Topics: The seeming ratcheting up of war and violence; challenges with our family of origin; supporting and healing an other-self in suffering.

(Austin channeling)

We are Q’uo, and we greet this circle in the love and the light and the glory of the One Infinite Creator. We join you in this circle with hearts filled with joy and honor, as you have invited us to join you upon your journey of seeking together. We join you now in a more obvious or apparent way, but we have been called to this circle of seeking for the entire time that you have been together, for in every thought and word spoken of love and of service, and as you hold us in your hearts, we feel a call and an invitation. And [we] have been honored to witness and be a part of each interaction that you have shared, each exchange of love and of energy throughout your time together. The light and the magic generated by your gathering can be seen throughout the entire creation.

And we are not the only ones who are called to join you in love and in joy, but we have the distinct honor and duty of coming to you to address the queries that are upon your minds and hearts. We wish to emphasize that we are but brothers and sisters upon this journey. And as such, we would offer our typical request as always: that it is our overriding desire to only be of service to you and to enable you upon your journey of seeking. Thus we request that you only take those words that we share that may benefit you in some way. And if you find any word or thought that becomes a stumbling block for you, please dismiss it and cast it aside and only take those that you can use. By allowing us to request this and by honoring this request, you enable us to speak more freely and to join you in a more familial way, a way that recognizes the unity between us, and that allows us to not impede upon your journey.

At this time, we would ask if there is a query to which we may respond?

First, thank you Q’uo, for being a loving light presence in my mind and in my heart. My question: the violence taking place now in Israel and Gaza appears extremely brutal. Why does it seem the violence keeps ratcheting up higher and higher to more extremes of revenge and needless brutality? Is this because our populations are just not getting the message, and they need stronger and stronger catalysts to set them on the path to unity? Will we ever have peace, Q’uo?

Thank you so much for being with us today. I’m so grateful to be here with you.

I am Q’uo, and I’m aware of the query, my sister. This query we find is one which indeed weighs greatly upon not just the hearts of those present, but many, many in your world. It is a struggle to witness that which has been perpetuated throughout the ages and is being made more obvious to you now: the violence of bellicosity and the suffering endured. We would begin addressing this query by zooming out, if you will, into the perspective of third density within the solar system of your local sub-Logos. For we find that this pattern of bellicose violence is indeed not unique to this time upon your planet, or indeed this planet itself. The violent bellicosity has been perpetuated and played out in cycle upon other planets within your solar system to such extreme degrees that entire planets were rendered unviable to support life.

This may seem, from the third-density perspective, somewhat of a failure on the part of your sub-Logos to create an archetypical mind and a pathway of evolution of mind, body and spirit that results in such blind violence—so much so that destruction is wrought on such grand levels. However, we ask you to remember that all that takes place upon any planet within the entire creation does so within the love and the light of the One Creator, and that the process of the Creator discovering Itself contains many surprises, many of them containing difficulty and pain.

We asked you to remember those times upon your own journeys, where pain and difficulty were the hallmark of your experience. And as you look back upon those experiences, we ask you to ask yourselves how this may have served you, what realizations this has brought you. We ourselves of the Confederation of Planets in Service to the One Infinite Creator cannot speak to the success or failure of the sub-Logos and its attempt to offer experience to the Creator, but can only recognize that even the darkest aspects of each experience eventually dawn with the love and light of the One Infinite Creator. And that this dawning is made apparent most obviously in what you may call hindsight. However, we understand that this does little to alleviate the immediate pain and suffering that you witness upon your planet.

We may speak to what you witness at this time and how the dynamics of the process of your planet’s ascension and transformation into a fourth-density planet are involved in this expression of self and other-self that creates such suffering and pain. As we have pointed out, such violence is not unique to this time in particular. It has been somewhat endemic to the third density of the solar system. But if you examine the history that you are aware of upon your own planet, you may find that such violence as you witness now has been present throughout many ages within many cultures. And even now, there is suffering and violence upon your planet that does not come to your awareness by the means that you have been made aware of those events spoken of within the query. The weight of this is heavy upon the heart of the spiritual seeker, and it weighs heavy upon our own hearts.

