As we look at the circumstances of our world today, we are curious about how inner peace relates to outer peace, what’s the tipping point of Earth’s transformation to fourth density is and how all of this relates to the sinkhole of indifference?

(Jim channeling)

I am Q’uo and greet each of you in love and in light this evening. We are with this instrument and this group at this time for the purpose of speaking to the query of the evening, which we are most happy to do, for it is a query which encompasses each person and the planet itself and the progressions of each into the fourth density of love and understanding. Before we begin, we would ask that you use your personal discernment to determine what of our words and concepts are now of use to you, and please do not feel any hesitancy about leaving behind those that are not now relevant to you. We thank you for this favor. It gives us more freedom to respond as your brothers and sisters who are on the same path as each on this planet travels. We have moved a step or two further and are glad to reach back to you with a hand to help you forward.

To begin this evening, we would suggest that your planetary population is in great disarray, shall we say. Split along various avenues of thought, desires for personal satisfaction, political affiliations, economic preferences, whatever concept can be conceived of seems to produce those sides which are for and those sides which are against and yet do not take any truly affirmative polarizing action to see beyond the mundane manifestation of the creation that lies about each one. Most of the concerns of your Earth’s population are focused upon personal satisfaction and the gaining of those qualities and material goods which comprise the common evaluation of success in the worldly sense.

So, these many facets of the jewel of humanity are clouded with those thoughts which do not allow the love and the light of the One Infinite Creator to shine through them in a fashion which helps all to become more and more aware of the spiritual nature of their identities, and the path through the incarnation which they now travel. This is a difficulty which is made more difficult, shall we say, to deal with for the potential social memory complex that is awaiting the movement from the sinkhole of indifference as it has been called into a polarizing path for each conscious seeker of truth.

There are entities at this time upon your planetary sphere who have made this choice to be of service to others, and who have planted the seed of the vitality of this choice that blends each individual’s seeking entity with those of like mind, and with the Creator within each. These seeds at this time are most precious to the Confederation of Planets in the Service of the One Infinite Creator. For by each entity’s efforts within their incarnation to share with others their concepts of the One Creator and how each contains that Creator within, and how each can realize that which has been called the kingdom of heaven within.

This is the great choice. This is the straight path. This is the means by which each conscious seeker of truth can begin to spread the good news, to spread the love in the light of the One Creator in whatever manner that you find available to you. This is your mission. This is your talent. This is a way in which you serve others and that that service then redounds unto you as well for you and your other-selves are one. As you serve others, you also grow in awareness and understanding of how this journey of seeking the open heart, the unconditional love of all beings and all things as the One Creator, is the golden rule. The golden path, the path illuminated by the Sun logos of your solar system as it sends each of you the love, light and light, love of the One Infinite Creator, to serve as the fuel for your journey of seeking and serving others, with every thought, with every word with every deed, every day, and every moment.

This is how you double, redouble, and continually strengthen the polarization of your choice and the potential of the planetary population to begin to feel that radiance of love and light in unity that is the primary quality of each conscious seeker of truth. This is why you are here. This is the great field of endeavor for the disciples of love. This is where each step taken forward into the field of love, light, and unity is that which sparkles with the presence of the one within that powers the journey without.

At this time, we shall transfer this contact to the one known as Trisha. We are those of Q’uo.

(Trisha channeling)

We are those of Q’uo and we are now with this instrument. As has been stated, the experience upon your planet at this time is one of disarray, of difficulty, of imbalance, of judgment, and of insecurity. The people on this planet have forgotten or lost sight of the uniting force that runs below each, within each, and throughout each. We do not say that with judgment for your density. Your experience is so tailored to you that you forget and that you lose sight. And as what you call time continues forward these imbalances, these disagreements and difficulties can seem to be more pervasive and potentially more difficult to penetrate.

We can see that at this time your peoples are desiring to discover peace and unity, and that at this time your peoples feel that this desire is perhaps much stronger or more tangible, more visible than moments or events before this time. Indeed, as the illusion continues along its way, the vibrational energy intensifies. The what you may call weight upon the seeker feels heavier, feels sharper, feels less comfortable. This is a gifted sign, if you will, to your people that the transition to a new density is on the horizon and that it is a process which you have been undergoing throughout your incarnation and which continues to progress with each moment of experience.

