Group question: Is loving your enemies a conscious choice in the moment, or is it a state of being that is arrived at after managing to fully open the heart? Can you please speak to how we can come to love anyone that we feel difficult to love?

(Jim channeling)

I am Q’uo, and am with this instrument at this time. We greet each of you, my friends, in the love and in the light of the One Infinite Creator. We thank you for calling us to your circle this afternoon to speak to you of the Confederation principles that have been so much a part of this group for many years. The question this evening is one that we would preface by suggesting that as we answer this question, you use your power of discrimination to evaluate what we have to say in your own way. If anything does not ring of truth to you, leave that concept or word aside and take only that word or those concepts which have meaning to you, and use them as you will on your spiritual journey. This is the favor that we ask perennially, so that we may speak freely to you knowing that you will use your own discrimination, and that we will not provide any stumbling blocks for you on your spiritual path.

The question this afternoon is one which is of great value at this time to all people on Earth, most especially to spiritual seekers such as you who are conscious of the journey that you are making. For within the world around you, there is much opposition, one to another for various means, concepts, beliefs, and practices.

This is a third-density illusion that has gone further than most in finding the seeming separation of the One Creator to be that which seems to be quite real, each then seeing itself as being somewhat separated, one from another for a variety of reasons. So, there are those which seem to be enemies and seem to be that which one might not wish to accept for many of your peoples. For there is little feeling within the heart as to the nature of all beings, being of the One Infinite Creator; being, as those of Ra have said, your other self; being that which is the same as yourself, the One Creator, that exists within each entity—thus, deserving the love and light of each other entity. However, the veil of forgetting within your third-density illusion works oh-so well so that this is not even beginning to be apparent to so many other peoples at this time.

So, what shall the conscious spiritual seeker of truth do in order to find a resonance, a forgiveness, an identity with any who could be considered an enemy? This is a practice which may be achieved in a number of ways depending upon the unique nature of each spiritual seeker of truth. The way which has been suggested by many and in the query tonight is to make this a practice over a period of what you call time so that you might, over time, find within yourself a greater and greater ability to accept all about you that may be seeming to be other than yourself, maybe seeming to be in opposition to you, maybe seeming to be, what you would call, an enemy. So, what is an enemy then? It is within your illusion one which may provide opposition to you, one which may cause you harm, one which may distort your experience in some way or another.

Within your spiritual practice and most especially within your meditative practices, we would recommend that you look at any entity that you might describe as an enemy—for whatever reason that there might be in your spiritual journey within your interaction with such entities, if there is a class of being that you would see as enemy, or an individual that you may see as an enemy—look at those entities and see within yourself if there is anything within you that is mirrored by that entity back to you so that you feel that there is the state of being an enemy within that person. Then look within yourself, and see if that quality that has described that person as an enemy to you in your own mind, if perchance there is some means by which you may look upon that quality within yourself and feel forgiveness for it, feel an enhanced appreciation of it for having some quality within its own beingness and in the way it expresses itself that has caused you to feel it might be that which you call, enemy.

Then when you seek within yourself to find that quality, look upon it as a portion, not just as a portion of another entity, but as yourself and as many others perhaps as well. This is a practice which can let you know that whatever quality in any entity that might define it as an enemy to you is actually a quality that you can find within yourself and find forgiveness, acceptance, unconditional love. This is a means by which you might transform that person within your own perception, so that you see with new eyes. You open your heart with love and accept both that quality in yourself and that person, so that the enemy no longer is an enemy. That you see them as a portion of yourself as One Infinite Creator that has made all that there is, that it might learn from itself and by itself and through your actions. Thusly do you serve the One Creator, your enemy, and yourself.

At this time, we will transfer this contact to the one known as Austin. We are those of Q’uo.

(Austin channeling)

I am Q’uo, and I am now with this instrument. We would offer our extreme joy and gratitude to this circle through this instrument. For we join this circle and share in the love and the light that has been generated over these past few days that you have joined together in seeking and in open hearts. We have been with you, as we are drawn to the joy and light generated as you come together, and the love flows freely and openly between each other-self here.

In contemplating and imagining how you may come to love those who seem to be your enemy, those who seem to be more difficult to love, we ask you to remember moments such as this, where the love flows freely. Where it seems almost impossible to label any other self as an enemy, to remember the joy of coming together in this setting, and recognize that this is the nature of creation. This is the nature of the Creator, and the Creator is within each here and within any who you may find difficulty in loving.

However, we understand that, as you go back to your daily round of activities, return to your lives with such busyness, such a whirlwind of societal issues and disagreements and conundrums and so many pressing situations that seem to drive division among self and other-self, that the love that flows so freely is not always as accessible.

