CAVEAT: Warning! These letters have not been edited by Carla. Expect errors.

Dear K,

You wrote me on October 1st so I am barely in the same month, but that for me is rather prompt. I feel flattered by you printing what I said on tape, but I regret not knowing ahead of time that it was going to be published because I make a point of not criticizing other channel’s work except in the most general sense. Any particular channel I’ve just observed, as soon as I think the channel is just ghastly and has written some things unchanneled and just wrong, then I will have somebody come to a meditation and say, “This book really, really helped me a lot.” I have to realize that I may have an opinion, but that is all it is. And different strokes for different folks.

I think it is tacky to prophesy and to do fortune telling when you could really be going after spiritual principles, but there are a lot of people who really rely on psychic readings, life readings, all of that kind of stuff.

You certainly asked a bunch of questions. If I am my usual garrulous self, I am going to have two tapes before this is all over and I am sorry for that, but your questions are somewhat substantial.

1. The responsibility we have to each other and ourselves during the changing of the ages as far as the inward search and the understanding of kindness, etc.?

Answer: The fact that it is the changing of the ages really has nothing to do with our responsibility to each other and ourselves. The responsibility that we have is to become conscious of the process of spiritual evolution and thereby become able to accelerate that rate of spiritual evolution. The inward search is most important, but it is also important equally not to take oneself too seriously and to keep a light touch. Otherwise one becomes discouraged or over-excited and there is no need for all of that.

We have been trying to learn these lessons for a long time. Graduation is near and people are polarizing, both positively and negatively. You see a lot of negative stuff and we should put the positive stuff uppermost, but our responsibility that we have to ourselves is to know ourselves because when we know ourselves, we know what our deepest feelings are—our deepest ideals. What moves us? Our passion? We have become a time/space being that is capable of interacting with other beings that are discarnate as a complete equal, regardless of the density since all entities are formed of the Creator, all are completely equal. There is no real beingness in this time/space until a person has gone through a long process of getting to know the self, getting to see the universality of the self. In other words, “There but for the grace of God go I,” when applied to anything, whether a rapist or whatever. The really facing that we do have is as an animal, which is running us around and the basic idea that we run the animal around.

Our responsibility to ourselves is to discipline ourselves to an understanding of what we care about, what we love, what we feel, what we believe deeply in, and then simply move on that path in a very persistent and steady manner.

Now understanding kindness cannot be something that you are responsible for because within your human conscious self or each of us, in our human conscious selves, we have a very limited capacity for compassion, patience, etc. So the responsibility to other people is to put oneself into the point of view of the imperishable, the eternal, and focus as many times a day as one can momentarily on perhaps the word “Creator,” perhaps just on the word “Love,” but at any rate, to center continuously and to realize that you are channels. Everybody is a channel. At that point if all of the things are equal, which often they aren’t, you’ll be in the best possible position to let kindness and understanding and compassion and forgiveness flow through you.

This is especially important when one addresses one’s own self. One is much more likely to be kind and understanding to someone else than to oneself because one is aware all of his steps and all of the errors made and judgments or being unable to do something that you felt you should do, or something like that. Forgiving oneself is very, very hard for people and you have to allow that forgiveness to flow through you. It really can’t come from you or you won’t feel it. It has to be an emotion that flows out so I think that basically we are just responsible for being who we are, knowing who we are, and attempting to accelerate the rate of our spiritual growth in such a way that we infringe on no one’s free will; we maximize whatever gifts we do have with reference to others.

I am not talking just about dramatic gifts like channeling or healing, but the completely undramatic raising of children, which is probably the greatest service available, parenting. It certainly costs a person more in terms of time, energy, talent, patience, all kinds of stuff, than just about any other form of service.

It is important to see that a path of service does not have to be dramatic. It is important to see that it is equally important, equally spiritual in its orientation to do anything in life. Build a wall, tear it down, read a book, go to the bathroom. We are on hologram all of the time and we get distracted from that by the fact that we are living inside of this chemical distillery that keeps doing chemical processes, making us aware that we have this heavy body and it is really hard to grasp that we are imperishable, metaphysical beings.

That is the place where I like to get students before I work with them on channeling because in knowing themselves, they can declare themselves as time/space entities and spirit. They can hold their own in challenge and drive away any contact that they do not prefer to take. It is sort of like I am trying to teach people how to be being a channel before I teach them how to do it.

I didn’t used to be so fussy, but then I saw a couple of my students who disobeyed my firm request not ever to channel alone, do such channel alone, and one of them ended up in a mental hospital and really had some delusions. The other guy just really came unwrapped so I became aware that I was channeling what, for some people, would be energies heavy enough or strong enough or intense enough to cause real problems unless the person was peaceful and had the basics down to where they were manageable or wasn’t going to experience a lot of negative emotions.

