During their short time together in Rome following the 2019 Prague Law of One Gathering, Gary and Austin met for a Q&A with the Italian translator of the Law of One, Gianluca Mosaico, and his fiancée, Inla Lezha, both dedicated spiritual seekers. In a café across the street from a Roman-era, 121 foot stone pyramid, they shared responses to questions sent in from Italian seekers.

Okay, so thank you guys for being here. And for being able to answer the questions that seekers have sent in. So we will start from the question that Christine puts there. I hope I’m pronouncing it correctly. She’s from northern Italy. And she has a lot of questions. So the very first one, I’m going to translate so sorry, will not be very literal. But so, a question about the psychic greeting:

“Is it correct, the reasoning that I’m going to give you now? So every time that I receive information that allows me to open the green ray more, but I don’t practice the information that I’ve just received. Can I be vulnerable to a psychic attack? If you do not integrate the information that you received concerning the opening of the ray of the sorry, green ray?”

Want to try to answer/respond?

Thank you, Christine, for the question. Thank you Gianluca for this opportunity.

Where I hear Christine describe information about the opening of the green ray, is that she gains an understanding about the need for empathy or compassion or love for somebody else, for herself or somebody else, and then subsequently experiences a blockage, or acts outside of that information, and then she becomes angry or she closes her heart to somebody else. And whether in that scenario or any other, psychic greeting in my understanding, can enhance and exacerbate and intensify any imbalance within yourself, including that one.

Anything else?

I have two thoughts. One is that I don’t necessarily think that psychic greeting is specific to that scenario. Ra talks about how as we progress along the path, there is a balance of opportunity for us. So as we open our hearts more, we might be balanced with the opportunity to act otherwise. That might come in the form of psychic greeting. So that would maybe be happening no matter what.

What she talks about seems to be more what I would understand is the Law of Responsibility. Where we, if we aren’t using what we are becoming aware of, if we are utilizing the lessons that are given to us, and we aren’t, you know…we realize the necessity and the opportunity for compassion, but we aren’t acting on it, then our own paths sort of intensify or double down and catalyst gets stronger to point out where we aren’t utilizing these opportunities. So, in my opinion, it might not be the best thing to think about it as psychic greeting, but rather than is a natural mechanism of the spiritual journey.

Cool, very cool. And so there is another question that is somehow related to the first one…

Maybe if we want to riff a little bit more off of Austin’s spot, I agree with what Austin said and appreciate particularly the Law of Responsibility which I’ll expand on a little bit more. Correct me if you already said this, but that which we be, when we gain information, then we then become responsible to, to manifest, to integrate that information and if there is…I don’t want to use “failure.” Sounds judgmental, but is that if there is difficulty in doing so, then the Law of Responsibility goes into effect. Would you agree with that Austin?


Thank you for expanding on all your answers. So, she also asks: “Sometimes I happen to notice on a second thought that I would have been able to help other people, but I simply didn’t do that. So the is the lack of help or not helping another person is something that polarizes ourselves negatively? Say we have a meeting to intervene in order to help another person.” And she also asked if in your opinion you are more vulnerable to a psychic greeting in that in that situation.

So if I understand the question correctly, she is asking, if she sees the need for service and she fails to act on that service to others, is that then polarizing service to self?

Yeah, if you don’t act…if you see that someone is in need, and you decide, or you just don’t notice that the person has a need, or maybe you actively decide not to intervene, if that is something “negative” in itself.

My opinion would be that it’s not polarizing negatively, it is falling into the sinkhole of indifference; it’s indifferent rather than actually polarizing negatively. Because the negative path requires conscious attempts to use that as the self service. So you wouldn’t ignore it, you would figure out how you can use this situation to control this person, or manipulate this person or do something in the situation to serve yourself, rather than simply ignoring it. So I think it’s just the sinkhole of indifference rather than negative polarization.

I think it could very well be a symptom of one’s consciousness being unpolarized in the sinkhole of indifference. Absolutely. However, that she is considering the question speaks to me of a certain level of sensitivity, and even maybe there’s guilt. Maybe there’s a sense of, like, I want to help others but I’m unable to for whatever reason, or I choose not to, I don’t know. I don’t think that any positively polarized person in the world can meet every need around them. So I don’t know why Christine is not meeting this particular need. Maybe it is an act of wisdom because if she attempted to meet that need, she would deplete herself. So she needs to be mindful of her own needs and balance her needs against the needs of the other, which would be wisdom balanced with love, potentially.

You know, understanding the underlying motivation for why she is unable or choosing not to meet that need would be critical. Not that an outsider could tell Christine or anybody the true polarity about their act; that’s for, you know, the Creator to know that. And my second thought in that regard is that I don’t think it’s necessarily disservice to withdraw from being of service to somebody; who knows, it’s hard to say generally. But I agree completely with Austin. It’s not, like, the way Christine framed the situation, it’s definitely not an act of negative polarity.

Yeah. I have one thought: The idea that people on the positive path tend to feel very inadequate. And when they hit their limitations, they feel like they aren’t meeting what they feel they should be meeting, they’re not doing what they feel they should be doing. So sensitivity to the self is really important. So like you said, we don’t know what the question is coming from. But we tend to judge ourselves really harshly. And we should serve in every moment as much as we can. But if we feel like we didn’t do as much as we could, we shouldn’t judge ourselves for it. We can just try harder the next time.

I just wanted to add that probably also, the way she framed the question, she is also thinking about the situation in which she, on a second thought, thought that maybe she could be of help. So it may be it interesting at the end of the day or the end of when you have time to be able to go back into your daily routine and see whether there were occasions where you could have been of service that you simply didn’t notice, because sometimes we don’t even think about how we can be of help. And so I think even though we are not able to, of course, have any non intervention, because we did that on purpose that we are not responsible for everything that happens around us. However, the idea of trying to think in your mind or maybe meditate upon, there was something more that I could have done, not in a judgmental way, but maybe just in a very positive way with the attitude of how could I have been more of service? That’s maybe a very good routine for a person that tries to polarize himself or herself positively. So this is just a concept that I want you to add to the answer. I believe, were you going to say something?

I agree, and I do have stuff to say but you seem like, Inla, did you have…

Yeah. Can you please translate what I’d like to say in Italian because I’m sure that I will have problems…


[Speaking in Italian.]

Ok, I will try to translate as, you know, the best way I can.

So basically, maybe one of the reasons why many speakers, especially in the West, tend to think in this way and tend to frame the problem, let’s say, in that direction is because we are accustomed to kind of, we could say, Christian tradition in which sacrifice is the only way forward for your spiritual evolution. And of course, I think, well, she thinks that sacrifice is one of the components of spiritual evolution. However, we don’t have to think that, you know—

That’s the only way forward for our spiritual evolution. So this sense of guilt and the sense of need, the need to obliterate yourself and to sacrifice could also be our cultural manifestation basically, of our cultural environment.

