Group question: Today, we were hoping to explore the ideas of suffering and surrender, and how those two concepts might be related.

(Jim Channeling)

I am Q’uo and greet each here in love and in light. We are most honored to come in the name of the One who has created all and to be able to live and move and breathe within the infinite creation that we share with you. Today, we will be most happy to respond to your queries, for they are central to your experience in the third density illusion. However, we would remind you that we are also seekers of truth and are not infallible sources of information. So we would ask you to exercise your discrimination as you listen to our response to your queries and take that which we share that rings of truth to you and use it in whatever way as value for you. And if you find any word or thought that does not ring that true for you, then we would ask you to set it aside and do not worry about it at all.

Today, you ask about the concepts of suffering and surrender. The reason that we said that these are primary concepts within your third density illusion is that, within this third density, you have the veil of forgetting that restricts your vision and your experience to a kind of walled-in perception of the nature of reality. You are in a small room that has no windows. You have only the feeling within your hearts, within your soul that there is something more to your experience of the Creator’s universe; [something] you are aware of for most of your experience within the third density.

This veil then makes your spiritual journey somewhat like groping in the darkness. And as you move through the darkness of your experience, seemingly seeing a way to travel, you run into those experiences which are difficult and might be confusing to the mind and to the emotions. For there is only that inner feeling of desiring to know the truth that you have to meet such experiences with, and it is more often the case than not that [the self] has some difficulty of disharmony or miscommunication or falling short in some degree with yourself or with another [and] that you must find some kind of an answer. And while you are searching and have no answer, there is what you call suffering. You suffer from the lack of a true vision, a lack of an answer, a lack of a way of being or moving forward, either with yourself or with another or others.

Your third density is filled with a variety of opinions and positions upon one level of experience and another, whether it is economical, political, financial, social, intimate relations one to one. It is your journey through all this miasma of distress and suffering that you seek within yourself, and perhaps ask advice of friends, looking for whatever resources you can to discover a way out of the suffering. The suffering has the ability to focus your attention most poignantly upon how you feel, what you need, what you lack and in that case.

Many times, there can be some progress made if you surrender your ideas of how to solve whatever difficulty you are confronting. Surrender it to perhaps the process of meditation or contemplation, where you seek information and direction from a higher source, an inner source. Perhaps it is one of your guides, your higher self, the Creator. For you are the Creator my friends.

And within that seeking and surrender, perhaps there will be a message given, a direction implied, an intuitive feeling that becomes a guiding star that takes you from where you are to where you wish to be: which is resolution, the resolution of difficulty of suffering and to realize, as you look back upon it, that it has taught you much by having to experience the suffering.

[It may be] likened to lifting the weights. Heavier weights may be lifted when you go through the pain of exercising. Thus, suffering is also of that nature. There is the pain of the suffering. It is the impulse; the inspiration that drives you to find the solution. And we would recommend that you continue looking within meditation or contemplation or any other facet of your experience that opens to you a door that leads to the light and the love of the One Creator in the form of resolution of suffering.

At this time, we would transfer this contact to the one known as Austin. We are those of Q’uo.

(Austin Channeling)

We are Q’uo, and we are now with this instrument. We would begin the portion of our response to your query through this instrument by reminding you that we are the Confederation of Planets in Service to the One Infinite Creator and have chosen also to present ourselves as the Brothers and Sisters of Sorrow. This chosen name is not intended to convey that we carry with us sorrow, or that sorrow is what we have to share. But rather, it is sorrow that potentiates us to move within the creation of the One Infinite Creator by its call to us. We as a confederation, a group of social memory complexes and entities who have bound together by a divine mission to serve the Creator, are sensitized to those portions of the Creator that call out in sorrow, and it is what you have called, within your query, suffering that generates this sorrow that allows us to move and to serve within the creation.

We could examine the use of the word suffering and how it relates to what we have called sorrow to gain a deeper understanding of what exactly it is you are referring to when you speak of suffering and the role of surrender in dispelling the illusion that generates this sorrow. When we speak of suffering generating sorrow, it is not the suffering that might be experienced by the animal bitten by the flea, the rocky landscape cut by ages of flowing water, the turbulent roiling of a sea erupting with an outflow of magma, but rather the suffering that comes once an entity or a group of entities reaches a point of their journey through the creation where they can reflect upon their own nature in a conscious fashion. This point, as we have spoken, is that of the third density within which you exist currently and are blessed by, what we have called, the veil of forgetting.