I will let that trail off there. I am attempting to speak in whole sentences this time, realizing that you may quote me.

2. It seems to me that there is such an abundance of angels, UFO entities, and the special means in which they are trying to assist, will the rapture occur from the UFOs transporting people? Are there hundreds of UFOs circling the globe? Are they fourth density rather than being concrete?

Answer: That is what you call your complex question. There has always been an abundance of discarnate entities. It is my private belief, private opinion, (and I could be wrong) that angels and UFOs are one and the same thing. That the angel bit doesn’t seem to work for people anymore. They don’t believe in angels; they don’t call to angels. The angels don’t speak to them of the great mysteries of the Creator, but UFOs, now there is a modern, technologically- oriented mystery and it is very twentieth century. I think that angels and angelic presences and angelic principles have just moved into describing themselves in more, shall we say, down to earth, or down to Venus terms, wherever, and just forget the angel bit.

Okay, we are flying, but we have a ship. Right, OK. Now maybe you can swallow that, but we are here to help. And they always have been here to help and it is strictly a matter of asking for the help, not in the ideas of something specific, but just asking for grace, asking for light, asking for guidance for definitely they will be taken care of. I think there are more angels than there are we.

3. The specific means in which they are trying to assist?

Answer: Well the positive polarities are assisting by sending thought form UFOs for people to see that don’t have any true existence in space/time in their materializations. They are solid enough while they are here, but they only help for a certain amount of time. They are a positive cast for them, for the most part, are content and feel it is an infringement to do anything more than simply address spiritual questions. And the channel brings that sort of thing through and you get those opinions. Like I said, every channel that I have ever seen has seen the book, this is really tacky. Somebody has always come up to me and said, “I have just read the most wonderful book.”

4. Will the rapture occur for UFOs teleporting us?

Answer: I don’t believe that the rapture will occur. I believe that we will just very undramtically die, be harvested one way or the other in fourth density positive by our acceptance of the light. We will continue on here and begin to see the reality of fourth density emerging where thoughts become things. I don’t think that the idea of the rapture by everybody rising from the dead and all of that incorruptible has any objective reference in the spirit world. I think that it is a subjective experience that will occur to each person as he or she leaves this life and hits the fact that it is positive to take the final now.

The negative entities, speaking often through very positively-oriented channels, will channel endlessly about the remnants that shall be taken up at the rapture. If you think of that, you can see right away that it asserts itself as sort of an idea. It is the formation of an elite-in group and then, of course, you have to protect the base camp from the out-group and I’ve seen things like, “You will know who belongs in your group when they come to you and send the others away.” It is not great, but at any rate, they are trying to assist us to feel more elite, to want to be more elite, to have more power, more clout, that kind of thing. When you watch a person who has allowed contact with this in-group and fairly useless information because of insisting on the specific information all of the time from a contact that happens not to be of the inner planes, you can just pretty well bet that you are going to see the ideas of UFOs interfering in our destiny and physically taking people off of the planet.

In one book I think it even suggested that the cattle were going to be taken off the planet, which I think is a little bit smarter than cattle are. But who knows?

So I don’t put any specific or imperial meaning to rapture. I think that what happens is, it is the rapturer’s experience to an inner life, and one is completely engrossed. I died when I was thirteen for about twenty seconds before the doctor got me going again or either I came back and got going again, so I can tell you that at least for this girl, it was wonderful. Not even hard. Death, it was really wonderful. That doesn’t mean that I think people should end it all. I think that we need to stay here until nature sort of objects and we don’t know exactly what we are here to do and we just have to keep muddling along day by day.

It is very easy to think, for instance, that there is no more Ra contact. That my life’s work is over and I have thought of that several times. You know I was channeling in the seventies, long before the Ra contact began, and after the Ra contact ended, I was still channeling and to this day do every Sunday. I just don’t get Ra because I was warned by that worthy entity not to try it without Don and when Don died, that ended that because my magical personality, although not bad for even for a third dimensional, was not tough enough to deal with the “I could grieve.”

I suspect that there are a lot of ships circling the globe because the Orion troops, when they are able to by-pass the window, in effect come through the quarantine. They come through in physical ships and they get people on board and they do genetic experiments and I think they are building up a stock of genes, a gene pool, for some reason. They keep taking ovaries out of women and they keep getting both women and men to engage in intercourse with them. It sounds pretty negative to me, using people, so yes, I think that the energy ships would be that of the Confederation of Planets in service to the Creator or angels, or whatever you want to call them, and that the solid ships, at this time anyway, are negative wanderers.

I can comment on just one thing about wanderers, which I think is the most important thing and that is, we all feel like we are wanderers, whether we are or not. But it is to be remembered that when we come into this world, this incarnation, we have become an émigré. We have to become a native of planet Earth. We are living our whole lives here and it is not a “walk in the park.”