Okay, a couple quick thoughts, when you use the word responsibility—that we’re not responsible for others—I think that could be a powerful topic for our contemplation in that, in the consideration that everybody else, whether or not you exist on the planet, that this other person in Christine’s life is experiencing their own journey, you know, which only they, and only they, are responsible for. Naturally the positively polarized person wants to serve those they love.

But that, in wisdom, is balanced with the understanding that you are not responsible for the other person. Also the only other thought I had was that communication with this other person could be helpful as well. Like, Christine obviously, I get the sense that she may want to meet this need, but for some reason be unable to or be choosing not to. So, maybe communicating with this other person that she is aware of this need but presently finds difficulty. Maybe that communication alone could be an important service to the other person. Great question.

Let’s continue. And so the other question that Christine asks us is: “A catalyst that is not processed, that is not utilized well, it can create disease. Can you bring some examples of this process?” And I think there are direct quotes from the Law of One that directly speak about that, especially concerning cancer. So do you guys want to share?

Examples of disease manifesting in accordance with those observations?

Generally…I think she speaks about unprocessed catalyst. Okay, so catalyst that we don’t make good use of or we don’t use it at all.

I think the correlation between anger and cancer that Ra talked about…that’s a very complicated topic and I’m personally uncomfortable reducing it to that strict correlation. But Ra does say that anger often manifests as cancer in the body as sort of the excess anger being a physical manifestation.

I have a few personal examples; a big one is often when I have something that I feel I need to say, a truth that I need to speak that I am not, especially in an interpersonal conflict, I will get canker sores in my mouth. It’s one of the most direct manifestations of that I experience on a regular basis. And so the canker sores hang around until I’m able to communicate, I feel I need to communicate, and then they can be healed.

There are some other examples in the Law of One I think. They talked about Don experiencing pain in his shoulders, because he had the catalyst of feeling burdened—carrying a heavy burden, I think was what Ra said, and he didn’t process that catalyst. And they gave other similar examples, but those are the ones that I can think of. Do you have any Gary?

Yeah, I’m trying to scan my mind or going through the encyclopedia of the infinite seeming malfunctions and diseases of the body that occur and one that arose in my mind was autoimmune diseases…what we call autoimmune in English, I don’t know what they might be called in Italian. And my basic understanding of that situation is essentially the body attacks itself.

I would suspect—don’t, as we say in English, quote me on this (in other words I could be very wrong)—but I see a strong correlation in autoimmune disease to negative perceptions about the self. At least, the one person I know very deeply, both of those things exist in her. Specifically she was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease, which is an autoimmune condition and this, side by side with a very intense, very lifelong difficulties accepting herself. Not only accepting herself, but feeling very negative, very, very negative about herself. So I have to conjecture that that negative self-perception, if unhealed over a period of time in the body, then can manifest very literally as autoimmune disease and thus the body serves as a reflection or a tool or a mechanism of self-revelation. Like the mind isn’t using this catalyst, so the body then reflects back to the mind so that the mind can see. See what’s happening. I’d be really interested in your take here because you’re studying to be a medical doctor.

Yes. So what seems apparent to me is that yes, there are some general rules in the way diseases manifest in the body because of unprocessed catalyst. Also, so the fascinating thing is that, as Austin mentioned, not everyone will manifest the disease in the same way. Basically starting maybe from the same issue, two different people could manifest them in two completely different ways. So, somatization, I think that is the English word, is probably an entire topic in itself that would be very interesting to explore.

I know that are many alternative medicines, you know, practices that try to get to the right sort of general rule and that is okay. But sometimes I noticed that some of them will say… okay, if you just said, you know, Crohn’s disease that is precisely because of that issue. There may be a general rule but I think everyone’s body is programmed a different way that our preincarnative choices…there are different ways to somatize the catalyst, so, it is very complicated. I completely agree that especially autoimmune diseases and also mental health issues are sometimes catalysts that are not processed. Or maybe things in our lives that we have to work on, the issues that we have maybe from past life, maybe from present incarnation. Yeah, this is so fascinating.

To bounce off what you said regarding not always being like a one-to-one universal correlation between mental catalysts and body catalysts. It manifests uniquely with every person and one person’s condition may have a different cause than—the other person could have the same condition. But I’d be interested in your take on—I’m sure you’re familiar with the work of Louise Hay?


I know that she has like this inventory. Like, if you have kidney issues, then this is the root; if you have heart issues, this is the root. I’d be interested in your take on that work.

Okay. Well, first of all, I’m not in any way an authority on the particular work of Louise Hay. However, even though I know that her work has helped a lot of people, I would basically reiterate what I said before. I may be completely wrong. I would be very interested in knowing whether the body works in a very, very much more simpler way. But I suspect that in the same way as our bodies are different, also, our minds are different. Also the way the mind and the body talks to each other.

So it is probably different from person to person, but systems like the one of Louise Hay could be a very good point to start. So, I am not saying that they don’t work necessarily, but maybe you might be open to the idea that there may be other explanations, and that you cannot just correlate, one to one, the issues that you cannot [inaudible]. I would be much more interested in, you know…instead of saying ok, you have a problem with your kidneys, so for sure you will have issues with X, I would be much more interested in knowing the personal story, and maybe finding possible even alternative explanations. And I’m sure that in many cases, you know, we would find similar situations, similar occurrences, but there are always many exceptions, even orthodox medicine accepts that. Diseases manifest in a certain way, but there are always exceptions to the way the diseases manifest. And so, it does happen when it comes to the physical body, I’m sure it happens also when it comes to the psychophysiology on the whole, in the process of somatization also of the disease. If it makes sense.

So and then Christine had another, let’s say, follow-up question about health. She said: [in] your opinion, in percentage, how much disease is a consequence of a bad use of catalysts, and what percentage is due to other causes, for example, pollution, genetic conditions and something that is not resolved in, you know, in your family, things like that. I think that’s a big question.

I do think that our environment is certainly toxic to varying degrees and can cause difficulties in the body. That however, is also like an outer manifestation of a collective inefficient use or non-use of catalyst. Genetic issues I see as part of the pre-incarnational programming. But anyway Christine is trying to identify the percentage of disease or bodily limitation that is rooted in non-use of catalyst. It’s obviously impossible for us to give a percentage there and I couldn’t guess, but I can point in one general direction and Ra does indicate that much of the widespread disease on this planet is linked to what they call the inefficient use of catalyst.

