In 2018, a generous and anonymous individual reached out to L/L Research. In discovering the Confederation philosophy, she or he experienced what is common to all who resonate with this work: a profound sense of self-discovery. In gratitude, they wanted to create something that would contribute to funding L/L Research in perpetuity. Toward that end they gifted L/L Research its first endowment.

Endowments have various governing rules and restrictions according to the donor’s wishes. The general gist of an endowment is that the original gift amount becomes principle. This is principle is invested and then never or rarely accessed. In this way, the gains earned from the principle can continue funding the intended recipient year after year.

This particular donor gifted L/L an amount that is utterly bizarre on our tongues: an even million dollars. This is not one million that L/L has general access to for funding or spending. As described above, the principle is protected by restrictions. Beginning in 2020, L/L Research will receive a percentage of the gains from the invested principle in yearly disbursements. The hope is that this principle will generate revenue that can help fund future generations of L/L Research long after we are dust.

The endowment will be managed by the Board of Directors, and the disbursements will be used for general operations, from publishing material, to running websites, to paying full-time staff, to hosting gatherings, to covering bills, etc. Perhaps it can be used to outsource projects that had previously tied up our tiny staff in Louisville, or to find other worthy, mission-driven projects to support or expand into.

As with all L/L monies earned from donations or book sales, we will use this gift to serve L/L Research’s primary mission of collecting, freely offering, and teaching the Confederation philosophy to interested spiritual seekers and wanderers the world over. This endowment will help to further ensure that the fruit of L/L’s offerings to the world remain ever free.

With the coming launch of L/L’s new website, we will dedicate space for information about L/L’s budget along with other aspects of the yellow-ray dimensions of this spiritual organization. Stay tuned for pie charts.

To the anonymous source of this gift, we wish to publicly offer our deepest heartfelt gratitude for this singular service. It will help sustain operations long into the future. From all at L/L Research and every spiritual seeker that your gift will touch, thank you a thousand times over. How we wish Carla could be here in person to see this, though we sense her elation and blessing from beyond the veil.