To explore this notion, we would go back to a point in time in the evolution of the Creator within this octave before what you know as the veil of forgetting was discovered. The entities within the third density during this period of evolution of your octave experienced the free flow of love and joy similarly as you have experienced here. And it is a state that we are honored to exist within [in] our density, for we do not have the gift of the veil of forgetting.

We call this a gift because those entities who existed [prior to] this veiling, though the love may flow freely and each other-self may reflect the face of the Creator back to self with ease and without any contention, this was an insignificant experience for each entity, for there was no other mode of being. There was no contrast with which to experience the creation. There was no difficulty to overcome, and so that free flow of love and joy became what you could call a stagnation. It was an experience for the Creator that was not as significant as was hoped for by the Logoi who designed the archetypical mind of these entities.

And so, as the sub-Logoi progressed in experimenting and offering the love and the light of the Creator to their own creations, the veil of forgetting was discovered. This precipitated the most significant and important development of your octave, and the Creator began to experience itself in a more essential and meaningful way. And it is because of this development that you can even begin to conceive of any other-self as an enemy, that you can even begin to consider that any entity is more difficult to love than any other entity. This may seem more of a curse than a gift, as we have called it. However, it is because of this challenge presented by the veil of forgetting that the love discovered within such a state became significant and struck to the heart of the Creator, because this love was found without the knowledge of the Creator. And so, it was as a new discovery within the creation, and this is the experience the Creator desired. And it is this desire that spawned the creation, the entire reason the Creator cast itself out and created what you experience as the creation—so that this essential experience could be discovered as if it were new, as if it were fresh.

As you contemplate what it means to love an enemy, what it means to love any who seem more difficult to love, we ask you to remember that desire and hold on to that desire. We believe that that desire that you have to love through a difficult situation is itself the love of the Creator. And the process of discovering that love for those who seem unlovable is indeed just that: a process, that unfolds for a reason. If you feel that you have failed, if you feel that labeling any as an enemy is contradictory to your heart’s desire, we encourage you to have patience with yourself, to come to understand yourself as a veiled being with your own intricacies, with your own biases. Hold these biases in love with the understanding that they exist within you for a divine reason, and that the challenge that you have presented to yourself by incarnating into an environment where love seems not to flow so freely is indeed a divine aspect of the Creator’s plan for you and for the creation and for the Creator itself.

As you go through this process that we have described in attempting to realize that those you look upon are simply a reflection of the Creator and of you and all that you cast your gaze upon may be seen both outwardly and inwardly, we ask that you protect that flame of desire to love, and always use it as a cornerstone or a touchstone as you go through this process. For it may be a difficult process. It may take many sessions within your lifetime. It may take many years. It may take many lifetimes to come to an understanding of love that eliminates your ability to label any as an enemy, to see any as more difficult to love. It is not intended to unfold in any precise moment, but instead is intended to be a journey of the Creator. And so, to the question of if this happens in a moment or if it happens after you arrive at a certain destiny, a certain understanding of love, we would offer an affirmation to both of these situations. For that desire to find love where you cannot readily perceive it is indeed love itself.

At this time, we would further explore the process and the question of coming to love your enemies through the one known as Gary. We take leave of this instrument. We are Q’uo.

(Gary Channeling)

We are those known to you as the principle of Q’uo, and we greet this circle once again through this instrument, expressing our gratitude to be of service to our brothers and sisters of this realm, many of whom are of our own cosmic family, wandering at this time in order to be of service to this planet as it is undergoing a birth into the fourth density [where] this question becomes more essential, not only to the individual but to your planetary population as a whole. It is those energies which would deny love, abuse love, ignore love, and [those energies] of bellicosity, of the desire to make war, to win, to dominate, to conquer, to harm another that underwrite this chronic state of fragmentation among your population such that you exist as tribes defined by various parameters with which you identify, be they of a national, ethnic, religious, racial, or other bias in consciousness that sees the other self not as a part of the self, a part of the whole, a manifestation of the divine, but as someone against whom to defend, someone whose status is less than.

It is as we were speaking, a process to heal these energies. Depending upon the exercises of will and faith and the unique circumstances of the unique moment, this work can be done and is done in a moment, but to embody and inhabit this state whereby the illusion of the enemy is dissolved, is the fruit of work in consciousness over time. That you recognize the possibility of this work and feel called to its fulfillment is love awakening within you. Your intellect is an ally on this journey in helping you to analyze and sift and exercise discernment, but it is the intelligence of love itself speaking to you, asking you to bring your attention to these riffs in your heart that you may be made whole, and in turn, the world may be made whole and born anew.