If the opportunities of this third density evolution were more efficiently used, which is to say if life experience was either loved and accepted on the positive path or controlled and manipulated on the negative path to a more polarized degree, then there would, my understanding is, be much less disease. Which isn’t to say disease can ever be eliminated in the third density environment, it’s a very useful tool. It’s just that much of the disease arises out of the what Ra calls sinkhole of indifference, meaning most of the people, the majority on this planet (at least in the early 80s, maybe that has changed) have not chosen a polarity. And this creates inefficient use of catalyst. And thus much disease.

Yeah, it’s impossible to give a percentage. I think it’s very important question to consider just in general, like you were talking about Gianluca, this is a generality. This process, I think, should not be a reason to excuse somebody’s illnesses because it’s their responsibility to process their catalyst. So that’s sort of my interpretation. And so in that regard, what I think is more important than trying to figure out how much is because of this and how much is because of something else, I think it’s important to find ways to relate to all illness with compassion and service.

But yeah, I just I appreciate the question and where it comes from, trying to figure out—some people are ill and it’s not because of these processes. Like pollution, scientifically proven to cause certain illnesses, maybe that what it does is just creates more opportunity for that unprocessed catalyst to go to work, who knows. But like babies who come into this world with cancer, there’s no way that a child has unprocessed catalyst unless it’s pre-incarnative, but like that baby doesn’t can’t have responsibility as a baby. So I think no matter where it comes from, the important thing to me is how we relate to it. Any illness.

Nice. Okay. So, Christine wants to know something more about the people that are born in this age, that are dual-activated? Because basically they are third density body active and also their fourth density body active…because she noticed—this is her experience—that the people the younger generation now seems to be in many cases less loving and more cruel.


Can you comment on this perceived cruelty of the younger generation, you know, could come with this understanding that we also have dual-activated children?

Ok… I’d start by saying that any perspective or opinion about how the younger generation acts will be subjective. Because I’ve also heard the complete opposite. Especially I think, and we hear a lot that like, people are amazed at how compassionate the younger generation is, and how the things they’re bringing into this world are incredible. This is the first time I’ve heard somebody give the opinion that they are less loving.

But taking the perspective, so let’s say they are less loving, but they are dual-activated. It could be just, they’re more sensitive to the intensity of what’s happening on Earth right now. And depending on where she is maybe the culture of her own environment where she’s perceiving this, is affecting what these children who would be more sensitive to certain things. And so this is all conjecture. This is total conjecture. I have no clue how true this could be. But these duel-activated beings have perhaps a greater capacity for love and self-reflection when they’re in an environment that has a minimum amount of support for that. But maybe if they’re an environment that has very little support, it’s sort of the other way; they’re so sensitive that they have to build stronger barriers to protect themselves from that violence. That’s my best guess. I really have no clue. What do you think Gary?

Yeah, likewise, I don’t see duel-activated wanderers as incarnating and being immune to the environmental influences and being able to, because they’re dual-activated, just immediately rise above the difficulties of living on planet Earth, which includes lots of hardships, and which may include being raised in a home or a culture that is, and where they’re not treated with love, or maybe they’re traumatized for various reasons. But, like Austin was alluding to at the start of his reply, a lot depends on where you look, too. Because there’s also conversely, a lot of testimony about the younger generation having an awareness that surprises the older generation. They seem to catch on to things more quickly, they seem to act from the heart more, they seem to have a greater understanding of their own will and a greater desire to be self-responsible.

So yeah, it’s really hard to say, and finally, to conclude my thought, I think it’s perennial that the older generation looks to the younger generation and sees like some kind of moral decay happening in society. I think, you know, that’s as old as humanity itself too. So, hard to say.

I just wanted to add that, you know, we see that we are living in a very polarized time. So, we tend to see all the extremes around us, and maybe also the younger people. So the child, the children, the younger generation, in general, is not immune to this polarization. So it could well be that we could see the most loving and compassionate children that have ever lived and also the most cruel ones. Or maybe they could also be that there are people that have dual-activated bodies, that even though they have much more potential in many regards, before being able to fully use that potential, they may find, this world around them, that maybe doesn’t make any sense for them.

And maybe their reaction could be violent or not very respectful. So maybe in this case they are activated before being able to truly use their potential. They have to grow into maturity to be able, and this is what I wanted to express. So probably we should see a long-term [effect] if this new generation will be able to achieve better things than the older ones because you know, everyone can see, even great people of the past—if you look at how they were doing this, their childhood, probably many cases they were just you know, creating problems instead of solving problems like they did maybe in their adulthood. So we had a possible interpretation that is complimentary my opinion to the ones that you gave.

[To Inla] Working with children, do you have any opinion?

Yes. I really understand what Christine feels and I partly agree with her. And I think that the children of today are the adults of tomorrow with just more maturity but the dynamics into their heart are…I usually see the adults that they will be in the future in the kids of today. Usually, not always, but usually. And here it’s true that we hear every day stories about cruelty about young. When she says children she I don’t think she means the two or three years old, I think she means about teenagers. And we hear every day about teenagers that are violent.

Violent. Yeah, they rape, they…

Yeah, they rape and brutalize people every day every day, you know, during the news you hear only, only bad. More this one than the young teenager that made this incredible thing. That’s why she made this question. I totally understand her. And but I think that this is maybe because some areas or some situations are more [inaudible] than others, or maybe because they have different times. I still have hope that probably maybe this will be a catalyst for these teenagers and for people that are around them, so they can, through their pain, they can have a bigger evolution or a different evolution.

Fear. Just I wanted to briefly add because while she was talking, I was thinking, this is also a matter of our perception because, especially people that are positively polarized or try to be positively polarized tend to, take for granted to some extent the positive things that happen around them. And to really suffer from the negative things that they see. So maybe it can also be that, even though the positively oriented children and teenagers are the vast majority, but we will notice that little minority of unpolarized or maybe even negatively polarized human beings that we could see on television, in the news, doing something very terrible. But maybe on a larger scale, we could see that they are just a minority and that maybe they’re just majority of people. Younger people, maybe are not so bad at all. So.

I’m conscious of the need to answer other questions but I’m really called to offer something.


And I had something I saw present in both of your replies Gianluca and Inla, I just want to articulate it, and that’s that any personal path of evolution is both personal and collective. So somebody may take on certain lessons for the benefits of their own spiritual evolution, but the collective also lives within each of us. So and they may seek to experience some particular difficulty, including being hurtful to others, so that they can balance and heal that within themselves and thus heal the collective at the same time, like how else do we heal the collective but within ourselves. That’s all.


Okay, so another question from Christine. “I happen to dream about behaving badly with other people, just in the dream, in the context of the dream. So, does behaving badly in a dream polarize myself negatively? will explain myself. Is it possible to polarize negativity in a semi-conscious state or even during an unconscious state?”

