• Donald Tully Elkins born


    Louisville, Kentucky

  • Carla Lisbeth Rueckert born


    Lake Forest, Illinois. Family relocates to Anniston, Alabama soon thereafter.

  • Joins Elkins-Mantell Flying School


    Don is a student learning to fly at Bowman field in Louisville, KY.

  • James Allen McCarty born


    Kearney, Nebraska

  • Captain Thomas Mantell crashes


    National Guard pilot who gained country’s attention when his plane crashed in pursuit of a UFO. Incident sparked Don Elkins’ interest in UFOs.

  • Don enlists (or continues in) the National Guard


    Upon graduating Louisville Male High School. He is stationed in Germany at some point.

  • Don begins teaching engineering and physics


    At the University of Louisville’s Speed Scientific School in Louisville, Kentucky.

  • Don's research into UFOs takes off


    Elkins gives this as the year that his intensive investigative efforts began.

  • Don goes Vulcan*


    Or stoic, if you prefer. Determines that the world is, shall we say, crazy, and in order to survive he must become indifferent, a coolheaded observer who is not swayed one way or the other, especially by emotion.

    Vulcans are a fictional species from the TV series Star Trek who are characterized by living according to reason and logic only without interference from emotion. Toward that end they control and suppress their emotions.

  • Carla's kidneys fail, has near-death-experience


    Given choice to move on or return. See Ch 13 and 27 of Tilting at Windmills for more info.

  • Don meets Hal Price


    Receives the Detroit Group material (and The Brown Notebook). Visits Walt Rogers’ group in Detroit sometime thereafter.

  • Carla meets Don


    Through Jim D., a student in Don’s engineering class and Carla’s romantic interest.

  • First channeling group begins


    Don gathers first experimental channeling group. Carla is the 13th member and only female.

  • Walt Rogers visits Don's experimental physics group


    Prior to Rogers’s visit, the channeling experiment was “scientifically clean, but null.” Rogers visits the Louisville Group and channels his Confederation contact to the group. Gist of message: “Why aren’t you speaking our words? You are receiving them, but you are not saying them.” Actual channeling begins soon thereafter.

  • Don and Carla meet Morris Hoagland


    At eight years old due to childhood UFO experience described in Secrets of the UFO and referenced in The Law of One. Develops lifelong friendship. Eventually becomes VP of L/L Board.

  • Don leaves teaching & the military in order to becomes an airline pilot for Eastern Air Lines


    Becomes a pilot to fund his research and devote more time to it. Eventually rises to the rank of a 727 Captain.

  • Don moves in with Carla


    They unite immediately following Carla’s divorce from Jim DeWitt. Don attempts intimacy with Carla for six months.

  • Carla and Don write the novel The Crucifixion of Esmerelda Sweetwater


    They receive or “see” the entire story as if watching a movie, except for the very end, which they have to create on their own.

  • Carla goes to work full time for Don


    Leaves librarian position of thirteen-grade private school to devote herself full time to Don’s investigation.

  • Don and Carla form the L/L Company


    A private partnership focused on research.

  • Don and Carla meet Dewey Larson


    Arranges for Larson to speak at the University of Kentucky. Don and Carla subsequently join the board of International Society for Unified Science. Remain until publication of Secrets of the UFO.

  • Jim spends two summers in Colorado


    At T. D. Lingo’s Adventure Trail Survival School.

  • Jim purchases 132 acres


    In Marion County, Kentucky. Influenced by the “Back to the Land Movement,” and wanting to follow Lingo’s dictum to teach brain self-control, Jim builds his own log cabin.

  • Jim moves to Kentucky permanently


    Spends first six weeks in a tent before moving into the cabin.

  • Jim forms the Rock Creek Research & Development Labs, Inc.


    A 501(c)(3) non-profit modeled after Lingo’s own school. Designed to teach the same methods.

  • Carla takes up channeling on Don's request


    After twelve years of participating in the group but never channeling. She, we now know, was a natural. Likely born for it.

  • Carla and Don visit Andrija Puharich


    And realize that his house was featured in their book, The Crucifixion of Esmerelda Sweetwater, and he was the character Pablo.