We realize that these times of transition are less than tolerable. It may seem that conflict between self and other-self appears more at the surface, more identifiable, and that the emotional charge behind the conflict can be frustrating, can be disheartening, and can lead to great confusion and sadness. However, this is but a potent opportunity for the seeker of truth to discover the love, the purity, the rightness, if you will, of each moment.

When an entity can remember that self is all things, Creator included, the seeker can then allow itself to breathe more deeply and find room in the heart for acceptance and love, forgiveness and compassion, and a clear channel to exercise itself in service to others.

As this instrument was tuning, she remembered a song from her time in Catholic school titled “Let There Be Peace on Earth.” The key lyric to the song is: “Let there be peace on earth and let it begin with me.” We feel this is a beautiful piece to this question. For if the self takes the first step of finding peace, be that within its heart or within its environment, future steps towards a more vibrant and broad peace become more available.

When the self can find clear passage of loving energy through the heart and act towards the other and act towards circumstance, that self then becomes a more vibrant and radiant beacon of love and hope and faith. When the self allows the self to release judgment or expectation, then the image becomes more clear and the scene about which becomes less distracted by the pieces of the illusion that are designed to separate. The self can become more free to spread that loving energy, manifest that compassion and forgiveness and acceptance, and impart upon others that gentle touch, that warm embrace that then can act as an incendiary action in that it can inspire other selves to find that peace within their hearts and to find that loving acceptance to see how much more beautiful and comfortable, attractive, and potent the experience can be when the titles and identifications that we use to separate us are released, and are gone.

As that cycle continues, the other-self inspiring more other-selves, the entity may begin to see that there is no reason for conflict; there’s no reason to separate or divide; to say you are you and I am me, or to draw that dividing line. And as that swells and grows outward, social, political, racial, religious—all various modes employed by your peoples at this time to compartmentalize souls—all of those no longer make sense and no longer fit into your experience effectively or efficiently. And without those dividing lines and without those boxes that we put each other into, the more easily the self can reach out the hand to the other-self, embrace the other-self, and restore that connection of love and unity and of acknowledging the Creator within each and within all.

It is possible, for all things are possible—that small steps of inner peace act as bright lights in this seemingly dark period, and that those bright lights can multiply and magnify the pure love and connection that is this whole experience. We feel that these are important things to keep in mind as entities upon your planet continue their walk of experience. We ask that you remind yourselves often of how sweet and loving the inner peace feels. Imagine your planet as a whole experiencing such warmth, such love, and visualize what that looks like.

Allow yourself to take steps in that direction and allow yourself to act as a living billboard, for lack of better phrasing, advertising the potential for peace that this planet is so surely capable of discovering. And as you walk this walk, we also ask that you remember to hold on to that love and allow grace for the process. For as we stated earlier, these are what you may call difficult times. Continually remind yourself of that inner peace and of the inner forgiveness when these times begin to feel more uncomfortable or when interactions with other-selves feel more confusing, more agitating and more disheartening. Return always to center, knowing that you hold immense positive power within your heart and that each entity upon this planet by function of their creatorship holds the key to the transition to the next density of experience.

At this time, we will take our leave of this instrument and transfer our contact to the one known as Kathy. We are those of Q’uo.

(Kathy channeling)

We are those of Q’uo and we are now with this instrument. Let us begin by echoing previous comments reflecting on the nature of inner peace and the nature of the transition to the higher frequencies of the entities upon your planet, and the planet itself—raising frequencies higher and higher where a natural sense of peace may be found.

An analogy for this can be seen in the idea of an aircraft upon your planet rising higher and higher as you experience in your travels from point to point across distances on your planet. It is commonly experienced that there may be noises and bumps and air currents that jostle the aircraft as it rises. Certainly the entity feels that they rise in their seats, but as the aircraft rises higher and higher your clouds and any wind or weather patterns that may have turbulence within them, disarray, and uncomfortableness such as has been alluded to previously—when one rises above that there is a sense of pure peace in that higher atmosphere that higher level where the sunshine breakthrough with clarity and light, where sounds recede to places down below, and where the ride is smooth all around. There seems to be a quietude, a peace, and an acceptance of life eternal.

Skirmishes and difficulties seen far below upon the surface of the earth and from this higher altitude, one experiences a peace without and within. This can be a metaphor for how your planet and the entities upon it are rising up through that more turbulent air to the peaceful air above it, which becomes—for a time that one is in the aircraft—a new reality. In your current transition as the Earth and its peoples rise up, this pure peace becomes the new reality as it is seen, taken into the heart, accepted, and lived.

