Carla was interviewed by telephone on Wynn Free’s Monday Night Conference Call program on BBS Radio on Monday, May 18, 2009, at 6:00 PM PST.

Hi guys, this is Wynn Free and this is my Monday Night Conference Call. Tonight I have Carla Rueckert as my special guest, although since I don’t live in a world of possession, this is really not my call, and Carla and I are just visiting on this line and you guys are listening in.

Hang on just a second.

[Wynn works his controls.]

All callers are muted and may un-mute themselves by pressing star-6. I just greeted everybody.

[There follows a minute or so of Wynn and Carla attempting to describe the difficulty and the computer-generated voice of the conference call program denying Wynn the conference call.]

Hi tech in action.

[Carla laughs.]

Carla and I had an interesting interchange where she said, “Wynn, how are you?” And then she said, “Oh, I are not supposed to say that!” And then we started this new repartee where you say, “Hi, I love you.”

[Wynn laughs.]

But you have to mean it. Okay?

Those of you who are tuning in are probably familiar with Carla, but for those of you who are not, Carla is the person who channeled the Ra Law of One books in 1981 through 1984. She has a world-wide reputation of being one of the most high-integrity, scientifically careful channels on the planet. For those you who read The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce, her work was referred to extensively throughout that book.

We are honored to continue in our series of monthly conversations. This will be the last of our series until the end of the summer, and maybe Carla will grace us again with her presence in September.

I have read The Law of One and absorbed it at quite a deep level so I always have really interesting questions. If you are tuning in and are not familiar with The Law of One, I should explain what that is, because I am good for first intros. And then you can correct me.

Go right ahead.

This is my understanding of The Law of One. In 1981, Carla had a partner who was a very intelligent PhD named Don Elkins. Carla was already channeling. She [was teaching a channeling student with Elkins in the circle] and a voice came through Carla. She went unconscious [after she began channeling]. The voice that came through her said, “I am Ra.” So for over the next four years, there were a series of questions and answers between Don Elkins and this voice that identified itself as Ra. And there were many things in that discussion about the history of human evolution that I don’t believe were ever, ever, in the history of mankind, brought forth.

Of course, when things are being explained that you don’t have the ability to verify personally, then it is up to each person to say, “Does this make sense?” But for me, it did make sense. And for a lot of people it explains some of the mysteries of soul-level evolution that are far beyond a human to comprehend on his or her own.

For example, Ra described itself as a social memory complex or group soul and they explained that there were two planets in our solar system [whose civilizations] self-destructed. One was Mars and one was Maldek. Maldek blew itself up and became asteroids and Mars had some kind of calamity where the population was totally destroyed.

[There is the sound of noise in the background and Wynn and Carla work at eliminating it.]

Okay, these two planets’ populations were destroyed. We have souls, I believe, or souls in a matrix. Ra said they actually moved the souls from those planets, since they could no longer incarnate on those planets, to our planet to continue their evolution, and I believe it was the Martians and the Maldekians came in.

I want you to visualize this. Here we have a universe that has this group soul that is pure energy that is spread through our solar system or actually probably beyond that. This energy can operate by will and intention and pick up a soul from one planet and move it to another planet where it can then take a body from that planet and resume its series of lifetimes and its evolution. And apparently this is a way that evolution works all over the universe.

Carla, now I am speaking about all of this and first of all, did I say that okay? Is everything fairly accurate?

Well, there were a couple of notable over-generalizations, 1 but in the main you were fine.

Yeah. So what did you think when you read that yourself. Don’t you think that is kind of an awesome thing, that there is a group energy that is composed of graduates in this realm that moved souls from one planet to another?

Well, I think that the way you say it is a little misleading, because the actual story from Ra was that one of the guardians was in charge of the project of taking the souls, which were in their energy bodies, mind you, and moving them by energetic means into the unseen realms or the inner planes of the planet, where they would enter in the vibrations [of that planet.] They would not incarnate at first into bodies, but incarnate into the unseen realms.

