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Hello everybody from the heart of America, and heard on Wolf Spirit And also you can hear this at While you’re at the website, please remember to sign up for the free and confidential newsletter. You will find that link to the left side there that will keep you informed of guests, updates, topics, events and any special announcements that may come along. And, please don’t forget to use the support buttons, found on the website here to support Wolf Spirit Radio. And, of course, all the hosts and the guest and everything else that comes along with it. It’s fabulous. Do join us in the chat rooms. You can reach us at under the JWR radio tab or under under their chat and listen page. On both pages, you can listen and also join in with the chat. We do have monitors in there tonight because we do have an absolutely fantastic guest with us. And, I actually feel very, very blessed to have her on air with us tonight. Her name is Carla Rueckert McCarty. You may know her as the channel of The Ra Material, [otherwise known as] The Law of One. And, although this work was channeled a long time ago, in my opinion it has even more significance now for each of us individually, as well as all of us collectively. So, I’d like to welcome Carla Rueckert to the show. Hello Carla.

Hello, and thank you so much for having me.

You, know, I have to say, in the few minutes that we’ve spoken together, Carla, there’s such a deep, abiding energy that you have, it just emanates from you from the heart and literally the soul of who you are. It can be felt and sensed by anybody that’s even slightly energetically sensitive. [One] can feel the love and the warmth that you have. So I just wanted to acknowledge that. I’m sure that you already know that, but I felt that I needed to acknowledge that with you. And it really is my honor and pleasure to have you here tonight, especially since that this material and The Law of One material was from many years ago and went in little increments. And, you know, believe it or not, Carla, there are some audience members out there who may not be familiar with how The Law of One material came around, came to be. And, I thought that it might be a good idea, just a short introduction to everyone, a kind of how this got started, when it got started, and just a little short synopsis of who Carla Rueckert is.

All right, I’d have to take you back to the college days for me. I graduated in literature as an undergraduate degree and then went on to get a degree in library service. I served as a librarian for six years before my friend, Professor Don Elkins, made the most amazing proposal to me, and that was that I let go of my career path and turn to investigating UFO’s and anything else that fell under the category of the paranormal. And, since I had known him since 1962, and had sat with him in meditation groups all through the 60’s, I knew that he was serious. He was deeply involved, and he was most intelligent, and I thought, ‘This feels right.’ I couldn’t convenience anybody in my family, that [it was a good idea that] a nice Episcopalian girl who was doing library work was all of a sudden going to be dong research into the paranormal.

But that’s the way it came down. And I’ve never regretted it, not once. It was a wonderful ride! It still is, it really still is. I’m 69 now. So, this is happening over a span of decades. Well, from ‘62 to ‘74, I was meditating with Don Elkins’ group. What he didn’t tell people was that it was an experiment. He intended a scientific experiment. He had read some material that had suggested that if you got together a group of sincere people and they sat in meditation together at least once a week, and were silent, that eventually they would start picking up the messages that were coming in from elsewhere.

And sure enough that essentially came true. Within six months, there were twelve channels in the group. I wasn’t one of them. I didn’t want to be a channel. I wanted to listen and to be quiet and so for 12 years, that’s what I did. Well, during that 12 years Don was continuing to do his research, but gradually, gradually we went down in the number of channels, from twelve to ten, to eight and so forth because naturally these people were in school when they started, then graduated and they had lives to live and places to go. From engineering school you were likely to go to Cumquat, Iowa. You just don’t know where you were going to go. We lost the last [channel] and Don said to me, ‘Would you try to become a channel?’ And, I looked at him and I thought, ‘Oh no, Oh no, ummm, ok.’ So I did.

And it turned out, once I put my mind to it, that I was gifted. At least I was picking up the stuff really quickly and getting a lot of material and being a librarian, being a researcher from the very beginning, what was interesting to me was not just that I was getting this information, but that it varied depending on some elements that I wanted to figure out. And, I did. I figured out, number one, that I had to be ready to lift myself up to my highest and best or I would not get a channel from a highest and best. And, number 2, I needed my people, my questioners, to realize that if they ask me fear-based questions or specific questions that were [asking the source to] prophecy, it would cool down the vibration in a way that was not satisfactory to me. So, I asked for only spiritually based questions, please, and only things that will matter in 10,000 years as much as they do now. Gradually I found, with all of these elements in play, I was able to have a really pretty good, stable contact. And, I worked through from ’74 to ’80 doing this conscious type of channeling.

Now, I’m not entirely conscious when I do conscious channeling. I’m very collected and very focused. And, people that study these things would be able to say, ‘No, she’s not fully conscious, her vibrations are to a certain extent lower in the consciousness, like from being very, very alert and picking up almost nothing except surface phenomena to being very focused to interior phenomena.’ So, that’s what I was doing, and even to this day I would love to be better. I try to focus and give my best effort every time. I’m still a librarian [by training] and go to church on Sunday and [my life is] perfectly normal. But, I just happen to have this gift and it has appealed to very many people.

Now, in 1980, Jim McCarty came to work with Don and me. He was the third person in the research group. And, all of a sudden my channeling leapt from conscious channel to a trance channel of those who call themselves ‘Ra’. Well, of course, the first time I heard that, I thought, ‘I do not want to talk to anybody from Ra.’ Because I knew my history enough to know that in Egyptian mythology, Ra was a war god, basically, and did not have very good vibrations. And I didn’t want to talk to anybody like that. But, I challenged this entity very diligently in the name of Jesus the Christ and the Ra group was perfectly delighted to answer that challenge. ‘Of course, we speak in the name of Jesus, the Christ. How could we do anything else? That’s the way the universe works.’ So, all of a sudden it was awesome. I never did do the trance work very well, in terms of having it be easy on me. I lost two to three pounds with each session, and so these next four years, ’80 to ‘84, I was eating as much as I could and I still went down to 80 lbs and stayed there, pretty much between 80 and 85 pounds, because I was going to do another session and I would take off what I just put on. So, I would not recommend it. But that’s the way it happened to me. It happened to me in that way.

Now, Don who had been studying [the field of the paranormal] since the mid ’50s, knew a good thing when he heard it, and was very excited. The only times in my 16 years of closeness to Don that I ever saw him happy was when he was going to able to talk to those of Ra. He worked very hard on the questioning. Of course, he was a professor of physics, and of engineering. So, the questions that he had were so completely out of my view and consciousness that as a conscious person so it was impossible to believe that I, as a person, I would be able to answer the questions, but the Ra group had no problem with it. The responses that they gave have excited people who are technical people and scientific people ever since because the Ra group suggest some very interesting things about how life works and how physics works and what there is besides what we know.

And then, of course, there’s the simple matter of the Ra group’s being able to give incredibly good advice in terms of philosophy. They were strictly philosophers and from beginning to end they were attempting to guide and share what the called The Law of One. The Law of One is that we are all one and that one thing is love. That love vibration is the nature of the Creator and the nature of all that is created by the Creator. So there’s nothing that is not created by love. You look at a lot of the people that have distorted that love terribly and have come far from the course of love, shall we say. There are killers and so forth and so on.