The work you do regarding healing the schisms that exist within your own being is work within the precinct of your own heart, for you cannot work upon another, or do the work for another. That place where enemyship exists is not within the self other to you, whatever their orientation and attitudes and intentions may be toward you, but rather it is how you perceive the other-self and your relationship with them, be it an individual to individual or group to group. The other-self may be expressing an adversarial intention, maybe as we had spoken previously, seeking to render harm to your body, to your mind, to yourself in some way. But enemyship can only exist within you as a, shall we say, blindness if you choose to keep your heart closed to that particular aspect of the Creator.

How then to open that portion of the heart which is closed? That portion of the heart which is hurting or has been hurt. That portion of the heart which may have learned to put up protective shields, shall we say, having encountered the painful reality that others among your world do not always hold your highest and best intention in mind, especially in the young years when the self is felt to be powerless and dependent.

We can only offer philosophy and reflection for your contemplation. But we do so from a vantage point which is not troubled and in the firing line, as you may see it, in the difficulties and torments that visit the souls upon your world. We would suggest a couple of points for your consideration. One of which is that you consider those among you who you feel have demonstrated and embodied this love which dissolves the relationship or the opaque conceptualization of enemyship, by that quality of love that pours forth from their eyes, from the way they receive others.

Maybe the self is you. Maybe this self is known in the pages of your history. Maybe this is a dear friend or a loved one. Much can be learned in the study of example, which is not to suggest that you wish to become carbon copy to any entity, but that the living example may be more powerful than any words or concepts which we may share, for that living example is love-in-action, love manifest. It is not difficult to speak about this. It is very difficult to demonstrate this in your illusion, so much so that in the particular configurations of your societal settings, entities of this stripe seem to be the exception rather than the rule often. Though that will change and what you perceive as your future.

They who understand that the other-self who may have oppositional energy is not an enemy has learned something very valuable about the illusion through their exercise of will and faith has broadened their perspective in the trust of the underlying oneness of all reality. They who see the surface appearances, and may understand the consequences therein, but are not blinded to the actual truth and nature of this situation, that being oneness.

Their embodiment is itself a teaching which may be gleaned, that which can be brought into one’s own heart for contemplation. The wayshower shows a way. The entity who flies shows others the possibility of flying. Each of you, as you do your own work in consciousness to expand and to heal and to open your heart, is such a being to others, inviting all to fly with you on that great journey toward the Logos.

We would also suggest before passing this contact that the self may consider undertaking an exercise for they-who-are-perceived-as enemy in consciously holding that other-self in the light and wishing for them nothing but well-being, joy, wholeness, and that the highest and best may unfold for the self. Though in first attempting this exercise, one may not feel fully sincere. One may not feel the emotional backing to this exercise and instead feel judgment arise, resistance emerge, or desire even to inflict pain on they who are perceived to have inflicted pain upon the self. Nevertheless, you have been called to heal the heart. You have heard love’s whispering to you asking you to this quest. So, by conducting this exercise within, one is alerting a primal intelligence within themselves that is the intelligence of the Logos, which will guide one upon this journey providing all the resources that are needed.

In conducting such an exercise, one is ringing the bell of the hosts of heaven, which listen with sensitive ear to this work that they may lend their support, however that may land, whether in the form of insight, the form of dream, the encouragement of synchronicity whereby the self may encounter those circumstances which may support the healing of the heart. And that insincerity, we assure you, my friends, will become sincerity; will, if practiced, consume the heart with the fire for and of love. It will, if continued, become actual such that the self really does wish the well-being, health, and wholeness of the other-self whatever their actions may be.

Such a self may certainly need to decline the service of the other-self. Not all services are compatible with or for the self. There is ever the balance of love and wisdom, but there is much, much work to do in the heart in the accepting of the other-self as they are, knowing that what they do or don’t do is of the Creator, is not outside of the Creator, is part of a grand play that has a tutorial and evolution-facilitating purpose and unfolds against a backdrop of perfection, always, such that the self can exercise an overall trust in the Creator.

At this time, we would transfer our contact to the one known as Trisha. We are those known to you as Q’uo.

(Trisha channeling)

We are those of Q’uo, and we are now with this instrument. Through this instrument, we wish to convey our deepest gratitude and appreciation for each in this circle for the showing up, for the authenticity and vulnerability, for the true expression of self. Each entity here has embarked upon by joining in spirit and in heart in this circle. It is through connections such as this that the lonely seeker may find a partner, or camaraderie on their journey towards the One. And we are so inspired to see that blossoming of familyhood.