It is because of the conditions within your density that the circumstances that may be seen as suffering in the prior densities that may be seen as turbulent and difficult and painful generates a new quality that can be likened to sorrow because you become aware of a conscious choice to relate to the environment about you, and you can see yourself as distinct and unique and alone within the world, within your environment. And when this feeling of being alone and cut off is met with circumstances that cause discomfort or pain, or any type of difficulty, the self can weave stories, create attachments, and attempt to find some sort of meaning within these circumstances that, as we have found throughout most of the creation blessed with the veil, can generate sorrow through this suffering.

This sorrow has within it an essential quality of your density and of the creation. For it is truly a potential creator of the experience that the Creator wished to embody by casting Itself out as the creation. But it is not the end of the story, so to say; the sorrow or the suffering that you experience is but a part of the process of creation. And it is through this process that you as seekers and as servants of the One Infinite Creator may come to truly know your own nature as the One Infinite Creator. It is through this environment of the third density where you are blessed by a lack of awareness of your true connection to the creation, of your true nature as one with the creation, that you can come to truly experience, the nature of the creation, and all of its blessings and all of its suffering, and bring all of these things into your heart and realize that they all belong to the One Infinite Creator—they all unfold within the peace and the power of the One Infinite Creator. And it is this realization within the third density that is meaningful to the Creator, and is the gift that you as an agent, or an avatar can give to the Creator, to witness and to allow and to see within this environment everything that it has to offer and to do your best to find the love that is contained within it to discover the blessing of the Creator within all.

Within your query for this circle, you have asked what is the relationship to this with the concept of surrender. And we would also introduce alongside these concepts of suffering and sorrow and surrender, the concept of faith. For faith and surrender are interrelated and in many cases, two ways of addressing the same capacity within the seeker: To trust the heart that knows that love is at the center of all things despite the circumstances that have grabbed the seeker and grabbed the other-selves about the seeker and have seemed to bind them and hold them with their focus stuck within an illusion where love is not apparent. To act with the knowledge found within the heart that, even if it is not apparent, it is present, and one may discover this presence through this act of surrender, through the faith that if one releases one’s attachments, one’s concept, one’s need to have their life and their environment and their world ordered in a certain fashion—to release all of these things and to surrender to the innate intelligence of any given moment, to the faith that the moment that is given to you is given to you by the Creator, to surrender to this faith and this inner knowing will reveal to you the love contained within the moment—it will be revealed where it was formerly hidden.

We suggest frequently that the prerequisite to this realization is the faculty of meditation. For it is essential that within your very active lives of busyness and experience, where you are assaulted at all times by all manner of experience, that you cultivate a space within yourself that is able to hold these things within the peace of the Creator, to allow them to enter your heart with openness and acceptance, and allow them to exist for what they are without judgment, without analyzing.

It is by this act of holding those things, those circumstances, those binds that seem to cause you suffering within this space of love and peace, that you can come to realize the truly illusory nature of those things. And in that moment, those bonds may dissolve. And that thing that seemed to be causing you such grief and such sorrow becomes a gift that reveals to you the true nature of your own being and your own creation as the One Infinite Creator.

For these things may seem to be external to you. These things may seem to be assaulting you from the outside, but we remind you of a knowledge that we believe each seeker upon the journey knows within themselves: that all is one. And those things that seem to be external to you are you, and by bringing them into you, you will realize that it was always simply a reflection that is allowing you to go deeper into your own being and to realize the Infinity within. A realization that, when done continually within the third density, allows the seeker to manifest more and more of their being as the One Infinite Creator. And through this manifestation, one may shine light and love and move effortlessly in service to others, or even in service to self if that is the chosen path. It is through this surrender to those circumstances and relating to them from this place of inner knowing of love, that one may come to that realization.

We understand and empathize with the difficulty. For the illusion that you find yourselves in is tantalizing and entrancing, and the bonds, though illusory, are tight. We offer you our deepest empathy and love, and we send you in a very real way our own love and light that is available to you should you request it. And you can find this empowering on your journey in your attempts to discover the love within those difficult circumstances and those difficult situations. And we are joyed to join you on this journey and offer whatever assistance we can. For it is in offering this assistance and responding to your call and your request that we ourselves find true meaning in our existence as agents of the One Infinite Creator, and can discover within ourselves our own true natures as the One Infinite Creator.

At this time, we will transfer the contact to the one known as Gary. We are Q’uo.

(Gary Channeling)

We are those of the principal of Q’uo and we are here, as we have been, but now transmitting our vibration through this instrument that we may continue exploration of this topic which seeks to gain some conceptual foothold into the relationship of that which your peoples know well: that of suffering; and that which your peoples do not know so well: that being surrender.