You can’t certainly say, ‘Oh, that person is very loving.’ That’s not what I mean. I’m saying, at the soul level, looking back away from our human hood and looking at who we are in terms of internal beings, we are, at the soul level, all the same. All made of the same thing, and that one thing is love. So, our privilege, all of us, to be receiving constantly according to this information a fair amount of energy that is loving and if we can unstop ourselves from being angry and being upset and holding grudges and being all concerned with our day to day problems, if we can look away to the part of ourselves that is interested in face, that is interested in philosophy, that is interested in deeper religion, we begin to find that area where the Ra group works and where that information has an impact on people. And, I must say, from the very beginning, it had an impact on people regardless of how old the are, whether they’re men or women, whether they’re rich or poor, whether they’re very intelligent or whether they can barely read. There are quite a few people that can’t even spell that very laboriously write in to me and say that the Ra material has changed their lives because they were able to tell that the Ra group was for them. So, that is my journey in a nutshell, from a little Librarian in Louisville, KY to a little Librarian from Louisville, KY that happens to channel.

Since Don died, I haven’t channeled Ra directly because the Ra group suggested that I never do that since I needed Dons energy and Jims energy so that I would be safe. So, I stopped when Don died in 84. That’s why there’s only 106 sessions. But we have them down and we offered them, they are free on my sight as well as on my conscious channeling. I’ve been doing conscious channeling every since. I have maybe 1500-1600 channeling sessions that are up on the sight of that you can see and you can read, for download. We also have a lot of books and you can buy the same thing that’s for free. Some people just like to have a book. You can read it when the powers out, and that sort of thing. So, we have a bookstore. We also have them free. Before Don died, he asked me for two things. He said, ‘#1, please see that this information is available globally for free, and #2, please start a spiritually based way of living that reflects the Law of One.’ So, the first part of my life, I think, cumulated and produced a lot of things materials and the second part of my life in living, in walking the talk.

Well, I have to say that you know, reading some of the materials myself off and on through the years, Carla, the information is extraordinarily invaluable and I find it [interesting] that the information, as well, has come out of the channels in the 80’s, it is so I think even with such a term that it can be more relevant than even back in the 80’s. At least there’s a greater understanding by more of humanity than what there probably could have been in the 80’s. And I can’t thank you enough for volunteering all of this and bringing it forward, and as a channel myself, I tell you, that’s a huge leap of faith [required] to step into that space where you’re not there. A lot of people don’t really understand what that’s like, especially if you’re the reluctant messenger.

I remain reluctant because it’s hard work, the translating from conceptual language, which is the language that I hear, not hear but sense, into words. It’s almost as though they give me a concept. And if I stay with that concept too long I’ll lose the concept quickly. I have to get the impressions of the concept and put it into words and then I can catch the next concept and put it into words. So, it’s almost as though I’m a translator, translating or rolling out these infinitely complex and beautifully nuanced concepts and, cookie cutter style, making words. Obviously I never get out of a channeling sessions and think that I got everything that they gave me. But, I do my best.

Well, so, you know, there’re a few things that I have found kind of trendy. I use this term, trending, when I notice things that come up in our environment and are repetitive.

Just like we see fads, fads in everything, like the latest, greatest gadgets. Those die out and another fad will take its place. So it’s trending but more in a metaphysical instead of [in a] what’s the latest, greatest fad, way, right? One thing triggers another, and as you say, everything is interwoven, interconnected. I call that, and I’ve always called that, Carla, the magic of life, where the synchronicities or the trending of certain ideas or similarities will come forward because people are catching a wave, I guess, for the lack of the better way of saying it. I can see that these energies are connected, again conceptually [It’s] very difficult for me to put into words.

So, the trending is that here’s all this material from years ago that you are a participant in, that you certainly brought forward; that you put into this wonderful book that is being made available to everyone. Then, I’ve been receiving e-mails from some other folks about other materials that have come in from other sources and asking me about other sources. And I thought, wasn’t that interesting? Here’s this information that came out 30 or 40 years ago, some of it, and it’s still very relevant today. People are now asking about it.

I have Carla on my show. I have announced that you were going to be on my show. Isn’t that fascinating, how one thing will trigger another? So, it’s telling me in that energetic signature that this information needs to be revisited and we need to again expose people [to it] in a concentrated way because and this is not an accurate statement but it’s the only way I know how to word it, time is running short.

Yes, yes, I think if you could picture light as having characteristics, I think that our third density or earth experience sun is tiring, exhausting itself of third-density light, the light that has supported us as third-density beings. And the reason that the physicists are seeing so many things that they can’t explain is that the fourth density is coming to be and that the fourth density of Earth doesn’t have any interest in third density that we can see.

But the characteristics in light are that it carries much more information, so much more information that all of a sudden people are being brought apart against their reality. Whatever it is they haven’t wanted to face about themselves, all of a sudden it’s front and center, and they need to pick those parts of themselves up and love them and ask them to work for them as spiritual beings.

I think one thing to say about The Ra Material is that Don’s questions are so sophisticated. He had studied so deeply and had such a good mind that where he headed the questions that he asked enabled those of Ra to offer information that otherwise would not have been there. So, the only reason that it isn’t a perfect shall we say ‘thing’ is that it has the back-and-forth characteristics of a conversation.

Don would study before we went into the session and then when all was happening and I was under and Don was asking questions and Ra would say something, then Don absolutely couldn’t stand not asking about them, and there went all of his preparation. He would go off somewhere in Orion, till he forgot his belt!

So, it’s sort of, you get things and then you get them again, and then you get more. It’s sort of back-and-forth, so that you can’t simply sit down and read it as you would a text book. It has the feeling of a conversation. For what it is, it’s a conversation, between those of elsewhere who truly want to share with us a philosophy that will help us, not just this time but always and those of us who are kind of I’d say, waking up. It has all the feeling of waking up. You know, you go through your life and you’re in high school and all of a sudden you realize you there’s more to life than you can see. There’s more here than you can explain.

And maybe you turn to religion to explain it. The problem is that when you’re in spiritually oriented material, there is not ever going to be any proof. So, you can chose many spiritual world religions and you will find many things wrong with them as far as being internally inconsistent. This doesn’t make sense with that, you don’t have this, you don’t have that. In the Ra material, it’s not a religion, it never wanted to be a religion. It’s a philosophy, a cosmology; that is, it tells you what happened to create the world, where we are in that world and where we’re going. So that’s cosmology and some metaphysics are in there. If you can wrap your mind around the possibility that a non-religious and non-present energy is capable of sharing this kind of information with you, all of a sudden you have more information than you’ve ever had in your life along the lines of why we’re here.

It’s so helpful to people to wake up and realize this is not all that there is and when I die, I’m not going to end. I will just simply be continuing on my walk in faith, on my spiritual journey. It’s a wonderful thing to know. And than, once you know that you have this destiny, you know also and increasingly as you work in this area, that you have responsibilities, that you have outer work that you came here perhaps to do. Or perhaps your work is inner and consists strictly of keeping yourself in good vibration and you’re capable of holding the light as it changes from third density to fourth density.

Very well said, I might add, and what I’d like to do from here… there are two things I’d like to say. First of all, if you need a break at any time [let me know.] Because we know that you’ve been ill. And I’m so grateful for you to be on this show tonight, so if you need a break, just let me know and we’d be happy to do that. Otherwise we will be taking one at the top of the hour. The second thing is that we do have a question that came in for you, if I may go ahead and ask that of you because it goes along with what you’ve been talking about.

Okey doke.

