Carla was interviewed by telephone on Mike Quinsey’s Connecting the Light program on BBS Radio on Friday, June 12, 2009, at 9:00 PM PST.

Hello, everyone, this is Mike Quinsey, Connecting the Light. My guest today is Carla L. Rueckert McCarty. She’s a Christian mystic and channel who formed a partnership in 1968 with Don Elkins, a physics professor and commercial airline pilot whose service was a systematic investigation into UFO phenomena. The partnership grew into the non-profit organization, L/L Research, which is short for Love and Light Research, which is based in Louisville, Kentucky and exists to this day.

I’ll carry on with a decent introduction, so hold on for a minute, Carla!

In the 60’s, Don’s investigations led him to information regarding telepathic contact with entities we would consider ETs and from this point forward the nature of their research began to shift from the outer evidence of the UFO phenomenon and contact—i.e., abductees, physical evidence of UFOs, eye witness accounts, etc.—to the clearly spiritual dimension of the message that UFOs were apparently here to offer. Using this information and refining their protocols for telepathic contact, they began channeling, as it is commonly referred to now. They were able to bring through channeled messages from the UFO entities regarding the spiritual evolution of humankind, the potentials of the earth illusion and the spiritual evolution of humanity.

We’re going to have a good discussion, a good interview with Carla. Welcome to the program, Carla.

Well, thank you so much, Mike, it was so good of you to ask me.

I’m looking forward to this immensely. I’ve had a good read, if not a total read, of your book [talking here about The Law of One series] and it is extremely interesting. What I’d first like to ask you is, when did you begin your whole series of books? What is the actual beginning date of your channeling? When did it really start?

Where do I start in talking about that?

How did it all start?

When I was in college I had a boyfriend 1 who was a student of Don Elkins. I heard that Don was starting a silent meditation group. The intention that Don had was to try to create a UFO contactee group and he was moving on information that he had gotten from UFO contactee material that he had received from fellow researchers in Detroit, Michigan.

However, he didn’t tell the students that, he simply said to the 12 students that he asked to be part of this experiment that he was going to have silent meditation once a week.

For my part, I loved going to church, and as you said earlier, I am a Christian mystic, an Episcopalian—but I don’t do the dogma, I gently leave the dogma aside. I just love Jesus, and the thing about going to Episcopalian churches is you have the wonderful “comfortable words”, you have a three-year cycle of all the lessons—the pearls from the Bible. You have music, you have preaching, you have beautiful rituals, you have Holy Communion, but you don’t have silence. And I was looking at that point for a good silent meditation group and I thought, “Perfect.”

I asked Professor Elkins if I could join the group and he gave permission. So in January of 1962, twelve engineering students, all men, and I, the lone woman in the group, settled down for Don’s experiment. Through the years, of course, it became apparent that it was an experiment and most of the twelve original men soon began channeling. However, at that time, I was not interested. I enjoyed the cosmic sermonettes, as they have been called, 2 but I didn’t want to produce material, I just wanted to have silent meditation, so that’s what I did.

So I didn’t get into learning how to channel until 1974. At that time, most of the original members of the group had, naturally, graduated, gotten jobs, gone to the four corners of the earth, and Don was out of subjects with whom to continue his experiment. And he said, “Listen, as a favor to me, would you learn how to channel so that I can continue collecting this information?”

Now, a side note on that, a reason that he wanted to collect as much information as possible, is that the experiment had been tainted by the fact that a contactee from the Detroit Group 3 visited the Louisville group and channeled. And the channel basically said, “You know, we’ve been giving you all these thoughts and you haven’t been responding, you haven’t been speaking them forth, and we wonder why you’re doing this.”

All the men heretofore had been making clicking sounds, gurgling sounds, and sounds like a window shade being let go, these noises that indicated that something was trying to come through but they just didn’t know what to do after that. I did find when I first began channeling that the first thing you have to learn is that it feels like your thoughts and you just have to try to speak that thought and then you’ll get a flow. But they found that out the hard way by this fellow from the Detroit group channeling. And at that point the experiment was no longer a solid, completely clean experiment.