We are under exactly the same command, in order to be free of this illusion and go back to where we wandered from, as anybody else in our density who is trying to polarize more than fifty percent towards service-to-others. Basically what I say to wanderers is, “Don’t think too much of yourself. Don’t think too highly of yourself. Realize there is no privilege in this position, but rather a responsibility to be what you can be, the light being that you came to be, and that you do not need to start getting into karmic situations.” That is a hard thing to avoid, I realize, because we all speak impulsively from time to time and impulses are often incorrect. But I think really, the one thing I would say about wanderers is, “We have got to pass the same test to get out of here as any other third density being so it behooves us to feel that we are wanderers; not to feel elite, but to realize that we are the brothers and sisters of sorrow who have taken on a very harsh vibratory experience.”

I think this senses reality, this illusion is difficult, lots of negativity etc. and it is just sort of like spiritual push-ups. You just try to keep on the beam and keep positive in the face of an enormous amount of negativity around. So what I would add about wanderers simply is that it is an honor-duty, as Ra says, to be a wanderer. We all came from a planet of some kind, but we are not immune to the follies of the flesh nor the intellect nor the emotions. We are not immune to karmic ties, which will have to be addressed in some future lifetimes if the karma is not balanced.

That caution is very important to a wanderer because a wanderer has this tendency to feel better than other people, and indeed a lot of people who are wanderers are far more sensitive, far more aware of self-worth than other people.

They are also frail, for the most part, because this vibration is just not at all native to their native vibration and it is easy to get sick being a wanderer. It is easy to feel badly being a wanderer, simply because a wanderer is basically allergic to Earth. But we have to deal with Earth as if we are not allergic to it. We have to open up to it, to trust it where there seems to be no trust, to love where there seems to be no love, and whether we are wanderers or not, then it is very important that wanderers realize that they are in the soup with all of the other bones, The only way that you get off of this rock is to express unconditional love more than half of the time and balance all karma as it happens. That is, talk it out, come to a good feeling about disagreements etc. That takes a lot of work but it is worth it.

5. Is there a Satan?

Answer: I do not believe so. There are people who are extremely negatively polarized, who called be called Satans or devils or negative principles. People who are on the path of negativity, on the path of service-to-self, are capable of reaching a very high level of intensity of polarization towards negativity and it would truly be possible with a given person that he would have polarized enough towards the negative to seem to you to be a demon or a Satan or a devil. He exists as part of all of us just as Jesus exists, or any other teacher exists, good example or bad, within all of us. We are catholic in the sense of the word that means utterly universal. We all have the same basic sustenance. We need our daily bread. We need a place to live; we need to feel that the work we are doing is worth while in some way, etc.

And where temptation moves in is not really so much with a specific person being an absolute terror, which is easy to recognize. Negative temptations are much more subtle than that. The temptation to feel special; the temptation to put yourself apart in some way from those poor souls who haven’t started studying their lives, their thoughts, their feelings, etc. They are just not asking questions. Their time has not yet come that they are our equals. We are their servants. We are trying to help out here. So any kind of spiritual pride is quite deadly.

6. Do all people have souls?

Answer: Yes. I know that some people theorize that there are people without souls, but I believe that what one would have to say is that the people who commit the big ones, like murder and serious theft and that kind of thing, have souls all right, but their happiness factor or their comfort factor is oriented around getting something for nothing, which is usually why people end up murdering or stealing or whatever they are doing. They think that any means is OK if it reaches the end. The end justifies the means. That is the heart of negative polarity and it is interesting that our government under Reagan did exactly that: went behind the scenes, lied like a bandit, and was breaking his own laws, which I think is nothing short of humorous, but I do believe that even Ronald Reagan has a soul. It might be distorted in one way or another.

In fact, I am sure it is, but when people are without souls, they would simply be vegetables. They wouldn’t be conscious. I mean I think it is possible that people who are in anesthetic coma or being kept alive on machines that eventually the spirit will leave the body and it is like a pea plant growing in the garden. As long as you keep it on a machine, it will continue to grow, but there is no brain activity.

I think that we are souls first and only people within this illusion.

7. What becomes of cats after their second-density experience?

Answer: As I understand it, they become gradually invested with love and learn how to love to the extent that they can tolerate third density light. At that point, they stop being a cat or dog and move right into people-hood. I don’t believe there are any third dimensional cats. So I feel, for instance, both of our cats have died recently for us, that is, in the last ten years, I keep a cat a long time. I have been a cat person most of my life. I believe they are invested to the point where they are individual beings and not simply animals that are living instinctively all of the time. I think there is enough inner action, and enough love generated for the people around the cats, that both Randolph and Fairchild, our cats who are gone now, will probably be back not as animals, but as individuals because they were really living very consciously.