  • Don, Carla, and others form Eftspan


    Named after a term in the book Oahspe, formed as a 501(c)(3) light center with land near St. Francis, KY. Carla and Don eventually drop out.

  • Carla gains proficiency in channeling


    Develops and tests the protocols of tuning and challenging.

  • Carla undergoes psychic surgery in the Philippines


    Don and Carla travel to investigate (and experience) psychic surgery.

  • Don and Carla change the name to L/L Research


    “L/L” is short for Love/Light

  • Secrets of the UFO published


    Summarizing their research to that point.

  • Jim hears Don and Carla for the first time


    Featured on a WKQQ radio broadcast out of Lexington, KY, Jim hears them while alone on his land, listening to a battery-powered radio.

  • Carla undergoes psychic surgery in Mexico


    Don and Carla travel to Mexico to investigate (and experience) psychic surgery for a second time.

  • Jim meets Carla (and soon thereafter, Don)


    Meets Carla on the front steps of the main meeting hall at Ken Keyes’s new “Living Love Center” in St Mary’s, KY. Meets Don at a meditation in Don and Carla’s Louisville apartment not long thereafter.

  • Jim moves to Oregon to join Cosmic Awareness Communications


    Pulled to leave his solitary experience of six years in order to be of service in a channeling community. Spends two months there.

  • L/L Research 501(c)(3) created


    Becomes a DBA of Jim’s non-profit, The Rock Creek Research & Development Labs.

  • Jim moves in with Carla and Don


    Offered lucrative employment while in Oregon, Jim sets aside weekend to meditate on the question of whether to stay with Cosmic Awareness, take high-paying work, or return to Louisville to accept Don and Carla’s offer to live and work with them. Receives answer in a matter of seconds: “Go to Louisville.”

  • Ra Contact begins


    Don Elkins, and universe, jump for joy.

  • 75 Sessions this year

  • 27 Sessions this year

  • Light/Lines Newsletter launches

    1982, spring

    A quarterly publication featuring the best of L/L’s channeling. Continues into the present.

  • Group begins search for a new home in Atlanta

    1982, fall

    To move closer to Don’s work as an airline pilot. First signs of Don’s illness.

  • 4 Sessions this year

  • Group moves to Atlanta

  • 1 Session this year


    The only session outside of their original home in Louisville, KY.

  • Group returns from Atlanta


    Moves into new home in Louisville.

  • Don Elkins passes away


    Commits suicide after a year of declining mental health at 54 years old.

  • The Crucifixion of Esmerelda Sweetwater published


    18 years after it was written.

  • Q’uo first channeled


    Hatonn, Latwii, Oxal, and others had been around for some time. Q’uo first appearance on this date.

  • A Channeling Handbook published

  • Jim and Carla marry


    At Calvary Episcopal Church in Louisville, KY.

  • Meet Steve Tyman


    A professor of philosophy who would become a dear friend, one of Carla’s best two channeling students.

  • Meet Roman Vodacek


    Jim and Carla meet Romi, who will become a longstanding and faithful friend to, and volunteer for, L/L Research, and also the third member who will make possible many of the channelings in the ’90s.

  • Carla leaves the desert


    Roughly eight years after Don died, Carla finally forgives herself and leaves a long spiritual desert experience. Her health rebounds and she regains the ability to be fully mobile again after a grueling physical therapy regimen.

  • LLResearch.org launches


    Thanks to multiple people but primarily Ian, a professional who volunteers to digitize all of L/L’s work, and subsequently builds L/L’s first website, LLResearch.org, to share that work with the world. Ian serves as volunteer webmaster and editor/publisher for 17 years.

  • Book V of The Law of One published

  • A Wanderer's Handbook published

  • Meet Gary Bean at the “Time of Global Shift” seminar in Louisville


    Produced by Scott Mandelker, Carla and Jim speak at this seminar and meet a young Gary.

  • Tobey Wheelock launches Lawofone.Info


    A website dedicated to sharing The Law of One material. Later will host the Relistened version, and will become the best study tool for The Law of One material.