So within the confines of that cosmology, it’s not wild. It is logical.

I think the kicker in this particular tale is that according to those of Ra it was Yahweh who was the guardian, and who decided that [they would tweak the DNA of the great ape bodies, as the Martians were coming in, to make them smarter, more agile, more adept. They thought it would help them to learn The Law of One. Unfortunately, it turned out the other way. And to this day you have got those doggone Martians, seeking empire after empire in some kind of odd desire to recapitulate the Martian experience. It is a pretty good story.

I don’t know. I personally am not as swung by any of that. Because it is on the level of myth, as you pointed out. Whether you believe it or not, whether you think it explains things or not, it can’t be proven.

Obviously I have an ego problem here because I love the material. But I really don’t identify with it. It came through me. It didn’t come from me

[The thing that I have valued] since the eighties, Wynn, is the cosmology itself, the wide, spacious, deep, infinite cosmology that explains the creation and why we are here and where we are going and what the rules of the game are.

It is so self-consistent. I read philosophy in college. I took every course the university had. I absolutely loved philosophy. And I had taken some religion courses too. So I am familiar with a lot of systems of thought. And I have never seen one that is self-consistent to the depth and purity that The Law of One material is. That’s what really makes me stay with it.

My husband and I have a Morning Offering every day of our lives. We get together. We read from the Bible. I sing a hymn. I say a prayer and we have a silent meditation. And we read from a couple or three sources other than the Bible, and one of them is The Law of One. And you know, in all of those years it has never failed to meet me where I am. It never gets stale, which I think people say is usually the mark of inspirational material. I find it to be that.

An interesting question is, how does The Law of One connect with the Bible and Jesus? I mean, I have my ideas about that but I wanted to hear from you. You know, obviously Jesus is an icon for you, which helps connect you to Source, as is Ra. But a traditional Christian would look at this and obviously think that there was something really off in the channeling of the Ra Material. So how do you relate to both things? How do you reconcile them in your own mind?

Well, I say there is nothing to reconcile. There is nothing religious about The Law of One. There is no dogma. There is no closed system. It is an open system. It is a cosmology and the definition of a cosmology is 2 simply a story that tells the story of creation. It says how everything is built; what it’s made of; why it is here and how it works. I think that Ra’s cosmology offers a place [for religion] when it is talking about how energy works and how the energy body works and what the work of the open heart is and what it is to seek the gateway to Intelligent Infinity. It shows you places where a religion such as Christianity, fits. It doesn’t say anything about religion except that this is its function. This is how it works in your energy body.

So there is no conflict between the two. And I don’t do the Christian dogma anyway. And, thank God, I am a cradle Episcopalian and we who are Episcopalians reserve the right to go to church because we love Jesus. We may not know whether the virgin birth is true. In fact, I don’t even know if He was resurrected, for sure. How can one know for sure if He resurrected or if it is just Him up on the cross suffering for mankind in his intention. I don’t really care.

Did you read your own Q’uo channeling about that? There was a very interesting Q’uo channeling.

Well, you know I don’t remember the channeling.

I happen to remember it and, of course, I thought it was a fascinating answer. Somebody asked that.

You know, I am talking about her Q’uo channeling. And let me just mention that Carla channeled Ra up to the year 1984 and then her partner passed, and then …

Then I went back doing conscious channeling, which I have been doing since ’74.

Then a new form came through which identified itself as Q’uo, which was a combination of Ra, Latwii and Hatonn. Right?


You know, I have to comment, I came to a conclusion about that or a premise or hypothesis about how that all works and I wanted to ask you if you think I am right, but before we do, I just wanted to follow through and complete [the previous subject.]

Yeah, you wanted to talk about what you and I thought about how the Ra Material and Christianity could go together. Have you ever had a problem? I didn’t know that you were a Christian actually. I considered that you might be one of those fellows who worship trees and paint themselves blue.


I am teasing you. Anyway how do you feel about that?

About Ra and Christianity?


Well, I think that Ra said that Jesus was a fourth-density wanderer. Correct?

