Friendship. Humor. Fast paced words. Americans. Europeans. Canadians. Australians. All this - and much, much more.

The Bring4th Chatroom lived a life of its own. It was the hottest venue in town - at least for those in the know. For many, many years the Chatroom was a place you could drop into almost any time of day (or night) and there would be at least a few folks already in conversation. And you would be welcomed into the fold. How did you find the Law of One? How long have you been reading it? What country are you in? These would be the starter questions to welcome any new guest.

And if it appeared that some people lived in the chatroom - well - then - maybe they did! It is all too easy to open up a chat window, when one is working in an office job. And have it sitting in the background. This is in no way good career advice, folks!

But so many conversations. And so many people have passed through over the years. Good memories.

And yet - those days are long past.

The Chatroom is no longer an active, alive space for Law of One communion. It is no longer fulfilling its intended purpose.

And so for that reason, its doors have been shuttered. Things brought to a close.

A deep thank you to everyone (and anyone) who ever participated. You have my gratitude for your abundant self sharing.

It was truly an amazing thing to be a part of. An epic part of my Life.

Plenum - Bring4th Moderator