And, this is …if Ra every really described why Carla ever had to have her head specifically in one orientation? That’s actually a good question because when one reads that piece of information, it has a lot of answers in the answer you’re going to give. I’m excited for you to answer that question, if it’s ok for you to answer that.

Surely, what in me made it possible for them to talk through me. First of all, as you know, any channeling is the product of the group, not the person. The energies of everybody that’s offering themselves asking, ‘Please may we have information,’ that forms the nature of the response. Because what they try to do [is] answer the questions that you ask, whether you form them in words or not. They know basically what you’re thinking.

What they’ve said about the whole group was that there was a purity there. There was a depth of intention. And, they had been looking for a long time, I think they said 200 years, to find a channel and a support for that channel that could carry their information.. They had very fine tuned information and the person to be able to get that information needed to be able to…

It’s just like in a radio. [There are] the big loud stations you can get over a number, like 91.1 through 91.5, even if it’s really 91.3. But the information that they had they modestly described as different and said you may call it advanced, but it’s just a different way of saying the same thing. At any rate, they said it was very fine-tuned, to the point where they would ask that there was no metal in the room that was used. And there was a certain way that they walked a circle around me as I was going in the trance, all very specific to this purity.

And I’m certainly not a Puritan. A woman that has married and so forth can’t said to be utterly pure. I think that the purity that they were talking about was the purity of attention. I’m different than most people in that I woke up in the crib knowing that I was a spiritual person. I was thinking about things like infinity, I would try to picture infinity. I would get, ok, this is all finite and beyond that is infinity. Then, I couldn’t in my mind, imagine something that never stopped. So, I was fascinated with this and focused on spiritual things far beyond my years.

I started singing in church choir when I was 4 and am very devoted as a church person. Although I’m a totally mystical Christian, in that I don’t believe in dogma, but see their reason for it, nevertheless, my church accepts me for what I am and allows me to go ahead with this. I feel very grateful for that. I think that it’s that unwavering intention. I’ve always had that issue so deep in my nature, that I think that is really the thing they were looking for, that absolute drive towards serving the Creator, worshiping the Creator, being a servant in his house, being his arms, his legs, his voice, his energy in this world.

Lots of things happened in the outer world, when I was young and had more strength. I have always been frail and one thing after another has happened to me to limit me more and more. Right now, I’m limited to four feet around my hospital bed. It’s a lumbar operation that I had, believe it or not, over a year ago. But, I got an infection in the hospital. I didn’t come in [with] any but I developed it in the hospital, then [got] one after another. I had to go back in repeatedly, nine times actually, to have that wound reopened and scraped clean of infection, and then they would close it up all up, put in a drain which would fail in a couple of a days. And when the drain failed, of course, there was swelling inside. They would have to open it up and go back and do it all over again.

Finally, gratefully, I must say they decided in their infinite wisdom, you know, doctors are infinitely wise, that they would put me on something called a wound vac. I’ve had really good luck with it, but it’s slow. I’ve been on it for over a year and have about half of the wound closed. 1 Hopefully, in the next three or four months, it will do the rest of its service and will enable me to get up and get at them more.

Of course, by having had two surgeries on my spine within these last three years, there’s a lot of rehab that I’ll have to do before I can say I’m taking my place among the completely well, as far as being able to walk and completely get around. I’m in a wheel chair at this point. It doesn’t matter. I can use a computer. My mind is better and I fly like a bird over the ocean. It’s as easy as ever to be me. It just looks more and more limited from the outside in, but it doesn’t have to be a limitation that affects me in terms of my emotions of my mentality or my spirituality. None of us needs to feel they are less than good simply because we are limited. So, that’s my situation now and I hope to be back to writing within the next six months to a year.

I’ve got stuck in the middle of writing three books. And the first book is called Living the Law of One: 101, the Choice. It’s about the nature of this Density of Choice. [The choice is] between service to self and service to others. 2

But, then I was going to write a 102 book about emotions and how we can use them, because the lower chakras of our electrical bodies are all about emotions, whether it’s towards ourselves or towards our nearest and dearest or towards everybody else in the world and how we relate. That subject I could really go into more deeply. So, I planned that in 102.

Then, in 103, I would work in upper-chakra information, which is healing, meditation, all the good stuff. That was going to be fun.

Well, I got done with [Living the Law of] One: 101, and I was one chapter into 102 and then, bam, I couldn’t work anymore. My arms wouldn’t work anymore. So, I had eight vertebra fused in the top of my spine in 2010. That went really well. About half way through recovery through that, in October, I found I was having increasing trouble walking and although it was quite unusual for a person that has rheumatoid arthritis, my lower spine was sort of going off to Cincinnati to have a pizza or something and leaving the rest of my body pretty well unable to use its legs.

So, again, a spinal fusion operation was called for and this time it didn’t go so well. So, I’m just getting over that. Thank heavens the operation itself got my nerves straightened out so I could [had far less nerve pain]. So, that is done. It’s just that I have to recoup my energies and get everything back together. And it’s really been a challenge because once you’re weakened from so many operations in a short time, you get other things that are related to stress. Like I had shingles recently. I’ve come up with psoriasis and all these things that are related to being under a lot of stress from the body being weak. Hopefully, in good time, that too shall pass. But, when all is said, it’s a small, insignificant thing and meanwhile, I can just go on praising the Creator, which I certainly do.

Yes, you do, Carla. And I just want to say, you know, first of all, really, how honored we all are to have you on the air tonight through everything you’ve recently been through. And I’m truly just honored that you’re here with us. It’s really a magnificent thing. We keep our connections going by the human contact and right now it happens to be verbally right now, energetically and verbally. You understand. So I think it’s a really good thing.

You know, the Law of One material hits home for many people for who have been, as I have called them, the seekers. We’re in this world and we think something about this world just doesn’t seem accurate, doesn’t seem correct, no matter what our parents or school teachers or anybody else may tell us. We seek things out, going there’s a higher purpose for being here. Sometimes we don’t get that information right away. Sometimes we’re younger, sometimes we’re older. Again, the age doesn’t matter as long as we get it, yes? I have to say you’ve been a carrier of the light for many, many, years. You’ve’ been in service for many, many years, not only for self but to others. And you know, this is the time where others like you and me and much of my audience and many of the few that research your material do realize that there is a connectedness and what brings the family, so to speak, together. That really was the purpose of The Law of One.

I think so. I think we really are a family. We are going to have our annual Homecoming in a couple of weeks here at L/L Research. It is my feeling that people that have been drawn to The Law of One, who have come through that filter, are going to really enjoy other people that have come through the same filter of love. And that is the way it happens. Every year it’s just been an explosion of positivity and excitement and if you were sensitive to energy and could see it, we have a dome of energy that reaches far into space. It’s just wonderful and I look forward to it.

It’s quite energetically high and it’s so surprising to people who’ve been foraging around and can’t talk to anybody about this stuff. ‘My mate’s really not into it, and my friends think I’m off the deep end a little bit.’ All of a sudden they come to this place where everybody is perfectly willing to listen to you because they’re going through the same things. It’s an incredible relief to know that you’re not crazy or too different to be accepted or whatever because, well here are all these other people that feel the same. In fact, at the turn of the century, I wrote a book that was strictly for people that had awakened and wanted to know what’s happening to me. This is difficult and kind of scary. It’s called A Wanderers Handbook.