If we polarized negatively by the “bad things” that happened in dreams then we would all be screwed. [Laughter] Yeah, dreams are, as Ra describes it, an exquisite bridge that is built between the subconscious and the conscious mind through which a symbolic story unfolds, that reveals aspects of one’s psyche and journey, and learning. 1 And because we all have either, however you see it, a shadow side within us or unprocessed material, or places of wounding and trauma, or energetic blockages, we will have these symbolic plays that happen in our dreams that help reflect that back to us. Maybe we have a dream about murdering somebody—as terrible as that is to say—and you know, that could reflect some lack of forgiveness within us or some aggressive energy we may have or something. We are all 360 degree beings. Even the very pure among us have some negativity within them and some shadow. We are the Creator. We are everything.

So, but to the question of can you polarize in your dreams? I’d love to hear you all’s take on the question because I think Ra indicates that learning can indeed happen in dreams on the path of adepthood. But I, my general understanding is that polarization happens in the waking space/time around, more, like dreams aren’t separate from the journey of polarization. They are a teaching tool, but the acts within the stories within dreams themselves—I don’t think those stories per se, polarize the entity.

I think it’s possible, but like that would be very, very advanced work, too. And it would have to have some sort of real effect. Like what you’re saying like, I do think our dreams can have some sort of actual metaphysical effect on others. But I think that’s very advanced work.

But yeah, basically just a reiteration of what Gary said. Carl Jung called it our shadow side, our shadows. That we all contain the full spectrum of human behavior, the full spectrum of humanity within us. And there are some things we prefer and some things we don’t. And Ra talks about how it is a task of balancing to come to accept that full range of behavior. But we can still have preferences. I think when we have a shadow side of things that we’re doing in our dreams that are imbalanced or hurting others in our dreams, there might be many, many reasons for why that’s happening. But one way to relate to it is to realize that you, that’s a behavior that you don’t prefer but you can still try to love it within yourself. It’s still a task of the positive entity to find love for any person exhibiting any behavior, including the self. And it’s a way for us to experience it in a direct way. And try to attempt that love without actually influencing others.

The way I would see it is that dreams are tools that we can use in our spiritual evolution in order to get some lessons or in order to maybe process something in our mind that we are not able to process in our awake state. And I would say that much like…I don’t know, we can say, is a movie or is a theatrical play positively or negatively polarized? Well, since it is fake, so to speak, even though it has some reality but it’s not. What that is there is not real. So it all depends on what you will do with the information that comes from that dream, that movie that played. And, yes, I believe that probably there are very advanced work, a great deal of advanced work that you can do with dreams. But as you guys said, I think this is beyond our limited state of consciousness. But I would be very interested, about, you know…there are people sometimes that dream about other people behaving badly in their dreams. Especially, you know, when you dream about, say your partner behaving badly on a weekly basis. [Laughter.]

So, we are just kidding of course.

Can you please translate for me?

[Speaks in Italian, Gianluca translates in real time.]

So I think we are very wonderful creatures and that we are recipients of so many emotions, wonderful emotions. Of the most powerful feelings and emotions that we feel is fear. So, since we are very wonderful creatures and perfect creatures that still want to evolve, we want to become whole, and but we have those fears. So basically dreams would be an opportunity to face those fears among other things, even the possibility of you know, exploring our shadow side and also the opportunity to explore our fears. What is really important, however, is once we wake up and we think about the emotions and the experiences that we face during our dreams, we try to make sense of it and we try to work on it and to use it if we interpret it.

So that then in the awake state we can use that information in order to work on ourselves, and to basically become a tool, like we said before, a tool for spiritual evolution.

And I can, if I may, have something I can testify that as a couple discussing the dreams in which both of us are present, we sometimes behave in a very good way, sometimes we behave very badly for whatever reason during our dreams. Yeah, it happens to be me, always behaves badly I have no idea why. [Laughter.] We tend to discuss that once we are awake and even discussing these kind of experiences is very helpful for the couple actually. Yeah, is like we are facing a difficult situation even without having to really live it directly.

Okay, so probably we will - we are going to experience that in our dreams and so we will have to process that in the awake state until the day we will be able to finally process the catalyst and or maybe to face our fears. Yeah. So that brought up the fact that maybe a dream or recurrent dreams stops to present itself probably it would be a sign of you know, evolution, so to speak, because it means that probably we have gone past that particular issue.

Great. Short thought to add, that dreams are catalysts like everything else, and it’s how we relate to them that polarizes us. So her question was about polarizing and dreams. I think it has a lot more to do with how we would relate to it.

Okay, thank you. So now there is another question about specifically, Q’uo. There is a Q’uo quote which is in English, so I will read it in English, and sorry for my accent. It is from September the 14th 2019. So Q’uo says, “As entities such as yourselves hold meditations sending love and light to the planetary population, you enhance the opportunity for this harvest to be completed.”

So Christine asks, “What could be the reasons why the harvest could not come to the end?” I think what she means is: What could happen that prevents the harvest to be completed? Yeah. Because basically Q’uo is talking about the possibility of completing the harvest, so she’s asking, is there any way that the harvest could not be completed? We can help avoid that situation.

That’s tough. It’s… with, as with all quotations, our interpretations are our own and our opinions are our own. My best interpretation of that would be not that there’s a chance that the harvest wouldn’t be completed, but that it could be delayed, held back, made less harmonious, made more difficult, and that by sending our love and light to the population, we are affecting the collective because we are part of the collective. If we’re wanderers, or no matter what, but especially as wanderers, we came here to become a part of the collective and offer our light to the collective by that immersion. And so, clearly, if we lightened the planetary vibration by meditations like that and other things, it will provide an opportunity for the harvest to complete more harmoniously or more effectively. Or Ra said that, you know, one of the things that wanderers came to do is aid the harvest, and that is through lightening of the planetary vibration. So I think that’s what Q’uo was talking about. Not that without that invitation to complete the harvest, it wouldn’t be completed, just that, there is an aid by doing that.

I would agree with that, and add that the Confederation seems to speak about harvest as an inevitability that will transpire, at least per the design of intelligent energy, or rather, the Logos that upon the striking of the hour, a particular planet enters a new portion or band or frequency or density of intelligent energy and shifts into that new vibration. At the same time, we live in a third density illusion that’s still clinging to third density despite the planet being in a fourth density vibration, that has the tools to either destroy the biosphere or destroy the planet itself. Not only the tools but a track record of doing so. At least two planets in our solar system, according to Ra, this has happened on.

So, could those of third density destroy this world and thus prevent full manifestation of fourth density? It’s a question that we’ve explored recently, actually, in channeling. And the Confederation’s answer has been what I would call tantalizing, you know, kind of giving hints as to what might be, but without like, clearly explaining, as, you know, Ra was able to do through an unconscious instrument. And the hints, at least my interpretation of their reply was that, depending on the configuration of free will at that time, it is possible that the planet could be destroyed before it fully transitions into fourth density. But there are scenarios whereby the Confederation could, while working with free will, step in to prevent that from happening, but, you know, who’s to say—just sharing some thoughts.

