13 December, 2020

Jim's Interview with Roland Achenjang

5 November, 2020

Jim's Interview with Rafa Martinelli

17 September, 2020

Jim, Gary, and Austin's interview with Aaron Abke

10 August, 2020

Jim's interview with Aaron Abke

14 May, 2020

Jim's interview with Brian Scott on the Reality Revolution

Brian Scott interviews Jim on various topics and his experience as the scribe for the Law of One.

7 April, 2020

Jim McCarty on The Moore Show | They Call Us Channelers

“They Call Us Channelers” will take viewers on a journey into the phenomenon known as “Channeling”. Our goal is to bring a new understanding and awareness to channeling by looking within ourselves and asking “Is it truly possible to use this so called innate ability?” And “How do I use it or when and what should I use it for?”'

19 October, 2019

Gary and Austin's Q&A in Rome

During their short time together in Rome following the 2019 Prague Law of One Gathering, Gary and Austin met for a Q&A with the Italian translator of the Law of One, Gianluca Mosaico, and his fiancée, Inla Lezha, both dedicated spiritual seekers. In a café across the street from a Roman-era, 121 foot stone pyramid, they shared responses to questions sent in from Italian seekers.

22 January, 2019

Jim, Gary, and Austin's interview with Joy Jackson on the Backyard Mystic

9 December, 2017

Jim, Gary, and Austin's interview with Ryan on the Ascended Minds podcast

1 December, 2017

Jim and Gary's interview with Kevin Moore