I was going to ask you about that, so that’s cool.

I certainly use the quotations from the those of Q’uo and those of Ra and those of other entities from what they call the Confederation that I’ve channeled. The other part of [the book] is my e-mail, [which] has been wide. For a long time I was the only one here that picked up the e-mail so I had conversations about what was happening to people, just hundreds of them. I chose about 220 of the people that wrote the best about what was happening to them and sorted things out so that I can put like things together. I quoted extensively, with permission of course, from the people that had awakened and were going through this.

The idea was not only to offer the teachings of those of Ra, which were most lovely, but also to let people know that they’re not at all alone. There are thousands and millions of other people that have awakened and know and can be lighthouses if they can just figure out how to let go of some of the darkness that’s around some of their thinking and move into the light. Not that they are the light, it’s that we can carry the light. We can let the light flow through us. It’s like, we’re all different, we’re all unique. I think of it as that white light as apposed to stained glass. We are all those that distort the light into beautiful colors by our personality and what we do and think.

And so here are all these beautiful colors, all these beautiful people. If you understand that you can merge simply by asking that ‘my intention is to merge with those of like minds’…. all of a sudden you realize globally it’s a huge and powerfully force for the good. We at L/L Research are a lot like other spiritual places where we have everyday meditation at 9 pm at night for us [on Eastern Time]. Of course all around the globe it’s different times. It really doesn’t matter, as long as we realize we’re doing this together.

We’ve heard from 6 or 7 psychics who have written in and said thanks, that the most important thing we’ve done [at L/L Research] is [share these] meditations that people can tune into, not because they’re super wise or very sophisticated or anything, but just because they want to be of help. Just the intention is that all that is necessary, metaphysically speaking. It’s not even necessary that we succeed. Its necessary, physically speaking, that we care to try and try with our whole hearts and so this is one of many places where our lighthouse-type quality can be encouraged and we can realize, ‘I can be part of a larger lighthouse.’

And one of these days we’ll see all of those in the world that are lit up with these lighthouses. Because the fourth-density light is here to stay and third-density light is waning and dying. It’s not that we will die with it, it’s that we have more to do, we have more to see, more adventures, and we will graduate from this school.

They often refer to our living as a school for souls, and [when we graduate from third density] we will go walk the steps of light, as they call it. Every step is a little more filled with the fourth-density characteristics of light. And when the light gets too strong, we stop. That’s the way it’s decided whether or not we’ll go on to fourth density or whether we’ll have to repeat third density. There’s no suggestion as to heaven or hell; rather, there’s a suggestion that you make your heaven or hell right here on Earth by what you think and what you intend. You just need to know that death is no way, shape or form an end. It is a time of change and you will go on like the wonderful light that you are. Each of us will.

Well, beautifully said…so we have a couple of questions I’d like to pose to you. This is from an audience member, Carla, and [he/she] has asked if you had any insight regarding the harvest and moving into fourth density. Do we live through the harvest, at the time of harvest? ‘We do not concern ourselves with the conditions of the harvest,’ [says The] Law of One Introduction. 3 So, someone’s reading your books, and they’re talking about the harvest and before you answer, I find that the verbiage in there was quite interesting. Again, we can all get caught up with semantics, right? So, perhaps you could explain, in The Ra Material, what the word means by ‘harvest’ and, if you wouldn’t mind, and again, you could opt out of any question that doesn’t make you comfortable and you can chose not to answer as well.

I’m fine with questions as long as they’re not fear-based. And you’re certainly full of excitement, not fear. What is the condition of ‘harvest’? There are two harvests that we’re talking about. Number one, our Earth has come to be at the end of its light in third density and is receiving light from the sun that is characteristically different. All of those unknown particles have a meaning and reason in fourth density and they all carry information, so that after we do graduate and we’re in fourth density, we have access to tremendous amount of other choices we can make as service to others. And we do graduate by doing service to others or service to self. In fourth density, all of a sudden, you don’t have the resistance as you had before. The only resistance that you have is from those areas that are still dark within yourself. You are not fighting whatever you consider the outside menace to be.

But the nature of the harvest for people is different than the harvest of the planet. You will finish your incarnation here naturally, according to the Confederation. You will die naturally, and when you die, there will be a healing of the incarnation. And you will have spiritual entities around you to see you through that faithfully. And when you’re all healed up from the pain you’ve had from this incarnation, the next thing you do is to walk the steps of light to which I referred before. You walk the steps of light and you stop where you feel comfortable and the next step is too much. Those whose freely chosen steps of light are still in third density will move to another third-density planet to continue your third-density work. If you stop [on the steps of light] somewhere in fourth density, you have graduated to fourth density.

So there’s no threat and certainly there’s no Twilight of the Gods or horrible world-shaking [event] where the Earth shakes us off like a bunch of fleas, even though Edgar Cayce thought that was going to happen in 1998. Don asked about that prediction, although that was still ahead of us when we were in the 80’s and they said that already the work that people had done was such that there probably wasn’t going to be the complete change like that because there were so many positive entities that had began to lighten the consciousness, that the Earth energies could sort of expand like a rubber band instead of pop like a balloon.

The earth has been changing in this regard. Most of us beyond, say, the age of 30 came in [to Earth incarnation] in a strictly third-density body. People that are younger than that are probably dually activated so that it’s possible that they will live in fourth-density light and they won’t have a problem with it. However, since the Earth will no longer be a third-density planet, there won’t be a reason to be here beyond a certain point.

What I think will happen, and I’m just guessing this from all the readings that we asked about and all the things I’ve noticed, is that the people are coming back to Earth from fourth density now, like fourth-density wanderers of Earth. They are coming back to the planet they so recently left because they are very concerned to heal the planet, the air, the water, the Earth. We [have] fouled those natural resources terribly. We fouled the air. We’ve messed up the soil so it’s not giving us enzymes and stuff, so it’s practically without anything living in it. When you spray something for about three years, I’ve read several time, it pretty much kills all the bugs and worms and energies and enzymes that are able to create more living from the soil. So, it exhausts the soil quickly, so that the only way we can get the food out of it is to use the chemicals.

So the people that are still in third density are really on to something when they’re trying to make organic farms and live more closely with nature and offer local foods and stuff. It really has a lot of good energy with it. I think that there will probably be several hundred years with people coming back that want to clean up those targeted areas of the Earth so that they can put third density to rest in a better way than we’re leaving it as we die now. That’s the way they see it, I think, in a nutshell.

There is a lot of energy that seems to want to suggest that [the harvest] will be a global event. However, I figure, because I’ve seen this energy ever since I started studying in the ‘60’s what was going on, that [we are] out-picturing our fear of death so it’s not just we that are going to die, it’s the whole planet. That just feels right and that is the way a lot of people feel but could never articulate that. I think that more and more people will begin to realize that as beautiful as this incarnation is, it’s no terrible pain to leave it. There’s more excitement down the road.

You know, as I look at the picture, Carla… and I made the statement a lot of times, you know, my ultimate goal for myself, personally, is to try to leave this world in a better place than when I found it, however small or big of a scope that I can get. I will take whatever I can accomplish, right? And I think you’re right.