Okay. So, let’s, some last quick questions from Christine who was so kind to send us very good questions. And so, very specific question. “Do you know or do you know what the Confederation says: is it possible to know how many human beings will take part of fourth density?” Quick reply?

I’m not aware of Q’uo giving a reply to that question. Except insofar as like, Don asked about the numbers of harvest and Ra saying then, well the harvest is not yet so it’s meaningless to estimate the number. And consciously channelled Confederation sources like Q’uo, echoing that same thought, like, you know, we’re not in the business of predicting what numbers will be because it’s a function of free will. And you know, there’s still choices being made. Ra even indicated that the whole planet could polarize. And I think their words were “a moment, a strong, fine moment of inspiration.” Roughly remembered quote there. They said it was improbable but not impossible.

So one more quick thought I wanted to offer. This not does not come from a Confederation source. But there is a an American author named Charles Eisenstein, who had a method whereby he feels he was able to reach out and contact humans in one of our future timelines on planet Earth, on what we would call the positive fourth density planet Earth. And through this contact, we were able to ask this future entity questions through Charles acting as something of what we would consider to be an instrument or a channel. This being was supposed to be roughly 600 years in our future. And I said to this being, “What is the planetary population in your time?”

And he replied, interestingly, that well, numbers are not very important to us. But I would estimate roughly 3 billion people on our planet at the time. Which, who’s to say how true that is, maybe it’s completely fictitious, but if it were true, it would indicate a significant decrease in population. And that’s my own intuition on the matter too, that the third density numbers now we are much larger than what the fourth density numbers will be.

And Ra said that our planet could comfortably support a fourth density population much larger than will graduate from Earth. And so there will be other fourth density graduates who come here to experience fourth density on Earth. 2 So if that’s still true, it will be a relatively small, but relatively small compared to 7 billion people on Earth right now; that could still be 1 billion from Earth. And that’s a lot of people. But not everybody, essentially. There will probably be a lot of people who go to other third density planets after this.

And as a follow up question to that, Christine asks, “In your opinion, or according to Confederate sources, those who will not be able to pass to fourth density after their physical death, they will have another incarnation available in order to achieve fourth density?” So basically, she’s speaking about people that are dying today. And so if someone who has not yet been able to polarize, if you can be reborn in this planet and have another incarnation opportunity in order to polarize.

Yeah, that’s a pretty simple answer. And my interpretation of Ra’s mechanics of harvest is that the people who don’t graduate here and can’t reincarnate here will simply choose another environment to reincarnate on. And seems like that’s could go on for as long as it’s needed until somebody learns what they want to learn. And I guess one small addition to that is that this process of reincarnation is supposedly self-guided. It’s not like necessarily something that’s happening to us. It is something that our higher self might help us with if we’re not conscious of the process, but that is still ourselves. So essentially, we are choosing what environment to reincarnate into. It’s not necessarily a system that we don’t have any say over. And I think that is important to emphasize that we control our own destinies and choose our own paths no matter what.

Yeah, I just wanted to add that, maybe, I’m not sure if that maybe she meant in that question, if there would be another opportunity on earth maybe.


I am not sure of that, of course. So, the question could refer to what you said. But if I understand the question, even though she doesn’t explicitly say that, probably she was referring about another opportunity on Earth, to incarnate before the harvest.

Before the harvest?

Probably, even though there is no explicit indication of it.

My again simple opinion, is that we’re still experiencing a third density reality. There might be a cutoff time metaphysically where third density entities can’t reincarnate here for whatever external reason. But I think so long as there are there’s a veiled existence here on earth and there’s third density opportunities, which could be for hundreds more years from this point, then there’s an opportunity to continue reincarnating and polarizing.

Yeah, I would briefly echo the same. There’s indications that the veil is thinning, particularly as things are becoming more transparent. But I think Austin highlighted what might be one of the most significant measures of placing us on the third to fourth density spectrum, and that’s the presence of the veil. And clearly our unconscious minds are still relatively unavailable to our conscious minds. The veil is still very much intact. So you know, we are inhabiting a third density illusion. And who knows when the cut off point may be presuming that there is one, but my sense of it is we’re still breathing third density air and so long as we are there are opportunities to polarize, which could go on for some time.

Yeah. Thank you. I just one wanted to add that I remember a quote from Ra who said that, basically, back then, when there was a Ra contact, people that were incarnating and were that were not yet polarized…there was a seniority of vibrations. So by which probably people that have no clue of how to polarize, where, if I remember correctly, incarnate at less priority compared to people that, to some extent, were trying to polarize in either direction, and were maybe more ready to have another opportunity. So if they say they couldn’t make it for now, they have just some more additional work to do. They could have another opportunity or maybe many more opportunities, but they add priority in incarnation. It sounds very bureaucratic thinking in that in that regard. [Laughter.]

But I completely agree. As long as we have a third density environment to some extent, I think there are opportunities for souls to incarnate and choose their polarity.

So last question from Christine. So, I think now she’s referring to A Channeling Handbook. So, the metaphysical instructions that Carla gave to people in order to be very effective channels. So, first question is: “Is this the same technique that Jim is using nowadays?” Second question, “Do you think or do you know whether these techniques could be learned by everyone?” And third question, “Do you think that you must have a particular predisposition in order to be able to channel?” So, I will redirect to the first question. So first, first of all, is that the same technique that Carla used that is still being used by Jim McCarty?

Yes. 100 percent. Carla was the…Don just found the most rudimentary elements of learning to channel and it was Carla, who of her own intuition and exploration and trial and error innovated and discovered techniques that would become the hallmark of L/L Research channeling and they very much define how we channel.

So basically, Jim is faithfully following that particular teaching.

Practicing and teaching.

A small clarification, a small addition: Jim learned from Carla, directly, how to channel, follows all the same protocols. There may have been some personalization of those techniques along the way. And I think that’s true for everybody who learns how to channel there’s some things that will work better for certain people. And so, Jim’s method probably might have small differences, but the important aspects that Carla emphasized, especially that of challenging and having no fewer than three people present during a channeling, are followed extremely faithfully.


Yeah, quick addition: no person’s process can be carbon-copied for another person completely.

Okay. Interesting, very interesting. So, second question. Do you know whether this technique, basically channeling, channeling at least in this way, can be learned by everyone?

Carla felt that…well, firstly, let me step back and say that all of us are channels on one level or another. The conscious mind is not the source of all information and experience and creativity. So we are—whether we’re channeling deeper portions of our own identity, or we’re channeling the Muses as the ancient culture of our present environment would suggest, or we’re channeling our higher self or whatever the source—we’re all natural channels, we’re just unaware that we’re doing it. But in terms of what she is describing, the formal and vocal channeling that L/L Research does, Carla felt that anybody could learn it.