However, Don felt that the data was interesting in that it reproduced the Detroit Group’s information without the Louisville people knowing what that information was. Don felt it was interesting enough to go ahead and collect material, because that is what you do if you have a faulty experiment. You get as much data as possible so that at least with a large amount of this material you can begin to make some suppositions and so forth.

So that’s what Don was doing and that’s what we’re still doing. But in 1974 I began to channel. I wasn’t a good student at first. My first two months were full of messages like, “We are those of Hatonn. We are having trouble with this instrument.”

But I persevered and finally, after about six months I was able to channel. When I was tuned and when I would open myself I would get a spirit. I almost immediately began to be very interested in making my channeling better, because it’s very easy to channel, but it’s very difficult to channel well. So I spent years after that, focusing on what made for a good session, and came to various conclusions.

Basically, the conclusions were that if you got fear-based questions, or specific questions, this particular contact would not work for you. If you managed to get questions about spiritual principles and questions that were not fear-based, even if they had to do with phenomena in the world, you would get good results.

So I began honing the questions before I would accept them, before we would start a session. And then I found, for myself, that the more carefully I tuned my own consciousness, as if I were a radio receiver, tuning to the right station, the better station I would receive. So I began tuning and to this day I tune for twenty minutes to half an hour before a session.

And then the other element is the challenging of the spirit. You need, in doing this work, to be somebody. You need to have two feet to stand on, metaphysically speaking. It doesn’t matter what that piece of turf is, you just need to own it. I’m a Christian, so I challenge in the name of Jesus the Christ. I ask the spirit to say that Jesus is Lord. If he can do that three times running, then I hook up with him, them, whoever, to see what that contact has to say. If they cannot meet that challenge, then I dismiss that spirit and then go again. These are the basic things that I’ve learned in creating a better piece of information [when channeling].

My hope here, and it’s a hope I’ve had all my life, is to be of service to the Creator. And it has seemed to me, both as a researcher and as a mystical Christian, that this particular service that I’ve sort of stumbled into, looking for silent meditation, has been one that has helped a lot of people. I get a lot of correspondence back from people who like a transcript, or read one of my books, or liked my latest article, or whatever, and as long as that feedback continues to be good, I will continue working in this area to produce material that may be helpful to seekers.

Indeed, your experience in channeling, which is now quite vast, has enabled you to write a book called A Channeling Handbook. Does this tell people how to develop that ability?

It doesn’t tell people how to do it. I’m against that completely because of the fact that it is fraught with danger. I don’t mean to be dramatic, it’s just that through thirty years of teaching the channeling myself, I’ve seen about half a dozen students disregard my very careful and explicit instructions—I say, “Don’t do this at home—don’t do this alone, do this only in the presence of a group and with a senior channel there to watch your back.”

However, there are always people who will feel that I don’t know what I’m talking about and that they will be fine. And then they start coming up with information that says that they are either the next incarnation of Jesus the Christ or that they are going to be the mother of the next incarnation of Jesus the Christ, depending on sex, and very questionable material like that. And then it goes from bad to worse and you get paranoia and other evidence of mental illness. And then there’s a psychotic break and the person ends up in a mental institution.

The basic problem here is that we really are radios—we all really can pick up discarnate sources of information. And many of those discarnate sources are either mischievous or downright negatively oriented. I don’t like to use the term “evil” because we think we know what that means but we really don’t. But there is a definite break between the service-to-others-oriented sources and service-to-self-oriented sources. It’s a crowded universe. So if people are just playing around on the Ouija board or like the idea of channeling and decide they’re just going to do it at home, they can get into real trouble.

In the book about channeling, I didn’t talk about the process itself. I talked about the tuning issue and I talked about the challenging issue. I talked a lot about figuring out who you are. You see, in the world people assume that you are who you are by what your outer appearance is—your sex, your job, your race, etc., etc. And they think they know who you are. Nobody ever comes up to you at a party and says: “Who are you?” They say, “What do you do?”