Right, fourth going into fifth.

Fourth going into fifth?

Yeah, this [incarnation as Jesus] was sort of a graduation present to himself.

And I think that Ra was connected to Jesus. I mean, I am not sure about this, but maybe when Jesus was getting direction, it might have been from the high levels of the Ra group connecting to him.

Well, nothing says that it is impossible. It could be.

I think that Ra can be in this realm as a kind of energy. The ability to channel Ra is a very rare experience. But you know, they say that if you call on them—what do they usually say?

Usually it is Q’uo, Hatonn who will say, just, “We’ll be glad to be with you.” I don’t think Ra ever said that.

I think they did.

Q’uo says it often. If you can find it in the book, I’d be glad to hear about it.

I think Ra actually said, “We answer those who call on us.” And I think Don asked how many people called and they gave a number. I think.

Oh yeah. They were talking about how many people would be interested in what they had to say, but not in how many people they contacted.

I do think that it is very common for a person to ask for the presence of one of the Confederation beings. I was talking to a guy the other day who said that he had screwed up and asked for several of them and then he didn’t know which one he got. But at any rate, he could certainly feel the energy.

I have had conversations with the Elohim and what happens is that I feel a certain energy and then I ask them about it. In fact, the first time this actually became apparent to me I was with Terry Brown and we were having a conversation. So I asked them, “Can you guys create an orb in the room?”

And they said, “Well, we already have, but it is from the sky to the Earth.”

And then I kind of looked at my energy field and looked in the room and I could see these light flecks in the room and I could feel this huge distance of space. So I kept running that by me when I would channel and when I would feel that connection and it was quite consistent.

And you know, when I give a public talk a lot of people feel this energy is there in a big way. I used to give talks and Terry would sell books outside of the talks. People would walk up and be talking amongst each other, saying they could see auras or they could see light in the room. I kept gathering that data and asking questions about it. That was one of the ways that the Elohim would intervene in this realm, as a form of energy.

It seems to me that Ra could do the same thing, but it was a different energy field. I am not saying this is right or wrong, but that this was the answer the Elohim gave me. They said that Ra worked closer to the chakra system and could become one with a person energetically. The Elohim were more distant, beaming down love/light energy, little flecks.

I know you have seen those flecks. But the two groups were different in that Ra was made up of graduates of this realm and the Elohim groups to whom I was speaking were comprised of energies that never had incarnations.

Because they were angels.

Yes. The Elohim have had incarnations, but when they do, they usually get stuck here. In fact, an interesting thing is when the Elohim would take incarnations, oftentimes they would end up being negatively polarized in this realm because they would come in with this huge power and they would forget that they came here with a positive intent. But because they had a lot of power, and their DNA was more activated, they could control other beings. So perhaps, what were called the Annunaki in this realm were fallen Elohim.

I don’t know. Those are some of the answers to those questions about that.

But the initial question, if I am not mistaken was, how does Christianity square or not square with the Confederation philosophy. I am not sure if you ever nailed it. I would be interested in what you had to say.

Well, you know what, the essence of the Ra material is The Law of One, okay—and the essence of The Law of One is to perceive oneness, to perceive it. I mean, you can take it as an idea and say all are one. But the actual manifestation of oneness in this realm is compassion.

Wynn, I’ve got to tell you, it is uncanny. I told you I just wrote an article today and you are talking about the article. Do you normally get my articles? Or should I send it to you special?

Send it to me special.

Okay. So go ahead. I just had to comment. It’s kind of wild. 3

So compassion is the essence of The Law of One and the essence of Christianity is compassion, “Love your neighbor as yourself,” “When two or three are gathered together, I am also present.”

I have this whole way of explaining this using the idea of holograms and expansion of holograms. I could perceive the light energy come into the space when I would give a talk, and other people could see it. And you know, I could watch the crowd and I could see this light energy dancing around people. It was intelligent. It would suddenly land on somebody and the person was feeling it. I could look at them and say, “Did you get that?” And they would feel it.