In theory, I think it’s more than a matter of follow these steps and then you can channel. You know, it’s not just a method that can be grafted on to anybody. There’s a certain…well, one needs to have awakened the desire to serve others. And that’s not true for a lot of people on the planet. So, there are certain prerequisites I would think have to be met first including the commitment to polarize that they desire to serve others and the desire to serve others through this particular vocation, and a certain capacity to live that which is being channeled.

I think any committed student of the positive polarity could, in theory, with those prerequisites met—maybe there’s another one or two important ones I’m not considering—could indeed learn to channel. In other words, I’ll close my thought by saying that it’s not a technique that is reserved for a select few or an elite, and there’s nothing particularly special about us in Louisville. Carla I think did have a special quality to her ability. I would consider her a natural but for the for the rest of us I think we’re just ordinary bozos on the bus and, yeah.

Gary was just describing a method of channeling positively, and purely, which in my opinion isn’t necessary to channel in general. It’s necessary to channel in an effective and positive way. Still tons of channels, who can channel and who do channel but don’t channel positively and effectively and purely. A method that Carla describes, I think, is one method that can lead you to that pure and positive channeling. And there are other methods I think. My own opinion is based on the fruits of her work, the method that she developed and how consistently positive and pure it was over decades makes me feel like it’s probably one of the strongest and best methods for people to learn from.

Okay, thank you. So we are at the end of Christine’s question and just a final thought from Christine: “I simply wanted to express my gratitude for the meeting that you have organized in Italy. I am so full of joy and so full of emotion, even though I will not be able to be present with you. And there she says, please record it. And please make some photos.” Okay, that is the end of, you know, Christine’s message. And so thank you, Christine.

Yes, thank you, Christine. Those were really good questions. And it’s an honor to be here and to speak with you about them, even though you’re not here.

Yeah, I wish we could have met you, Christine. But your questions were very highly tuned and well crafted and it’s clear that some effort was put into them. And it was great being able to talk about them. It was a real service. Thank you very much, Christine.

Okay. So also Fabio sent us some questions. And of course, he starts by saying how he is happy to be able to ask this question. And, you know and how he’s so sad that he couldn’t make it to be here with us. However, he basically asks two questions. First one, “Did you ever have any information about the fact that maybe Ra could give you another contact, notwithstanding the fact that Carla Rueckert is no longer alive?”

Your turn.

My personal take on this question, which we get asked pretty frequently: they first contacted Ra—Don, Jim and Carla did—by simply attempting to serve the highest and best that they could and by attempting to receive the highest and best contact that they could. So that is what I think we will continue to do. I also think that the Ra contact specifically wasn’t necessarily important because of the entity that was being channeled, but was because of the information, because of the purity of it, because of the effect that it has had on people. And so I don’t necessarily desire another Ra contact. It would be a dream come true for something that effective and that clear in that concise to happen again, in any form, whether it is Ra or some other potential contact. But apparently, Ra said that it was the specific and unique harmony between Don, Jim, and Carla that allowed them to come through. And so just knowing what they had and having known Jim and Carla, it’s probably unlikely that I can be involved in something like that. So that’s my opinion.

Yeah, likewise, and Fabio, thank you for the translation service you have offered L/L and I’m sorry we didn’t get to meet. And I empathize with where this question… empathize isn’t the right word; I relate to where this question is coming from because whew who reads the Law of One and doesn’t want a Ra contact again—doesn’t want to be able to ask Ra just one more question? I mean, the depth and profundity of their answers to questions that have been with humanity since the beginning, about the nature of existence and reality and the spiritual journey, and so, Ra was able to offer a level of clarity that I don’t know has precedent in human history. So it’s very natural to desire a repeat or a another contact.

But like Austin said, the Ra contact was something that happened to the group, in a way, and Ra found the group, not vice versa. And there is no instruction manual or no way really to go about repeating the Ra contact. One does not follow a series of steps that, when complete, Ra will suddenly be on the line and channeling Ra. In fact, they never knew how Carla went into the trance state, not Carla, Jim, or Don. So far as Carla was concerned, she fell asleep. And then when she woke up, some of the most beautiful words in the whole universe had been spoken through her. And it was Ra that determined that the group could receive them. And Ra likened it to the matching of a paint sample, and I am pretty sure that they indicated the likelihood of the match between the Ra social memory complex and a group on earth able to receive them with harmony and stability and purity was unlikely to happen again. Of course, not impossible. You know if it ever does transpire on earth again, we will be in the front row seats, cheering it on and offering every measure of support that we can, but until then, we will continue to serve as Austin indicated, the highest and best and the Creator’s will will unfold as it’s needed.

Okay, thank you.

So, the second question is, what is, if there is any opinion of Ra’s opinion about people that presented themselves, as he calls them, masters of wisdom. And by that he means people that, since they transcended their human state, they have not the need to incarnate again in human bodies. They still desire to stay very near to human kind. And maybe they even can incarnate again, if needed, in order to follow their spiritual evolution. So I think the way if I understand your question correctly, Fabio, you’re asking about those particular souls that were able to transcend their body and so they decided they could act as spiritual guides instead of continuing their journey in what we would call fourth density, probably decided to stay closer to our third density to give us inspiration, to guide and maybe sometimes to incarnate in order to accomplish something, if I understand it correctly. So what do you think guys?

The question is what is Ra’s opinion?

Yeah. What is Ra’s opinion about that.

Ra’s opinion is that those entities are the Creator. Period. End of answer. [Laughter]

I look forward to a correction if I’m wrong here, but I don’t think that particular class of entity or that particular scenario was covered in the Law of One. The only near examples to that that I can think of that was addressed in the Law of One are two: One was involving during the second major cycle of 25,000 years; there was a group in South America who had apparently sufficiently made the choice to graduate to fourth density. But instead of moving on, they decided to remain with those of earth because they saw the troubles ahead, more or less, and saw that they could be of service to this world. So they did so, they chose to serve this world, however, not from the other side, which I think is what Fabio is indicating, like they didn’t transcend their bodies and operate from time/space but rather continued the cycles of reincarnation by choice, even though they could have moved on. The other close nearest examples I can think of are…that doesn’t address a positive scenario; they’re talking about negative penetration of the eighth level, the Genghis Khan example and that entity being able to move on.

I don’t think they differentiate between positive and negative there.