The incoming light of fourth density is one of love and understanding. However, we know from your perspective that love and understanding seems to be the qualities that are missing most within the actions and events referenced within the query. But we ask you to frame this idea of light and love and understanding into a light that not only reveals the world to the self, but self to self. And there are many, many upon your planet who are unable and not ready to face the self. And so, when they are confronted with the necessity of facing the self, the projection of those aspects of the self being asked to be faced intensifies, [and] the turning away from the self becomes [not only] more common but more difficult. And this creates an inner tension. It exacerbates the fears and anxieties and insecurities within those who are already unstable upon their path and unaware of their own true natures. And when this light of fourth density intensifies, so too does that catalyst that is asking each self to become aware of those aspects of self that you may call the shadow. And it is through this means that the catalyst, the events and the intensity of such events, seem to be intensifying upon your planet.

There are other mechanisms at play, such as those mechanisms of fourth density that connect populations, that allow you to become aware of other-selves in more intense ways and more meaningful ways. We ask you to consider that in times past, if such difficult and painful suffering happened on the other side of your planet, would you be aware of it? You are made aware now because of certain technologies that bring you together as a people and allow you as conscious seekers to be aware of situations and events in need of love and understanding. And it is in this way that the light of fourth density may show itself within these seemingly, to the third density perspective, tragic situations. It is through you that the love and the light of the One Infinite Creator may be brought to bear upon these events.

Within the query, it was asked if there will ever be peace. We can only answer from the perspective that we have, that all suffering, all distortion, all paradox, all wounding eventually at some point resolves. All suffering that you see upon your planet will indeed cease. And from our perspective, the likelihood of the dawning of fourth density is imminent in the grand scale upon your planet.

However, we encourage you not to receive these words in a way which allows you to sit back and rest in comfort that these things will resolve themselves, for this is not the way the Creator moves. The Creator moves through seekers such as yourself. And when we see the likelihood of peace dawning upon your planet, it is through the conscious co-creation of seekers such as yourself that such peace may be brought to bear. We understand and have been aware of the discussions and the tensions felt within this group, wondering how exactly one may contribute to such peace when it seems like such violence is so large and far away.

As conscious seekers, we ask you to consider the nature of your connection with those other-selves who you witness involved in such conflicts, whether they be those that you deem victims or those that you deem perpetrators. Seek deep within your being, your heart of being that is the same heart of being as the so-called victim and as the so-called perpetrator. Seek to understand the circumstances—not just material circumstances, but mental and spiritual circumstances that allowed them to be in this role that you witness and recognize how these circumstances may play out in your own life. How these energies of bellicosity may be present within you, how you may be denying them yourself and projecting them onto either victim or perpetrator. Allow these reflections to bring you deeper and deeper into your own heart. And as you dive into the depths of your being, you will meet each other-self: victim, perpetrator, or otherwise. And it is in this sanctified, inner holy of holies that you may bless whatever is present, suffering or joy, violence or peace. And in this way, those energies, the cycles that play out upon your planet, are also blessed by your inner seeking and your prayers and your love as a co-creator.

We also understand that there seem to be practical material solutions needed and necessary to resolve such conflicts that bring about such violence and suffering. And we can only offer the perspective that as more and more seekers make the effort to find that inner sanctum and to bring each other-self into the heart and discover the Creator within all, that this power intensifies. And there is a certain intelligence that is able to manifest as each seeker joins together in this process. This intelligence may speak through those who have the role and responsibility of finding such practical solutions. Those impossible situations may seem to loosen and relax, and the ability of you as a global society, as a population unified upon one beautiful planet, may say together that we no longer wish to perpetuate these things. That we all together can find solutions to not just the harm done to the people, but to the planet. All of this is available and can be manifested. At any moment, you may all turn towards that reality. And that reality will dawn with fourth density upon your planet.

