Experiences of increased catalyst; how first responders can maintain perspective in the midst of chaos; the value of hypnotic regression; using medicine to alleviate pain as opposed to using the pain as catalyst.

(Jim channeling)

I am Q’uo, and am with this instrument. We greet each of you in the love and in the light of the One Infinite Creator, who exists in all things and all people. It is our great honor to be called to your circle of seeking today, to speak to those queries which you have for us, that give us the opportunity to share some of our path of seeking with you. For we are as you: seekers of truth. And we would suggest that, as we are like you, we are not infallible on what we have to say. We would ask that you use your own discrimination to determine whether the words and concepts we share with you have value in your spiritual journey at this time. If there are any that do not, we would ask you to lay them aside and think not a second thought about them and use only those words and concepts that speak to your heart, that speak to your journey that you are on now. With that disclaimer and favor that we ask, we may speak more freely knowing that you will use your discrimination as is always a good thing to do.

At this time, we would ask if there’s a query with which we may begin.

Some students of the Law of One met this week, and all of us are currently struggling in multiple aspects of life, including spiritually. Is there something significant about the timing of this? And what can we do to better persevere and get through this time of catalyst?

I am Q’uo and am aware of your query, my sister. You speak of the time of the ending of the third-density illusion on planet Earth. 75,000 years have passed, and there has been a great deal of seeking the truth of one’s nature, of one’s journey, and how to pursue that seeking of truth.

At this time, there is much of what you call catalyst in which we would agree is, shall we say, grist for the mill—food for growth. Much catalyst that seems to divide one against another, to confuse many concepts and thoughts about the value of different philosophies and ways of being. Much of anger that has as its basis the inability to accept another point of view, another way of looking upon the purpose of life and the way to live it.

All of this catalyst and so much more that deals with seeming differences between one and another is that kind of experience that one can expect upon a planet such as your Earth, as you call it, that has so many people from so many other third-density planets who have failed to make the graduation upon those planets and have chosen this planet as the one in which they shall live and move and have their being and seek once again; to be able to open the heart in unconditional love in the majority of time and experiences that they share with each other. This is most difficult for most of the people on Earth at this time for the differences seem pronounced. There does not seem to be a unifying philosophy that can illustrate the unity of the creation.

The creation is made by the power of love. The creation that is formed as light. So, all entities are actually made of love and light and are part of the One Creator. That this basic principle has not been apprehended makes the catalyst at this time stronger than ever, more difficult than ever, to be able to utilize as food for spiritual growth. For in general, most people at previous times within this incarnational pattern of Earth had been able to utilize their catalyst more successfully, for it was not as intense, not as widespread. These latter years have created a situation in which, if it were possible for all of the catalysts on Earth at this time to be used in a meaningful fashion, that the entire planet itself and all this population could move forward into the fourth density of love and understanding. That is the amount of catalyst that would, shall we say, do the trick. But as you know, this is not at present seeming to occur, because there is so much division, so much confusion, so much anger, so much separation.

For each individual seeker of truth, we would recommend that you utilize your personal catalyst in your daily round of activities, to become able to move forward on your own spiritual journey of opening your heart in unconditional love. As you open your heart in unconditional love by the use of this catalyst, you allow a portion of the river of love that has created the entire universe to move through you and out into your daily round of activities so that you share that love, that light, that is within all, and you allow it to move with you as you interact with your brothers and sisters on planet Earth. Knowing that they may not have the same success as you, but you can share with them the love that is the product of using your personal catalyst, not concerning yourself with the mass hysteria and hypnotism on planet Earth that makes people think they are separate one from another.

Your own catalyst is that which is helpful to you. You need not take on the catalyst of the world around you. That can only be affected by doing your own inner spiritual work, using your catalyst as food for growth, becoming able to shine with the light and love of the One Infinite Creator, and then be able to move into the fourth density of love and understanding, hoping that your brothers and sisters upon the Earth will be able at some point to do the same with their own catalyst. For this is the great work. This is the spiritual journey. This is what all have come to do, and you can play your part as you have done so well.

At this time, we will transfer this contact to the one known as Kathy. We are those of Q’uo.

(Kathy channeling)

We are those of Q’uo and we are now with this instrument. And is there another query to which we may respond at this time?

Yes. First responders respond to traumatic events and they must use their ego and brain in their training to keep themselves safe. They issue catalysts; their instruments issue catalysts to other people. How can these first responders better identify with their higher self in the midst of chaos rather than defaulting to negativity or judgment?

We are aware of your query, my sister. We are aware of the response within self on many levels to the issue about which you speak.