In the penetration of the eighth level? But I mean, they didn’t give examples of positive entities doing that than I can think of, you know, they describe the one known as Jehoshua moving on to the next density, but Jehoshua was a wanderer who had apparently completed his mission. So it’s unaddressed in the Law of One. Whether one can graduate from this density on their own by the scenario Fabio is describing isn’t moving through harvest at the close of the 25,000 year or 75,000 year cycle, but rather Fabio seems to be describing self-harvesting, penetration of the eighth level as Ra describes it, and in that scenario, could the entity then from the other side serve Earth? I think that I’ve heard of that sort of situation in Buddhist teaching. So, Ra’s, presuming that is indeed true, I don’t know what Ra would say about it, other than this is another modality of service. Wherever one is serving, there are infinite ways of serving according to one’s ability and capacity and desire.

Yeah, I don’t have a whole lot to add. Just to summarize what Gary said is that Ra talks about scenarios in which that—

[Loud honking and traffic sounds.]

Somebody just harvested. [Laughter]

…in which that’s possible, and I think they indicate that positive entities who might do that would tend to feel a call to stay and serve Earth and it could be either through reincarnation, or it could be serving as spirit guides from the other side. It’s definitely compatible with what Ra says. And I think probably has happened before.

A quick addition: Ra indicates that there are members of the Confederation of Planets, beings from our own planet. I don’t remember if that means inner planes entities who are members of the Confederation or those who live space/time incarnations and then moved on to become members of the Confederation.

Yeah, I just wanted to quickly add, referring to the very first scenario that you were speaking of, about, you know, the entities that were able to be harvested at the end of the second cycle, and that they decided collectively to remain close to humanity in order to help our spiritual progress. In fact, Ra gave even indication of three entities that were of such group. And he explicitly, they explicitly indicated St. Augustine, St. Francis of Assisi and St. Teresa even though of course, you know that’s not particularly important, but I just wanted to add this information. By the way, I was always amazed by the fact that St. Teresa, there are so many St. Teresas so I’m not sure which Saint Teresa Ra was referring to, but maybe you should. Okay. That’s not important.

Oh weird. Also, those are all Catholic figures. Yeah. And we’re in Rome talking about that. We just went to the Vatican today. Anyways.

For sure, since they were if I could remember correctly 150 entities that were harvested at the end of the second cycle. So basically I think Ra just gave, you know, a very small group of examples. Just some examples that are very known to our culture, but I suspect those entities have incarnated here, throughout all cultures in all the century, during all the centuries and so on. I just wanted to add this particular information that is from the the session 22.

And just because tangents are fun, I had always presumed it was St. Teresa of Avila.

Avila. I think so too, because she was a mystic. Yeah.

Yeah. I seem to recall St. John of the cross looked to her as something of a teacher.

Yeah, you’re right. I think that too. It will be St. Teresa of Avila.

Yep. Just a presumption.

Yeah. Okay. Thank you. So, those were the questions submitted by Fabio. So thank you so much. Fabio.

Thank you Fabio!

Thank you Fabio!

Okay, so the last questions came from Rinaldo. I will condense your question a little bit Rinaldo. So basically he wants to understand why different entities, even though we all come from the same source, and ultimately we are going to complete our journey, going to the same final source, we still evolve at a different pace. So what are the factors that are involved in the fact that we evolve at different speeds, let’s say, so to speak.

Yeah, so this is the first question.

My response is pretty short. That would simply be that the source from which we come, the one Creator had a desire to know itself, and to experience, and variety. And to me it seems natural that as the Creator refines the ability to experience through a variety of different experiences, that we will individuate. And we are, you know, individual sparks of the Creator, and our ability to have unique paths and unique expressions of experience increases as the Creator becomes better at knowing Itself and in experiencing Itself. And so the simple answer is I think that variety and differences, different perspectives, different rates, are par for the course, so to speak—a natural result of the desire to experience in a variety of means.

Yeah, and I think I recall Don asking Ra about the rates of evolution and Ra saying something like, why do some learn more quickly than others? And the basic idea was that some are just attracted more strongly to the upward spiraling light than others.

Just look at a school room. Why do some students have what seems like an accelerated journey of learning and others move at a slower pace? I appreciated Austin’s reply regarding some of the deeper cosmic fundamental reasons as to why that may be. As you described it, Rinaldo, regarding our different starting points, I think those differences are…I’m not sure what you mean precisely by different starting points, but the ultimate starting point is in the Law of One cosmology, infinity awakening, so to speak, and desiring to know itself.

Before there were human entities, before there was an earth, before there was our solar system, and before there was our octave, or universe, and before there were any octaves or before there was a Logos, there was infinity. Only. And that is the source and the destination, the Alpha and the Omega. The only thing, so to speak, that there is. And it is from that that the universe births and is differentiated into, as Austin was describing, infinite forms, from stars to planets to biological life to non-physical life. And then different entities are just at different points along that evolutionary spectrum. But, meanwhile, and underneath this illusion of manyness and separation, there is only ever one thing and that one thing is the Creator and wherever we seem to be on our evolution, whether we’re moving slowly or quickly or whether we’re quote unquote advanced or not advanced, we are all fully and completely the one Creator.

Thank you, I think that was very good.

So, Rinaldo finally asks: “Since, in this moment, we should already be in the fifth dimension (according to his interpretation, we should all be in fifth dimension), while only a very few people, a very little number of people will go there. And then what about the fifth dimension? How do you live there? Do people live in service to others or in service to self?”

So I think, first of all, the very first question would be—because this is something very common, that many people believe, that from the third density you would basically…I don’t know, maybe skip a dimension, I don’t know—but you would probably go directly to the fifth dimension. So first of all, do you have any interpretation for why many people have this idea? And then just you can refer to maybe fourth density and you know, what it’s like, what is life in the fourth density and whether people live in service to others or in service to self there?

Regarding the question of the fifth dimension and where that comes from, and how that relates to the fourth density or Ra’s cosmology, I’m not sure exactly where it comes from, but I’m assuming it is some sort of channeled source, or at least some sort of metaphysical source. There’s no official sources on this. I think it’s important to realize that what we do here with channeling or other sorts of psychic or metaphysical abilities, it’s not an exact science. Everybody has their own unique experience and their own unique methods. And sometimes those methods result in perceiving the same thing, but interpreting it in different ways or applying different language to it.

And so whereas something like science or specifically like physics, there’s a shared language and all physicists know how to address what they’re seeing in that language, but that’s not something that we have as channelers or psychics or anything like that. And so through L/L Research, somebody could channel the concept of densities, and fourth density, and another channel or might perceive the same truth but it is then channeled as being the fifth dimension for whatever reason. So my general opinion is that if we talked about the fourth density, or even the fourth dimension and the fifth dimension, it’s all the same thing.

It doesn’t make logical sense to me that we would skip a density or a dimension. Ra describes a very specific progression of souls in which—we’re in the third density right now, which is the density of self-awareness, and we are feeling pulled towards the fourth density of love. It seems clear to me that that is something that humans have not mastered yet and that is something that we are supposed to master in the fourth density. And then in the fourth density, we are pulled to the fifth density of wisdom after we have managed to master those lessons of love. So, depending on what you think the fifth density is, I think it just feels natural that our next step is to try to master love. It’s the most basic response.