As a final message through this instrument, we offer the acknowledgement that such a path that you have chosen within the third density can be difficult. That the joy that you have experienced during your time together can wane. And that the pain, not just of the things that you witness in the world, but that you experience in your life can feel like it drags you down and inhibits your ability to provide this love and light so needed in your world. We too feel this weight, and we are called to it, and the pain that you may feel is our pain. We offer ourselves to you, and we are awaiting the invitation to aid you upon this journey.

Individually, at any moment, if you are feeling as though your love is waning and your ability to walk with peace and joy upon your planet is inhibited, you may call and ask for assistance, and we will do our very best to share our heart of love and light with you. We will attempt to bolster, and if you accept our offering, we may join together in this mission and [in] this holy journey to share the love and the light and the peace and the joy and the glory of the One Infinite Creator upon your planet and throughout the Infinite Creation.

At this time, we would take leave of this instrument and transfer the contact to the one known as Trisha. We are Q’uo.

(Trisha channeling)

We are those of Q’uo, and we are now with this instrument. And speaking through this instrument we wish to impart our gratitude once again for this gathering of like-minded and like-hearted souls. We see such beauty, such purity of intention, such saturation of the most pure, vibrant light, crystalline almost in nature, and we appreciate to feel the warmth from that glow. We are in awe and in thanks to be a part of this gathering in this way. And we would ask if there is a question at this time to which we may speak?

Many of us who are wanderers have problems with our family of origin. What is the proper spiritual attitude to take toward family who rejects us, fails to support us, or who are hostile toward us?

We are those of Q’uo, and we are aware and appreciate the query, my sister. The familial dynamics found in this density are indeed some of the more tricky or challenging to navigate in the incarnational journey, the soul’s evolution and progression forward. For you see that these relational dynamics are somewhat created and inspired to create what you call catalysts—opportunities for learning about self and other-self, and both in relation to the Creator. We understand that there are those on this planet who feel divided or isolated or pushed away from those who you would call a blood relation. We can understand how incredibly difficult or painful that experience may feel, for you are already on a journey that can be at times quite isolating. And therefore, you look for the support and love from those of your, as you say, bloodline.

However, that there is hostility or rejection or misunderstanding does not equate a lack of love. It does not equate a failure on anyone’s part. No, in fact, this kind of difficulty can be seen through the lens of love and gratitude, so one may view it as a gift. We do not say that to mean that the experience is one of joy, or one of ease, but merely to reframe the challenge as an opportunity to rediscover and to further know and hone the ability to love with the open heart and without condition. The spiritual attitude or direction one may take includes that of gratitude, includes that of wonder, of curiosity, that of acceptance. All of those facets of that spiritual attitude need not occur without the employ of wisdom of the soul. For we see that that, too, is a great import in this journey.

However, simply practicing and intending to see the other-self as extensions of the Creator, seeing the other-self as a fellow seeker on the path, though they may not realize [this]. Seeing the other-self as wounded, or in pain as well. Viewing them in their totality, not with judgment, but with open arms, with understanding and acceptance of who they are in that moment. That need not require the diminishing of the hurtful actions or the forgetting of the pain they caused, for those too are valid. It simply means to find where their own life catalysts may inform them of these actions and seeing them as human, seeing them as part of this dance you have agreed to take on with one another so that you may further this experiment of the Creator knowing Itself.

We realize that this is not always an easy goal to undertake. This is not always a seemingly productive, one may say, venture. You may find that there are many obstacles, many instances of what you call tripping up, many seeming moments of backsliding. And in those moments, we would only suggest that you practice not only acceptance and forgiveness of the other-self, in the 360-[degree] view of the self, but also towards yourself. Remembering that your worth is not diminished by the actions of another, nor is their worth diminished in their own actions. Keeping in mind that all parties involved are pure facets, beautiful representations, perfect and imperfect strands of threads that weave together to create this tapestry you call the illusion will help guide you will help you to see the illusory nature of these dynamics.

