Topics: Spatial considerations in white magical rituals; positive orientation to defense to bellicosity; trauma and the yellow ray; healing eating disorders; thoughts and prayers vs. practical acts of service.

(Jim channeling)

I am Q’uo and am with this instrument. We greet each in love and in light, and we thank you for your invitation to join your circle of seeking this evening. We are most honored, as always, to be with you, for you are our spiritual companions on this long journey of seeking and serving the One in all things.

It is our great honor to ask if there might be a query with which we may begin this evening’s channeling session.

Yes, Q’uo, there is. And it might be short enough that this instrument might also take a small follow up to this one. Up to you and the instrument. This question comes from D, who asks: “In the banishing ritual, the four cardinal directions are used in conjunction with four Archangels. For instance, the practitioner faces east and visualizes Archangel Michael bringing the gifts and the powers of fire on the righthand side associated with the direction of south. And on the left-hand side, the practitioner visualizes Archangel Uriel bringing the gifts and the powers of Earth associated with the direction of north. Also, the rotation in the ritual always moves clockwise. Does the clockwise rotation, along with the use of north and south, need to be inverted when practicing this ritual in the southern hemisphere? Or does the intention and heart behind magical work matter more than the details?”

I am Q’uo, and I am aware of your query, my brother. Before we begin this response, we would, as always, ask that you take the words and concepts that we offer through this instrument, and use them in any manner which is helpful to you. If you find any that are not helpful, please disregard them. We are your brothers and sisters in service to the One, and we are not the ultimate authority on any topic. If you will grant us this favor, then we will be able to speak more freely.

The concepts which you speak of—the rotation of the white magician in the performance of the Banishing Ritual of the Lesser Pentagram—is a rotation which is, shall we say, self-contained. The invocations that are made during the performance that ask for the various Archangels to be alerted to the need for their purification and inspiration is the primary factor which any adept would utilize in the performance of this ritual. It is that which can be performed in either the north or south hemisphere, in the same fashion, without regard to any other elements are features of the geography, that one performs the ritual within.

This ritual moves in a clockwise direction because it is seen to be that which is outward-moving to distribute the protective energies throughout the room, the house, or the area which is being purified and protected. These outward-flowing energies are positive in nature. Thus, the clockwise rotation is that which is most helpful in sharing these energies with the environment about one, which, after a certain period of time, becomes likened unto a living entity that receives the blessing of the various archangels and the One Infinite Creator, as it is receiving the various invocations that are a part of this banishing ritual.

This is what you would call a positive sharing of love and light of the One Creator with the One Creator that exists within each portion of the room or domicile that is being purified and protected. To call upon various facets of the One Creator in this manner is to amplify the adept’s recognition of the One Creator, which exists in all things.

We would ask if there was to be a follow up question to this one?

Yes, thank you for the opportunity. Do I understand correctly that north and south, as they are used in the northern hemisphere, can also be used in the southern hemisphere? And are there any magical rituals that apply better to the southern hemisphere?

I am Q’uo, and I’m aware of your query, my brother. It is our belief that this is true, that the ritual has its same application of performance in either hemisphere, because it is that which we have called a self-contained ritual that performs its magical effects in the area that is being purified and protected, rather than being considered as only effective in one or the other hemisphere.

As far as other rituals that might be utilized by a person who wishes to purify or protect a place or room or location, we would suggest that one begin as the neophyte in the creation of one’s own rituals, being composed of those qualities which one sees as being primary in not only the spiritual journey of one’s own self, but in the spiritual journey of any positive seeker of truth.

Each entity can be seen as a magician—a white magician, a positively polarized, service-to-others being that has within it the ability to fashion a type of invocation and evocation of certain qualities and entities that may respond to the call for their assistance from the inner planes to the space/time environment of the neophyte magician.

In the beginning of this type of creation of one’s own magical ritual, there will be a kind of protection and purification of a minor quantity and quality that will be experienced by the area or room being magically protected and purified. As time progresses, and the intention increases on the part of the neophyte magician, both the neophyte magician and the rituals it creates will mature in their ability to finely tune and call for assistance from those within the inner planes. And this call will be heard in a louder and louder, shall we say, ringing of the phone, so that there will be a response to the calling that will increase in its efficacy and its ability to provide the purification and protection that the neophyte, which grows into the mature magician, asks to be provided.