I agree with everything Austin said. I would just add briefly that…Austin described one situation whereby different channels may be talking about more or less the same thing, just with different interpretations or labels or ways of seeing it. Another possibility is that just different sources altogether, may be being contacted between different channels. Let’s say the methodology is exactly the same for two different channels that are not connected to one another. But they contact different sources. Those different sources are, like any two different human beings, going to have different perspectives on the universe. So source A may say one thing about evolution and the nature of reality and source B may say something entirely different that contradicts source A. So, you know, it depends on who you’re speaking with. And then there is always unconscious channeling without exception, the presence of the human mind that will color the information being channeled through as well. So, yeah, that’s all.

Okay. So now we’re talking about, let’s say the next density, the next dimension. So, some general information on how do we live in fourth density? I think we are talking about fully mature fourth density in this case. And also there is the question: Do people live in service to others or service to self?

We spoke just a second ago about attempting to learn the ways of love and enter the density of love. And that love can be either directed solely at the self, completely at the self, which is service to self, or it could be directed in a radiant way, in service to others, which is essentially loving others, not excluding the self but radiating love versus absorbing love, essentially. These are sort of the two dynamics that are available that we are attempting to choose here in third density that will then allow us to enter into fourth density and so in fourth density we have made a choice to live in either service to others or service to self. Both options are available and both exist in fourth density.


Okay, what about some details maybe that you remember about Ra talking about life in fourth density? Now I’m assuming we are talking about fourth density positive, or maybe even fourth density negative, if you wish to, if you remember something about that. What is normal life in fourth density?

Yeah. I guess I’ll talk about the most fascinating aspect that I think is that Ra talks about something called the social memory complex, where as we enter fourth density, the population upon a planet gains access to a shared mind, a shared consciousness, that allows them to be much more effective as a unified civilization. And essentially they’re able to operate as a single entity, a single organism, not necessarily that they all meld into like a single entity, Borg-like (you know from Star Trek, the Borg), that’s not necessarily what Ra talks about. In my interpretation, there are still individuals, but there is access to a deeper shared intelligence that everybody has access to sort of like gaining a deeper mind that is natural to everybody else within the society.

And so in fourth density, we’re able to live much more harmoniously, especially in positive fourth density, and be much more effective in our strong desire to serve others, or serve self. And that social memory complex apparently is also available to negative entities. But Ra seems to indicate that it is not quite as effective because they are not accustomed to operating in harmony with others and having a shared goal and essentially giving up their singular ambitions for the good of the group. But they are still able to do that in fourth density. Lots more about fourth density I’m sure Gary would love to talk about.

The social memory complex that Austin was describing is made possible, in my understanding, by what is the chief characteristic of fourth density, whether positive or negative. And that is the elimination of the veil and the transparency of all experience and thoughts. In that transparency, the thoughts of the self are available to the whole and the thoughts of the whole are available to the individual self and nothing is hidden anymore. Nothing can possibly be hidden. All is brought into the light. And there are two oppositely polarized ways to relate to that transparency—as Austin was describing—in the positive sense, entities will use that transparency to serve others in compassion and love and understanding. In the negative sense, entities will attempt to enslave and manipulate and control others in the revealed information and that transparency. And regarding what life is like, I imagine the fourth and fifth density negative experiences as a hell world to somebody like myself, the open heart, because in both of those experiences, literally everybody you know is attempting to use you.

You have no friends. You have strategic alliances for achieving your objectives, but the entire planet would prefer to enslave and control you. Literally, nobody loves you, because the negative path is predicated on the omission of the heart center, which means love, exclusively of the self and not you, not the other. The other is not loved. The other instead is just a source of power which the negative entity attempts to steal, so to speak, and gain for the self. So that sounds like hell to me if there ever was one.

On the positive sense, I’m tempted to say heaven now, but you know, that’s really too rudimentary or I think it’s impossible for our minds to conceive of what true fourth density would look like. It’s an order of magnitude beyond a quantum threshold that is just beyond our full imagination, but it sounds wonderful. Conversely to the negative experience, to be in a situation where everybody loves you! Not politely, is nice to you, but everybody genuinely loves you because you are seen as a face of the Creator and likewise you love everybody else and you’re in communion with everybody and there’s no possibility of loneliness anymore—true isolation and loneliness, I mean, I’m sure an individual can separate themselves from the group if they so choose.

But you’re always in communion with everybody, truly; not just aware of what they’re thinking but in communion with their hearts, knowing that you are family to all. You belong to them and they belong to you and you are a unit with a shared fate and a shared purpose. And that sounds really beautiful to me. To be infinitely supported by the whole.

And a quick final thought: Don asked Ra about the fourth density and Ra says well, there’s some things we can say about it; there are rather some positive approximations and some like, you know, negative statements. And on the positive side they say fourth density is one of love and understanding and compassion; of, like I was saying, revealed information, transparency, the thoughts are available to the whole. 3 I’m not remembering this very well, but they say it is without a chemical body like we experience. So it’s a body of a more densely-packed light. It’s not a physical experience as we would define our space/time physical environment that is governed by the laws of physics (there you go), and it’s without disharmony, disharmony within the self or disharmony between others. It’s not possible for disharmony, at least in the positive sense.

But thank you so much for your questions Fabio.

  1. “The activity of dreaming is an activity in which there is made a finely wrought and excellently fashioned bridge from conscious to unconscious.” #86.12 

  2. “Many will come from elsewhere, for it would appear that with all of the best efforts of the Confederation, which includes those from your peoples’ inner planes, inner civilizations, and those from other dimensions, the harvest will still be much less than that which this planetary sphere is capable of comfortably supporting in service.” #17.1 

  3. Mentioned in:

    Thank you. Is it possible for you to give a small description of [inaudible] conditions fourth density [inaudible], conditions in operation [inaudible]?

    I am Ra. We ask you to consider as we speak that there are no words for positively describing fourth density. We can only explain what is not and approximate what is. Beyond fourth density our ability grows more limited still until we become without words.

    That which fourth density is not: it is not of words, unless chosen. It is not of heavy chemical vehicles for body complex activities. It is not of disharmony within self. It is not of disharmony within peoples. It is not within limits of possibility to cause disharmony in any way.

    Approximations of positive statements: it is a plane of a type of bipedal vehicle which is much denser and more full of life; it is a plane wherein one is aware of the thoughts of other-selves; it is a plane where one is aware of the vibrations of other-selves; it is a plane of compassion and understanding of the sorrows of third density; it is a plane striving towards wisdom or light; it is a plane wherein individual differences are pronounced although automatically harmonized by group consensus.“