CAVEAT: Warning! These letters have not been edited by Carla. Expect errors.

Dear R,

I was both that I was able to help you and dissatisfied to the extent to which I have been able to deal with what is troubling you and feel that perhaps I can give you a little more information that you can think about and see whether you think it is worth anything or not. I was really unwilling to give credit where credit may well not be due, but with the extremely visceral, conscious manifestations that you describe and the size of the spiders, actually, I am forced to conclude that your positively-oriented work has ticked off one of those blasted inner-plane vampire types, which you would just as soon not deal with. It is not that frequently that these things occur, if I may cheer you up. Your experience is rare.

I believe that what is occurring is archetypal and from the lower astral plane. I believe that negative energies are capable, as are positively oriented entities, of tuning into the animal or substance, usually animal, which is their totem. This, of course, in its much pleasanter form we see in the Native Americans and basically it is the expression of oneself in relation to the earth. In its positive sense, this is certainly so. There are some people who have been in the field, who would recommend for you at this time, an attempt to begin the discipline and practice of ceremonial ritual magic, white magic. I would not advise you to do that. Very few are called to be White Magicians. Priests who offer the Holy Communion, for instance, are taking part very appropriately in a White magical tradition. It is a discipline which one must keep up for the entire span of one’s life and it does not seem from reading your work, especially since you were so impressed by the Ra material, that a metaphysic where the symbolism is earth mother, gods and goddesses, that sort of thing, is just not going to cut it for you at all, and I think you will feel somewhere between foolish and scared by taking it on.

Anyone should feel scared by taking on anything having to do with ceremonial magic. People for centuries have worked on ceremonies, rituals and spells and a good deal of the population of the inner planes of our planet expresses itself in reaction to certain thoughts. For instance, when we people say the Lord’s Prayer, they have a very wide audience in the spirit world. When people say Hail Mary, ditto. When people say the various prayers connected with the Holy Communion, as in the Episcopal Church, for instance, which has not been changed since 1549, as far as I know. These are strong, very strong magical acts. However, the one who is being the magician within this act has prepared for it and lives a life because of it, and therefore, should not get into much trouble, given that he continues being the magician.

Now, I looked up some things because I don’t know anything about crystals, you see. I want to, but I can just read so much and I haven’t gotten there yet but it is not really an area of interest. Here is one suggestion for crystal that you can carry with you, where or whatever. And then a general suggestion.

There is something called the Cross stone. It is also called a staurotides. What it is a mixture of iron, aluminum, and silica. Its combined name is staurlite. The real long name is ferrous aluminum, silicate. The crystal occurs naturally in a kind of a cross. What it says in the book here is, here is a mouthful: “Staurlite occurs naturally in orthorhombic form, a crystal possessing three planes set at right angles to each other. In fact, the crystal is formed in the shape of a three-dimensional Greek cross. (I suppose that would be the tall cross.) Or solid cross of nature.” Then they go into the symbolism of it, which we really don’t need because of the fact that you are not going to be doing magic proper.

“Take it and have it blessed.” I don’t care how you feel about religion. Pick the one closest to your persuasion. I guess I do care about your persuasion because if you don’t believe it is going to work, it won’t work, but sometimes the only place you can find holy water during the week is in a Catholic Church, and I am not Catholic so it is putting myself in your position and saying, “Don’t worry about that. You need to have a cross blessed. You don’t happen to have an Orthodox minister around who digs blessing little crystals, but a Catholic or Episcopal priest, either one, should have some holy water around. If you really don’t like the idea of getting into a connection of any kind with an Orthodox church, which I can perfectly understand, holy water is caused by the salting of water, as pure water as possible. I think most priests use the kind of water you use in an iron (distilled), anyway that stuff. You add just a pinch or two of salt and then you say in some way, you invoke whatever face of deity you believe in truly, and request that this be blessed. Obviously it is a little easier to get a priest to do it for you, but that doesn’t matter.

That stays on your person. Make sure, by the way, that when you first get the stone, you wash it really well. Scrub it down with a little salt maybe. Intend to clean it of any vibrations other than holy ones. And hopefully you can wear it around your neck on a little chain. Maybe you could put it in your pocket. Maybe you could set it in a ring. I don’t really know what the thing looks like. I just was thumbing through this book by Paul Huson called “Mastering Witchcraft,” which I have found to be a very civilized and scholarly look at what witches do.