When entities grow to feel and experience inner peace like what is experienced in those high altitudes of which we spoke—even while walking around on earth surface, with difficulty all around to the outer senses—the inner peace that an entity can feel growing within the heart space and the mind and the spirit becomes the new reality within the mind and spirit of that entity. Just like the spirit of the entity, the mind blending more and more with the light: the light within and all around, the Light of the Creator, and the love which imbues it with purpose and growth and beauty. Such peace born of that blending with the light is that eternal peace and is a beginning within each person as the song that was mentioned earlier shows. And that blending with the light that brings the awareness of the inner peace is projected outward from each entity.

As more and more entities do experience this peace born of light and love within themselves and is projected outward onto the field of their own experience, all the lights begin to blend together the light of the Creator and all the inner lights of all the entities. And it is in this space in which the inner peace and the outer peace become one thing no matter what else is going on around them. This is the higher frequency of the fourth density that is apparent on the surface of your planet in whatever condition. And the inner peace and the outer peace, full of light and love, are made more and more apparent. Peace becomes like that higher altitude of which we spoke a moment ago that one perceives from the windows of an aircraft high in the sky a quiet eternal loving peace that all living things can feel.

In this way it touches the experience and the hearts and minds of all. For the energy of this inner peace blending with the outer, stretches out everywhere across your space and time. It is in such manner that a tipping point may occur within the hearts and minds of each entity and on and on spreading outward such that the tipping point among all people begins to be felt. Every word and every thought that is made of love and that shines with the light of the Creator carries this frequency and is universal and touches all. Even in the seemingly darkest times upon your planet, this light exists and is going out among all Creation.

We are those of Q’uo. We have been with this instrument. We now transfer the contact to the one known as Austin.

(Austin channeling)

We are Q’uo. We are now with this instrument. We would take a moment to offer our appreciation and gratitude for this instrument and the circle in the diligence of tuning and challenging for these preparations in the process of channeling not only provide a certain protection within the circle, but create a sort of alignment of intentions amongst the gathered mind/body/spirit complexes and us, those of Q’uo. This shared intention empowers with each iteration of these processes and rituals. And this empowering widens the gateway of inspiration within each individual. It is this gateway of inspiration that allows us to interact with you in this way, by providing a certain foothold or anchor so that we may share our thoughts in more creative and meaningful ways, with each empowering of this circle’s intentions.

This alignment is related to the query that you have posed this evening. As we have spoken, the journey of your collective planet and population to the fourth density and to peace begins within the self and within the individual’s initial step towards manifesting this peace in one’s mind, body, and spirit, and among one’s own environment. As we examine the minds of those within the circle this evening, and among the gathered seekers who are aware of our words, we find that the current circumstances upon your planet cause many individuals to question how this desire for peace within the self may be brought to bear upon a planetary level, for the suffering experienced by so many upon your planet—not only from acts of bellicosity, but for many distortions present within your social complex—create a sense of burden and urgency within the individual.

We commiserate with this burden, my friends, for it is one that we share with you. We are the Brothers and Sisters of Sorrow, who are called to this planet because of this sorrow experienced by those upon your planet. And the conundrum that you find yourself in desiring to bring about the light of peace and manifest the love of fourth density upon your planet, yet feeling as an individual approaching such an insurmountable task as inadequate is unique to your circumstances within third density, for you are not aware of the resounding effects of this desire upon the metaphysical realms, and the influence that you as an individual may have upon your planet by addressing your inner disharmonies, your inner bellicosity, your inner distortions, and seeking to heal the self of these confusions.

Doing so offers to your planetary vibration a potential greater than you could imagine for similar healing to be brought to bear upon an outer level, both within your direct environment, and even upon a planetary level. We encourage individuals pondering this seeming conundrum to examine their desire for peace against a backdrop of what distortions may still be ingrained within them on individual and social levels, for we find, upon your planet particularly, that the so-called baggage carried by each individual is not easily discarded, and may often hide deep within the self due to generations upon generations of confusion and trauma. These difficulties experienced throughout the ages upon your planet are, in a sense, being brought to bear in this moment as your social complex struggles to sort out, may we say, these distortions in order for the fourth density to be born within your social complex and upon your planet.