I said to myself, “If I was living in Jesus’ time and I saw something like this and was trying to explain it, that could be what the Holy Spirit was. Okay? I think the Holy Spirit was the energy of group souls beaming into this realm and Jesus was a catalyst and a bridge to create that. That’s how I see the connection.


Does that make any sense to you?

Not a lot, but it doesn’t have to. It’s not my cosmology. It is yours. I think it is beautiful. It doesn’t have to make sense. Right? It just has to be the way you have it figured out. I think we all tell a story to ourselves and your story is a beautiful one. And mine is, as well.

It is like your mind doesn’t have to figure it out. You can just notice things and say, “It is what it is.” But then when you go explain it with other people or you want to share it, you have to use the tool of communication. So I have to figure out how to explain the phenomena that I sit in the middle of. You know?

Well, I think you help to open people’s minds to the possibilities and sometimes, you know your answers always sink right in, whereas I might get off on a technical point and become uninteresting to some, although to myself I am making perfect sense and making a good point, etc. I am just the basic librarian/researcher/teacher mentality that is a born critic who has to break it down and say, “Okay, this the way logic says it flows.” And maybe I am not as good a salesman as you are for the whole concept of there being a bigger box than we thought there was—more as in Hamlet’s comment, “There is more in heaven and earth than is dreamt in your philosophy.

Was that Hamlet or Shakespeare?

Well, Shakespeare wrote it. Hamlet said it and Horatio heard it, as well as most of the rest of the school children ever since the l7th century.

We started to talk about the resurrection of Jesus and the explanation that was in your Q’uo reading, which you’ve got.

Right. I said lay it on me.

They said that the whole idea of the resurrection was Jesus’ idea to make a contribution and He was able to cloak Himself in some kind of manner. He chose to cloak Himself so that He would be visible to other people. He put on a visual body suit, so to speak, that would make him visible to other people. That’s my recollection of the Q’uo reading where that question was asked.

Well, you’ll have to find it for me! I don’t remember that.

Somebody may have read it on our Tuesday night session. That is really fascinating. You know, if the world lasts long enough, some day probably universities will study all of your thousands of readings. Carla has a track record. How many readings are posted on your website?

A couple of years ago, the webmaster told me there were over fifteen hundred. So it is probably over sixteen hundred by now. I don’t channel nearly as often as I used to. I used to channel almost every day because there was a bigger group and there was a lot more demand. And now I channel once every two weeks for nine months of the year so I produce eighteen public channelings per year. And then I sometimes do special channelings at a Gathering or someone will pay me [for a personal channeling.] I should say someone will pay L/L Research for me to do a reading for them personally. So I probably channel, at the most, four dozen times a year now. It has slowed way down.

If anyone goes into your archives, they may never come out.

Well, only after a prolonged bout of reading. I have heard from about a dozen people through the years who said, “I’ve read the whole thing.” But you know they say it on the edge of the bed like somebody would say, “I can’t believe I ate the whole thing.” They get mental indigestion from overdosing on good stuff.

Yes, you can dip into it anywhere. I often do myself because when I am writing an article, I’d like to make a point with a quote. So I just dip in there and find one by googling the site search. It is lovely to go into those and find helpful things to share with people.

I have a good time with my articles. I write an article a week or thereabouts. Sometimes I miss a week. I have a blog on UPI’s site and it’s called A Small Medium at Large. I write about Difference Makers or somebody writes in a question and I will write about it. It is fun. It is a great outlet and it is a great chance for me to sort of browse back through on various subjects and share good quotes with people.

Of course, I know you do the same thing every Tuesday, reading some of it out loud on the air.

One of the guys in our group does that, but it is under my auspices. I have been doing it now for a couple of years. The thing about the Q’uo readings is that they are so intelligent. They are so articulate. They approach things from so many different ways. They explain things that no one could ever figure out and it is coherent. If you look at the Ra Material as being coherent philosophy, when you add the Q’uo readings, going into them, I don’t think there is any deviation. I mean it is a different tone. It is a different sound.