So you skim along the surface of life, in terms of working in the world. But when you’re working with the metaphysical world, the inner planes, the unseen realms, which is where you’re going to get these channeled sources of information, you’re moving from the physical world, which the Confederation calls space/time, to the metaphysical realms, the invisible realms, which the Confederation sources which I have channeled for many years, call time/space. And in time/space, the thoughts that you have are solid. They are thoughtforms. Your vibration is your name and you are dealing with a completely different creation. The rules are different.

So you can’t enter into the attempt to create a bond between you and a discarnate entity by saying “I’m a woman and I’m a librarian, I’m a researcher, I write books.” That doesn’t work. You have to say, “Here is what I believe. This is what I live for and this is what I would die for, if necessary.” You need to get to that level of confidence and surety. And at that point you have become a real person to those entities whom you meet in the metaphysical realm. I talk a lot about that in A Channeling Handbook.

By the way, I have improved on that in latter years because as I have gotten older—I’m going to be 66 this summer—I’ve faced my mortality with more directness and realized that I won’t always be here to offer these thoughts. And I feel that the sources are valuable and that it would be good for me to leave behind other channels that are able to channel the particular sources that I’m able to channel.

So I started a series of Channeling Intensives two years ago. We’ve had five of them now and that will be ongoing. And I’m happy to say that there are about four channels from the initial group of 16 that have developed a real gift for the channeling and are now starting the arduous but labor-of-love work of refining that gift.

Now, part of your work obviously relates to your contact with the Ra group and there is an emphasis and it is shown in the title of your book on the Law of One. 4 Can you, in simple terms, explain what the Law of One is?

The basic premise of the Law of One is that all things are one. Physicists also say that everything in the universe is interconnected these days so it’s not a far-out theory at all if you look at string theory 5 or other new frontiers in physics you see that it is a physical actuality that we are interconnected and that everything we do just goes on forever and interconnects ultimately with everything else. It is not only a metaphysical truth, it is also a physical truth.

So this one thing is of a certain nature, says the Confederation, and that nature is love—unconditional and absolute love. They call it the Logos, which John does also in the Gospel of John: “In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the word was God.” 6 John wrote in Greek and that word was Logos in Greek so Christian and Confederation philosophy comes together there.

This love, then, that is the infinite Creator and is all that there is, decided to know Itself by calling upon the first distortion of the Law of One, which is free will. And because the Logos is intelligent infinity, the Creator was of this certain nature, which is love, and the creation was of a certain kind. In other words, everything in the Creation is part of the Creator and also shares that basic nature of love.

That Creation was manifested by the third distortion of the Law of One, after free will and love, which is light. So the manifested Creation came into being according to the laws of physics. And the sub-Logoi, which were the suns, developed places for people to be and then allow those entities to begin experiencing life. We are the sub-sub-Logoi, the children of God.

This is basically the beginning of the Law of One. Once you see those first principles of unity, free will, love and light, then you see how this particular world works. They describe a wonderful school of souls that exists through seven grades or seven densities. We are in the third grade or density.

The first grade or density is the density of rocks, mountains, wind and so forth, the density of the elements.

The second density is the movement toward the light which is plants and animals without self-awareness.

The third density is humanity, the animal body with self-awareness, which has the ability to develop spirit for the first time.

And so this density, the third density, is called the Density of Choice and in that density the choice has to do with whether you’re going to be of service to self or of service to others. There’s a polarity involved. Everybody that I am talking to, I feel absolutely sure, is service-to-others in their polarity and really hoping to be creatures of love, those who want to spread that wonderful energy of the Creator that they feel inside and for which they yearn.

We’re all creatures that want to love and be loved. That’s what we’re involved in right now, the Density of Choice. It’s making that choice of polarity and then maintaining that choice and making that choice again and again, building the polarity until we are able to graduate into the Density of Love, which is fourth density and which is coming up for all of us very shortly.