We do not say that to negate any kind of pain or confusion. Allow that pain and confusion to be felt. Allow that pain and confusion to be seen and recognized within. Allow that pain and confusion to be thanked for what they provided you: opportunities to practice self-love and opportunities to continue in faith and in love for the other-self. And allow that pain and confusion to be lovingly let go. Bless them on their journey as you do a dear friend. And though the pain and confusion may at times cause for a change in perspective that one may hold for these other-selves who you desire to feel close connection to, who in your culture or society may tell you need be close to you, remember always that you are perpetually supported.

Family need not be bloodline specific in the way you see it. Family may be those who understand and see you for your beauty and your perfection. Family may be seen as the most gorgeous sunrise you witness or the most pure, uplifting breeze you feel as you walk through the woods. Family may be the smile you receive from a stranger on the street. Family may be the sensation you feel in your heart when you see two people connect. Family may be so much larger than just the nuclear sense, as you call it. Family is the, or can be viewed, as the oxygen that you breathe, the life-giving nutrients that you receive from the food you eat. It can be seen as the spiritual lessons you are gifted. For all of these things support you in your incarnation and in your soul’s journey forward. Is that not the definition of how you see family? These ever-present and guiding elements that make you feel at home, that help you know yourself more deeply?

My friends, we empathize with the challenges that come in relating in this density, family being one avenue for this kind of challenge. We issue our deep care and love to you as you navigate these difficult relationships. And know we are present always and can be called upon, for we too are your family. Consider us your brothers and sisters, who are always desiring and willing to be there for you, to shroud you in the love and support you so truly deserve and desire. And know that, ultimately, it is you who steers the direction of your incarnational experience; that the spiritual attitude you take is like the steering wheel on the ship. With an open heart, with faith, with love, all informed by wisdom, of course, you may steer that ship further towards understanding and acceptance.

And in that process, you may find that your open arms and the light you shine acts as a beacon and inspires those who you are in challenging relationships with to be more fully themselves; to release the incarnational, spiritual, or emotional baggage that they hold that allows them to also access that unconditional loving part of themselves. That is their true nature at heart. What an amazing gift that you can be that for your other-self. And that they can teach you as well, and inspire you and challenge you as well to be that for them.

In closing, we do want to simply reiterate that all of this love should be in balance with wisdom. For we know that there are times when the unconditional love and the expenditure of energy in tandem, and in certain configurations, can lead to emotional martyrdom.

We ask that you meditate on times when you feel that you are spreading yourself too thin. That the relationship is causing more pain than you can handle in that moment. We ask that you take a deep breath, and as you exhale, that you send love and light to that other being, [and] that you recognize your own self-worth in your next inhale. And as you exhale, wishing that other-self peace on their journey. Not in a way that writes them off or devalues them. But in a way that acknowledges them and the validity of their experience, and also honors your own. All with, we correct this instrument, all bound within the unifying force of love.

My friends, we are so immensely grateful to have had this opportunity to connect with you who we consider our family. We appreciate the way you show up for one another in this circle, and we hope that you are able to see the stunning beauty of this spiritual family you have gathered here today. And that you know that you are not alone.

At this time, we shall take our leave of this instrument and transfer the contact to the one known as Gary. We are those of Q’uo.

(Gary channeling)

We are those known to you as the principle of Q’uo, and we greet this circle once again through the voice of this instrument that we may have the great honor of sharing our perspective on any query that you may have for us at this time. We are those of Q’uo.

Thank you Q’uo. The next question is: how can we help support and heal another self that is suffering?