This is a process which each positively oriented seeker of truth partakes in, whether conscious of such or not, as one pursues the spiritual journey of seeking to serve others with every thought, word, and deed. This desire is seen as a foundation stone upon which the life path is created, so that there is, within each seeker of truth, the ritualistic behaviors that are emitted from the mind, the body and the spirit, in a fashion which allows the desire, the intention to be of service to others, to be that which is offered as seed, shall we say, for the growth of the service to others polarity within the seeker of truth.

This is the means by which each seeker then becomes likened unto the white magician, perhaps not in as great the potentiality, but yet in a reality which is most efficacious in aiding the polarization of the consciousness of service to others and to the One Creator in all things. Thus, the spiritual seeker moves through the life pattern, one incarnation after another, one density after another, until there is the complete union with the One Creator, which is the goal of all white magicians - to seek in order to serve.

At this time, we shall transfer this contact to the one known as Austin. We are known to you as those of Q’uo.

(Austin channeling)

We are Q’uo, and we are with this instrument. We ask if there is another query to which we may speak?

Yep, there is. And first, I want to thank the previous instrument for the opportunity of the follow-up question and the clarification.

Now to the question: Ra describes that, in fourth density, there is a battle of light between positive and negatively oriented social memory complexes. I have a couple paragraphs to read about that and then a question.

Ra says, “This…being a battle of equals, the Confederation is aware that it cannot, on an equal footing, allow itself to be manipulated in order to remain purely positive, for then, though pure, it would not be of any consequence, having been placed by the so-called powers of darkness under the heel, as you may say.

It is thus that those who deal with this thought-war must be defensive rather than accepting in order to preserve their usefulness in service to others. Thusly, they cannot accept fully what the Orion Confederation wishes to give, that being enslavement. Thusly, some polarity is lost due to this friction, and both sides, if you will, must then regroup.“ #25.6

So, I am curious about this defensive posture of the positively oriented entities. When positive forces must resist the encroachment of negative forces, does that also imply self-righteousness or bellicosity in any way on behalf of the positive forces? What is the positively oriented entity’s attitude with regard to this defensive resistance in what Ra describes as a battle?

We are Q’uo, and we are aware of the query, my brother. We would begin addressing this interesting and complicated situation by first offering somewhat of a disclaimer, in that the battle described by those of Ra in this passage is a unique dynamic that plays out within realms and upon levels that are beyond the full grasp of the third-density being. There is a certain cosmological context to what has been described as a battle of thought that cannot be applied to the veiled existence of the third-density entity in a, shall we say, one-to-one fashion. Thus, we offer a response to this query in the hopes that there is some extrapolation to be made for the third-density entity, but caution any who reads or hears these words that these are unique circumstances that a third-density entity is unlikely to experience.

We first address the notion that the Confederation as a whole, which includes entities of primarily the fourth, fifth, and sixth densities, realizes that, to allow the crusaders of the Orion empire to carry out their self-proclaimed duty or calling to bring what they view as order and meaning to the universe—but may be seen in a positive context as enslavement and an infringement upon free will—that for the Confederation to allow this dynamic to unfold would result in, from the viewpoint of the Law of One and of the One Creator, an imbalance and an infringement upon the energetic cycles of the Creator.

Thus, the Confederation of Planets in Service to the One Infinite Creator, tapping into a certain grasp of these dynamics thanks to the guidance of what you know as the Council of Saturn, is able to move and interact in certain ways that may seem, from a certain perspective, antithetical to the overall goal of service to others and service to the Creator by participating in what is described as a battle. This task is given to those of the fourth density, for the higher densities of fifth and sixth density have a broader view of this—we correct this instrument—of these mechanisms at play that allows them to see how the Creator’s will may unfold in both the actions of the [positive] fourth-density entities and the actions of the Orion empire. Thus, these higher densities do not participate in such a battle, but do not discourage or refrain from allowing the fourth-density entities to take up their own arms of thought in order to protect and serve through the act of defense, as you have called it.

The primary difference between this thought-battle and what you may experience in third density known as war, and the concept of bellicosity, is an attitude available to those of fourth density that allows these entities to see the Creator within those whom they are defending against. And thus, the actions that they take are based primarily within the green ray of universal love—that love being manifested as protection against enslavement and the preservation of free will.