For example, Randolph, when he was so sick that he couldn’t stand on his feet, I forgot and left him on the hot pad on my bed. When I went into the hot pad in the living room, I forgot to take him with me. I could hear this sad little scrambling going on where he had been inching himself towards me, crawling, because he couldn’t stand. It would just break your heart, but that cat loved, and Fairchild was the same way. She didn’t have any extra immunity because I believe her heart went on rather than just getting eaten up by cancer. But right at the end of her life, at the very, very last minute of her life, until she started having the seizures, she was sitting on me and as long as she could sit on me, she was happy.

I wasn’t particularly happy because she had gotten her claws all messed up and I was constantly getting pricked by her in her old age. She could not retract her claws anymore.

But I think what happens to animals living an animal existence is that they go back into the gene pool. It is undifferentiated, and cats occur in the usual way, but people do indeed have experiences of being loved as animals and that is undoubtedly how we got to where we are. That someone at one time loved us.

8. What about soul mates?

Answer: I really feel that life is far too multifaceted for there to be a soul mate one. I think that there are people with whom you have made agreements before this life and when that person comes into your life, there is something in you that recognize that other person, but it has been my experience that it is not just limited to one person of the opposite gender. I have heart sisters all over the place and heart brothers as well. I don’t know where they fit in and I don’t care. I do recognize the dynamic between us if we meet or a lot of the letter writing I am doing, I pick up a lot just from the page. Holding the page in my hand.

I feel as if I am talking to you as if I was looking at you actually, and I have no idea what you look like. But I wouldn’t claim that you were a soul mate of mine simply because we can communicate with each other and have interests in common. I think that there is chemistry with people, but I think that that chemistry is of the animal part of the body and if you’ve got it, you are lucky and if you don’t have it, you can’t get it.

You can still have love and have children, but it is not the grand passion that it can be when you get the right guy. But just because he is the right guy horizontally does not mean that the man is your soul mate. If you have been in more than one relationship, you know that no two relationships are all alike, but that several of them, if you put some years on yourself, have been equal contenders for being good soul mates, being people that you pulled well with and had fun with and got things done with. But I think that the idea of soul mates limits a person from realizing that our next job is to become a social memory complex.

In the fourth density, we can certainly mate ourselves with people more accurately because we will be able to see that which is hidden from us now and read each other’s thoughts and have access to a lot of information about do we really have harmony together? And is this what we really want to do? That now we pretty well guess at here on Earth.

But I have had several different relationships with mates that were equally persuasive, that were equally worthy of being called love and the love of souls together. That one relationship neither took away nor added to another relationship, but each relationship was a whole new experience and I think that we can release the idea of soul mates realizing that we don’t need them. We don’t need to know that. We don’t need to feel that the person whom we are with is a soul mate. We need to live consciously with that person, loving that expectation at the time and just being on that person’s side. With that attitude you will create a soul mate relationship, but I think the basis of the social memory complex is through many incarnations you have had many different mates and they sort of begin to come together, I think in the next density; thus lifelines are drawn to each other, but I believe that the latest relationship although honored, is opened in every way, except sexually, to love and extended to communal families, is my own opinion.

I think soul mates is a real pernicious idea because it is sort of like saying, “Some day my prince will come.” You will just make yourself miserable. And then you think you have got a soul mate and then the guy leaves and it is very confusing. I think that we are all created from the Creator and from the Creator’s will. Our original thought is lost so that we are whole and complete unto ourselves without the necessity of Soul mates, but only with the joy of sharing life with people of like minds, in doing things together that come out unity and dance down the discord that occurs so often when people are interacting.

It is amazing how much better life is if you find the strength to be flexible and to flow into other people’s patterns. I have found that almost anybody who is of sound mind and body is a person whom I can deal with on a shallow level or deep level, but it is just that you don’t get the same distortions, the same personality twice, and each of the relationships that we have (and I mean my relationships with women and men) is just as important as the others I think. You know the commandment that Jesus gave was, “love one another” and the gift of doing that is, I mean, each soul is a consciousness of the Creator within, which has to be gradual and discovered and is buried in the most secret parts of yourself, the most heavily veiled.

As we move through life we learn more and more that it is only when we can sustain ourselves with the Holy Spirit, or guidance or whatever you want to call it that we honestly and forthrightly turn and love other people. In the process of loving and forgiving yourself first is the essence to me of what a Soul mate really does whether you call it the Holy Spirit or whether you call it a Soul mate.

9. Since the Earth is now moving into higher frequencies, most people who are not able to vibrate at these levels are leaving, and the third density may increase elsewhere. Is this the reason we are having these dire diseases?