  • Spiritual community attempted


    After group discussion, Carla & Jim invite attendees of Feb, 2003 Homecoming, including Gary, to start an experiment in community.

  • Tobey Wheelock initiates the Relistening Project


    Re-listens to all 106 sessions of the Ra Contact. Discovers un-transcribed Q&As and other modifications to the text. Begins creation of Relistened Version, an actual exact transcript, and the precursor of the Lightly Edited Version, that which will be used for The Ra Contact: Teaching the Law of One book.

  • Initial spiritual community experiment comes to an end


    Everyone eventually moves away save for Gary who stays on with Carla and Jim.

  • Carla begins The Camelot Journal


    A daily online blog chronicling the life and work of L/L Research, and the personal lives of Jim and Carla. Journal continues uninterrupted into the present.

  • Wooded Glen Retreat


    Gary produces his first event, and L/L’s first large-scale Homecoming (large by L/L’s standards).

  • Gary becomes Carla's administrative assistant


    Carla, wanting to be freed to focus on creative work, creates new position and offers it to Gary, who accepts reluctantly but soon embraces it. Several years later becomes L/L’s Administrator.

  • A Book of Days: Channelings From the Holy Spirit published

  • Gatherings Newsletter launches


    A subscription-based newsletter designed to keep subscribers apprised of L/L happenings and to connect others via a directory of study groups

  • Bring4th.org is born


    Steve Engratt had a vision for a community website congruent with Carla’s seed idea, and the technical chops to get it done. Signs on as webmaster and together with Gary, builds L/L Research’s first community website.

  • First L/L online store launched


    As a result of which Carla and Jim do not have to fund L/L Research out of their own pockets for the first time in its history.

  • Living the Law of One 101: The Choice published


    Carla’s attempt to break down the Law of One into simpler terms.

  • The Light/Lines Newsletter: The First 25 Years published


    L/L’s quarterly newsletter The Light/Lines features the best of its channeling.

  • L/L Research Channeling Archives published


    An 18-volume set spanning the years 1972 - 2008.

  • Social media platforms launched


    Including Facebook, Twitter, and, at the time, Tumblr.

  • The Blogworthy Report launches


    Submitted daily to Carla, it reports the highlights of L/L Research’s work each day and is published in her Camelot Journal. It will become an independent publication in August, 2019

  • In the Now - Q&A with Carla L. Rueckert launched


    Originally hosted by Monica Leal. Will evolve over time to include Jim, Gary, and Austin. Continues now as the Law of One Podcast.

  • Basic Principles of the Law of One launched


    Carla designs a course based on her book Living the Law of One 101 and offers it through online school IMU (International Metaphysical University).

  • Carla's final Saturday Meditation channeling


    Undergoes spinal fusion surgery soon thereafter. She intends to resume channeling but the surgery leaves her bound to a hospital bed with an open wound for next four years. Thus April 13 marks the end of a 37-year vocation of channeling.

  • Audio from the Ra contact published online


    Shares audio with the public for the first time, allowing others to hear the slow-moving conversation.

  • The Poetry of Carla Lisbeth Rueckert published

  • Meet Austin Bridges at Homecoming, 2012


    And sparks fly between he and L/L.

  • The day after the famously hyped Dec 21, 2012 date…


    …is a day like any other.

  • Austin Bridges moves to Louisville


    Recognized for excellent volunteer work as a moderator for Bring4th.org, invited to Louisville to work alongside Gary at the L/L helm.

  • L/L creates first satellite publishing partner


    In collaboration with Jochen Blumenthal who creates Das Gesetz des Einen Verlag for the German translation of all L/L Research material. Soon thereafter incorporates Micheline Deschreider’s French translations into Maison d’édition La Loi Une (Allemagne).

  • Carla passes away


    After a four-year struggle with an open wound and a lifetime of medical hardship, Carla passes away in Jim’s arms in their home at 71 years old.

  • The Quixotic Quest: The Story & Identity of L/L Research published


    Written initially as a presentation for Homecoming, 2015. Book uses material from TAW.