The boundaries of a study as ours of L/L are very open to whatever might give us more information about the way things are. This does not mean that I advocate the practice of witchcraft or recommend it to anyone else. I am trying to express to you my feeling of strong caution against any such thing, but there are some principles here that are helpful. Do you have a cat or dog and does that cat or dog sleep with you? Is it allowed in your bedroom at night? If it is not, it should be. You can talk to a cat or a dog very clearly on the subject of being a magical aid. The word in witch language is “familiar.” I have always disliked that because it has a kind of pugnacious sound to it, but a pet who loves you is of great help, especially in terms of waking you up when you are going to get a manifestation. That is really helpful.

It is a good idea to figure out when the materialization is and to find out each day what the time will be that is most directly between the sunset and the sunrise. Your twelve o’clock time is not really half-way through. It seems to be more that you have to get to sleep. In that case, just check on the moon because they seem to have a real strong effect on materializations of this kind.

The great spider that you saw sounds to me as if it were an archetypal genetic pool of spider nests, which has been seen by enough people that Dennis Wheatly actually wrote a book about it called “The Haunting of Toby Jug.” Heaven knows if it is still in print. I do have a copy of it. I don’t think it would be that helpful for you to read except that it is somebody else’s experience with spiders. It was a terrifying book for me to read and I had dreams about it for a long time after I read it so I am not really urging you to read it, but simply saying that you are not crazy, and this has happened before, and it has happened in this way.

That first you get this feeling of unease and stuff and gradually you are being terrified. Naturally that is what they want you to be. The entity that you sense is a vampire in two ways possible. The first and most important way is it wants to feed on your fear. When you abandon your judgment, lose your control, and express fear, you have lost the magical battle. Or to put it another way, you have failed to greet a worthy opponent in a satisfactory manner.

It is very easy for me to sit here and say, “Don’t be afraid.” But I mean, give me a break. You are going to be afraid. But don’t lose your judgment, if at all possible. Don’t get up and run to the kitchen, unless you feel it is absolutely essential to your life. What would be better is for you to realize that a part of your deep mind is crying out for help. This does not mean that the spider is your fault. What it means is that the spider vampire has found a way into your deep mind, is triggering this ancient archetypal fear and is feeding on you and could well, were these attacks to continue severely, sap your psychic energies to the point where you would be effectively neutralized as a source of Light, which is a terrible thing to think of and I don’t believe that you have to throw up your hands at any point and say, “It is beyond me.” It isn’t.

I have already spoken to you about the natural way of attempting to offer love and compassion to evil manifestations, rather than offering fear. This is simply because offering love is a positive thing to do. It is a protective thing to do. And it smells really terrible and feels really assaulting and is very daunting to a negative manifestation. It really can’t handle it.

Let me read a little bit about this type of vampire: “A would-be magical antagonist of more advanced caliber will often indulge in the luxury of enjoying attack in person, so to speak, by formulating his witch power into a definite shape and then transferring his consciousness to it. The shape is then sent forth to accomplish the witch’s will. The shape fetch or rape is often animal in form, the type being dictated by either analogy with the ensouling emotion of the projector or on occasion, being that of a coven totem.”

Now these words are too specific. I do not believe that you are dealing with a human witch, although it is possible that you could be. For in terms of ritual, which will deny this entity access to your deep mind, it doesn’t matter whether this is a person on earth who is ticked off at you, or whether it is a psychic greeting because of the fact that you have been sharing more and more compassion, understanding, and love. My guess would be the latter. However, it doesn’t matter in terms of what you do.

Here is a sentence that would help out here: “When a witch mounts a magical attack, and it happens to misfire or the victim is in any way adequately protected, as they say in the craft, the home of lost curses is right back where they came from, the sender itself, so if you can arrange to be ritually well defended at the time that the dark spell is being cast, the spellbinders will in fact be conjuring to their own destruction.” Now that satisfies me very much. I certainly urge you to do that. There are too many earth mother connotations, especially Celtic connotations, to the kind of witchcraft that this book is about and I do not recommend it. However, there are some ways of cleaning up the surrounding in which this is taking place, psychically, that come in really handy.

Number one: I would strongly suggest that you salt and water your house as we were told to do in the Ra contact. I think that you will find in Book III, I will make a note here to check it. If you have Book 3, and if you don’t, I’ll get Jim to send it to you. (It is amazing what you can pick up on a microphone. You just heard me writing.) That is the first thing and that needs to be done before anything else.

Then I would advise you to take equal care in salting all the entrances to your room that might be interior, closet entrances, even though they don’t go anywhere, coming into the room from the hall, wherever you have experienced this attack, and my guess is it is your bedroom. Salt and cleanse, purify the atmosphere. The salt and the water have little things that you say to them, where unlike the little formulas in a witchcraft book have no doctrines or dogma, but merely call upon the nature of the things themselves. It is an approach which really works much better, as far as I am concerned, than asking someone who does not have Orthodox religious beliefs to borrow a witchcraft or a Christian or whatever solution. The Ra material is strong in my way of thinking because it is neutral. Nobody can deny what salt is like, what garlic is like or anything like that.