This attitude is an incredibly difficult attitude to manifest within the third density, for the veil [is intended to] prevent an entity, who may take up defensive attitudes, from recognizing the presence of the Creator in any situation. The mechanisms of survival and tribalism are primary aspects of the catalyst that you experience within the third density. And in a moment at which one’s life is threatened or one’s loved ones are threatened, the Creator and thoughts of the Creator are generally outside of the reach of an individual, who instead feels a swell of survival. And an act that, in the end, may be based upon love of another, in the moment is undertaken with an attitude of separation that may be manifested as anger, as fear, or as even thoughts of revenge and retribution.

It is not, what you may say, impossible for a third-density entity to partake actively in defense of high ideals, such as free will and the preservation of loved ones, and maintain an attitude of unity, even in the midst of such battle, as you would say. But we reiterate that this attitude is one that is much more present within the fourth density. And when bellicosity finds itself manifest within the third density, there is much more catalyst for the third-density entity to work with in terms of discovering the heart of self and how love has been blocked, how conditions have been raised because of the illusion of separation and its strength within the third density. It is through this illusion, and through the ways that it manifests in response to things like bellicosity, that such circumstances, as dire and significant as they are within the third density, may hold the key to opening of the heart and of discovering a higher nature of service to others for the positive individual.

We thank you for this query and offer our own thoughts of love and peace, for we find that such a question comes from what we would call a heavy heart, based upon the circumstances present upon your planet, and weighing upon the minds and hearts of those present in this circle. We are with you and all who call, and offer our deepest love and light and hopes for peace and comfort for all upon your planet.

At this time, we would take leave of this instrument and transfer the contact to the one known as Trish. We are Q’uo.

(Trisha channeling)

We are those of Q’uo, and we are now with this instrument. May we ask if there is a query that we may speak to at this time?

Yes. This question is from M, who is not Austin and K’s second-density companion. At least, I don’t think so. It’s about unblocking the yellow ray, but there are a couple paragraphs of preamble.

M writes, “I work in a hospital as a nurse. It’s pretty obvious that I struggle most in situations dealing with groups, such as working members or strangers, in general. If people accept me and show me a warm welcome, my ego-ice melts extremely fast, and I’m able to be myself. But in general, I have deep fears of being denied, rejected, or criticized. This leads me to subconsciously manifested behavior of adapting to others’ wishes and control mechanisms. Because of that, I often feel shame and anger for myself. I got way better at communicating and setting healthy boundaries. Nevertheless, these situations are regularly attracted into my daily round of activities. And I know these are solar plexus themes that are an energy block for my true heart.”

So, the question: ‘How can I activate and balance the yellow-ray chakra most effectively, taking into consideration childhood trauma between five and twelve years old?’“

We are those of Q’uo, and we understand the query. This flavor of blockage of the yellow-ray energy center is one that we find quite common among your people on this planet at this time. The third-density experience is one in which entities struggle to find authentic means of relating to one another, while healing and moving beyond such injuries, for lack of a better word, tied to the ego such as trauma, self-judgment, or what you may call societal norm.

We mention this fact, this figure, of being quite common to hopefully provide some room for grace for the self—that is, for the self to allow some space for the self to be gentle and kind.

The environment, the stage upon which you dance, the illusion can be a very difficult one to navigate and to see clearly. Hence, it is ripe with opportunity for self and other-self to engage in what you may call hurtful or destructive manners, often with one entity approaching the situation with an open heart and walking away with emotional, physical, mental, or spiritual scars. Consider those scars part of you in that they inform your thought and your action, and they are but a component of that which you may call your identity. They are also potentially avenues for heightened experience of emotions and clear channels for exploring growth and healing, if the injured self may allow oneself to open the heart to those channels.

Dear seeker, it sounds that the scars that entities carry with them can become sort of a kind of baggage, if you will—something that is carried with the self through the moments of what you call time, that add weight to the shoulders of the seeker on the journey, or blur, or narrow the vision, narrow the means by which the open heart can send and receive love. It must be noted that this baggage is neither good nor bad. There is no value judgment to this baggage, to these scars. For there is nothing random in this illusion. There is nothing good nor bad. It is all perfectly in alignment to help the Creator experience and know Itself.

The seeker who finds itself carrying this baggage, carrying these scars, and experiencing the illusion around it through those lenses with that pain, is the seeker who is guarding itself, not just from other selves, but from its own heart. To state this more clearly, we would say that the injured self is walking through this dance closed off from itself. For at the center of all that there is, for at the beginning of all that there is, there is but one thing, and that is love.