We would say to you first that although it may appear that the egoic brain, as you would refer to it—the conscious, the trained mental aspect of your being—is in charge of a response to an event, traumatic or in various forms or less so. But we ask you, perhaps in your meditations that may prepare you for each day or in your times before sleep when you may review the day just passed, that you may remind yourself and all other responding officers such as yourself, that you are a greater entity than just the conscious mind that is trained so well in your field to keep yourself and others safe, to protect and to serve the people that you serve. That there is a greater reason you chose this career, as you speak of it. It is more than a job. It is a calling. It is a service. It is service to others. And in that capacity, your greater being, what we may call the entity that is you, includes your higher self and the wisdom therefrom includes your heart, your spirit, the very essence of your being (your soul, as we may term it for this purpose of discussion).

All of these contain the light and the love that is you. And these aspects of self help your egoic brain in the moment, help that part of you that is responding in such quick fashion as needed. We would ask you to become aware more and more throughout your day of this totality of your being. This higher self that is watching over you, helping you even in those instantaneous moments of response, that part of you that loves unconditionally is also present in those moments and all moments in between.

We are aware of this as your being. We are aware of your capacity to love and to let love govern every action. You may consider in your daily meditations or time before sleep setting up an intention, an awareness, or whatever may be comfortable to call it, an idea that you will carry with you throughout your work, throughout your day. An awareness of this wholeness of your being so that love can be the guiding principle, the supporting force, the presence that you most need in these moments of response so that all parts of you can function in a way in which you are satisfied with this harmony that is you with your work that it brings you a greater sense of peace in how you may conduct this work. For at this time upon the planet, this work that you perform so well, is very much needed.

It is true that you, and each one here, and each one on this planet at this time, has come here to learn love. It is a lifetime’s work, but it does bring peace and joy and more harmony the more that the practice and the acceptance and the giving of love is learned.

We may say that your profession of first responders, acting in a moment’s time, is a very blessed profession in which the strongest form of love is performed in your line of duty. You are perhaps more in touch with the idea of love and of service than many are. And so, we thank you for your query. We hope this perspective that we have offered has been of help.

We now transfer this contact to the one known as Gary. We are those of Q’uo and we thank you for this opportunity to be with you.

(Gary channeling)

We are those known to you as the principle of Q’uo and we greet this circle once again with gratitude to all who have stepped aside from the patterns and routines of their daily cycles to focus upon the seeking of the Creator and the nurturing of the being in a way that is unique to each. Not foremost by listening to our words, humble as they may be, but by coming together in harmony and in support of one another, receiving each with compassion as each communicates selfhood in an atmosphere of empathy, inclusivity, and non-judgement. This feeds not only your soul but radiates outward, creating a wave of light that wraps around your world, adding more light for those among your brothers and sisters who also seek.

At this time, this instrument is properly warmed. We ask if there is a query to which we may speak. We are those of Q’uo.

Carla Rueckert wrote about a boy who was deemed by his higher self to have learned his lesson for the reason for his serious allergies in his current incarnation during a session of hypnotic regression. Do you recommend this technique for obtaining immediate learning in addition to meditation?

We are those known to you as Q’uo and we appreciate this query, my brother. We understand why any among your seeking population may wish to know that which we endorse or do not endorse or recommend or do not recommend. We certainly have opinions and perspective, but we would always first counsel that the seeker consult with their own heart to locate that which is most appropriate and true for themselves in this moment. It may—we correct this instrument—what comes up may not be enduringly true for the self, it may only be a momentary or stepping stone to the next step, and the next, but we always encourage each to follow their hearts.

In terms of the focus of this question about the value of that which you call hypnotherapy for excavating that which is hidden in the deeper strata of the self, hidden that is from the conscious-aware waking mind, there is certainly great value in this particular technique as a tool among other tools for that great work of knowing and, inextricably, accepting the self.

The experience of the conscious mind is something of the candle held in a dark environment. The illumination of that single flame where the attention is placed is quite limited relative to the expansive, even infinite nature of the container within which one operates. Much, much is hidden about the self and its journey prior to this seeming moment in time. Much, much is misunderstood about the nature of the self, its desires, and its apprehension of its lessons and catalysts with this limited point of view.

So, it may be appropriately said that the seeker is upon a journey to expand that point of view; to see more of the self and the creation; to illuminate the patterns of self which befuddle not only the self, but likely others within the vicinity of the self. Indeed, the long trajectory of spiritual seeking itself, even unto our illusory stage and the realm of consciousness which we know, is an unbroken, continuing journey of moving from the known into the unknown. As broadly as we have expanded our own point of view to include and experience things far outside of the purview of your present conscious experience, yet there is unknown ahead for us, shall we say. We always move toward mystery.