We realize that as we communicate this dynamic, the task might seem quite heavy and urgent. But we encourage you to not allow this to overwhelm you, and to remember and maintain your faith that you are the Creator—the same Creator that has birthed the creation about you, the same Creator that has manifested all of the beauty experienced by all individuals throughout time. This power resides within you. And if you may remember the tiniest fraction of this power, the transformation available to you is indescribable. By addressing these inner distortions, you may manifest an inner peace and reconcile the barriers within your own mind that perceives others as perhaps not as much of the Creator as yourself or as others—even as you look upon your other selves and see certain attitudes or activities, including ones that even speak to great harm or potential for harm. We find that among your peoples it is very easy to forget that all are the Creator when the potential for harm or destruction is present. We believe it is imperative for those seeking peace to remember and to constantly seek to reinforce that even those who seek to do harm are the Creator, and that while a response of love may be unique to each situation, it is love that will transform any disharmony and bring the Light of the Creator to bear.

This, we understand, is not a simple or easy task upon your planet. It is designed within third density that you must, in order to grow in a spiritual sense, interact with a multitude of other-selves, each with their own unique set of distortions. And we understand that to share a message of peace and of love in all situations may be seen as even controversial. To your peers, the message of peace may seem illogical when the potential for harm or destruction appears imminent. We may not offer a solution to this third density logic, may we say, for that is the task of the third density entity to sort out. But we may say that, in the attempt to solve the conundrum of offering peace in opposition to bellicosity when bellicosity seemingly overcomes peace, that to dedicate oneself so wholeheartedly to peace and to join others in this dedication widens the pathways of inspiration and manifests a certain light that can act as a catalyst that transforms not only the self, but has a great potential to transform the aggressor and to transform those who have dug in and dedicated themselves to division to imposing their control upon the world.

It is our sincere belief that many upon your planet who hold these attitudes [of aggression and division] do so out of confusion and not malice, and when confronted with a light of peace so bright that it is undeniable, it may awaken within the heart of the other-self a recognition of sincere peace and sincere love so that potential harm or destruction may be averted. If not in the moment, then through later reconciliation.

This is how, in our view, the so-called tipping point of fourth density may manifest upon your planet. As the desire grows among seekers to discover and share peace with the world and seekers gather to empower each other in sharing this message, there is a certain momentum and a certain attraction or magnetism that begins to manifest that pushes your planet towards this tipping point. This tipping point, if put into the context of numbers and percentages, does not have to be a majority. In fact, while we cannot offer a specific number, it is actually quite small. A [small] collective of individuals sincerely seeking peace and attempting to offer that peace to the world may influence the world in a drastic manner, and begin manifesting environments that allow the transformation of other individuals within your social complex to awaken to the desire for peace.

This then addresses the seeming conundrum of the sinkhole of indifference. Once there is a certain mass of seeking for peace upon your planet, the environment that sustains the cycle of indifference begins to dissipate and the light manifested by those seeking for peace may be more readily perceived and accepted and generate the inner catalyst necessary for all upon your planet to align their intentions towards peace, towards love, towards understanding—and it is through this alignment that the fourth density is born upon your planet. It is in this alignment that the social memory complex is realized, and it is in this alignment that the inspiration necessary for the healing of your peoples and your planet may be found. The answers are not readily apparent and they will not come from any external source, but be found within the heart of each individual as these hearts unify and become one.

We are with you in this process. The Confederation of Planets in Service to the One Infinite Creator holds each individual upon your planet in love and offers our sincerest and deepest love and light. This offering may be accepted and utilized by those who consciously seek it, call for it, and—as this group has done—align their intentions with ours.

We will leave this instrument now and transfer the contact to the one known as Jim to conclude this circle for this evening. We are Q’uo.

(Jim channeling)

I am Q’uo and once again with this instrument. We are most grateful for each channel’s efforts this evening. You are always such an inspiration to us, as you continue to improve your desire to be of service to others via the art of channeling. And we feel that each was moving from the area of the open heart this evening, which added an increased emphasis to the message which we had to offer through each channel. This is what we would describe as the ideal situation for making a message more pertinent and valuable—that one becomes the message. One becomes the love and the light that is necessary on your earth at this time for all to seek and to find and to shine forth to each other. As the Creator within each basks in this glorious love and impeccable light that which it has given to the world, to the universe, to the creation, and each of you as a significant portion of the creation and the Creator have done a magnificent job this evening of shining that light forth in each word.

At this time, we would take our leave of visitors and this group leaving each the love, the light, the power, the unity, and the peace of the One Infinite Creator. We are known to you as those of Q’uo. Adonai vasu borragus.