Now we get to the garlic. Each night, hang a cut onion and cut garlic by a rope at your window and at your door. Or you could just have half an onion at your window and half garlic at your door, if you want to save a little money. Place that there with some statement. That is in the Ra material, also in Book 3. There is a thing that you say when you are placing it. You may also swing a onion and garlic and walk completely around the perimeter of your yard and stuff, and then around the perimeter of your house on the outside, then on the inside, then around your room or each and every room, saying the little formula that is in there. I am sorry that I did not prepare myself by checking the Ra material. I am not a scholar of it. I just know it is in there.

In addition to that, I think before I went to bed each night, I would find out where east is: East is Raphael, and then if you turn 90 degrees, you get south Mickiel, after you turn again 90 degrees you get Gabriel, which is water, and the fourth side is Arial or Uriel, which is earth. Now Raphael has sometimes been called John, Michael has sometimes been called Mark, Gabriel has been called Matthew and Uriel has been called Luke. I like the archangels better than the evangelists, but I think it would be simply good to say, to turn to the east visualizing air in its wonderful pure form and say, “In the name of Christ, or Christ consciousness or whatever you want to say to the name of, that which you are willing to live and die for, I ask you to help protect me this night.” Turn and ask each archangel to protect you. If you want to visualize the archangels, you may find very nice descriptions of them in the book I recommended in the Channeling Handbook in the chapter on psychic greeting and since I believe that Jim has already sent that to you, perhaps you can pick it up from in there.

Then you sit down upon your bed, gather your forces about you and say, “To the name of Christ whom I follow with all of my heart, all my soul, all my mind and all my strength, I, Robin, hereby surround myself with this circle of protection, across which no mortal error dares to set its foot.” While you are saying this, you inscribe a circle with your hands from the front to the back, touch your hands in front, bring them around, and touch them in back.

Further, there is a power towards magnetized beings like lower astral vampires, which are completely magnetic in their make-up, they are fluid. They are simply held together in a field. It is not like having differentiated organs or something. Your spider is the epitome of spider hood, but it is made out of blackness. It is not made out of spider parts. Therefore, iron is a very strong protection. Putting a horseshoe turned upward over any door that comes into your house, or find an old knife that you can hide in a ring of bay leaves, which is kind of pretty, and put that up on your doors. But the knife has to be old. Or beneath your porch, you can take some kind of mason jar, dig around and find some old pins and needles and screws, anything that you are not going to use any more, nails, brads, anything iron and just bury it.

Another thing that you can do is that in addition to the garlic and onion, you can pour just a little plain vinegar into a tiny saucer and put it on the doorsill to the room or just inside the door.

Then finally something that I really thought was a good idea is before you go to bed, take a bath with herbs. Now, realize that this is nature magic and simply acknowledge in humility the beauty and excellence of the herbs you are going to use, not that you are worshipping them, but that you respect them. That is the main thing. By all means, do not worship anything except Love itself and whatever you want to call that.

Here is the recipe for the herbs and how to use them:

Dry rosemary, 7 parts; dried lavender 7 parts; dried basil 4 ½ parts; dried ravane or lemon verbena 2 parts; dried hyssop l part; dried valerian l part; dried sage ½ part; dried fennel l/2 part. To these herbs add half again as much cooking or table salt.

When you wish to bathe after tying up a handful of your mixture in a small muslin or cheesecloth bag, cast it into the water, chanting such words as you use for your water consecrations. We say, “Thank you, almighty God for the gift of water, over which the Holy Spirit moved in the beginning of creation. We thank you, Father, for the water of baptism. By it we are buried with Christ in his death and with it we share in his resurrection. Through it we are reborn through the Holy Spirit.”

And at that same time as you cast the little cheesecloth bag in there, simply say to yourself, “I renounce Satan and all of the spiritual forces of wickedness that rebel against God. I renounce the evil powers of this world which corrupt and destroy the creatures of God.” And then say, “I affirm and put my whole trust in …” If it were I, I would say Jesus Christ. Find out what you put your whole trust in and say that, and then get into the bath, have a good time, get clean and go to bed, saying the little prayer, putting your arms around you and I would recommend that you do some real simple praying like, “Now I lay me down to sleep …” A good one. Another good one, “Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, bless this bed I lay upon.” These are simple, but they get right to the heart of it, don’t they? A sentimental thing for me is saying the Lord’s Prayer because it alerts so much of the community of positively-oriented people, one hopes, in the higher heavenly realms of our inner planes.