After that, to finish out the cosmology, the fifth density is the Density of Wisdom, the sixth density is the Density of Unity, where wisdom and love are combined until they become one and then there is the seventh density, the Density of Foreverness. In that density there is the final letting go of everything having to do with an individual ego and turning towards the source and the ending, the one infinite Creator, and moving with ever increasing spiritual gravity towards the alpha and the omega until we are taken up into the infinite indivisible once again.

When all of the infinite creation has made that journey, then the Creator breathes once again and out of timelessness comes a new first density. So it is an infinite Creation. That basically is the Law of One, that one thing being love.

You mention that the Ra group appeared to the builder of the Great Pyramid in Egypt and they assisted in the building by thought. I wondered whether you had any other information on that. I think that’s a very interesting aspect of their work.

It is a stunning little sidebar to the Law of One information. Those of Ra are a very large group. They call the group a “social memory complex.” Everybody in that society decided they wanted to serve together and serve as one. So various entities within the Ra group manifested physically and spoke to Akhenaton, husband of Nefertiti, a pharaoh in the ancient days of Egypt. Akhenaton declared the Law of One and even created a whole new city in the desert, Heliopolis to celebrate the Law of One.

But, of course, he died young under mysterious circumstances and shortly after he died the priests had become thoroughly corrupted and those of Ra left the vicinity as far as being in physical form. They found that it simply didn’t work.

But while they were there, one thing that they did was to create the Great Pyramid at Giza and other pyramids that were lesser pyramids but were intended to balance the earth like a series of bellybuttons that normalized energy coming around the Earth. In the Great Pyramid the intention was to create a place of initiation and healing using sacred geometry.

They reproduced the pyramids that they had used during their third density which they had found very helpful for their own study. There were energies which the sacred geometry offered. The intake at the bottom of the pyramid created the opportunity for initiation because if you go down through the pyramid there is an almost complete vacuum as far as anything being able to come into the mind and you’re very, very isolated. So it recapitulates the feeling of your own death and it was very shamanic. There was this feeling that the priests that they were initiating would be able to have this experience and rise from it with a renewed and refined appreciation for life and a renewed desire to become purified channels for the Law of One.

The King’s Chamber position was a healing position and there was a lot of hope that the people of Egypt, all of the people, would be able to come to the pyramid, a priest would take them to the King’s Chamber and as they lay there in this chamber there would be an opportunity for them to sort of hit the reset button on their health so that that experience would enable them to start over and have good health.

Interestingly enough, of course, it’s very well documented that if you put something like a razor blade in the King’s Chamber position in a pyramid with the same proportions as the Great Pyramid of Giza, the razor blade never needs sharpening, food stays fresh, and so on. It’s very well documented. There are healing properties to that position.

Those are the main things about the pyramid that Ra spoke about. Don, of course, questioned those of Ra on this subject fairly extensively and you can go to and find the Law of One channelings there and just do a site-search on pyramids and you will be able to see all the information that we’ve collected on pyramids.

Right. Now I think we’ll get into some part of your book 7 where you quoted information by the Confederation of Planets. You talk of life here as a game board and of us as players in the game. Let me ask you: What is the game we are playing?

Well, I call it the Game of Life. I was looking for a way, in writing 101—and by the way, 101 is an Americanism. When you go to college here in the U.S., in your first year you take Philosophy 101 and History 101 and so forth. I was looking for a way to indicate to readers that this was a readable, accessible way to learn about the Law of One, because the source documents, the five volumes of the Law of One that I originally channeled from 1981 to 1984, contain the kind of dense information that you might expect from German philosophy.

If you get a philosopher or someone who really resonates with the information, they’ll say “I can’t put the book down.” But if you get somebody like you and me you’re going, “This is hard stuff to read.” I thought I’d done a good job of translating that material into regular language when I wrote A Wanderer’s Handbook in 2001, but no, I really hadn’t. I hadn’t reckoned with the fact that not everybody goes to college, not everybody has the same background that I do, and people were saying, “I don’t understand that either.”