Suffering is a defining characteristic of the traverse through the illusion of third density. It is one that is accentuated and chronically, unconsciously perpetuated in your world, but it is not unique to your third density Earth. Across the great expanse of creation as countless many mind/body/spirit complexes undergo their third density environments, many more harmonious than your experience, some less harmonious than your experience, they too know this basic property that is the suffering.

Prior to the great experiment that we call the veil or the veil of forgetting, pain was possible but not to the degree which you experience as the suffering, the agony, the depths of despair, the possibility of hopelessness, the ache of loss, the seeming reality of aloneness and cut-offness. It was a modification made to the third-density experience which seemed to create a partition—or from the perspective of the conscious mind, something of a wall—between the conscious self and its deeper mind, the resources therein, and the greater self.

Once so estranged and cut off, one develops a very different orientation to the self, to others, to the world. One acquires knowledge and understanding, as it were, through outward pursuits and collection of data as self and groups and societies gradually build an understanding of themselves while operating within this outwardly focused realm, this sandbox of creation that sees a conceptual world of objects and subjects relating to objects, meanwhile oblivious to not only the surrounding reality but the immanent and present reality—seemingly cut off from the transcendent, and thus unaware of the immanent.1

It is a realm of shadow, this third density which you experience; wrong relationship is established and incorrect understanding evolves—which is not to judge or to indicate that even this is any less Creator or any less perfect from the ultimate standpoint, but it is a misrepresentation of the truth and of the self playing in this environment, in this sandbox. It creates stories of this self, about who the self is, about what its needs are, about how those needs or wants or desires are unmet, about its incompleteness and lack of wholeness and vulnerability that, among other means, generate suffering for the self. It is a state of separation whereby the self has become misaligned, shall we say, with its true nature and beingness.

Imagine that circumstance, my friends, whereby one is misaligned with themselves, whereby they have an essential vibration and true nature that is connected to and ultimately one with the universe, the Creator, but they narrow their focus and become identified with a mirage, a dream of self, an illusory image or concept-of-self such that that concept becomes encapsulating; that the self becomes the role that they play upon the stage instead of realizing that they are the actor playing the role; and [thus] sees only their little plot upon the stage, barely recognizing that there are curtains behind the self in a reality vast beyond those curtains and that stage.

And all manner of, as we were saying, misaligned perception, action and understanding, evolve. All manner of illusion is possible as the self continues to distort the underlying intelligent energy into new and novel forms. Sometimes in service to life and to others and [in] giving glory to the One which is All, but oftentimes in ways which further separate the self from self and self from others; which operate in ways that you may colloquially describe as egoic; in ways which defend and armor this self which has a poverty of understanding its connection to All, and to the security, peace, well-being, and expanse that is available and within oneself.

They, in this environment, add layer of dream to dream. And this disconnect and misalignment and grasping and reaching inherently invites suffering for the self, perhaps in simplified form, like a spoke within a wheel or some other mechanism whereby exist two moving parts where one has gone out of an alignment. A friction results, a heat, perhaps a pressure, as byproducts of this misalignment. This, my friends, being not for the purpose of judgment of the self—as if to wag the divine finger to communicate to this self that it has gone astray and squandered its infinite wealth—but rather as a teaching mechanism, as we had described previously in the circle, sending signal through the noise to the self that work is needed.

And here it may be well for the self to take this experience or moment or catalyst into contemplation that the self may investigate how the self is generating this suffering. That frame which we just employed is itself a step toward the empowerment of the self upon its journey. For most or many who suffer in your world do so without this essential awareness of the ultimately self-generated nature of suffering.

Part of that which locks your peoples into, as it has been called, the nightmare of history is the remembrance of seeming wounds received spanning back generations, and the projection of one’s unhappy state onto another. As the seeker claims responsibility for their internal reality, whatever it may be, the external circumstances and its injustices and inequity, one can more empower the self to develop that self-awareness which understands and may heal the suffering through this deeper alignment with that which had become misaligned. Inherent in this process is, every positively oriented seeker will discover, some point of surrender. Not to imply that this is a single gate through which the seeker walks to surrender once and be done with it, shall we say, but to continually learn to practice and apply this release, this letting go, this deeper trust in what is.

To return to what is necessarily requires paradoxically both an active development of the will and faith, but also an active release of the will in faith—releasing of the will that is of the personality shell, the impulses outside of those basic unnecessary needs of the lower triad of chakras. For it is this grasping, attaching, averting will which has solidified this conceptual illusory notion of the loop—we correct this instrument—the separate self, which has created distance and mis- if not non-alignment with the true self, the all self.