And while I’m looking at this, some clarity has come in as well as when you talk about us moving into fourth density and why we’re seeing the different things in the sky that we are, why the orientation is somewhat different. It all has to do with the Earth herself and, of course, on this planet we are moving into a different time and space, sort of, and of course us on this planet are moving into a different, literally, what you could call it a time/space. It’s going to be different than the third density, energetically speaking. So, energetically speaking or being able to see more, hear more, they call this the Age of Information. It truly is. Light is information.

There are a whole lot of things that I was shown, 20, 30, 40 years ago. At the time I didn’t understand what the visions were because I didn’t have a reference point for it. And, as the last 20 years have unfolded, these visions that I’ve had through the years popped back in and it’s like, ‘Oh, so that’s what that’s about.’ And your picture gets a little bigger and a little clearer.

And, I have to tell you, I’m extraordinarily grateful for them. Because on some level I feel very blessed and honored to have received these visions and understanding, even if it is conceptual understanding for my own personal growth, right? And, what I see with all of this is, while we’re seeing and rediscovering some old artifacts and sites and more information on things that have been hidden from us, it’s the time, the fourth density and on up. The old regime isn’t going to be able to hold itself. It’s just part of the process. Yes, it’s from bible literature, trying put the new [wine]into the old wineskin. We have to have a new wineskin for the new wine.

That’s right.

It works out perfectly.

It does, it does.

So, here’s where we’re at. We’re going to take a little break here for you, Carla, and everyone else. We should be back in 4 minutes, maybe 5. So, everybody who can, get up, stretch your legs, go get a drink of water. Please do not go away. We have more of Carla Rueckert after the break, so stay with us.

Second Hour

Go, ladies.

All right, thank you so much. My beautiful engineer, Dave Corsa, thank you again. Thank you to Wolf Spirit Radio. Thank you to everyone who’s in the chat box and for the questions. Feel free to write into the chat box. Carla absolutely loves questions and she’s here to share with us in just a few short hours, a couple of hours, a lifetime ‘s worth of information, so we’re trying to pick and choose what seems to be what maybe a lot of you might want to know about or have questions about. So, we have Carla Rueckert here with us tonight and I, really, your energy has been…. Literally, I’ve been frozen solid all day. I don’t know what was wrong with me and then as you come on the air and I got settled in with that connection, boy, and I’ve heated right up. I’ve taken my blanket off for the first time. It’s only 85 degrees outside. Go figure, right?

Yeah, right.

So I have to tell you, ‘Thank you Carla, I’m warm today.’

That’s wonderful.

I just love when I pay attention to how my body reacts to certain things, like that’s interesting or fascinating. So, anyway, I kind of want to… There are a couple things that we talked about during the break that I thought maybe we could chat about, just a little bit. Not to get into too much of the old, old stuff. But I also think it’s important. As I told you, there’s people write me these e-mails and they kind of ask these questions based on what other people might have said on my shows or maybe something that somebody else might have talked about. So, I thought it might be a good thing to bring it up as it relates to The Law of One material, the Ra stuff, if that’s ok with you?

And one of the questions that I love that you already gotten into, one of the topics that I wanted to go into, was wonderers. And, on [L/L Research’s] website, which, by the way, I want to repeat this for everyone is, and then when you click on, you’ll also see another one: that’s [That] is the other website that Carla has as well. On there’s a thing in there that is a link, that asks a question, ‘Are you a wanderer?’ If you click on that, there’s a lot of information on the wanderer and there’s some follow-up things on the bottom. It really is quite warm. It really makes you feel at home when you read it. I think it’s really awesome. And, I want to see if it’s semantics. I don’t know in the Ra material if this question was actually ever asked of you, in regards to the wanderers. As we talked about conceptually, when we put it into words it doesn’t always translate really well. Our language is very limiting to the conceptual information that we get. So, can the wanderers also be walk-ins, or star seeds, or anything of that nature?

Well, those are different terms because they are different situations. Basic wanderer is the most widely used and if you think about it - maybe you have especially since you’ve awakened spiritually - you’ve had feelings that this world isn’t your home. Or when you were a kid you felt alienated or isolated. Maybe you had a lot of struggles with things I call the wanderers syndrome because the vibration of this planet and the planet from which wanderers may come from are different. You’re trying to get used to the vibrations of Earth. It’s just different and hard.

But, we came here as wanderers to lighten the consciousness of Planet Earth and we can do that if we are on our death beds, if we’re on a hockey field, it doesn’t matter where we are. You lighten your consciousness by simply allowing your fields of love, joy, thankfulness, contentment [to be]. I think that there are so many ways in which wanderers can heal themselves and [I have] written about that, as you said, in A Wanderer’s Handbook. But, in brief, a wanderer is simply one who decided to come from another planet, to come through the veil of Earth into this very veiled planetary experience and see what we could do to help lighten the consciousness [of our planet] so the situation as we move from third density to fourth density would not be so difficult.

As I understand it, that has happened in spades. It’s happened tremendously well. Not only did we not have a pole shift in 1998 as Edgar Cayce predicted, we haven’t had to have one since then. Those of the Confederation say the possibility/probability is that there won’t be a pole shift of the kind that is global. [They say] that the Earth is changing for all it’s worth to move into the fourth density and to take away the negativity that we drew into the planet with our wars and our thinking that goes along the lines of …

[There is a hiatus while the call from me to Rebecca is dropped, and we regain contact.]

I’m not sure what happened.

Well, a disturbance in the force.

There was a [hang-up] in the force, indeed. At any rate, I’m not sure at what point you stopped hearing me. I got a busy signal for a while, so I hung up and waited for you to call.

We were talking about the wanderers and [that] the wanderers are ones that have come in from other planets, not feeling like this is their home.

People come here and I think that I have heard from maybe two dozen people throughout my existence that wrote in and said, ‘I have a remembrance of what happened before we came to Earth and I’m mad at you. You said this would be fun. And this is not being fun.’

So, I will admit this is a hard row to hoe for wanderers. They are more sensitive than Earth natives. They have experienced better, gentler ways and all of a sudden they are unable to reach some kind of satisfactory feeling that everything is going along in those ways. They realize it’s different here and it’s hard here and, ‘I don’t want to be here.’ But, thank God for all the people that have come here and have undertaken this service.

It’s a service that’s hard to understand. Nobody ever comes up to you at a party and says, ‘Oh, what do you be?’ They always say, ‘What do you do?’ You have to combine that doing and being, as Frank Sinatra said so well, ‘Doobie, doobie, do.’ It’s a thing where instead of doing first and thinking about it later you examine your thoughts more carefully so that more of what you do reflects what you truly think on a deeper level [and is] more true to yourself. It’s not a call to some dogmatically correct, detailed way of living and thinking or anything like that. It’s not dogmatic at all. It’s different for every person. And [the wanderers] have the feeling of not being really in the best situation as far as good energy goes and that he actually did this to himself. [He asks, ‘Why would I do this to myself? Why would I come here?’

Well, the Confederation sometimes calls itself the Brothers and Sisters of Sorrow. [They say, ‘We have heard the sorrows. We have been sympathetic and we have come here. We aren’t better than anybody else.’ We become earth people. We have to regain the remembrance of who we really are at the soul level. Inside us the veil of forgetting [cloaks] the heaven [from which we came’ and soon, very soon, you know a child forgets all that glory and becomes the human being that we know and love.