And while we recognize that there are these beautiful moments of connection and familiarity, we also understand that in this density of experience, especially on this planet at this time, self and other-self may find themselves in a dynamic of enemy and enemy, victim and perpetrator, hurt and the one doing the hurt. As has been spoken previously, these are simply labels. These are sound vibrations that those within this illusion use to separate yourself from other self. When we say this, we do not mean to diminish the experience that comes from that dynamic. For that experience is itself an immense gift. An opportunity to learn, to accept, to grow, to love, and ultimately to know.

But if you boil it down to its component part, that would be the One Infinite Creator. We realize it may be difficult in those moments to recognize the other-self as the Creator, to see the mirror, to accept the other-self as self. Therefore, we suggest that along with the various practices that have been discussed, that you in those moments of feeling hurt, of feeling that you are in a dynamic with an other-self that one may call an enemy, that you find within that moment the space to be gentle: to be gentle with self, to realize that this is but a fleeting second, fleeting moment in this cacophony of experience. That it is part of your path to understand the self. And in that gentleness, reflect that back towards the one you consider an enemy. Not only seeing the mirror within them but seeing the hurt within them as well. For you see, those who inflict pain upon others are often hurting themselves. [They] are often coming from moments of feeling hurt, feeling like a victim.

Take a moment to breathe deeply and embody the kindness and warmth that a mother would for a child, recognizing the perfect imperfections that exists within this illusion. That we are all in this play, this bumping up against one another, this endless uniqueness that can cause friction. Open your arms to it. Open your arms to that other-self. And in those moments where one is able to open the heart and the arms to the one seen as an enemy, we suggest practicing genuine and sincere gratitude.

Again, we understand that pain is uncomfortable. That it can feel deep. It can feel overwhelming. It can feel all encompassing, especially if it seems to come from an other-self. But think back on those moments. Were you not taught something in that experience? Perhaps your strength, perhaps your beauty, perhaps your ability to love and accept or discern or to practice wisdom.

Take the time to truly ponder what potent opportunities come from this kind of dynamic. Not that we encourage self to intentionally act in hurtful ways, but that when self feels as though one is being hurt by another that it is seen for the true gift that it is: this lesson to ponder, to consider, this doorway to walk through to release the vines that ground self in this illusion. Those vines being the ones of ego and identity. Seeing self as being hurt and other self hurting self, but seeing it for what it truly is this cosmic universal experiment. The Creator further knowing itself, further experiencing itself, further dancing with itself.

When one can recognize the gift they’re in, as the instrument said before, sit and send light and love to that other-self recognizing their pain or their distortions, and realizing that it all comes back down to love and unity. Wish them well. And in the process of wishing them well, it is okay to wish yourself well. It is okay to honor your pain. It’s okay to feel your pain. And it is also okay to love and accept your pain. And loving that pain, though uncomfortable, can be a beautiful step forward for you in your journey. Knowing that you are intentional, you are strong, you are worthy.

What an amazing—and we hate to use this word again for we know this instrument has used it quite a bit—but what an amazing gift that you got to experience this pain that you were strong enough to experience. This dynamic that you were destined to have this experience. How lucky you are. See it for the beauty that it is. And once you find the space to truly love that pain, love that dynamic and accept it, you find space to do the same for the other-self. And in that space, you may find that the hurtful actions don’t hurt. You can see them for what they are. You can release the battle of identity, of separation, and simply embody the love and light that perhaps that other-self dearly needs mirrored back to them with a gentle and warm touch, of course.

My friends, we sincerely appreciate the vulnerability of this particular question, to recognize that in this illusion there is this dynamic that exists. We appreciate that you intend to discover ways to balance that dynamic, to understand that dynamic. And in that very intention, my friends, you are on the path towards the balance and towards the unity which you seek. Perhaps, this final thought goes without saying among those in this particular spiritual configuration, but we just ask that you remember that love. Love is all that there is. Let that be your guiding light forward and all else will fall into place.

At this time, we shall take our leave of this instrument and transfer the contact to the one known as Jim. We are those. of Q’uo.

(Jim channeling)

I am Q’uo and am once again with this instrument. We would thank each of the instruments for [transmitting] a portion of our response in their channeling of the answers to the query tonight. We have attempted to give each of those present a jewel with various facets upon it, means by which you may transform an enemy to yourself to love. This is the great journey each of you is on within this third density illusion, for the seeming separation that can create the potential of an entity being an enemy is that separation that eventually is made one by love. And you each have open hearts that may channel that love of the One Infinite Creator freely and fully to all of those about you and to yourself as well. For all are one.

At this time, we shall take our leave of this instrument and this group. We leave each of you as we found you in the love and in the light of the One Infinite Creator. We are known to you as those of Q’uo. Adonai vasu borragus.