In light of recent events, today we would like to explore the Confederation’s perspective on the relationship between bellicosity and polarity—especially with respect to the following statement from Ra [34.14]: “One may polarize negatively by assuming bellicose attitudes for whatever reason.”

(Austin channeling)

I am Q’uo. We greet this circle in the love and in the light of the One Infinite Creator. As we join this circle in this meeting, we find a certain vulnerability or tenderness present in the hearts of those instruments gathered. We sense that there may be some hesitation or questioning about the influence of this tenderness on the practice of channeling as you wish to perform this day. We encourage the circle to consider how these influences that create vulnerability and tenderness come from the heart and are a result of an attempt by those mind/body/spirit complexes present to relate to difficult situations within your world from an open heart.

To acknowledge the source of this tenderness, and to work within the heart to find a more crystallized loving relationship with the self and with the world about one, will ultimately empower this contact that we have with you, for it will further open the heart, further provide an open flow of love and light, and create a stronger anchor or connection between this circle and those of the Confederation in Service to the One Infinite Creator, so that our shared service may be performed with greater and deeper meaning.

The question that you pose on this day inspires us to reiterate, even stronger than usual, our typical request that any who may hear or become aware of our words upon their path of seeking, use their personal discernment and weigh whatever thoughts we share against their own hearts and their own sensibilities, so that we do not become an undue influence upon your path. This request is important at this time because of the situation that the instruments within the circle are aware of, and that the question refers to in your global geopolitical situation.

This is a difficult topic for us to speak to in a clear sense because the attitudes of bellicosity, as they present themselves and manifest upon your planet, are quite unfamiliar to us. Bellicosity has been a, shall we say, hallmark of third density for many members of the Confederation. Yet the level of technology and violence and destruction capable through the manifestation of bellicosity on your planet and other planets within your solar system, in what you would call the past, are much greater than we have personally experienced. And as you know, we of the Confederation have in the past made certain miscalculations or missteps in interacting with your planet in gauging the effect of our influence upon your planet. And so, our request that our words be taken not as instruction but as perspective are far more important on this topic.

You ask about the polarizing effect of the attitude of bellicosity. And we would point out that the nature of this passage quoted within your query refers to the polarizing effect of a moment, of a certain reaction that can be taken in response to the situation referred to within your query.

An entity can respond to aggression by taking an attitude of bellicosity - that attitude being the desire for war; the desire for revenge; the desire for returned destruction; returned pain; to pay back, as you might say, that which was given. Indeed, this attitude in a moment may polarize one towards the negative path. Yet we emphasize that, as we communicate this, it is not a moral judgment, but only a description of the metaphysical dynamics at play. For we find, as we interact with your planet and gain the perspective of the instruments within this circle, that such a reaction is quite common and understandable and seen by many as even necessary for the preservation of life. We, from our perspective, may be boggled by that perspective. Yet we offer you and any who take that perspective our own love and understanding, and encourage those who question these attitudes as you have in your query today, take note that polarity, as described by us, is a long journey through many lifetimes.

Any action taken in a single moment, any reaction to aggression or even kindness, does not indicate the polarity of an entity in its totality. We find it within the realm of possibility that even an entity well upon the positive path on your planet may find itself reacting to life-threatening aggression with attitudes of bellicosity. The more long-term implications upon the polarity of the entity may be found more in how the entity, then, relates to that reaction when time has come to reconcile it within the self.

For those upon the negative path, by engaging with this bellicosity and discovering this deep passion within them to return warlike attitudes, one may find an awakened sense of life and passion. To pursue this further would then take that entity further along the negative path, realizing that this attitude can be used to increase one’s own power and to control those about one.

For an entity wishing to seek upon the positive path, one may look upon the reaction of bellicosity and use it to examine the self in the light of acceptance and love for both self and other self. This may be done by asking questions of the self. “What attitudes did I take because I was in fear, because I was threatened? Did certain situations cause my heart to close? And if so, what can I learn about my own heart?”

This circle reflected earlier upon the cultural differences that perhaps are energized, encouraging one to relate more to those who share a similar culture and thus feel a stronger sense of obligation to protect, as opposed to those who look differently and who exist within a different culture. These attitudes are natural upon your planet and within your species. It is important for the self wishing to serve others not to judge the self for discovering these attitudes within the self. But it is the imperative of the positive seeker that, in discovering these attitudes within the self, love is brought within the self to transform the attitudes, to find ways in which the love of the Creator may be shared in greater ways, with more of your other selves, and with fewer barriers between the heart of self and the recognition of the heart of other self.

At this time, we would take leave of this instrument and transfer the contact to the one known as Gary. We are Q’uo.

Q’uo, [the volume of] my bell was set too low, that would have alerted Austin that the pre-divided time had concluded. So, if it works for you Q’uo, and for the previous instrument, I would just forego my time and ask the previous instrument, who was on quite a roll, to continue his channeling until the next bell rings, at which time the contact could transfer to the one known as Trisha, as also I’m fairly emotional and mentally occupied right now. 1

We are Q’uo. We thank you, my brother. We feel the need to offer the one known as Trish an opportunity to acknowledge and accept this proposal.

Q’uo, I’m similarly feeling a bit too emotionally sensitive and maybe even weak, and I’m appreciating your ability to work through this instrument. So, I would also allot my time to the instrument known as Austin.