If the self cannot, or struggles, to connect with the other-selves around it due to previous incarnational experience, then it is also not fully loving the self. The purest expression of the self is that of love, is that of an open heart, first and foremost, to the self, for the self.

So, my dear seeker, these difficulties in relating in group situations or to other selves, these fears of rejection and perhaps being alone, and these actions that attempt to manipulate or control, are not aspects to shame yourself for. Judgment of self does not leave a clear path to love. No, instead, forgiving the self, being gentle with the self, treating the self like the pure and beautiful reflection of the Creator, that is the way to experiencing all that you wish to experience, to finding that comfort, to finding that peace, be that in the self and also with other selves.

We hope that our words do not land as minimizing of the experiences which the seeker may call trauma. It is understood that trauma is an experience of deep pain, suffering, fear, and [is] difficult to move beyond. We simply suggest that the self who must walk with that trauma be gentle to the self.

Your intention may be your guidepost, may be the fuel in your engine, may be your beacon on the hill, as well. Continually steering your way towards love, towards acceptance, towards being your full and true authentic self. And you may find as you continue walking in that direction, allowing intention and slowly allowing that love to come within your heart, you will find that the scars begin to heal, the baggage begins to feel less weighty, less heavy, and even perhaps the colors in your illusion, in your environment become more vibrant.

And as you begin to fully accept yourself for all that you are, as those in your density may say, “warts and all,” you begin to see the self as that perfect expression, that perfect hologram, that perfect manifestation of the Creator. You may then also begin to see the perfection that surrounds you, knowing that love created all that there is, and begin to feel the walls around your heart come down.

It is as you take this walk that one may begin to practice the act of vulnerability, of being authentic, of showing up in any situation exactly as you are, without pretense, without expectation, but full embodiment of the self. You may find, dear seeker, that when you strip away that armor, that protective shell around the heart—the shell which we would again reiterate is one that comes from a place of wanting to protect the self but ultimately keeps the self from loving the self. Once that armor is dropped, then the seeker may find the ease of relating to other-selves, begin to feel more within reach. And as you allow the self to freely experience that vulnerability and explore this new mental and emotional landscape, the comfort builds upon itself.

Before we take our leave of this instrument, we would like to stress again the importance for the seeker who feels blocked in this way, that the first and final step, and every step in between, will always be love. As you plant your foot down in your walk forward in this time, in this illusion, in this incarnation, allow the self to fully plant each foot, each step, in genuine, beautiful, foundational love. In that way, my friend, you will only begin to strengthen that connection to the heart and soul, not just of the self, but of all creation.

We will now take our leave of this instrument and transfer the one… to the one, rather, known as Kathy. We are those of Q’uo.

(Kathy channeling)

We are those of Q’uo, and we are with this instrument. May we ask if there is a query for us at this time?

Yes, Q’uo. We have one from J, who writes: “I have a question that I haven’t been able to get a clear answer on through the material. I have a severe binge eating disorder and have tried so many different things to alleviate the daily fear and control I experience from it. I’ve tried modern medical treatment, which ended up being more of a band-aid; and I’ve tried spiritual programs, where the healing is promoted through emotional release and trust in my body. But I’m still unable to let go of the fear and control I have, which causes me to force my body into being a certain size by whatever means necessary. It doesn’t work anyway. I continue to gain weight. But I fear that if I do not control myself at all, I’ll end up dying. What is it that causes these eating disorders? What is it that needs healing, and what is the best way to go about this healing?

We are those of Q’uo, and we understand your query, my sister. And we may echo our previous term of endearment for you as a dear seeker, for first and foremost, that is what you are—very dear to the Creator and very much a seeker of truth and of healing.

We may begin by addressing your first query…we correct this instrument…the first part of your query, which asks about the causes of such a condition such as you have been experiencing in all the levels of your being. And we may say that the second and third parts of your query which deal with healing, which once accepted and understood, revoke such cause, erase such cause, such that it becomes nonexistent.

So, we may first ask that, if it may be possible for you to look at, and any who have a situation such as yours, to look at the idea of cause with its opposite of no cause, nonexistent, and see that a cause is not a permanent condition, is not something permanent in creation, and is even as illusory as any other part of the illusion in which entities have their being in this third density. Therefore, when cause can be seen in such a light, it can begin to thin out, to begin to dissolve, as first a concept, and then as a part of the condition of which you speak.