And you within your illusory third-density experience have means to make available to your conscious mind that which is unknown or hidden or concealed. And we, to this instrument’s appreciation, circle back to the question of hypnotherapy itself as one such means, and would certainly commend this to the seeker who feels a magnetic pull to this means. Each must find their own [method which will] not always apply equally to all entities. In hypnotherapy one is able to, shall we say, lay aside—or put to sleep one could even say—the overly busy, hectic, even chaotic thinking mind as it is often experienced by your vehicles. This thinking mind has a way, especially when compulsive and attached to various pursuits and thought-forms, of obscuring the deeper nature of the self, distracting the self from its intended mission and lessons. Allowing this thinking mind to rest in a surrendered state of focus can open a channel to the deeper mind, allowing that deeper mind to reveal more of itself and its hidden content, shall we say.

As with all things, the information derived from such a pursuit needs to be analyzed, sat with, and contemplated. For all information must be assessed by the conscious mind. We suggest a level of openness and trust, but not trust without some form of respectful skeptical inquiry as to this information, how it relates to the self, what it may mean, how it may be applied, and so forth. [With] those careful processes of discernment seen to, great gems can be unearthed from beneath the soil of self.

It is not a magic key, shall we say, that will unlock every mystery and solve every riddle of the self. The being that you are does not reveal itself completely simply through a technique or a method, no matter how vigorously pursued. For the revelation on the deeper level comes through the successful processing, integrating, and loving of the catalyst which arises for the self.

As with all seekers prior to incarnation, a curriculum was set for you, my brother, which, with a full and earnest heart, you hoped to undertake and learn in the coming incarnation. Time and patience are helpful allies in this journey of learning, and hypnotherapy can certainly be one tool among others to help facilitate this learning as one piece in the context of a larger journey. But as your story illustrates, in certain circumstances, when the self is ready, a session or a series of sessions can help that conscious mind to come into contact with its deeper understanding and even pierce through a blockage which may otherwise impede or impair the sight.

In the long run, shall we say, meditation is one of the most powerful and effective methods for your self-revelation and for helping to remove the hard armor around the heart that may inoculate the self from the forgiveness that the deeper being is yearning for from the conscious mind and the whole being. In meditation, one is tabernacling with the Creator. One is moving toward infinity from a place of seeming finity. One is building a bridge such that it, if continued in a regular and disciplined fashion, becomes more than method, it becomes a way of life; it becomes the means by which one engages in that study of being.

In closing, we would express appreciation for that impulse within your heart and with the hearts of all those gathered to seek. As those of Ra have described, many upon your planet are rather stuck in what they call the sinkhole of indifference. You, my friends, have shaken yourself from that indifference and are quite committed and dedicated to polarizing your consciousness—learning your lessons and serving others that you may become the light which you seek, which you feel calling to you from the great unknown. We applaud your efforts and also express empathy with the frustrations of your limitations, and in the mysterious nature of the suffering which often arises for you.

At this time, we will transfer our contact to the one known as Trisha. We are those known to you as Q’uo.

(Trisha channeling)

We are those of Q’uo and we are now with this instrument. We would like to repeat, through this instrument, sentiments that were shared by the previous instrument. Those sentiments being ones of gratitude and appreciation for the security and the support and the grace this gathering, this circle of fellow seekers, have afforded these instruments in what they would consider a challenging or frightening step forward in their practice.

Through this instrument, we would share her sincere feelings of being held and uplifted, fully seen and fully held. We would like to speak to that gratitude. However, we feel that the depth and vividness of that vibrancy of that gratitude is beyond description. And through this instrument we would like to share that this instrument is appreciative of her fellow channels as well, and that she sits with immense pride and inspiration for their bravery, to balance the open heart with the wisdom of discernment, and to stand with humble courage. To be meek, but to be brave. And that this balance of environment—the one of support, empowerment, love, and combined seeking—is one of much potency. That the light shines brightly in this gathering, in this contact, which we are participating in this evening. At this time, we would ask if there is a final query to which we may speak.

Yes, I have a query. And I’m dealing with some pretty heavy-duty catalyst in the last couple of years. And whilst I’m going to the regular doctors and all that, they’re giving me stuff that only seems to make it worse. But anyway, my question is, if you have a catalyst like this, and you find something that helps to alleviate the pain of this catalyst—and in my case, it’s having a few puffs off my marijuana pipe at night, but is it better to face this catalyst head on? Which I do, but I also kind of hide I guess, behind the weed a little bit?

And I’m just wondering if it’s better to meet this head on and let that which alleviates it go because I think that it just does slow down my spiritual progress. And I’m not sure of that, but anyway, is it better just to meet it head on or if there’s something such as marijuana, which slows down some of the symptoms and my ability to deal with it mainly? Which would be the best approach not just for me, but for anyone. I hope that’s a coherent question.

We are those of Q’uo and we are aware and appreciative of your question my brother.