We are Q’uo, and we have received this query, my sister, and we thank the question asker. For it is this basic orientation where much work in the polarization of your consciousness and the healing of your world is done. Many of the third-density tribe may only fleetingly, if at all, consider this question, seeking instead the promotion of their own interest, status, well-being, survival, et cetera. To have empathy to a degree sufficient that one sees another in pain—close to or distant from—is the awakening of that golden flower that is the green-ray energy center, that which begins the great transcendence of the illusion of the separate self in a separate world with separate other-selves. This other-self is in pain. This other-self struggles. This loved one suffers. And in witness to, [and] perhaps contact with, that suffering, the self too suffers. And a whole infinite range of responses may result, from putting the shoulder underneath the arms of the struggling loved one, to carrying them entirely.

There are many ways to be of service in this regard, and we would not have a one-size-fits-all formula, for each situation is unique in your world. Each self is unique in their configuration of energy centers and in the lessons which they set for themselves, and in the way that they process their catalyst, and doubly unique when in relationship with an other-self who is also unique. Though we may certainly offer some principles for the consideration, beginning with this notion of healing the other-self.

My friends, we understand this impulse and need quite well, having traversed this landscape ourselves. And we applaud this intention to be of service in this way. And indeed, he or she who serves in the capacity of healing may indeed offer catalyst which gives the other-self the opportunity to heal on various levels. But we would caution the self when considering this question, that entity A cannot heal entity B, precisely, but can only offer that catalyst which stimulates the will and particularly the faith of the other-self that they may tap their own inner healer.

How to do so? There are many paths and methodologies which one may practice so that they become skilled in this art. Many known among this circle now. Many being practiced among this circle. Each is valid in its own different way, each having various ratios of strengths and weaknesses. But underlying the so-called success of that which catalyzes healing is the inspiration which awakens the Creator—the identity of the Creator, the oneness of all things—and the faith that is the bridge to that oneness within the seemingly illusion-bound other-self.

Some require great, intricate practice, such that they may be convinced, shall we say, of their own innate power to transform, to understand the underlying mechanism of the catalyst at work within themselves that they may heal. Some may need only a simple word or gesture. Some whose capacity to heal is that of beingness itself. They have conducted the disciplines of the personality to such a high and purified degree that they stand as transparent vessels of the Creator, through the Creator, into the illusions, radiating the peace, the perfection, the wholeness to all entities. That those who come into contact with this, we might say, energy field are invited into recognition of that which they had forgotten, disbelieved, and rejected in favor of more limited and even negative beliefs about the self.

And [in] the attempt to be of this service of healing we would remind each that one cannot walk in the shoes of another. Through the faculty of empathy, one can and should, you might say, imaginatively, emotionally, conceptually place themselves in another’s shoes to understand their situation from the inside out as best as possible—one’s own preconceptions set aside, one’s own standards and biases suspended to see reality from the other-selves’ eyes—to feel what it is to be that other-self.

But a self cannot learn the lessons and make the choices and process the catalyst for the other-self. It is well to offer service if it is requested, however that may look. And it is well to trust that the self which you seek to heal is upon a course that they set. Perhaps that course is going according to the plan of their preincarnational desire and [in] cooperation with their higher self. Perhaps they, within the exercise of their incarnational will, are, shall we say, deviating from that plan. In either event, the mechanisms of catalyst are at work according to the operation of free will.

And some catalyses are not subject to the healing, as you would see it on the outer level within the incarnation, for the limitation which they experience was intended as a mechanism for learning. But even when permanent—or more accurately, incarnationally long—such a mechanism still invites the journey of healing, invites the self into the question of: “How may I use this catalyst in an affirmative sense? How may I heal into wholeness?”

And an other-self may always, of course, be of aid in this regard, [but] only insofar as it is requested.

For the open-hearted seeker exercising and cultivating its empathy, we would add that to be of aid to those who suffer begins with the practice of listening. For even among those of your trained professionals in your world, those who have cultivated toolsets to be of service through rigorous discipline, such as the psychologist, the social worker, the counselor and so forth, such tools as cultivated have no specific universal formula that apply as equally to one self as an other-self. Even in these cases, the servant seeks first to listen, to perform intake as it was called in these fields.

