entities not yet availed of the knowledge of good and evil existed in a divine state of perfection, it would seem, innocent of separation and the many, many distortions that spring there from, including the ways that in a state of separateness entities may hurt one another or express disregard or inflict and create an agenda of suffering. In this state of innocence, there is a security and a trust that all as well. But in order for growth, evolution and learning to progress, it is typically necessary that that innocence be tested and often to one degree or another lost in the experience of suffering, pain, hurt and injury, or the knowledge thereof.

It is often these acculturating mechanisms that operate upon the newborn, precipitating the diminishment of this easy and open trust as we have spoken before. In curiosity, openness, the entity in response to injuries received or injuries perceived, may gird the armor; may come to an understanding that the world is not safe and cannot be trusted and approaches others and situations and the path itself with some doubt or suspicion—filtering its analysis through a lack of trust and perhaps even a cynicism and bitterness with thoughts of the way in which things do not work out to the benefit of the self. Others cannot be trusted. Positive outcomes (by the self’s measure) and joy are but dreams or fairytales. The world is, as some of your people may put it, shit. This is an understandable development of attitude in a world where there is indeed widespread suffering and even cruelty to others.

Many of your peoples have learned to lose innocence, to shut down, to barricade the doors and to armor plate the heart. It seems a sound strategy, from the biomechanical level of the mind and the lower chakras which have not yet fully moved the locus of awareness up into the heart—which speaks also to the difficulty and the obstacles in the way of opening the heart. For to do so is to face and to resurrect that pain to attempt to recover that which was squashed, perhaps, within the self; that tender place which once did trust openly, innocently, but was hurt for some reason or another. To open the heart is to re-experience, to some degree, this pain and to find love anew. Not from the place prior to the knowledge of good and evil, per se, for this knowledge has already been gained and experienced, but from a place which transcends and sees through this separation by bringing that essential quality of innocence, as we have spoken in this circle, back into the awareness through the cleansing and purifying of the self. It is not to suggest that the self has become corrupted—though the word may have some meaning here—but rather that the innocence has become diminished or lost in the ways of the world.

In the embodiment of this quality is the capacity to love through the seeming state of separation, thus commencing that journey away, we may say, from separation and toward unity. For as the entity progresses along the path, there is no longer the innocence of ignorance that was available at the beginning of the incarnation and the third density experience, but the innocence of being less and less burdened by the, as your peoples call it, baggage which had accumulated—the sense of guilt or wrongdoing or shame that many of your peoples quite sadly carry. In the rejection and abandonment of their true and divine and pure and perfect natures, it is a setting down of the baggage of animosity, lack of forgiveness, and enmity that arises between those who perceive themselves to have been injured or those who perceive others as separate doing that which is undesirable to the self. This releasing of baggage is not a closing of the eyes to the ways in which other selves on your plane behave and relate to one another. It is rather simply unclouding the eyes in order to see through the apparent actions and attitudes and identities of others, to that which is now and always was, and always will be true—that being the oneness of all things; the love which surrounds and indeed made all things; to the underlying perfection. However, the actors on the stage act, while in front of the curtains, even unto burning the stage down.

That innocent quality is not a regression to an earlier stage, but rather a recovery of those essential qualities brought to a higher stage of awareness. As we had spoken through previous instruments, it is of a cleaning and clarifying and purifying nature. This works first and foremost upon the self, who has opened its heart sufficiently to the love of the Creator and the awareness of the Creator. But it also radiates outward to offer a clarifying and purifying light to others, for the self which embodies this consciousness.

My friends, there is sorrow on top of sorrow in your world. From our vantage point, we see what to you are billions of souls, innocent in their essential nature but lost, completely lost, within their roles, and tormented, therein unable, for the time, to recover the truth of who they are behind the mask, behind the role. In time, this sorrow will transform into a great crying, as your people sooner or later collectively aim their desire and will upon healing, forgiveness, and processing that great pain and trauma that imprisoned a proud people.

At this time we will transfer our contact to the one known as Jim. We are those known to you as Q’uo.

(Jim channeling)

I am Q’uo and once again with this instrument. We have been greatly pleased with our ability to transmit the concepts of innocence, love, light and unity through each instrument this evening. These concepts are of such importance to those within your third-density illusion that we are grateful to have been asked this query and are thankful for each entity’s conscientious transmission of our thoughts and concepts. This is a journey that we share with you, for in truth all entities that exist within the infinite creation do well to remember the innocence of one’s being as that of the One Infinite Creator. This is of profound importance especially within your third density illusion.

Once again, we thank each instrument for continuing to perfect the art of channeling. You are practicing that which you shall perfect. We are known to you as those of Q’uo. We leave you in the love and in the light of the One Infinite Creator. Adonai vasu borragus.