Answer: I think the reason we are having these dire diseases like AIDS, rheumatoid arthritis, etc. is that thoughts are things more and more as we move into the fourth density vibrations of the planet, so consequently if you are mad at somebody, or ticked off, or spiritually dead or whatever negative emotions you have, you are not able to express and balance. It sort of goes into the body and because of the difficulty of the birthing of fourth density, it is a fairly difficult atmosphere in which to do work and it will, as people work at themselves, result in the catalyst that is not usually mentally expressed by the bodies.

I don’t feel that AIDS is karmic. That is just an opinion as it reaches more and more into the heterosexual persuasion. I think it is more a comment on the dangers of being promiscuous sexually. There is nothing that says a person has to get married or that a person has to stay with one person all of her life, but there is a fundamental instinct within us that is monogamous, and men are trained by the culture to override that as much as possible. Women are trained to hold onto that because that is security for themselves and their children in the old fashioned way of staying home and taking care of the children.

I think people are changing to the point now where you are not looking with so much judgment at people who are homosexual. It has been proven that it is in the genes. They were born that way and it is not their fault. So I can’t really think that AIDS is the punishment from some God that would do that. It is not a God that I know. Let’s put it that way. Maybe in the Old Testament, but the Old Testament is awfully unforgiving and definitely not the Infinite Creator.

10. Time—I don’t believe time is linear.

Answer: Time is linear in this illusion. When we move out of time, as we know it, out of the river of time, into time/space, we are much more flexible in time and space is linear. So it is simply a matter of realizing that time is three dimensional and space is three dimensional. Consequently, within the illusion time is tick-tock time. Outside of the illusion, all experience is simultaneous. That is the actual truth that there is only one moment and that moment is now.

That moment is also eternity and I really encourage people to tap into that eternal part of themselves as often during the day as is possible because it makes life much more beautiful.

Obviously we can reincarnate from our futures because that is Wanderers coming back and in a linear sense, obviously it would be in the future so I think the true simultaneity of time and space, the beingness that underlies other things, probably should be emphasized and time recognized as linear in this reality, but not limiting one from other realities in the future. Did you follow that?

11. What are déja vus?

Answer: Déja vu. It means, I think, to see again or something like that. Déja vu is the experience that you might have as you come over the rise of the hill and you see a certain pasture and a certain house that you have never seen before off somewhere in Pennsylvania. You don’t know who lives in it, but you have been there. That is déja vu. Or when you think to yourself, well it’s going to happen like this, and it does, bang, bang, bang. Déja vu. It is knowing something that you don’t know you know. It is recognition of a reality within you, which has nothing to do with linear space/time obviously.

I have had some where I could remember two completely different outcomes and the outcome wasn’t the same in either. Was the premonition a dream or does it just be that we remember that particular time? I think a lot of it has to do with the energy that we are running at that particular moment when it happens, if we are not noticing, if we are not looking. A lot of little mysteries come our way, or signs that help us emotionally and spiritually without making any particular sense. One person has a sign of a feather coming down and that means something to him and another person has a thing about numbers and looks at life that way.

I think that we have perfect free will and outcomes are not necessary because we have déja vus of them or dreamt them. It is just that the phenomenon is typical as an experience of people who are consciously working on knowing themselves and they can sometimes get pretty much a shock to get a premonition or a déja vu, and no, they don’t always come true.

You have no idea what to do with it. What I do with it is simply say, “It is a mystery, isn’t it?” Everything ends in mystery and paradox and I should feel quite comfortable in that because understanding is not of this density and I am working to refine, not my brain, but my emotions, which I think is the deeper self.

I mean I use my brain, but the trouble is with most people who think their brain uses them and uses them by the way ratio-hallucination (it is not like radio.) It is like rational. You must have had a heck of a time not finding that. All it means is the reasoning process.

12. The future?

Answer: The future is not certain. As we act in life by our free will choices, we narrow the future down for ourselves to what Ra calls probability/possibility. In another words, there is a certain amount of energy that is moving towards that probable result by what we have done so far in any particular part of our lives. I believe that there are many things that are within our control to change. I am not sure that controlling one’s life from the inside out is all that it is cracked up to be because the opposite of that, which is giving up the life to highest and best ideal that you know, has a far more salutary effect on keeping one conscious in the moment.

People who need to control what happens outside of themselves are dealing with service-to-self type feelings. Often it is simple low self-esteem that makes people want to control things or control people. God does not know the choices we will make. God is watching with great interest. It is no benefit to me to know the future. I know that I have to die to get off of this rock. That is known in the future. I know I am going to have to pay taxes as long as I own anything or make anything in the way of money. After that I think it all gets pretty free will choice in its nature. All of creation turns on the principle of free will, beginning with the free will that the Creator used to manifest itself as the logos of Love.