So, we would suggest to you, my friends, not to arrive at the doorstep or the bedside or the open seat next to the one who suffers with a manufactured agenda, shall we say. Perhaps one may indeed have ideas, creative ideas of what one may do. Perhaps one may have a great host of tools. But such ideas and such tools and such abilities to be of service must needs be tailored to the unique needs of the unique individual. That happens as a function of the deep listening. Whether it is to their words, to their tears, to their affectations, or any way in which they are transmitting their beingness and their state of need in state of pain, the more sensitive that one can be to the cues and the signals and the energy of the other-self, the more proficient and successful one may be in responding to those particular needs.

And we know, my friends, how your heart aches to alleviate the other-self of that which burdens them. And we would counsel that you do devote that energy to the responding to those needs with the understanding that it is your very beingness which is of the most profound service to the other-self. That beingness is made service-ready, shall we say, is fashioned and formed into a tool of service by the work upon yourself. The work to forgive those unforgiven strands within your own being. The work to love those unloved aspects of yourself. The work to integrate into your heart those parts of yourself which have been shunned, perhaps abused.

The more you are able to clarify and purify your own heart, the more that you may become a purified instrument for the Creator operating within the illusion, [an] instrument of love and light; the more your very being reaches the being of the one you seek to serve. Not because your personality has become greater, but because you have become more humble and transparent; less wrapped up and involved in your own circular thinking; more able to be faithful in the trust that all is well and that you need not live in the past or the future, but that you may exist within that nexus wherein the self meets the Creator—that being the present, the eternal present moment.

And in or from this standpoint, the service to the one suffering may simply be to breathe with them, to hold them in your arms, to hold their hand, to affirm with the fullness of your whole self that you see them. You are there with them fully in unconditional love and acceptance. You see their light and their dark, their open and their closed thoughts and energies, and you accept the totality of their being without judgment.

It is certainly possible and well to intend this even when not fully authentically felt, but there is no substitute for the full authentic embodiment of this attitude toward an other-self. Many of you may know the feeling of being in such an energy field, to be accepted as the Creator accepts you. It is possible to be that to an other-self, for the Creator is not something that you will achieve at the end of a long road. It is who you are right now, all else being but an illusion with which you currently identify.

But you needn’t be masters, as our words may convey, to be of service. A simple listening ear, a simple “How are you doing today?” may be all that is needed. As is the smile, the card, that small communication which lets the other-self know that they are upon your mind. That they are cared for. That they are not alone.

And in closing, my friends, we would suggest that to the greatest extent possible, however the other-self presents themselves to you, in whatever broken, distorted configuration of suffering that they may be consumed and imprisoned by, that you see them in their wholeness, honoring and recognizing that which precipitates their suffering, empathizing with their loss or limitation or confusion. But understanding that even this, as deep as the throes of agony may go, even this is a temporary role, an outer aspect of the fullness of their being. See them as whole. See them as perfect. See them as magnificent—which is to say, see them for who they truly are. That seeing alone invites the other-self into the recognition of the One Being within their hearts.

At this time, we would transfer our contact to the one known as Austin. We thank you, my friends. We are those known to you as the principle of Q’uo.

(Austin channeling)

We are Q’uo, and we are again with this instrument. We cannot adequately express through this instrument the gratitude that we feel to be invited to join you in your circle of seeking. But if you may open your hearts, it is there that you can find our gratitude as we share it with you. And there in your hearts as well, you may find the knowledge that it is no coincidence that you are all here at this moment together, and that you are all here upon this planet at this time. You may find the knowledge that you chose to be here and to incarnate upon a troubled planet in order to share the love and the light of the One Infinite Creator. This planet thirsts for that love, and we assure you that that love that you share at no point in this planet’s past has been more potent and more effective. So go forth then with the faith that any ounce of love that you can muster to share with this planet redounds to the bounds of infinity.

We leave you as we found you, in the love and in the light of the One Infinite Creator. We are Q’uo. Adonai. Adonai vasu borragus.