So it’s a matter of accepting it, if you feel you are a wanderer. It’s a matter of accepting the situation as you gave it to yourself. ‘OK, I’m here and I believe I can be of service here.’ And its not that you’re trying to tell people what to do. You’re not doing that at all. I encourage people to never to relate to people in terms of the information. Wait for them to ask you about it. Wait for them to get excited about it. Wait for them to say, ‘What have you got? I’d like to get some of that, you know? I’d like to pick some of that up on the way home.’ And, that question, there, that’s an opening and into it you may jump and share whatever you feel is right to share. But, relate to people according to their essence.

We are [proselytizing about] Ra, we’re doing no better than the people before [us] as we try to make the whole world believe in the way that our religion believes. We’re still trying to do that, apparently. So, that’s not the way of it. When you realize that you have an opportunity, then you can focus and can really get some good information through. But, other than that, you need to relate to people according to how to support them, how to encourage them, how to love them. If you see an opportunity, you can always drop a little thought, but don’t look back. It should never matter to you whether or not people have heard that thought. You have to be like Johnny Appleseed, throwing the seed of thought behind you and not worrying about whether it grows or not. That’s not your problem. The problem that is yours is to become able to share those thoughts that are of that level which radiates and glows and shines and, as John Lennon said, ‘Shine on.’ I think we all do.

So, OK, that’s the description of the wanderers. Did you ask ever any of them what is a walk-in?

Yes, and they were very helpful with that. The example that was given was Abraham Lincoln. They said that the person that was born as Abraham Lincoln had a great many personal problems and was weary of life and was praying, ‘Take this from me.’ There was an energetic being that was willing to use his body and so he came in - and thank God for that - and lived the rest of Abraham Lincoln’s life for him. He was a walk-in. The difference between the walk-in and the wanderer is when they come in. Wanderers come in before they’re born. They come in when there’s the opportunity of conception. They’re with the mother even before the mother delivers. A walk-in is one who makes an agreement with a human on some level [which] is perhaps is [only] known to him unconsciously, but [it] is known to him in terms of his whole energetic being that he will take on the difficulties of that incarnation and see what he can do.

OK. So, back to the wanderers for a second. I thought it was interesting when you said the wanderer was one that came in before conception. Do all wanderers then, when they come in, honor the mission or are there some that lose sight of what they’re here to do?

Yes, that is the biggest problem that wanderers ever have, remembering why they came. They are so caught up in the difficulties they are experiencing that they don’t just lift up and let themselves go to a level of real silence, where that kind of information can be shared on a non-verbal level.


I think when people describe how they woke up, a lot of times it’s not because of anything that somebody said. It might be that, maybe this person said something, that person said something, and there’s a concatenation of synchronicity, [which says,] ‘Oh, you’re a wanderer, wake up and smell the coffee!’ And, you do. You wake up and, oh, so exciting when you wake up and realize this is such a wonderful world. It’s not at all what it looks to be from the level of the ten thousand things, as the Buddhists call Planet Earth and the way we know things in terms of living. It’s a glorious day and all of a sudden they are so full of this.

And it’s so frustrating because they can’t share it with people that aren’t awake yet. It’s one of the most common complaints I get from wanderers - when they do wake up, who do they talk to? Who do they help? What I have to tell them is that a lighthouse doesn’t wander around going, ‘Are you need of some light?’ A lighthouse is lit and in complete darkness it’s wonderful. You can see a candle, a simple little candle, about half a mile away. It’s still visible, if there’s nothing in the way. You can go to the Bible and see the first chapter of John, where he talks about coming from love into this incarnation. And, the darkness did not understand that. But the darkness could not put out the light. That’s the simple truth will all of us. No matter what our situation, if we simply trust that we do carry the light, we can also trust that nothing can put out that light. 4

People say, ‘What about prisoners?’ Well, we have a prison ministry. There are a lot of people that have read The Ra Material and they are interested and working to learn a better way. They’ve awakened within that very difficult situation. They certainly have awakened. So, it doesn’t really matter what your situation in life, the phenomenon of awakening is the same. It’s a wonderful feeling. It keeps happening. You don’t awaken everything all at one.

Oh gosh, your head would explode!

You can only do what you can understand at that moment. And for the rest of your life you have moments of more understanding. You have an epiphany. You have dark nights of the soul and then you have wonderful daylights that comes where the sunlight that breaks forth is better than it ever has before and you know it was all worth it because you feel something deep within yourself. And now, you can share that light too. You share more and more of yourself as you allow more and more of yourself to take that leap into faith.

Right. So, just to expand on this in one more direction, and then we’ll move into some other ones. Did the Ra channel information also talk about what some are terming star seeds?

No. Don was not familiar with that term, so it was never asked [about]. I think there are a lot of terms that mean the same thing. I imagine the star seeds would be roughly equivalent with wanderers.

That’s’ what I was wondering, if it’s just, once again, semantics, changes in terminology, what have you. Certainly, that would seem kind of logical to me. OK, wonderful.

One thing you have to watch out for as a channel is that you don’t fall in love with people asking questions and you knowing what’s going on. A lot of times, you can ask a spiritual source a question and the answer is, ‘I don’t know,’ or the answer is, ‘No.’ You have to be able to channel that and be accepting that the fact is, that’s all they’ve got. They don’t have any more. If you reach for an answer, you’ll get an answer eventually, but it won’t be of that vibration. It’ll be of the vibration of that question. Really [you drive] yourself back by digging and digging into specifics.

Right, exactly. Ok, so have you heard, Carla, of The Knowledge Book 5 which began transmission on 1-1-1981 in Istanbul, Turkey, of Ataturk, four days before the first Ra transmission?

I have heard of it, but I haven’t ever investigated it.

I haven’t actually heard that [reference] in years. Now you’ve got me curious so I’m going to have to have to look up myself. Good question, though. I appreciate that.

So the next thing that I want to pop into of course is - we talked about this a little bit earlier today when we spoke - alien phenomena, or extraterrestrials, or whatever we want to call them? Would you want to speak on that topic for a few minutes?

My information varies from the information people have who believe that they’re going to land and that’s a great thing. The information that we have from Ra includes Don’s questioning about Eisenhower’s visit with the extraterrestrials back in 1953. As long ago as the events occurred, there has never been any proof of that. And Don wanted to know what that was about. The [ETs] said that they were in contact with world leaders, including Eisenhower, and they asked if they should show themselves to the general population. Eisenhower felt that the general population could not stand it, that it would not be a wise thing to do, that there would be wide spread panic, that it would be a bad idea. It seems service-to-others oriented [beings], knowing that free will is the absolute first commandment of all things, that people have free will and you don’t go against it, so they said OK.

So, if there are entities that are attempting to land and have a general population among our people, I’m not saying it’s not going to happen. I’m saying they aren’t service-to-others oriented, they are service-to-self oriented and they see some use for us to them. Whether we be food or whether we be slaves to them eventually, or whether as one [writer] had it, they would eventually put their genetic material into the human to gradually create a different breed which would be in slavery to them, this is the kind of thing where I’m not interested, and so I haven’t followed it.