So I thought, “Okay, we’re going to start from scratch here. We are going to create an entry-level document, using a seventh-grade reading level, no more, and only what you’ve learned through the eleventh grade in high school, which is our national average, as far as education. I wanted everybody to be able to pick this book up. So that’s 101.

So the Game of Life is what we all play. It may seem sacrilegious or disrespectful to call life a game, but it is, whether we play it on the flat board that we all know about in everyday life or whether we play it on the enhanced game board that the Confederation suggests we might use.

On the flat game board, we grow up, we select a mate, we work for a living, we pay our bills, we eat, drink, we’re merry and eventually we push up the daisies. On the flat game board, that’s pretty much it. And there’s something quietly desperate about thinking of life on that flat game board with no enhanced settings to make it worthwhile. But if the Confederation information is taken into consideration we actually have quite an interesting game going here.

You see, the Choice—the book is called 101: The Choice—the choice is of polarity, of course. When we run into an ethically interesting situation, every time we make a choice, we are playing the Game of Life. You sort of get the rules in your head, and [in the book] I go through the rules after I talk about polarity. I talk about the body that we have that makes these choices. On the enhanced game board we are not dealing with just the physical body and its intellect, but also the energy body that takes in the energy of the infinite Creator and which runs it up through the heart and up through the top of the head and out. This energy body works in a certain way.

I talk about each part of the energy body, each chakra or energy center, and how you get that energy center open and flowing and how you can use it and do the very best you can to keep your heart open and how important it is to keep your heart open and make the choice of love instead of service to self.

The way I explain service to others and service to self is pretty simple: If you’ve got a sandwich and you meet somebody who’s hungry and you break the sandwich up and give half to the person who’s hungry, then you’re being of service to others. Jesus did this all the time—the parables of the loaves and fishes.

If you give the person the larger half, then you’re really cranking up being service to others. If you give the person the whole sandwich and say, “Please, eat,” then you’ve really gone over the top.

So, you’re just basically going through life looking for ways to love people and to spread that good feeling, a smile on the street is service to others on a much higher level than most people realize—it’s like an infection. If you meet everything that you come to in life with the attitude that all is well, this is a gift from spirit, I’m going to unwrap this gift and see what my best response would be.

And when you know the rules, service to others, etc., then you’re sort of like a spiritual athlete. And every day is another day on the Game Board with a capital “G” and you’re a player with a capital “P.” And at the end of that game, which you play all of your life, you have the opportunity to graduate.

Unlike those religions that speak of heaven or hell, the Confederation offers the idea of going on to fourth density, either service-to-others fourth density positive or fourth density negative. The third choice is that you don’t graduate. You stay in third density and you go to another planet which is in its third density phase for more experiences on this game board of Choice.

So me, I want to go on. I want to experience that fourth-density game board with all of the many more choices that come when you have the fourth-density light instead of third-density light. I’m looking forward to graduation. I think that is the very exciting part of the Confederation information, having to do with what happens when you die.

So the end of the game, you see, isn’t truly an ending. It’s a beginning. But what we’re doing here is laid out very clearly. We’re learning to make that choice for service to others. We’re getting our polarity up to 51% service to others or more so that we can graduate and go on to the Density of Love and Understanding, the fourth density.

Let me ask you this, then, because it is appropriate. You talk about working for our graduation and I think you call it “the harvest” the 2012 harvest. I know many people who are interested in this. How do we prepare ourselves during the short time that is left?

Well, the reason I wrote 101 is because there is only a short time left and I wanted people to have a really easy-to-use handbook on playing the Game of Life and getting ready to graduate. Basically, if your heart’s right, if you’re doing your best to be of service to other people, to love everybody the best way you know, you’re going to graduate. The rest is just refinement on that basic theme.