In which case, Q’uo, if it works for the instrument, you have the floor for another maximum twenty minutes.

We are Q’uo. We thank you. We will pause for a moment to allow this instrument to deepen its state.

[30-second pause]

We are Q’uo, and we are again with this instrument. We will take a moment to acknowledge the emotion and depth of care expressed by this circle, and reflect that, as we sense it, the heightened sensitivity is similarly felt by many upon your planet at this time, who are aware of the situation of war and bellicosity as it has recently manifested.

We also take a moment to encourage the reflection of not just those within this circle, but all those who feel similarly to examine the present moment in which the significance of this event feels so powerful, and look to those biases and distortions within the self that cause this moment and this event to conjure such a reaction. For we, of the Confederation of Planets in Service to the One Infinite Creator, taking what you may call the long view of your planet, have witnessed many situations very similar to what has transpired in your recent days.

We mention this not to attempt to judge or shame any individual for feeling any particular reaction, but to encourage one to enter the heart where it has now been opened, to swim in these waters of emotion and allow it to flow freely, and in doing so, realize that the opportunity for this depth of feeling has been present in many ways and in many places within your lives and within the long history of your planet. That you feel these things now and not previously is not something to be discouraging or ashamed of, but rather the opposite—that there is now an opportunity to bring this emotion to bear, to allow it to fill your being, and to feel it in its entirety, is a blessing that you may take from your personal situation. Not to make light of the suffering that has encouraged this reaction, but that the catalyst of the suffering that you view has now landed effectively, and the potential to use this catalyst to open the heart more to discover deeper understanding of the self, and how the self may serve others, how one may come to relate to all other selves—this potential is now available in ways that it has not been in the past.

This, my friends, is how a seeker upon the positive path may reflect upon the nature of bellicosity within the self. For bellicosity necessarily requires the self to create distortions and biases in order to view other self as less important, less significant, and less the Creator than the self.

We again emphasize that this reaction is not unusual. It is the entire purpose of third density to cast a spell of confusion, to allow the self to even consider that an other-self is not the Creator. And so, one may say that to react to such aggression with an attitude of bellicosity is indeed an appropriate response in third density, in the sense that that is what this density was designed to conjure within the self.

The overriding purpose of this design is to allow the self to make a choice within the mire of confusion. A moment such as this brings the potential for clarity. The strength of reaction allows for a potential pathway into the heart or a potential pathway to close the heart. And in these two pathways lies the choice that the third density was designed to promote, to place before the self.

We find innate within the question posed on this day another implied question of how one may relate to aggression in a positive sense without entering the attitude of bellicosity. Is it possible to protect the self and to protect other self from aggression while remaining positive?

We find this question an incredibly complicated topic to address through channeling circles such as this, for it requires an incredibly intimate perception of the self, and even of other self. For one to react to aggression with love in a way that still protects the self and other self requires one to know the self deeply and have shed many unconscious distortions that would fool yourself into thinking that they are acting out of love. Yet, in reality, they are acting from a place of survival, of instinct.

However, it is possible, my friends, if one has the bias towards protecting others, and they do so without engaging in attitudes of separation and see the aggressor as the Creator, and yet, do everything in their power to minimize harm in a situation, up to and including using similarly violent acts to prevent further harm, it is possible, yet a rare scenario upon your planet.

We emphasize that this is quite a rare occurrence. For as you may understand, this is an incredibly difficult attitude to maintain within the confusion of third density. For there are not only cultural biases, but biological biases within the self that promote an instinct of survival, of protecting the pack, the tribe.

And so, we find that it is much more common that any act taken in reaction to aggression, to protect the self and other self, likely must be reconciled, at some point within the self, as an act that separates. And thus, a positive entity must reflect upon their reaction in order to reconcile, and bring love and forgiveness and, if it is found necessary, restitution to one’s actions. This is how one may engage with the attitude of bellicosity with the protection of self and other-self while upon the positive path.

We look upon your planet, and we look within your hearts, and we feel both great sorrow and great compassion. Your present moment presents a great opportunity for you, as conscious seekers, to awaken even more to the path of love. And we encourage each to, in any moment that they are reflecting upon the situation that they feel moved and energized in any way, to pause and consider where love is within that moment.

The depth of emotion and even concern felt likely comes from the heart, but is veiled in confusion. And so, the opportunity then is to unveil that love, to make it more clear and allow it to shine even brighter upon a world that calls for it deeply and desperately, as the transformation of your planet from third density to fourth density grows closer, and the seeming chaos and disharmony create more opportunities for each individual to recognize the truth of fourth density—that of love and understanding—so that it may be born in full upon your planet.

We are available to any seeker wishing to find some stability in their meditations. We may offer our love and our light to all who request it. Yet, the request is important. And we encourage each who desires to work with our love and light to consciously open themselves and call, for we will respond, and we are honored to do so

At this time, we will take leave of this circle with deep gratitude and appreciation for the opportunity to share our thoughts in what you experience as troubled times. We are known to you as those of Q’uo. Adonai, my friends. Adonai vasu borragus.

  1. Due to a shortage of time during this meeting, the circle decided to set a timer for each instrument to give each instrument equal opportunity to channel. Things didn’t go quite according to plan.