We may encourage you first to meditate quietly upon this idea that a what you may call cause of this condition, or any condition, causing pain, upset, deep distress even, can be seen as something that can be dissolved. Taking this thought into meditation and pairing it with a deep love of self, the love that transcends all pain and difficulty, begin to feel that such cause, along with such condition, can simply dissolve. Allowing first for that to be a possibility. Then allowing for that to be a process underway within your being, seeing it as a reality, replacing the other reality that you had described.

This is not to diminish in any way the pain and suffering and exhaustion that you’ve described of your experience. But it is only to, in a gentle way, offer a process of creating a new reality for the self. All creation is forever in motion, forever being created and recreated. And seeing this possibility for yourself would be a good first step to seeing that the cause and the condition itself can be recreated, reimagined, reshaped as a new condition of health and well-being.

It is important to understand that there is no pressure or time constraints or expectations that are necessary or needed for such a meditative, creative process. It is completely timeless and without pressure. The meditation of which we speak is done, as was said previously, through love of self in the deepest part of your being, letting that gentle but powerful love, with which your very being was and is being created anew, getting into the feeling of that idea of being continually renewed and refreshed in every part of your being: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. All things on all these levels of your being—think of them as being washed over with this love of self, of all of yourself, and all the levels of your being.

That, my friend, is what dissolves away in whatever timeframe is right for you for this particular condition and request that you have dissolved away in the bathing of self with love and light. And with the light, and the power of love behind it and underneath it, see yourself in this meditation, in whatever time is most comfortable for you, a recreation, literally, of the parts of your being that need this loving attention, this refreshment of being, which is your right as an entity of the Creator, forever loved and held in the embrace that the Creator.

And so, in addressing the idea of cause and condition, we have already touched upon the idea of healing, for they are the same - the condition and its healing. All things, in whatever… we correct this instrument… of whatever nature within an entity’s being, can be positive or detrimental. But all things within any entity’s being always can be healed in any moment through the power of love, through the intelligent energy of the light of the Creator, which then comes to assist in the recreation of the body, mind, spirit formations that need refreshment of being.

Again, we may say [that] we do not diminish pain and suffering that you have experienced or any entity has, especially when concerning a bodily condition that is related to emotional and mental conditions, as well. We understand how overwhelming and difficult such situations are. And we say again that to recreate any one’s life in any way is to start at the center, just start at the beginning. It is actually very simple. Go to the center of self. Enter into a deep meditation. Feel the love of the Creator. Feel the love of yourself. You and the Creator partake of this love of self. Feel this love radiating throughout your entire being on every level, healing anything that needs to be healed connected with this situation that you have described. The intelligence of the love and the light will know exactly what needs to be healed. And be pure in your meditation and open hearted that this not only can happen, but is happening right now, right within you.

All entities have this power. It is the power of the Infinite Creator whose love is infinite, boundless, and gentle at the same time.

We may say that healing can come in an instant once a realization of the truth of your being is held firmly in consciousness. We may also say that, in other times, a consistent, persistent daily meditation over time may be what is needed to gently dissolve away the condition, in the bathing of self with love and light gently over time, refreshing and recreating one’s being. Again, the intelligent light and love know how to recreate one’s consciousness must simply partake of this with the open heart and acceptance that it is.

One may also seek the support and love of friends, who may believe as you do in this creative power within your being and within the Creator, so that you may meditate together with a friend, or more than one friend, supporting your meditation of love and light.

We may say all things, all conditions, have their opposite, which is nonexistence. All things, all conditions, have healing as a potential within them. There is never a condition that cannot be healed.

And so, we now extend our deep compassion to you, my friend, that you may find the peace and the strength to reach within self, knowing that the power and love of the Creator is within you, and that you do have help. And we hope that our words may provide such help to you, as well as comfort and a knowing, a feeling that what you seek is possible. What you seek is already potentially within you, within your heart, within your grasp.

We are those of Q’uo, and we have been with this instrument. And at this time, we take leave of this instrument and transfer the contact to the one known as Gary.

(Gary channeling)

We are those known to you as the principle of Q’uo, and we greet this circle, once again, through this instrument, who, due to a deficiency of sleep, is experiencing some fatigue. But we find that this is not a significant mitigating factor in sending our transmission through this instrument. At this time, we would open ourselves to another query from this group. We are those of Q’uo.