This is something I wanted to ask you. I have kind of a creative way of trying to figure things out and I wanted to run this by you, because I don’t know if you ever thought about it this way, but initially you were channeling Ra with Don Elkins and Don was, you could call him your ground like he was holding the space for Ra to come through.

Oh yeah, definitely. He and Jim both. Actually Jim more than Don was a battery and a ground. He has all of that Earth energy, being a Taurus.

I want to fill in my own understanding. This is a thought that I have had. Like Don and Jim, I feel that I am a ground for someone else’s channeling, that I am holding a part of the hologram that allows them to reach into the source that they reach into. It is kind of like I am filling in a space that eventually they may be able to fill in themselves.

I don’t think so, Wynn. That is not the way I see a battery as working. The way I experience a battery working is just like a battery. It is an energetic connection that strengthens the energy fields of your physical body and your energy body and enhances your ability to hold a steady tuning. That is a battery. I don’t see a battery in terms of holding the space. I see it in terms of holding a level of vibration. That level of vibration is like the tuning of a radio station. And the channeling process pulls the source to which you are tuned through the gateway and down into the heart chakra and then it bounces back up into blue ray, because of the channeling process being communicative in nature. But you are doing something energetic and the space is being created by the action of the will of the channel herself, as she sets the intention to reach through that gateway and ask for information and inspiration from above.

So that space is created by the channel’s intention and by her willingness to give her energy to that service to others and you are like juice, the dynamo that keeps the energy steady so that she can do this action. And actually, in order to support an outer source channel, I would never work with less than two batteries, a circle of three, to get that universal energy going.

Personally, that is my thought. Any thoughts, Wynn?

You know what, I am not sure that I was saying something different, but that we were saying different words. But let me say it in a different way, in my way, because this is an interesting topic.

When two people are together and they have a high spiritual intent, one of the ways that I describe that is that they have a blending of energies so that each of us has the hologram that goes back to force. Okay? Potentially.

You see, I don’t know what that means. I’ve never been real clear on holographic technology and it is more meaningful to you than to me.

I would say that two people may exchange energies as they have potential differences and that creates an energy system that is like electricity that has been turned on and there is an exchange. Sometimes in my life I have actually felt that, shaking somebody’s hand that is really present. And really it is like a little sexual experience. It is bam! And energy is exchanged. It is very clean and pure and nice, but it is definitely energetic.

I think that as long as you are willing to share energy with someone, you can have an amazing connection and that circuit is just alive. It is as though you have an energy field around you both which is made of your blended auras.

I think we are probably in the same ball park. It is just that there are a few points of difference in how we envision it happening where you would say you are creating a space whereas, I would say, no, you are creating the energy so that the channel is able to create a space. And it is not just that you are blended, but it is that the blending gives the person that is actually manifesting the channeling the opportunity to make that particular contact at that particular level. The channel is only part of the group. It is the group vibration that gets the source. It is the group that has to be tuned, not just the channel.

I think that we are saying two parts of the same thing. And one part of it is that the channel herself or himself is doing a unique and specific piece of service and no matter how many batteries there are, none of them is doing that.

In the other sense, this particular service involves the pulling something through that is being pulled because of the tuning of you and the channel, whoever is in the group and the channel.

So I think that is just two aspects of the same thing.

I think so too.

No clashing here.

I am using the word holograph and you are using the word energies.

It probably means the same thing. I need to look up holograms, which always sort of dazzle me. I always thought that it was better I didn’t know, you know. I can preserve the mystery.

Well, it is no mystery. It is just you trying to find the words to describe it.

This is so true. We are talking about the things that go beyond words. Isn’t it glorious that they do?

The way that I work is that I reverse-engineer stuff. I watch things extremely carefully in the physical. And usually there is a pattern. Even though the energy form is not in the physical, I become somewhat cognizant of that energy form through watching the pattern in the physical. And then I am revving up the energy. And if it is totally consistent, I start to think I got it right. So my theory of holograms comes from very careful observation in the physical. The way I look at it, a person’s physical body is like a projection of an energy that comes from another realm.