Not any psychic who prophesies gets everything right. It is just impossible because of the fact that a probability/possibility vortex may appear, but it may not stay that way. So you are getting a reading as to what the possibilities and probabilities are in the future right then, but as each of us goes through life making choice after choice, this situation changes, one hopes, and you just don’t feel the need to control the outer life.

I will admit that it is a true and real pleasure for me to balance my checkbook to the penny. But I know that in real life, you simply can’t have anything be that neat. The only reason that it is working that way is because it is Arabic numerals and they have objective reference to all of these things and it is possible to be right.

About life in general, all choices are free will choices. There isn’t so much a right and a wrong as a personal truth that needs to be expressed in how we act when observing the catalyst that we are observing. That is to say, it is a little bit better not to get caught up emotionally in negative conversations, but rather if someone wants to set you straight or heal you, I have lots of people who have done that to me. “Aw, I am going to heal you now. I just can’t abide you being so ill.” And things like that and they put me through things that really hurt or embarrass me in public or things like that. And I haven’t gotten healed. I don’t think I am going to get healed until I start accepting my limitations, which is never, I hope. So I have arthritis. Nothing like coming back to a dead body. I did really well at rejuvenating it or reviving it, I should say.

For you see, there was a choice. I was given the choice when I reached about half way to the temple that I was seeing in this beautiful place, and I was really excited about getting there, and then a voice sparkled in the air and said,

“You can stay, if you wish, but you did not finish what you came to do. It is up to you.” It is usually not up to the person, but I think that I OD’d myself on catalysts to the point where my Higher Self basically thought, “Maybe she can’t do all of this.” And it has been rough. It has been a rough life, in gentle ways. I have always been protected. I have always been sheltered, even when I deliberately set out to put myself in the worse possible conditions so that I could find out for myself if all people responded to you the way you felt towards them.

This was my basic theory: that if you are the kind of a person who likes people, people will generally like you and so I got a job carrying beer as a barmaid in a club that catered almost exclusively to prostitutes and their clients and various seamy underworld type demimonde characters who were thinking that they were very romantic and certainly full of cash—fixing horse races, pimping, all of that sort of stuff. But I refused to see those words and instead I took each person as I met him and the first thing I would have to get understood was that I was working in a bar where they had only prostitutes except for me, but I wasn’t a prostitute. So I would say, “I am not a pro, or I am not in the life, or whatever, but Debbie needs a date tonight.

Then you’d get this, “Oh, I am so sorry.”

And I’d say, “Why are you apologizing for wanting me? That’s a compliment, you know. Don’t worry about it and thank you very much.” And we would become friends and if I wasn’t serving beer, I would sit down at whatever table I would happen to be nearest to where there was a lone guy there. Obviously he is coming out to the bar because he is feeling lonely. I was treated so sweetly and kindly and in such an exalted manner that I almost barfed. You know, people were treating me like St. Carla, and I am not a saint. It is just that I don’t believe that people are unaffected by the way you observe them, or by the way you react to them or whatever. I think that people reflect back to you what you are giving to them.

Occasionally you will find a malcontent who is reflecting back to you something that is totally going on in her own mind and you need to know about that. You need to be able to figure out that this is not personal. This is not your fault; this is not your karma; this is not your load. Drop it. It is her problem, not mine.

I don’t think it is of much benefit truly either to know your past or to know your future. I think that we have all of the tools and resources that we need that are available to us through persistent daily meditation over a fairly long period of time wherein we are little by little trying to chip away at that hard rock of personality that we have that doesn’t make any difference. I mean there are some things about our personality that are simply iron-clad whimsy and you know what a bore people are who have an iron-clad whimsy.

So basically it is turning from a consciousness of “I am numero uno,” to “What can I do for you? How can I help you? How can I serve you?” as an attitude, just a basic ground floor attitude.

A lot of people like past life regressions or future regressions and they are both possible, but the future aggressions are very, very stark usually, and not good news, leading me to think, since they are different, every single one of them is different, but they all sound terrible. Don and I went through a lot of brain-storming trying to figure all of this stuff out, years and years ago. What happens in the projection into the future is that due to the law of free will, of course, it is not settled, but the probability/possibility of vortex, that is the most probable, will show up and it will or will not be true, depending on what happens between now and then. But what we really need to do is to live not in the past, not in the future, but right now for I am in the belief, or the faith that everything is as it should be. Getting that under your belt, realizing that whether it is for real or for woe, circumstances have been created for your learning, etc.

13. No, there are no souls who are destroyed because of an abundance of wrong-doing. They just spend a lot of time on earth for the next seventy-five thousand years. We will all eventually go through all of the spiritual evolutionary stages. This creation will end, another will be born, and I find that a very exciting thought because I do believe that we, who have learned through this way, will once again learn in the next creation.

14. Ra stated that Jesus is living somewhere else now. How are people then seeing him? What of channeling of Jesus, Sananda, the Christ?