I have one, Q’uo. Our recent peace meditations had me thinking about a common criticism that people in the more secular world have about the notion of “thoughts and prayers,” and their lack of effectiveness if not accompanied by more practical acts of service. And that, of course, doesn’t take into account the Confederation’s view on the power of thought and [the] power of prayer. But I think that it can sometimes be a valid criticism.

I also have read in a book called The Willpower Instinct that thinking about acts of service and thinking about doing good things can activate the same portions of our brain as actually doing them and cause a demotivational effect, so that we feel less compelled to actually carry out acts of service by thinking about them. I was wondering if the Confederation could comment on reconciling these notions of thoughts and prayers and visualizations and meditations versus more practical means of service, and whether or not these can be reconciled together?

We are those of Q’uo, and we give gratitude for this question. For the third-density entity who is conscious, to one degree or another, of its necessity and desire to polarize its consciousness, will be contemplating questions of how it may best be of service to others in your plane or upon your plane. For the opportunities of service in any given moment are endless, particularly in a world where suffering and trauma are so widespread and experienced by so many. Whether through natural disaster, that which you know as medical difficulty, or some other form of suffering inflicted one upon the other, the cries ring out. How does the positively polarized—we correct this instrument—positively polarizing entity respond to such need? How may it best be of service? What may be most effective in that service?

And, my brother, we would say that each situation is, of course, unique. Each entity must search its heart to discover that which may be of greatest service to a single other self, or a group of other selves, in any given predicament. The self is quite capable of operating at multiple levels and all levels, in this regard, of service. Whether that is the interior level of thoughts and prayers or the exterior, so to speak, level of outwardly oriented action, which is more visible, perhaps more practical, and seen upon the third-density level as more consequential. Both of these operations spring from the desire to be of service.

We would commend any entity considering this question to examine its desire, in this regard, to look within the heart and find what the true reaction is to the particular call for service reaching this entity’s ears.

It may be found that an entity has some level of desiring to offer service to those in need, but feels that its ability is too limited to be of much help, and it’s at a minimum such that, with some degree of sincere desire, it gives lip service to the thoughts and prayers, feeling itself either unavailable or unable to offer more, finding itself occupied with other concerns or modes of service.

While we would not in any way judge such a response, as the polarizing positive entity does indeed wish to be of service and would wish no other-self seeking service to be without. Nonetheless, in terms of what you would call impact upon both the self offering service and the intended recipient of said service, such casual, quickly spoken, and perhaps shallow utterances of thoughts and prayers will have little charge into their manifestation in your illusion.

However, were such an entity to bring their focus and their awareness to the situation at hand in a deeper way, particularly in that container known to you as meditation, and consciously with concentration and the effort—not of strain, but sustained intention—can engage in that process of prayer for another self or situation. A process whereby an opportunity is enlarged such that informational and supportive and strengthening light may be with the prayer and the recipient of the prayee—the one offering the prayer—what is the consequence of this light/love sent from Entity A to Entity B, when Entity B is struggling with one aspect of your illusion or another—internally, externally, or both?

That light comes, as all things do, from the One. That light seeks to cross the expanse of separation created in the illusionary perception of the individual’s awareness, to bridge and provide a way toward increasing the unity within the self and within all things in an empowering way, rescuing, in one sense, though not totally accurate, the self locked in the throes of their predicament and the accompanying suffering. With this increased light available to the self, to the recipient of the prayer, they may make use on a subconscious level in order to in an empowered way more successfully learn the lesson before them, process the catalyst into the material for spiritual evolution, and rediscover its wholeness and its capacity to love whatever the circumstance presents.

With this light, the self may more effectively clear the shadows from the eyes and navigate the situation from a vantage point of clearer sight. This light may also, in a supportive healing fashion, help to clarify the environment about one, such that guidance may more effectively flow in, such that the circumstances of synchronicity of the intelligent working of the universe may have a greater capacity to move in harmony and support of the upward evolution of the self, away from chaos and darkness and separation, and toward light and unity.

This is a power that each positively oriented being has inside of themselves, which they can activate and call upon and harness in service to others. Indeed, in the rituals known to you as white magic, the self, ideally in concert with a group, may connect the microcosm to the macrocosm and open the gateway, allowing intelligent infinity to move downward and into the incarnate shell within the physical illusion, such that it may move through such a grounding rod, so to speak outward, as a prayer, as winged support to where it is needed, whether the planet as a whole, the consciousness of that known to you as Gaia, or those in a war-torn situation.