It is the uninformed, undisciplined, wayward will operating from a place of seeking outward what can be discovered only inward; of seeking to defend where defense is unnecessary; of seeking to gain where, in truth, one has all that there is within; of seeking to manipulate that which can instead be accepted; and seeking to control that which has precipitated this predicament of a self bound to perpetuating suffering. The self, in this state, exists in a state of non-acceptance in small ways and big. Non-acceptance of the self which is perfect. Non-acceptance of some aspect of the moment. Non acceptance of the condition within which they find themselves. This continues to create that friction and heat, pressure and suffering, this non-acceptance.

It is another way to say resistance. Resistance is a misuse of the will. A misaligned relationship with the moment that says the moment should be other than it is. I reject this moment. While there is a function for “no” in the creation, the dichotomy of acceptance/resistance to which we point is upon that fundamental level which accepts each iota of experience as being the self, as being the Creator, as being not alien to or other than the self, as not ultimately being threatened even if the physical incarnation, even if the possessions may be threatened. [This is] an acceptance that recognizes that all is part of the self and is thus serving the self’s journey, even in especially that which may be labeled as negative upon the surface. This journey of acceptance is not a single declaration or something one does in a moment but is something one practices and progresses and deepens over time as the self-awareness increases. And like the onion, one layer after the other is peeled back revealing the self to self. That one practices this acceptance.

It is this journey through which surrendering is developed. For underneath this resistance and lack of acceptance is a distrust or a mistrust. In the moonlit environment, the world about one as the self perceives this environment in the veiled condition, seems, to use our previous descriptors, alien and threatening—perhaps out to take something from yourself, perhaps out to diminish the self in some way, perhaps out to use the self. Thus, develops a distrust and mistrust that resists, that protects, that creates misalignment, that creates suffering, that perpetuates the illusion.

To see that moonlit environment more clearly, faith, acceptance, trust, surrender, these associated qualities must be exercised first. There are times of revelation and illumination whereby the moonlit environment is revealed. Where one understands that that was not a demon at one side, shall we say, but this instrument has the image of a rather large, friendly mushroom; in other words, something benign if not benevolent. Something natural and part of the environment that was mistaken to be something sinister or threatening in the shadow.

Light does clear the perception at times, but that perception is first and foremost cleansed by the surrender in faith to the trust that this is okay, that all is truly well, that the self has nothing to fear, that indeed:

“I can trust my environment, even if at times I am afraid; for it is not here to harm me. Even if others may have harmful intent. I can place my trust not in the ways of the world, exactly, but in that which underlies the world, that from which the world sprang, that being the divine, the Creator, the One. Whatever may pass in the illusory constructs of time and space up to and including death and destruction, I, in my true nature, am not this precisely. I am that which sees, that which witnesses, that which is untouched by the passing images of life and death, of drama and pain. All is well in my depths and truly in this moment.”

And thus through that continued to act of surrender does the moonlit environment become transformed from a place against which needs defense, and in response to which one ought to fear, to a realm of light, even if not outwardly visible; to a realm of love; to an arena whereby one may offer its service to others in radiance, exuding their surrendered state which has, deep within the self, re-connected, re-aligned the incarnate self with the greater self. And in this fundamental connection, the straight and narrow pathway opens.

The Creator shines through this vessel to others within the moonlit environment, conveying this surrender and this peace which dissolves suffering, perhaps not completely, but sufficiently that one can approach suffering with curiosity and with an underlying peace and sense that whatever suffering may bring is a teacher; it is a mechanism and it ultimately does not threaten or diminish the self, but shows the self where it is estranged from the Beloved. And in what ways it may release its limitations to become the unlimited self that it always was.

At this time, we would transfer our contact to the one known as Jim. We are those of Q’uo.

(Jim Channeling)

I am Q’uo and once again with this instrument. We are most pleased with the ability of each instrument to transmit a portion of our response to your group query this afternoon. We hope that those who will read this transcript can take within themselves the concepts which were shared and find ways that they may utilize the concepts of suffering and surrender, for these are the foundation stones of the building of learning in your third density illusion. And we are most grateful to be able to share them with all who may have value in reading them.

At this time, we shall take our leave of this group and this instrument, We leave you in the love and in the light of the One Infinite Creator and ask you to share that love and light with all about you as it has been our great honor to do today. We are those of Q’uo. Adonai vasu borragus.

  1. The use of “sandbox” here is not to indicate that the conceptual world is an arid one of sand and little precipitation, though one could make such a case. Rather, it is in reference to a sandbox environment which is a virtual space segregated from its surrounding software and network. A sandbox allows computer code and software to be executed, tested, and experimented with in isolation. Not sure that this metaphor works as intended, though.