Answer: In the first place, it is possible for an entity in fourth density or fifth density, which I believe Jesus was harvestable to when he left here, of projecting a thought form that will subjectively condense into a certain person or a group of people so that they are seeing him. It is not him in the flesh. It is a thought form and I believe people would be seeing him whether or not he was at any time real because so much energy has been spent on the concept of Jesus; so much depends for so many people on their trust in Jesus that you are simply going to be hearing people have phenomena occurring, which involve a living, breathing Jesus.

I have had the experience myself of channeling what seemed to be the Christ principle, not the Christ itself, and it did not identify itself as the Christ, but it was just that the energy was so loving and the message was sort of red-pinkish the few times that I picked up that. Of course, challenging is real easy when you call it in the name of Jesus Christ and yep, I am of that principle all right. I am very easy to challenge.

I think that people whose channeling comes from God, or from Jesus or from any lofty titled origin are receiving a mixed contact. Jesus would not do that. He may well appear to people as a thought form, but I think what is happening is that we are bringing in an energy that we associate with the Christ consciousness, and because some people really like to channel the big guys, they go straight for Sananda or the Christ. The closest I have ever come to that is asking the Holy Spirit to give me a thought for the day. I really have to take each of those channeling and look at it on its own basis and not on anybody else’s because it is your truth that you are concerned with, not the truth of someone else. As a corollary to that, it does one very, very well not to argue about religious beliefs or anything that has to do with dogma and doctrine, that kind of thing. It really fouls up the positive spiritual vibes.

15. Familiar with the Genesis machine?

Answer: Only in Startrek. Where was it in three where they had the Genesis machine and about wiped out the whole planet? That is the only one I am familiar with. I don’t know about a Genesis machine in the New Age literature. I hadn’t read about it so I can pass on that one.

16. Responsibility to each person to have chosen the right action? Such as the conflict of doing what you were told to do by an employer as opposed to doing what is right: dumping nuclear waste, lying under oath, foreclosure?

Answer: Everybody lives by agreements. I do not think that every person can be an idealist. I think that the most that some people can do is be loyal to the job they were given to do. And that means, that if they are told to do something that isn’t correct, they figure, you know, “I think that is rather goofy, but I was ordered to do this. He’s my boss,” And having made that kind of inter-agreement with the boss in which you give up free will to do what you are told by an employer, I think that people who are capable of it, can simply be careful to make no agreement, which will end up in the ethical suit, and to be fastidious about one’s relationship. It is very important to come to agreements about things and then stick to the agreement or talk it over again.

To some people it would be the correct thing to do to lie under oath, dump the nuclear waste, to foreclose because that is the way that person is earning his money. He is there to follow orders and he needs a structured life. The person who would dump nuclear waste obviously is under the gun. He is obviously going to have to or probably has a family to support, or he wouldn’t be doing it. In a lot of people, what comes first is safety for the kids and money for the kids, and they will do whatever is necessary to compromise an ideal ethic in order to satisfy the agreement they have made that brings home this money.

So I think it needs to be seen as a neutral thing that each person is responsible in choosing the right action for himself, but one person’s right action may be something another person is totally incapable of, so there is no generality, there is no generalizing here.

17. Is evolution true?

Answer: I think so. It is true with one little added thing and that is that at one point there were, or at more than one point, there were extra terrestrials who were trying to help us, who were coming among us and who were doing some genetic work with us, which didn’t turn out well, i.e. the Jews. They turned out fine, but the rest of the world was hostile to them, it seems, like from the beginning of time, which I really can’t figure out. What can I say? But I do think evolution is true with that one but.

I think that what called man without hair into being, in a fairly short period of time if you look at long times beyond (I am thinking about in fifteen hundred years our bodies will naturally have become fourth density) we will not be able to incarnate unless we can carry a fourth density body and use fourth density light. But I believe that evolution from this point on is spiritual and that from now on, we would be better off to observe our thoughts and our motives.

18. What about the new planet of Chiron? Does it exist? How about Adonis and Vulcan, etc.?

Answer: It is just a matter of naming. Chiron seems to me to be may be under another name or myth or not. A mythical figure in the system of philosophy or cosmology that had people who died going to the Styx River and being rowed across by Chiron, the boatman to the underworld. So a planet named after that would be a planet of dead people, if the people who named it that were using mythology accurately.

Adonis and Vulcan come from the Roman mythology of gods and goddesses and one from the Scandinavian set of gods and goddesses, so the names are evocative, but I have absolutely no idea about new planets. Ra said one time that there was a planet on the other side of the sun that was frozen in timelessness, but it was barely able to be detected. Who knows what that one is called?

19. Do animals reincarnate?

Answer: Yes. I think that if they really want to be with their humans once more, it is the most common thing for them to come back.