Indeed, this experience of a catalyst, this particular flavor of catalyst, if you will, which you experience is undoubtedly a heavy and challenging one. Your words speak of the pain of the experience. And we can understand the desire for relief, for a moment of breathing freely, a moment of respite, a moment to be able to relax and gather one’s wits, if you will. And though the flavor and hue of your catalyst is unique to yourself [and] to your experience, we hope that we can provide some level of comfort in knowing that this desire to find relief from intense discomfort is a hallmark of the entities of this planet at this time, of those dancing within this confusing and deeply veiled illusion.

To be able to state if one path is better or more valued than another would, we shall say, not fully grasp or fully view the journey of that experience, for either path is valid, be it the facing of the pain or be it the use of plant medicine to alleviate that pain. And so, we suggest that the self sit with these two paths and evaluate them on a universal scale, if you will, removing the judgment for one path over the other and viewing them as equally valid and equally potent. Asking the self if the facing of the pain head-on provides the lessons to which you would desire to learn, to see what fruit there is to harvest from that pain and to balance that with the observation of what that experience of pain may be.

For in this illusion, we can only understand that experiencing pain is incredibly difficult. It is an all-encompassing sensation, often preventing the self from being present and aware of the larger self, the cosmic self, the Creator side of self. And it is difficult at times when in that experience to remember that the pain is but a fleeting sensation, that it is not an experience which will follow the soul into eternity. Now, we say that with a grain of salt, because we know through this instrument’s experiences as we analyze them that it is not so simple as recognizing the pain as being fleeting. And so, we also honor and see the beauty, the potential catalyst and learning, that can come from the use of plant medicine for the alleviation of physical pain, that the self wishes to be rid of this pain to be more present in this incarnation.

And sometimes these medicines, be them plant or pharmacological, can unfortunately be catalysts within themselves that can muddy or make less vibrant the experience. They can block access to the higher self to the spiritual side of self. And to that end, we would simply suggest again the overview perspective of your two paths, and ask the self, “What lessons can be mined from either?” From the catalyst of facing pain directly and surely the service that that provides self and other self to tend to one another. But additionally, the path of alleviation and seeing how the serving of self in that experience potentially allows the self to better serve other selves as well. To be able to gauge the opportunities on either side for personal growth, for soul evolution, and for providing ripe opportunities for the soul to be tended to, to be loved, to be cared for.

This incarnational experience of which you speak is one that is pregnant, we shall say, with potential. We don’t mean to sound unsympathetic or unempathetic, for we know that it is challenging, and we feel for that pain and that struggle, my brother. And we would humbly suggest as a final potential avenue of exploration that the self, in moments of pain, practice faith, that the self open the self to accepting the care and the love of others, and that the self be gentle with the self when desiring and needing those moments of relief, and allowing the self to experience those.

Perhaps what we are saying is that this combination, this struggle of two paths, is itself the path. That these two struggles—the uncertainty, the balancing—is inherently the lesson. Though these paths may seem to go in separate directions, ultimately they lead back into the oneness, into the unity. For my brother, you cannot, on a cosmic, universal level, make a mistake in this experience, for it is all grist for the mill. It is all food for growth. It is all divine. And it is all there for the taking.

Before we leave this instrument, we would simply like to leave this instrument and this particular question with a reminder that we are always and ever available. We are your brothers and sisters from afar. If ever support and help is desired or needed, know that we are but a metaphysical phone call away, if you will. Do not hesitate to call upon us. Though you may not always feel it, our arms are ever around you, our hands ever upon your back, and our steps always and ever beside your own. And we are immensely grateful to share in that journey with you.

At this time, we shall take our leave of this instrument and transfer our contact to the one known as Jim, that we may close out our experience with this channeling circle. We are those of Q’uo.

(Jim channeling)

I am Q’uo and am again with this instrument. We would like to thank each of the instruments today for offering themselves in the service of giving words and thoughts to the questions being asked upon us. We feel that each has come a great distance in the learning of the art of channeling. We would also like to thank those who are gathered here in support of the channels and who are seeking information and aid in their own spiritual journeys. This is the way we feel is most helpful in many instances for those who feel that the spiritual path is best traveled together. For there are many who have suggestions, alternatives, inspirational messages, to share with each other on the spiritual path. We are only one of those sources. We counsel you to travel with your spiritual friends whenever possible, for you are much more liable to find that which you seek when together you seek.

We are most inspired by all of your efforts at traveling your spiritual journeys. The third-density illusion in which you now exist is one of which the veil of forgetting does its job well. So easy it is to forget that we are all one and we are made of love and light. That our journey of seeking is to open our hearts in love to each other. For when we do that, we open our hearts in love to the One within each other. And the love that the One Infinite Creator flows through freely carries us on our journey even further and more effectively.

At this time, we will take our leave of this instrument and this group, leaving you as we found you in love and in light. We are known to you as those of Q’uo. Adonai vasu borragus.