So, I’m sorry. I apologize to the one who asked the question. The best book that I have seen about alien presence is the book by…his name is Salla, Michael Salla, PhD. 6 He lives in Hawaii and he has written a really heavily footnoted book of sources of where he got the information for all of this stuff and it’s dense reading, heavy reading. But, if you want to know more about the alien presence among us, I think that’s a good one to read because of the fact that he’s done so much research and he’s not off on a metaphysical jaunt where he’s trying to create some alter personality or anything like that. He’s just trying to share information. So I strongly recommend that book. I think you can get almost anything from

I think you’re right, Carla. So, let us move to another topic then for a minute. I found that topic in and of itself to be very fascinating to many people. Perhaps you could describe it to people as to what [ETs] are and what they are not.

Well, there are several phenomena of Men In Black, One is really a product of, I would almost say the ’40s and the ‘50s, as well as the ‘60s, of reports to various people of strange men in black that didn’t look quite right and didn’t sound quite right and they were full of questions about Earth. They had a tendency toward vanishing and just not being there anymore. The Ra group said, yes, there are those that do that and there are three different kinds. One is indigenous to our planet and one is a thought-form entity and one is from space. It was fairly detailed response, not particularly inspiring. They did say that there were such things and then, Don asked a simple question. ‘If I grab a man in black and put him in a closet, would I have him?’ They said no, the men in black can appear and disappear.

Now this sounds really crazy, but in the ‘70s when I first working with Don and the Ra material hadn’t come about yet, we were still investigating the physical aspects of UFOs, were they really here, etc. I became totally aware, beyond the need to investigate further, that yes, they are here and they are here in great varieties. And it helped Don to know whether they were of service to self or of service to others. You don’t want to ally yourself with the wrong group. But, I remember one lady telling us about a weird experience she had with a woman in black. It was after a close encounter of the third kind. She had been laid upon an operating table and they had examined her sexual parts. Not a pleasant experience at all.

After that, a couple of different times, a woman appeared at her door. The thing about this woman is that her breasts were under her arms. The lady finally figured out that they had taken snap shots of her on the table. You know how, when you’re lying down and everything relaxes and you are of a large size, [the breasts fall] to the side.

Oops, they got anatomy a little wrong. They need to be in an upright position.

There’s nothing threatening about the men in black. I think the most threatening [thing]about that level of experience [is that] there are people within our armed forces, in black operations, who can become aware that you carrying something, and if you know something that they don’t want you to know or you’re trespassing on some part of this phenomena they don’t want you to focus on, it can be stiff.

I remember in the late 70s, early 80s, we worked with this fellow named Andrija Puharich, who was a lovely man, very service-to-others oriented his whole life. As a doctor he made some millions having invented things that would help those that were deaf. He took his money and retired from active practice and instead began investigating the paranormal. He wanted to do what we call a ‘mind link’ and he did that because several physics had come to him and said that the Earth is almost out of time and the people that wanted to help us were so discouraged they really didn’t know if they could help us. Could people [still] come together for the good? Could people come together into a group and serve the greater good?

Puharich called Don and me and three dozen other people and we got that number down to two dozen by the time we got down to bass tacks [at the ’77 Mind Link]. We meditated twice a day, in shared meditation. Afterwards, we would tell of our experiences. The shared experience was that we were all taken to a ship of some kind, or it seemed that way. We were told different things and shown different things according to what our specialties were in this life. They showed Don, for instance, things about how the engine worked. Not the engine, but the how the magnetics worked. They showed a fellow that was interested in economics, how their economics worked, and that kind of thing. The mind link was very successful. And afterwards, at least we thought it was afterwards, Don continued to work with Andrea while I edited a book called Time No Longer [by Puharich] that actually never got published. He finished it and it was a beautiful book. It talked about the extremely low frequencies or vibrations that were coming from the earth that people, various scientists, had discovered that can yield endless energy and also of course, because of the fact [that this is] good old Earth, were looking for ways to control the rest of the people by ways of using this energy, or disrupt people according to this energy.

And, although it was a well written book, it never got published, although it had a publisher. They gave reason after reason why it wasn’t publishable yet. And finally he died. The day after he died an unknown bunch of people came in to where he was living and scarfed up absolutely everything, all his notes and all his files, everything of his studies of all the years of his life. It was a long life; he was close to 80 when he died.

So, when Puharich died, we discovered that we had inherited someone’s love of bugging phones! We had a couple of taps on our lines. It was childishly obvious that they were taps. They wanted us to be afraid, I think. But, I wasn’t. I knew that we weren’t doing anything that I couldn’t talk about to anybody, anytime. We weren’t trying to save Earth. We were just doing our thing. So, I would get on the line and I couldn’t get a dial tone. This went on for a couple of years. So, I would say, ‘I’m going to call my mom and you’re going to be bored out of your gourd. You’re not going to be interested in anything we would have to say to each other, but I’d wonder if you’d let me have the line, so I could call her?’ So, then I’d get a dial tone.

They came around and bothered all the neighbors. It was a real, full-blown investigation. It went on for a couple of years and they couldn’t find a doggone thing that we were doing in any way, shape or form, that would worry them. So they stopped and we haven’t experienced anything like that since, thank heavens.

There are elements within our own government that I think are working with those of the negative, where the energies involved are not service to others, but service to self and the news is not particularly good for the usual, common person on Planet Earth.

Well, hmmm, you know, if we’ve raised the planet’s light or vibration and the earth is moving into, as you say, the fourth density, will that not change some of the dynamics, Carla? Do you think, it could, as far as [you know]?

I’ll tell you as story and several reasons for this story. In a nutshell, they say that a long time ago they realized that the Earth was not doing well, was not coming anywhere close to harvest. We had 76,000 years, more or less, to do our work here. And, 75,900 years went by and nothing was happening. It wasn’t working. They put this planet on a time lateral where time was somehow stretched. We would have more time to wake up and smell the coffee and know that were here to serve each other and to love and create.

Once we were shifted off from the main line of time, the negatively oriented service-to-self [types], loosely called the Orion Confederation by some, realized that here was a golden opportunity. If they could hi-jack the planet in the state of quarantine so that it could not get back to the main track in 2012, they would have a planet that was entirely theirs and they could keep encouraging people towards the energy of the empire, one after another, just as we have had since Babylon. People would fight, suffer and die, and the energies would be of fear, and contraction, and agony and suffering. And they would do it over and over again and [the people would] never have a chance to wake up because they would be permanently off on this time lateral. But, I’m happy to say it has a good ending. It didn’t work out that way. There are too many people that have awakened. Not big people, not people with names, no people you’d know, but the grass roots of people. The people that you know are wonderful people, who would do anything for you. There are so many of those people now on earth that there are too many for them to be able to stop Planet Earth from rejoining the normal time-line. We have rejoined normal time now. Thank Heavens that is a threat that is gone, if indeed that was ever a threat. It’s an interesting story and it explains a lot if you consider it.

It actually has a very good outcome. The question that I would have for you, then, is an obvious question, or maybe it’s not. The cosmic alignment, the astrological alignment, of all the planets when we go through the galactic center, coming up here in the next few short months, does that play a role in the shift of the density, or is it just going to be a non-event? Do you have information on that?

According to the information that I have it is in terms of physicality a non-event. However, in terms of the unseen world, it’s a very real event which has already starting to happen. You know, things happen in the spirit world long before they show up in the world here. Yes, that makes perfect sense. Thank Heavens, I think that we’ve come through that threat and that particular threat is not going to happen.