The great thing about the Confederation information on 2012 is that it’s not that which alarms one, as many other sources do. Many other sources, including Christianity, suggest that at the turn of the Age there will be a sudden shift and either our world will blink out and not be here anymore, or there will be a great Rapture and those who have made it will be taken up and transported somehow to the heaven world, and those that didn’t make the grade will be dashed into that realm where there is endless gnashing of teeth and no problem with lighting your cigarettes.

In stark contrast, the Confederation suggests that when you graduate—you rode in on your energy body, an energy body connected with the physical body, for the duration of your incarnation. At the surcease of the physical incarnation, the physical body lets go and you ride out of this incarnation on the same vehicle in which you rode into it, the energy body.

So in your energy body, you now have a reunion with your guidance system and with all those entities who have been dear to you. You set about walking the steps of light. The way the steps of light are organized, you have carefully set increments of light that contain more light with each step. At a certain point the light ceases to be third-density light and becomes fourth-density light. The energy body that is you walks those steps upward into ever increasing light until the light begins to feel uncomfortable.

If you stop on the third-density steps then you will reincarnate for the next bunch of incarnations, according to the Confederation, in another third-density planet and you will continue learning the lessons of polarity. If you do not stop until fourth density, then you have graduated and your next incarnation will be in fourth density, the Density of Love and Understanding

So there is no judgment. There is only where you are comfortable. You decide to yourself, “This is the environment I would like,” and from that point everything else is laid on. The forces of the universe are very careful to guard those increments of light so that everybody gets the same shot. Everybody gets the same trip up the steps and nobody falls to the side. It’s a very protective way to think about what happens after you die, what happens at 2012, or what happens after 2012.

The Confederation reports do not suggest that each individual will transfer into fourth density at 2012. What they suggest is that the planet itself is transiting into fourth density in 2012. I think that all of the people that are listening to these words have had the experience of the incredibly powerful interpenetration of third-density light by fourth-density light as fourth density comes ever closer on this planet.

What that means is that the vibrations of love and understanding that this fourth-density light holds are causing us almost to be forced into looking at every single piece of our personalities that have not been integrated into the whole.

All of us, especially as we try to be good people, prefer not to focus on our shadow side, but we all have one. All of us are all that there is, and all that there is involves 360 degrees of ways of being, so we are not only the good person, we are also the robber, the adulterer, all of those things, not in activation, but in terms of having those elements to our deep personality.

A spiritually mature person has gradually gone about collecting all those seemingly negative bits of the shadow side into the integrated self and has said, “Yes, I am that, but I do ask that portion of myself to come with me into the light and work for the good.”

We’re really getting slapped in the face by any element of our personality that we haven’t acknowledged. So it’s gotten a lot harder to polarize to the positive because we have so little choice now but to focus on and pay attention to everything we did not want to know about ourselves.

But, it’s do-able. It’s a do-able thing here. The big problem is that after 2012 the third-density light will have waned and that sun will have set. So here we’ll be, with third-density wiring, trying desperately to polarize and live in fourth density, according to fourth-density rules, and yet not having that third-density light, which is a little easier on you. It’s a little bit more forgiving and gives you more room to work.

So, I’m encouraging people to use the last of their third-density light right now, make their Choice and get started on playing the Game.

Right. I assume I have the right interpretation from your book that the reason that we’re involved in all of this is because we are a spark of the one original Thought of the infinite Creator and this is, if you like, the crown of our evolution and upliftment, hence 2012 is an important date because that is the opportunity for us to move into the fourth density.

Right. Although I don’t think that everyone, as I said, will have to face that in 2012, though it’s possible. I wrote a series of articles recently on 2012 in my UPI blog at You can find that by going to and go to Carla’s page and then click on the blog. In that series I spent some time working on the idea that we all might go at once, because it’s out there and a lot of people think that’s exactly what’s going to happen. It engenders a lot of fear and it really doesn’t have to, because it’s a natural process.