  • Bring4th Restructuring Project


    Guidelines, Principles, Mod Docs, Reorganizaing.

  • Gary becomes Director, Austin Assistant Director of L/L Research


    Simply formalizing their existing roles of service to the organization.

  • By this year the Law of One had been translated into...


    Portuguese, Chinese, French, German, Hungarian, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, and Turkish. With Italian, Czech, and Bulgarian on the horizon.

  • Publish Tilting at Windmills: An Interview with Carla L. Rueckert & Jim McCarty


    The first ever comprehensive and unified biography of L/L’s founders and the organization. Also, the fruit of Austin and Gary learning how to bring book publishing entirely in-house.

  • Channeling Intensives


    Jim and Steve launch the first post-Carla series of channeling intensives designed to teach a new generation. What remains of the circle continues into the present with Jim, Austin, Kathy, Trish, and Gary.

  • Czech Satellite Publishing Partner officially launches


    The Czech team of Vojta, Romi, Radim, and Bara form Spolek Zákona jednoty, becoming L/L’s second publishing partner.

  • Living the Law of One 101 audiobook published


    Narrated by Jim, L/L Research’s first ever audiobook

  • The Ra Contact Volume: Teaching the Law of One, Vol 1–2 + Index published


    The definitive and final version of the 106 sessions and a milestone for L/L’s flagship work.

  • First Coming Home to a New Earth Gathering, Asheville, NC


    First of what will become an annual gathering held in collaboration with the AVL LOO Study Group, uses open space technology and focuses on transformational practices.

  • Trisha Bean added to staff


    After seven years of volunteer service and with board approval, Trish adds power to the output of L/L Research.

  • Ra Contact Vol 1 audiobook published


    Narrated by Jim, first ever audiobook of the conversation with Ra.

  • Ra Contact YouTube Project launches


    Merges the original audio recordings of the Ra contact with the transcribed words for the first time. (As of 02.2021, up to Session 53.)

  • The Blogworthy Report goes independent


    After years after publication in Carla and Jim’s Camelot Journal, the Blogworthy finds its own space to report the work of L/L Research.

  • First international L/L Research gathering held in Prague


    In collaboration with the Czech translation team, L/L holds its first gathering outside of the States. 16 countries represented.

  • Endowment announced


    Thanks to an anonymous donor, L/L Research announces the gift of its first ever endowment.

  • A Concept Guide published


    The first book in the Ra Contact Resource Series, it studies and synthesizes key concepts from Adept–Will.

  • Law of One Overview


    Thanks to the indefatigable efforts of Nadine and Thomas, L/L begins publishing its first ever high-quality video presentations.

  • Co-Directors


    Being like brothers in leading L/L’s operation, they figure they should share the designation. Austin accepts offer that was made in Aug, 2018.

  • The Ra Contact, Vol 2 audiobook published

  • First online-only gathering held


    Due to pandemic, L/L and its AVL collaborators move the Coming Home to a New Earth gathering online to great success and future online events to come.

  • 40th Anniversary Boxed Set published


    The publisher of the original Law of One books publishes the first ever hardcover boxed set.

  • Community Stewardship Circle launches


    In a major upgrade to L/L’s online community at Bring4th, the stewardship circle is launched thanks to the efforts of Aion, Diana, Flofrog, Louisabell, Patrick, and Spaced.

  • The new website launches


    After a long journey, the new site wildly exceeds what we hoped to achieve for a more reader-centric experience. Our basic goal was to make this treasure trove of spiritual information more accessible, sortable, searchable, and useable for you.

  • Search Engine Launches


    For the first time in the history of the universe, one is able to search the entire breadth of the Confederation channeling - the Law of One and almost five decades of conscious channeling - as a single, synthesized body of material. Language-specific searches soon follow.

  • The work of L/L Research goes on


    A local circle continues to meet to channel Q’uo. The work of L/L Research goes on. And the material at this point is translated into Bulgarian, Chinese, Czech, Dutch, Farsi, French, German, Hebrew, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish, and Ukranian – with Arabic, Greek, and more on the way!