So, and here’s where I get with it. I keep getting this cosmological event, not a physical event, so to speak. No pole shifts, no Armageddon, none of that stuff. The actual entering into this space, the galactic center, so to speak, is like a re-boot or reset, so to speak. It’s like a gift being given for a reset for all of us. Not like we’re going to come out on the other side and not remember anything, that’s not how I mean that. It’s like a boost.

Yes, it’s a boost.

We’re talking about a planetary shift as opposed to the harvest of each of us. So the planet, they said it would shift steady as a clock. As midnight came, it would turn over. We could count on that. So, I think it’s absolutely true. It’s all relating to the planetary shift, the shift of the Earth itself. The physicality, the dirt, the soil, you know, the planet, rather than the people. It’s hard sometimes to remember that there are two different harvests going on. The planetary shift is absolutely set and it’s happening. I’m grateful for that.

The shift for us has much more to do with our own free will. Do we want to wake up? Do we want to investigate and build our own intelligence and see what we think about these things? I would never ask anybody to believe me. I would say, read around, let one thing lead to another. You know how synchronicity comes to those who ask. All you have to do is say, ‘OK, spirit, let’s have it. Start giving me synchronicity so [I know] I’m on the right track.’ And you’ll get so many things and entities; you’ll have trouble remembering them at the end of the day - at least I do.


I live in a very magical world because I look for it, I ask for it. I notice it when it comes. If you notice it when it comes, and you act on it, you’re going to get more and more [things] tell you, ‘Yes, you’re on the right track.’

Again, that term, magic, I love it. I really do consider [the world] magical. Consider that energetic flow and light out there. When things show up in a very synchronistic way, it means you’re in synch with the flow of your life and that’s the magic. To me, it’s just as good as somebody sitting down and giving you written instructions. OK, look at that. It works. I absolutely love it.

We have a couple quick questions here for you before we wrap it up. One is about the children that are being born now and that there’s been an influx of children that literally are being born with black eyes. Are you familiar with these children?

No, I’m not.

Hmmm…There’s been a lot of conversation about that, children been born with their eyes black. Maybe at some point there might be some information. I sure would like to have you on again in the future, maybe talk again about it.

When I start channeling again, when I get over this interesting, but glad-to-be-over-with [period of] being ill, I can get back into doing readings. That would be a good question to ask.

I would love that, absolutely. Another question I have for myself, is to ask about, another trending or synchronicity, whatever you wish to call it. {What about crystals? Crystals are making a real re-emergence into everyone’s life and usage of them. Do you have anything that you could say about that? Is there any information about that you might have in regards to that?

We got involved in crystals during the Ra contact with the question I wanted to ask about the great pyramid of Giza and why that was created in the first place. It turned out it was a creation for, Number One, healing in the Kings Chamber position and Number Two, for initiation. The problem with it back in the days of Egypt was that the fellow that started living the Law of One in Egypt died and priests immediately began fighting over power. They were no longer letting the common person use the pyramid. It was all about the wealthy, the powerful and so forth. It had prostituted its usage and it was no longer being used like that. That’s the reason it was created and the way it worked had to do with crystals.

The basic thing they wanted to express was the fact that we are crystal beings, or we are capable of being crystal beings. We are a King’s Chamber position, as it were, on the hoof. We don’t actually need the pyramid. We don’t have to go to Egypt and get permission and all of that. We can accept the responsibility, and work with healing from the standpoint of becoming crystallized. The crystal is used in the Kings Chamber position to open the vibrations of the person that’s being healed. It opens the vibrations. You can think of the memory aid, ROYGBIV. [It stands for] red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet. It opens the white light that we’re carrying into those seven energy sites and [we can] see where the distortions are for each one. Are they under energized? Are they over-energized? Are they simply distorted? Are they energized to the point where they’re jammed? Anyway, the healer is able to open that distorted energy figure up and say to the person being healed, without saying it, of course, but offering the possibility of choosing the factory specifications, the original way that the body is made.

So, healing to them was a matter of not being aligned electrically in one or more chakras or one or more electrical points that we could heal by means of these crystals. They know that water was a wonderful crystal. They said with their dry humor that the only reason they couldn’t talk about it more was because it was difficult to wear around the neck. I feel a lot of crystalline water when I’m in the shower or in a bath. I ask for healing. I ask for the angels to magnetize to me the things that would be helpful. I work a lot with the information, mostly in Book One, about the crystalline healing. If people are interested in that, they can go to or they can go to One of our volunteers has created a relistened version of all of the sessions, where he relistened and found a word here, maybe even a sentence there, that was left out due to transcribing. He has all the sessions in there numbered and numbers the questions for each new session. So it’s a very easy way to look around inside the material and find what you want. His search function [is excellent]. If you typed in a key words, if it’s within the Law of One material, it will show you all the information that has that word in it. You can study [The Law of One] really easily that way, without having to spend the money for the book. As I said, we’re happy when people buy books because it gives us, I don’t know, 50% [profit] on every book and we really want the 50%, you know. We put it out for free for those that may not have that money to buy a book. We want it to be, as Don asked, available globally for free.

This site is very helpful, if you want to search the material subject by subject, because of the fact that you can search for key words. Our Law of One site,, does have all the material and we do have a search function, but it’s not as tidy and, of course, it does give you all of the Q’uo readings that I’ve done, all of the thousands and fifty some whatever Q’uo readings. You’re getting a much bigger data base then. You get a whole lot of information that way. Usually people want to study the book, The Law of One, first. And then they get onto the Q’uo material. Lately, a lot of the younger people said they like the Q’uo material better.

We have another volunteer that has done a lovely thing. If you go to, every day there’s a different quote from one of the channelings. It’s just one sentence, a thought for the day. You get into it that way too, just a little bit at a time.

It’s actually very uplifting, Carla. I have to say, first of all, I don’t know these people, but I want to say thank you to all those who contribute to the, the, and also and of course, your own work that you’ve put into it through all these years. I honestly can’t thank you enough for being the person that you are and bringing forth this material and sharing it as selflessly as you do.

This has been an extreme joy. I know the audience has absolutely loved it and I have loved having you here. I do look forward to further conversations with you and I certainly hope that you’ll rejoin me in the near future on the show to have an additional conversation again. This has really been a pleasure. I’ve enjoyed just sitting in this energy with you tonight.

Thank you so much. I really appreciate you saying that. I’m yours whenever you want me.

Oh yeah! Everyone heard that now. Well, I was just going to tell her I wasn’t going to abuse her, so…But, I really would love to have you back on soon and continue this very uplifting and informative conversation, Carla Rueckert. Thank you again for gracing us with your presence. I really appreciate that.

Thank you.

You’re very welcome. We’re going to say adieux to Miss Carla Rueckert for tonight.

  1. As I write this, the time with the back wound unclosed is over 21 months. It appears I will need yet another spinal surgery to remove a ruptured L-5 vertebra. Perhaps when they close it then, it can stay closed and heal at last. 

  2. That book is written and available for sale at

  3. The exact quote is:

    Can you comment on the coming planetary changes in our physical reality?

    I am Ra. The changes are very, very trivial. We do not concern ourselves with the conditions which bring about harvest.

  4. The exact quote, from the King James Version, John 1: 1-5 is, ‘In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. The same was in the beginning with God. All things were made by him; and without him was not any thing made that was made. In him was life; and the life was the light of men. And the light shineth in darkness; and the darkness comprehended it not.’ 

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