The jingling you are hearing is a charm bracelet my husband gave me made up of all the medals he got in high school in track. He was a pole vaulter and I rather like that. There is a part of me that finds it deeply soul satisfying, more than I can tell you, that I snagged the quarterback of the high school football team. Admittedly it was over twenty years since we were both in high school, but you see, nobody at that time would have even credited the possibility, so it is a great pleasure to me to wear his track things and to know that he was, indeed, the quarterback of the football team. I am very fortunate, of course, in that he resembles an athletic jock type only outwardly, being graceful and pleasant to look at. Inwardly he is just a wonderful person, honest, sensitive and intellectual as you can imagine. Very, very far from being a jock. Back to your subject here.

I guess the main thing I want to say about this physical manifestation: don’t worry your brain over whether it is an actual physical manifestation or whether it is a psychic experience, which is sometimes called a waking dream. The effect is the same. The solution is the same. In any event, was the spider to be in your reality, it would be only a mass of blood, if you came down to it. It feeds on blood. It has gotten it somewhere else. It has to have it to keep up. But it can’t get at you with the protection involved.

You take your onions away every day and you toss them into the fire. By no means should you reuse the onions to eat. That is not the idea at all. If you simply cannot burn the onions, then package them as garbage should be packed. Wrap them up tightly so that they can’t smell any more and throw them out.

The important thing to remember in all of this is not to meet this entity in your astral body, and if you meet it while are out-of-body, move heaven and earth to roll back into that body and wake up.

If during the night you find yourself out-of-body and faced with a spider, it is time for you to rear back on your hind legs and declare in any way that you can think of your faith, belief and trust in the highest and best face of Love that you know, whether it be God itself, or some Christed influence that you find easier to relate to than deity. Decide this now. Do your thinking while you are awake and if you are out-of-body and you see this spider, No. 1, start trying to get back to the body. No. 2, be there powerfully and offensively. In other words, don’t simply defend, but stand there and declare yourself. That is the only way that negative entities find themselves unable to get to you out of [inaudible]. The problem is, you see, all this protection that you have been doing, the first protection is that you are in your physical body. Now they, it, the negative forces in general, would be perfectly happy to separate the physical body from the astral body. It is very difficult to do. I have never heard of it being done in my own personal practice, but it is real important for you to get back into your body.

Now the way I gather that this happens to you, you are already back in your body when you see the manifestation, so that is fine. But if there is a dream and it is not going really well and you are starting to feel that kind of nameless dread, which always makes your ski crawl. There is something about evil, which is indescribable unless you have felt it psychically and if you have felt, you don’t have to talk about that any more. Wake yourself up, pray, realize that you are protected. Lean back in the net of Love. Get yourself in pretty good shape, even if you need to stay up and take some tea. Pamper yourself. You can lose a little sleep over this thing. Better that than you begin feeling scareder and scareder and scareder.

I am very sorry, and I said that, these incidents are still occurring. And I hope that this discussion helps in some way. You can see that the underlying principles involved are No. 1: Expressing the white light, the cleanliness, the wholeness of the self and all its surroundings, your projection, and by all means add all cleansing visualizations you might enjoy. Some people work their chakras up from the bottom to the top, then take the violet chakra and the red chakra, blend the two colors together. (This is obviously not done with fingers, but with the mind.) Swirl around the body this sort of magenta coloration that you get from blending those two colors and then around that, put a white light, so that you can see your chakras just really glowing, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet. And then you see the white light around your whole self. Anything like that does fine.

A cute story, a friend of mine was teaching her son these principles. He was about 8 at the time and they were up in an airplane together and the airplane malfunctioned terribly and was hurtling towards the earth, and he was on there all by himself with his little sister. And the airplane then steadied somehow and nothing was said about it and Sue said, “Well, honey. What did you do? Did you put some light around yourself? Did you put some light around your sister? And he said, “Oh no, mom, there was no time for that. I just had to put light around the whole plane.” Principle, just the same.

Let us know any weekend that you want to visit the Sunday night visitation and I am now through. I don’t think there is anything more I can help you with right now, but I will be thinking of you. Jim was delighted to hear that Edge City was still there. He gets a great big grin on his face when he thinks about it. That was a real fun time in his life right after college, doing graduate work, and enjoying being a working hippy, as we all were in the sixties. Well carry on, Robin. God bless you and you have lots of company with the old spiders. Okay?

I wish you a happy advent. I thank you so much for your prayer. It is quite lovely. And since I shan’t be talking to you before Christmas I don’t expect, may your time be wonderful. I love Christmas. It is my favorite time of year except for warm weather. Cheerio and take care. Lots of luck.