You ask also regarding the balance in relationship between this inward act of service through the mechanism of prayer and the more visible outward act of service. And for entities within an illusion, which has quite effectively obscured the time/space realm and the inner experience of each entity, such that the outer is most visible and quantifiable and measurable, it is understandable that such entities would weight service on the outer level as being of greater consequence. The entity who contributes money or, with their own hands, disperses humanitarian aid to those in need can be seen, whereas those working on the interior levels of time time/space and inner planes are perceived to be less visible and of less consequence.

Both modes of service can be powerfully impactful. Both involve action on the part of the self, to one degree or another, a manifestation of intention that is born from that service-oriented heart, which we asked the seeker to examine at the beginning of our reply.

One can be seemingly of outward service, checking off all the right boxes, moving through the right procedures and dances, but yet have a heart which is not fully investing the outward service with love and care for the other and desire to alleviate suffering, or any number of inner qualities which may block the heart and impede the upward flow of love. This is why we iterate often in relationship to the question of service, that it is the how that is often more important than the what. Why we describe that the washing of the dishes or the changing of the diaper can with the light-filled, present moment, open-hearted quality of consciousness, carry as much weight within the self, and serve the world as effectively as one operating upon the world stage with many eyes upon it.

We do not find that cultivating the intention to serve others within the self by engaging in acts of thoughts and prayers on a deep and intentional level necessarily precludes the self from additional service on the outer level. To the contrary, the more deeply that the self commits their energy to genuine prayer, to invoking the Creator, to be—we correct this instrument—to ask to be made a vessel, to lend one’s full strength that one’s light and the Creator’s light may fly to those in need, such a one is magnetizing themselves to respond to the call by gaining a greater sensitivity to the call of those around them. If such an entity is engaging in this act, they are putting their mind toward the suffering of others, and thinking less of the needs of their lower self, seeking less of personal satisfaction or distraction, but instead, embodying and living the path of service to others.

And this path of service to others, this desire to serve, is not a discrete unit. It is not a, shall we say, one-off, but is alive, is an awakening of an intelligence within the self that has its own life and journey of manifestation within the self, such that, as the entity spends time in this interior room, intentionally practicing prayer in service to others, aligning the self to become a vehicle for service to others, this spark ignites more of the tinder of the personality on fire, consuming more and more of the self in this fire, offering the self to this burning, such that it does not stop at interior work alone, but of necessity, manifest outward, first and foremost, as fires are want to do, by radiating metaphysical heat, spiritual light, and the polarizing conditions that aid others and encourage more of the same, more of the positive polarity of harmony and service and beauty and interconnectedness and the honoring of freewill of all.

And that outward manifestation, while happening most fundamentally on an energetic or metaphysical level, then may open new opportunities for the self, such that they may add to or extend the inner work through outer work, because the entity is becoming one who desires to help others, who the more transparent the self becomes and purified in their nature that they become, desires more and more to help others fully to give of the self completely with less and less held back for the self, save for that which is necessary for its healthy functioning and well-being.

As always, it begins with desire. What is your desire, my brother? My sister? Ask of yourself that question. Examine this desire. Analyze the many threads of desire within you. Purify them and trace them back. And inevitably, with consistent work in acceptance and forgiveness and seeking to understand the self, the self will find, upon the positive path, the desire to serve others purely, and to serve and to seek the One Creator in self and all others and always.

At this time, we would transfer our contact to the one known as Jim. We are those known to you as the principle of Q’uo.

(Jim channeling)

I am Q’uo and am once again with this instrument. It has been a very productive evening, in our opinion, for the basic channeling process that has been enhanced through each instrument. We also feel that the quality of questions was most well thought out and offered in the desire to serve others. We thank you all for your efforts and for the questions from those who posed them. All of us proceed on our spiritual journeys through answering such questions for ourselves and with each other, moving together in rhythm in the dance of evolution. Asking and answering, asking and answering. This is the great dance, the great work. We commend you all for the great work that you have done this evening.

At this time, we shall take our leave of this group and this instrument. We leave you all as we found you, in the love and the light of the One Infinite Creator. Adonai vasu borragus.