Focus upon the true self; group aid in healing; other names for higher-density groupings; the difference between love and compassion.

[The recorder hadn’t been activated for the main question of this session, unfortunately. The question was along the lines of why seekers are feeling loneliness and disconnection on the spiritual journey, and is it possible when seekers come together that they might form a social memory complex? The recorder picks up with smaller, individual questions.]

(Jim channeling)

I am Q’uo, and am once again with this instrument. We have spoken at some length about the nature of groups, their formation, their purpose, and their abilities to advance in consciousness as a group. And at this time, we would ask if there are any follow up questions in this regard?

Yes, I would like you, if you would just speak to the possibility of your focus. When you do have a physical thing or anomaly or whatever that you focus upon, how do you bring your focus to your true core or your true self? And not to put aside your physical, but to not make it as important as it has been most of your life. Or at least in my case. Would you speak to that, please? I don’t know if that’s a question or not.

(Jim channeling)

I am Q’uo, and am aware of your query, my brother. Each person within the third-density illusion will have the catalyst from time to time of physical, mental, or emotional distortions that tend to take the attention and the focus of one’s consciousness away from the primary goal of each third-density seeker of truth, which is to discover the spiritual journey that has as its goal the unification of the seeker with the One Creator within.

When there is catalyst of a distracting nature, whether mental, emotional or physical, this catalyst may be seen as a means of reminding the spiritual seeker that there is still a distance to be traveled in order to realize the spiritual quality of any catalyst that might occur to one within the third-density illusion. This catalyst is that which has as its purpose a reminder that there is a great deal more to one’s life experience than the experience of the catalyst. One may, as a means of self-discovery, move within the meditative states and see how the catalyst of whatever distortion is manifesting is becoming a potential for a further realization of the spiritual journey.

If you ask in meditation, what is the purpose? What is the solution? What is the fruit of the catalyst? There is the possibility that that still small voice within which is the Creator will respond by giving you the overview, the greater picture that exists within each person’s life, so that you may put into perspective the catalytic effects of whatever distortion you feel in mind, body or emotions, and find that there is yet, and always will be, the primary spiritual effort to seek and serve the One Creator in all, including within the self, and to go forth in whatever way is indicated most helpful for you by that still small voice within.

Each has this ability to utilize any catalyst of difficulties and distortions that one may experience upon the spiritual path. This is the means by which such may gain understanding and reunification with that spiritual journey that one is on at all times. Is there a further query, by brother?

Are there other factors other than anger or need for forgiveness that may underlie this particular malady?

I am Q’uo, and am aware of your query, my brother. In the general sense, there are no other factors other than the need for forgiveness and the removal of anger for the experience of what you call cancer. However, each person who has this quality of distortion may travel the path of forgiveness and anger in an unique way which would need to be discovered, so that the anger and forgiveness could be seen as the true means by which the cancer was acquired and then healed.

Is there another query at this time?

So, I hear that when we have a malady, when we have a cancer to go inward and seek our Creator’s voice for guidance. Is there any merit in a collective of people coming together to aid in the help of a particular person’s healing?

I am Q’uo, and am aware of your query, my sister. Indeed, this type of group assistance is one of the great values of any effort that a group may make when it is dedicated to a particular outcome of helping one who is in the throes of cancer to understand more of the facets of how this may be addressed, so that the group energies may be focused upon the most effective manner of the experience of the cancer, the manifestation of the cancer, the potentials of various forms of healing of the cancer, be they forgiveness of self or other self or both.

At this time, we will transfer this contact to the one known as Austin. If you may ask if there are further queries. We are those of Q’uo.

(Austin channeling)

I am Q’uo and am again with this instrument. Is there a further query to which we may respond in the circle?

This question comes from Doug. In the disclosure field of study, the name Galactic Federation is often used. In what way is the Galactic Federation related to the Confederation for which Q’uo comes?

I’m Q’uo, and am aware of the query, my sister. This is a somewhat difficult question for us to respond to, for it involves some barriers to the Law of Confusion, as we understand it, and speaking to various bodies of work, such as channeling, and offering our evaluation through the instruments in this circle of other instrument’s work. We may say generally that the art and this dance of channeling through instruments is often imprecise and is better viewed as a sharing of concepts, particularly those of a spiritual nature. The language used to describe these concepts can vary from instrument to instrument.

This particular circle, now known as L/L Research, has a very well-established legacy of channeling the Confederation in Service to the One Infinite Creator, using particular protocols and particular language that has been crystallized through the various decades of this service of channeling. There may be some correlations and similarities to the terminologies used by this circle that are portrayed with different language through other channels. However, we cannot speak specifically to the name presented, for we find that it has been used both to indicate the same entity known as the Confederation of Planets in Service to the One Infinite Creator, but also used in what might be called mixed contact. And we may not speak specifically to these instances, but rather encourage the seeker to evaluate such information not on the specifics of language, but on the resonance within the heart and through the lens of true discernment by the seeker.

Is there another query to which we may respond?

The word love is used frequently in Law of One, but love has become a buzzword in our culture. It can mean romance, marriage, charity, pity or any number of things. The term compassion seems much richer and suggests service to others. Can you please speak to what you see as the difference between love and compassion?

I am Q’uo, and I am aware of the query, my brother. Related to the dynamics of language, as we were touching upon in our previous response, we find that a query such as this is insightful, for it asks the seeker to examine the use of language and the precision of language, to address concepts that, in their deepest sense, are beyond language. We find this method of examination useful, in that it aids the seeker in contemplating for the self what these concepts may mean in their own journey.

For instance, we reflect to the question that the term love, as described as a so-called buzzword, has very broad use in your own language, but may be incredibly meaningful on an individual level, to any number of seekers. And so, while the language in a broad sense may seem to be diluted, it may still hold incredible value and meaning in a more specific sense. So we encourage any who seek upon this path of dissecting and examining language to remain open to the flow of language and the ever-dynamic nature of words, and how they may describe your journey of seeking.

To speak more specifically to your question of these two terms, we do find that love in your language is used in a very broad sense to indicate many types of desire to recognize the Creator within the creation. While the term compassion implies an active aspect of that love that is pointed, in a specific sense, to service, we find this distinction useful for it is the purpose of third density to make the choice of service to others, and the term compassion, as you have defined it, and as we find is most used within your culture, allows for that active choice to be primary, a need to not just love in a broad sense but to put that love into action in each moment, and find in each moment how one may manifest love through compassion and through the choice of service to others.

We thank you, my brother for this question. And we thank the circle for coming together this afternoon. We now take leave of this instrument and we transfer one last time to the instrument known as Jim. We are Q’uo.

(Jim channeling)

I am Q’uo and am once again with this instrument. At this time, we would thank all of those attendees who gathered this afternoon to share their love and light with each other and with the One Creator within all. This is always the greatest inspirations for us to see how you move about within your third-density illusion powered by love, seeking the light, and sharing the unity of all creation.

We would take our leave of this group and this instrument at this time. We leave you all in the love and the light of the One Infinite Creator. Adonai vasu borragus.