Birthing is a natural process and dying is a natural process. I died when I was 13 so I have an especially good source of information—I experienced it. My kidneys failed. This was back in the ‘50’s when they didn’t have any kind of technology, they didn’t have transplants, they didn’t have dialysis, they didn’t even have any medicine that really addressed kidney failures. So you basically just lived or died. And after my kidneys had failed for two weeks straight, my heart stopped for about two minutes.

During that time, with no change in consciousness whatsoever, I changed environments. I was no longer in pain. I was no longer blemished—glomerulo-nephritis is a very punishing disease. The skin welts up in very interesting and very painful welts all over your body. I no longer had the welts. And all of the sudden I was in a different world, a beautiful world where the colors were alive and I could see sparkles in the air which corresponded with the music I was hearing, which must have been the “music of the spheres.”

At any rate, into that environment came a voiceover that said, “We don’t usually do this, but you picked a very hard incarnation so we’re going to give you a choice. You can go back and you can finish the incarnation that you started, or you can start over and have two incarnations in which you split up the missions that you gave yourself to do. And it will be a little easier on you and you won’t have all of this on your plate. You were just very greedy when you planned this incarnation.”

So, being 13 years old and always a logical woman, I thought, “Two more childhoods, no!” So I said that I would go back. And so the rest of my life has been informed by that desire not to hear that voiceover again saying anything but, “Servant, well done.”

So I do know that there is nothing to be afraid of in dying at all. It’s actually quite a good release, especially when you’re ill. I really wanted, in that article I wrote for the UPI blog, 8 to help people stop thinking about death with fear, because we know it’s going to happen. And it’s so much better if you can look at it and know that it’s going to happen and look forward to the whole thing, the reunion with your guides, with all the people that you’ve loved, to walking the steps of light.

I can’t wait, really, but in the meantime I just want to be the best I can to make it so that when I do walk the steps of light I’ll have a good grade and I’ll be able to graduate.

This would be a good time to give our listeners your website address and just tell us where they can obtain your latest book.

The archive site that contains all of my transcripts for the last 30 or so years, and a lot of other information as well, is The community website for L/L Research is—that’s “bring forth,” it’s a pun, to not only bring forth fourth density but also bring forth community. On that is the store, so when you open up, then you have the ability to click on “store” and then to scroll through and look at what we have to offer and to buy Living the Law of One – 101: The Choice or A Wanderer’s Handbook or A Channeling Handbook. We have about a dozen books that I’ve written or channeled throughout the years on that site, including a coloring book for children, believe it or not.

Have you a BBS radio program?

We do. It runs every Saturday night. One of the channelings is offered without embellishment or comment, it’s just strictly the taping of one of our channeling sessions and I think it’s on BBS Radio, Channel 3, at 10:00 Saturday night, Pacific time. To find it, just go to and you’ll be able to find us there.

It’s very kind of Don Newsom, the head of that radio station, to offer us the program to share. Either you get the channeling session from last week or you get a channeling session from the past, since I don’t produce one every week any more. I produce about 18 new channeling sessions a year, but we have 34 years backlog, so it’s a simple matter to fill in. Thank you so much for giving me an opportunity to share.

Thank you very much. I think we’ll have to have you on again because I still have questions to ask.

[Mike signs off.]

  1. James W. DeWitt, Jr. was the boy friend. He is no longer involved at all in this area of research. 

  2. The phrase was coined by Brad Steiger. 

  3. Walt Rogers was the contactee. Formally, the Detroit Group became known as Man, Consciousness and Understanding of Detroit, or simply, Understanding of Detroit. This group is no longer extant, but the materials they published are preserved on our archive site. To see the materials of which I speak, see our Walt Rogers Transcripts

  4. The book to which Mike refers is Living the Law of One – 101: The Choice, which just came out in 2009. 

  5. To read more on string theory, start here. They have a bibliography at the end of the article. 

  6. Holy Bible, John 1:1. 

  7. Here Mike is talking about Living the Law of One – 101: The Choice. It was published in 2009 and is available at

  8. This article is A Look at Apocalypse Now: Part Two in The 2012 Series.