And I would say that that is the energy body. So your hologram, I guess, is the same as my energy body.

The only addition is that this energy body or this hologram is unlike our physical body, which is finite and …

And limited.

The energy body is constantly changing, every time you do anything. To me this is a way of interpreting the Law of One in a big way. This is my way of interpreting it. The energy body is constantly changing, depending on what you think, who you think about, the environment you are in. We are recreating our energy bodies from moment-to-moment. And the energy body can actually expand into different densities, but it is still coming down to a physical body. So what is the phenomenon of an energy body expanding into different densities?

The way they talk about sacred geometry is kind of like the way densities interrelate.

Well, the way that the Confederation explains it is that this energy body that we have is the horse we rode in on. Our consciousness came into this body, took this opportunity for incarnation, at some point between shortly before conception to somewhat after the birth. The energy body intertwines itself inexorably during life with the physical body, molding itself up the spine, into the head. The two bodies are linked by the silver cord.

This is also the horse we’ll ride out on when we move through the gateway into larger life, adios and kiss the horse and it’s off into the sunset and to the wonderful adventures beyond. And so, yeah, the energy body is quite capable of moving into other realms.

But there are, as you noted, subtleties to the energy body. And certainly the Confederation would agree completely that it is a constantly flowing thing. Energy from the Creator is always being pulled up into the red ray at the base of the spine from the Creator in infinite supply. The trick is, of course, to keep the chakras open: the red ray, survival and sexuality; the orange ray of personal relationships with yourself and with other people on a private basis; and the yellow ray in the pit of the stomach, there where the family issues, any kind of formal relationship, marriage, children, work, all of those things live; and then trying to keep all of that energy flowing through those energy centers into the green ray of the open heart, which is the base of the beginning of spiritual work. So you really want to keep that energy pathway open.

You know how if somebody swings at you, you duck, and if somebody laughs, you laugh back and things are always revolving in your emotional life? It is very liquid, and so is our energy body. It is always turning all various colors and shades because of our emotions, how you are feeling, how you are responding to what is going on and then, of course, as you begin to do the spiritual work you are working more and more, bouncing from your green ray into blue-ray communication and indigo-ray work in beingness and consciousness. You experience more and more of a richness, a flow.

And as you open the gateway of intelligent infinity, the system starts to open from both ends and you are getting energy into the energy body from the gateway as you are attempting to be of service to others by meditating, praying, channeling, teaching, healing whatever your service is.

It is an exciting system. And it is exciting to know that the energy body doesn’t have the distortions, as Ra would say, away from the factory model that you came in as. The energy body remains intact and does not age. It is a wonderful thing to know that you are not limited to your physical body and that experience is a stream and you came in and you will go out and the experience will continue.

So I think it is a wonderful thing to think about your energy body and if you want to think of it as a hologram, I guess, that’s just fine, but the thing that would aggravate me is just a logical thing. I guess it is silly, but the hologram is a fake, it is a representation of something that is real, whereas I think the energy body is realer than our physical body.

I see. I see. I should open the line up and see if anybody has any questions. Because I am hogging your attention here.

[All callers are un-muted. This takes a while.]

Do any of you guys have a question that you would like to pose to Carla?

I hear “the sound of silence”.

It is not a question so much as it is an observation. You were talking about how you view our energy. When we hold the light, when you ask us to hold the space and I view myself as expanding my body, my spirit expands and I see everyone else’s spirit expand till we overlap and we are holding space. If we have enough people, you could envelope the earth by overlapping our energies.

I think that is so true. The Confederation material says that every time one person joins a group, the energy doubles. So if you think about it, even if you got five people, ten people, the energy is exponential. Is it Neale Donald Walsh that is holding meditations in various cities trying to do that exact thing? To spike the grid? And the statistics have been interesting on that because wherever that is being held that weekend, there are fewer crimes, people report being in better moods, you know. It is an interesting study. I wish I could remember where I saw it.