20. The hole in the ozone layer?

Answer: I think the hole in the ozone layer, as far as I can see from the evidence, chlorofluorocarbons, or something like that (it is the stuff that you spray.) It is put under pressure and you spray it out under pressure, and the chloral floral carbons that make that work are not going away. They are just collecting and it doesn’t seem that our atmosphere can do anything about that. I have read the “Earthquake Generation” by Jeffrey Goodman, which I think is probably the best on the earth, shifting on its axis or tectonic plates moving around. He draws up a fairly convincing scenario where by the year 2,000 we will probably have a series of disasters and then the earth may well flip on its axis.

I have never been aware of a theory that the hole in the ozone layer is a common occurrence before the earth flips on its axis. How would one know? I mean if one had been there the last time it flipped on its axis, we’d be dead.

21. Thoughts on karma?

Answer: Karma is energy that has not yet been balanced. It is as simple as that. Neither good nor bad and basically I think the key to having balanced karma is if you see one brick between you and another person, start working on that brick to cut down because if you are lazy and don’t really want to communicate and really want to play games, you can not only unbalance your karma, but get into situations that don’t really make a lot of sense where what you have done is like pay-off instead of a balancing action. You have just sort of gone to distraction in saying, “Well, I’ll get it the next time around.”

My basic thought on karma is forgive, forgive, and forgive. Self-forgive and forgive others. That stops karma cold, but you have to forgive yourself as well as others or the karma is not balanced.

22. Separation of religions as well as the unification of religions? If God is always the core of each and separation of each, what can we do to unify a more continuous thought?

Answer: It has been my theory that since the culture is overwhelmingly Christian, that perhaps more people than I could make use of what I call mystic Christianity, that is, not depending upon Christ in a literal sense but in a sense of the way-shower or exemplar. You are absolutely right that as soon as you get a church going, people start nailing everything down with doctrine and dogma. Then, of course, they want to promulgate that organization, which they founded, and the people who come after them want to keep it going. So they spend a lot of time, organized churches do, on raising the money to run the church. It is sort of a rat race and when you have to do that, I think it is only human nature that the one you have gone to, you just perceive as being more Christian somehow than everybody else’s religion, which you haven’t experienced yet.

And instead of trying to seek unification, it seems to me that at least in the Episcopalian, for instance, there has been a schism in the church over right one and right two holy Eucharist. We always had one right for Eucharist ever since 1549 and it hasn’t changed much since 1549 so in this last Book of Common Prayer that the Episcopal church got out, they had about four different services that one could do. Very nice services. One of them was exactly the 1928 Prayer Book. Others are completely different and very beautiful in their own right, but I think that what one has to do if one wishes to move towards unification is to realize that all of us do not know anything. That it is a mystery that will be infinitely before us as we walk our dusty path and do our work.

23. Program to retain a certain love, prosperity, is this possible? Should we?

Answer: Sure it is possible and I think this was basically answered before. It is quite possible to control the life, to affirm this, affirm that, pray for this, pray for that. The illusion is an illusion and therefore malleable, but my own personal feelings are that it is somewhat towards the level of spiritual pride to assume that we know how we really, truly, deeply wish to control the events and influences in our lives. We don’t know that. We may think we do, but even from one year to the next, our opinions change.

24. What about ritual magic?

Answer: White ritual magic is a beautiful, beautiful practice and all it takes is a total dedication to the extent of the entire lifetime. That is why I am not a magician. It asks too much. I couldn’t do that work because it is all inner work. You are not communicating with other people on a regular social basis and I am just too sociable to bury myself in ritual magic, no matter how much good it does do the planet to have that wonderful vibration of love that people are working on in white ritual magic added to the light of the planet.

25. How do we find our own particular talents?

Answer: There is a place in the Bible where they talk about, “Don’t scorn your foot because it is not your stomach, or your lungs because it is not your heart,” or something like that, and I completely agree with you that we are not all healers or channels, and that each of us does have a talent to assist the whole. In others we can see ourselves as the body of the active principle of the Creator and how do we find our particular talents? We keep doing what is in front of our face, and we keep our eyes open and we are open to guidance from what I call “subjective spiritual coincidence.”

Everyone has his own sign. People have to realize that such things as raising children, working in a difficult job in order to raise the children, have the money, all of that kind of thing, is as much a service as the most dramatic channeling can do. It is true that in working with one child that one is not working with a large group, but as Ra said once, “If one is enlightened, are not all enlightened?”

26. How to encourage another’s own importance?

Answer: I think you just need to point out, if you sit down especially with a mother, and what usually gets women is when they can’t really handle work and a bunch of small kids. They have been sitting at home for seven years and they feel like they are just dead inside because of talking to little people all of this time, and they just feel like, “I’m not of any service. I am just sitting around the house here.” Of course, they are by their being a mother.