Now that is something the Maharishi does.

We are a lighthouse, you know, and the more people, the more candle power we have, you know, the bigger the light. So I think you are exactly right and I think it is something that if we are conscious of it in a group like this getting together on the radio, we are doing that. If we lean into it and we bless it, and say, “Yes, let’s do that,” then I think we could be a very powerful lighthouse.

Every Sunday morning, Carla, we do exactly what you are describing. We do a healing session on the conference line.

Well, that is terrific.

We have people calling in. I’ll give you the number of it. Maybe some time—you go to church on Sunday though.

I do. I sing.

We have had some miraculous things happen as a result of what we are doing. I look at this stuff like an experiment. I look at how it all works and how we work with those guys. You are talking about invisible realms, wanting to make sure it is positive. We have been doing this for awhile and it is quite amazing.

Does someone else have a question? The computer is on and you see the BBS phone number, which I don’t have. Feel free to call it.

Carla, we probably will be on air for three or four more minutes officially.

Well, you know they’ll cut me off then.

I was going to give you the phone number so in case, so if you want to come back on, just dial up and you’ll be right on the conference line.

No, I think this is a good length of time for me. I have been on for awhile. I am ready to go eat supper!

Okay. Do you feel, when you do something like this, that you absorb a lot of energies?

Well, hopefully we are part of a group so it isn’t absorbing the energy as much as rotating it in between us all, so that we all are getting the combined energies of the group as we spin them. I think at the end, it is really good to honor that sacred energy by saying, “Lord as we let this beautiful sacred energy that we have gathered in this group go back to You, we place it in our hopes and our dreams and our prayers for healing and especially for peace in the world, peace in our hearts and to be better stewards of Gaia. That is the way we end our meditation here at Camelot.

I think every group has the potential of being a lighthouse and it is good to lean into that and be attentive to the moment. Rick Pitino calls it the precious present. I like that phrase.

I have time for one more question, I think. Somewhere I have heard or read that the groups that you were doing and the fact that people were supporting them is a very important indication from the higher realms.

Yeah, we have gotten some confirmation of that regularly. Psychic groups will write in and say, “What you are doing is supporting,” and all we are doing is holding meditation every night at nine o’clock here at the house and inviting people all over the world to join us.

It’s funny. You know how it started, Wynn. About three weeks before 9/11, I had a guy, one of the original inhabitants of the planet, the Elder Race, write me. He communed with Gaia, his name for planet Earth, every day - some say Gaia, some say Gaia, let’s call the whole thing off.

Somebody from West Hollywood.

Anyway, he wrote in and he said that he was very concerned because Gaia wouldn’t talk to him anymore. He said that She was fed up with humans. And her heart was broken. They didn’t care for Her anymore and she just wasn’t going to commune anymore with humans. And so he wrote and said, “Do something.”

So Jim and I talked about it and decided that we would have a Gaia meditation every night at nine and we started that and by golly, three weeks later, 9/11. No wonder She was upset. You know in the psychic realm they know about stuff before we do. Before it manifests. it starts there. And so here She was heartbroken and we responded. It felt really good and we have kept it up ever since. Like I said, once in awhile a new group will write in and say something

You know what, I don’t know if we are still on or at the wire for BBS

Well, we must be still on because he cuts me off when the radio stops.

Let’s just tell everybody to watch your website, and …

Right and the other one, the community one with the blogs and the chat rooms and stuff is

And if you go to Amazon and do a search on Carla’s name or Carla Rueckert, you will find her books. She’s got all kind of books up there and they are fascinating.

All right, God bless you. I think I will stay on the conference line for those people that are on it while we finish with a silent meditation and say goodbye.

  1. These were corrected in the transcript during editing. 

  2. Here is a more precise definition of cosmology from cosmology is “the branch of philosophy dealing with the origin and general structure of the universe, with its parts, elements, and laws, and especially with such of its characteristics such as space, time, causality, and freedom.” 

  3. This article is the fourth part of a series on The Law of One called “Living the Law of One.”