Dear D,

I wanted to respond as well as Jim to your very, very interesting letter to WA of Jim’s sixteenth. I know WA and Mufon is a very strong group and I think that the contact that the messages that you are dealing with is excellent. There are some concerns that I wanted to address with you because I realize that you do not have a vast experience of listening to contact and there are some danger points and things to watch. I will just tell you, in my opinion, what they are and if you agree with me, if it resonates as being right for you, then be discriminating along these lines as you get a contact and as you work on the science and religion.

Point No. 1 is in the very first line as well as at the close of the message. It is a message from the captain. I was just thinking actually, Don and I were at AP’s in 1977 to form a mind-link to the Confederation to a group of people capable of making a social memory complex that is too discouraged. Apparently it worked. But at any rate, I remember one of the more psychic and less stable fellows of a Near Eastern economist, they were called B, who ran after one meditation yelling, “I am the captain. I have seized the ship and I am the captain.”

It is always those contacts who give themselves titles of one kind or another that indicate that there is the untuned, unchallenged contact because I have never seen a positively oriented contact in which the entity describes itself as anything than just unnamed. When you start getting into Ashtar Command and captain and Lord this, like the things that you do see from time-to-time, they still may be positively oriented messages, but you need to know that you need to read them with discrimination because the Confederation of Planets in service of the Infinite Creator would not be anything humble; would not give themselves rank. Rank is basically a service-to-self kind of situation.

A social memory complex such as Ashtar or whatever are the people in it are completely democratically alive because they are all perishable beings who have moved to the same path of service.

As I understand it, when you are talking with a social memory complex, you are actually talking with one individual of the social memory complex, but I have never understood from any contact, that I, myself, have challenged, etc., to be those with status symbols of any kind. Indeed, they are very humble and hasten to warn the people who are going to read or listen to that message that they do not have the final understanding, but they are still evolving themselves spiritually.

Of course, the future is spiritual evolution. I think our bodies have come about as far as they can to adapt to this kind of earth and any further adaptations are just going to be because of radiation or whatever happens. Some people will probably survive. Some people are too tough to kill.

It is not that easy to understand what I am trying to say. It seems like I am really picking on something small, but to make a contact safe, secure, stable, one needs to do difficult things mentally. First of all, one needs to clear the lower energy centers so that all energy is coming into at least the heart chakra. That means that if you have had any conflicts with family, friends, work, whatever environment, you drop that for that time. You clear yourself. It is, of course, advisable to do more than that. To go ahead and clear it up in real time, but for purposes of being a channel, what the channel has to do is remember who he is.

A channel is a metaphysical being of imperishable quality, taking the form of light in various illusions, and you are one with each contact that you make in that you are also of this nature. You need, however, to come to a realization of that part of your nature that is in the one Creator, of the one Creator and the one Creator.

As my card says, “My me is God.” The person who is going to channel must focus himself on what it really believes, what it honestly would die for and what it wishes to live for.

The second difficult thing once one has come to a good tuned feeling about oneself, and that includes techniques such as visualizing the clearing of the energy centers, protecting oneself with seeing mentally the red root chakra color and the violet grape together covering the whole body for the body’s protection of itself from within with this sort of red-violet mixture and then visualizing the white light of the Creator protecting all things. You can also call on the archangels to protect, but at any rate, maybe it is music, prayer, anything that gets you tuned to the highest and best in yourself.

Then you must challenge on behalf of that self, “I challenge in the name of Jesus Christ.” Jim challenges in the name of Christ Consciousness, he being an unchurched Christian and more convinced of the Christ myth than the Christ incarnation. I do not believe that this is a very substantive difference between the two beliefs except in the minds of many dogged theologians.

You see here, I am confirmed that you watch out as long as people are doing stuff like using an Ouija Board to get the communications that they are not tuning and they are not challenging the Ouija Board, which I would think would be rather difficult to do. More difficult than when we are doing it vocally or internally.

The Ouija Board certainly gathers together one’s psychic ability, whatever that may be, but there isn’t any way to tune an Ouija Board, I don’t think, or to challenge and that goes also for Tarot cards that people will throw because it is a good focus for their psychic ability. It helps them to focus. They need to use some kind of a focus that they recognize as being the highest good, the most ideal of ideals. There is something French about that thought.

So we feel that the Ashtar Command channeling has had an easy road of it. The groups that I now head was begun by a friend of WR coming to Louisville in 1961 or 2 when we started meditating together as a… We started as a scientific experiment in January 1962 and R came down to visit his friend, HP, and we were hearing a lot of noises—throat noises, tongue slapping, things like that. We were getting noise, but no sense. There were thirteen of us plus Don. I was the only girl. I was wanting to do meditating anyway. I would love to do it so Don said, “Sure, come on.”

Ashtar is a woman’s name that was common to WR’s group up in Detroit and to this group, but not Ashtar Command. One of the people that challenged Ashtar, that channeled Ashtar, the way I understand it first hand, but it was so long ago that my memory is dim on it, this one excellent channel began to get specific information regarding the imminent doom of the planet earth and Ashtar was involved for a while and so many people could get into the country and survive. This is also service-to-self information. It was put in ways that would seem to be fairly positive, but whenever you see an elite or differences made between people, you are looking at a questionable piece of information.

I am not saying that you must deny it. I am saying that weigh it and see if it resonates and that is really true of any contact. Don’t judge it by whether it came off of an Ouija board or whatever because some people are capable in and of themselves of being such crystallized energy that they could use an untuned thing and tune it by some mysterious way. I wouldn’t accept any contact until I read it, but it is just that it is very easy to spot the service-to-others who is vibrating in loving light, but who does not know how to tune and does not know how to challenge.

He begins getting information that seems positive, but it is twisted in a negative sense. Therefore, instead of the golden New Age, we have the doom preceding the New Age and the remnant that shall remain, and the remnant that have to survive, and which ones belong and which ones do not.

I have seen some other Ra channeling besides my own, and I am quite aware that they are other than this polarity because they all give title to Ra. Lord Ra or whatever, and it is so very simple, the rules of service-to-others transmissions are no infringement on free will, no bragging, a straight spiritual principle, no specific dates or anything like that. That is also self-information. Nobody is going to be taking us up off the planet, not us, not the cattle.

Right Use of Will, one of the big books in the New Age that came out this rather tacky year, it was suggested that the cattle would [inaudible] if they were worried. It gives them more credit than I had with their intelligence that perhaps the person who channeled it had not met a cow.

Next, when you see the word God in the channeling, look carefully. Any word like God, or Jesus, or sin or redemption, any idea that comes strictly out of the Christ myth and not from a general philosophical and religious viewpoint, indicates to the careful reader that the entity who is channeling is simply not as tuned as it should be because the Confederation voids the use of words that only fit one myth, if you want to consider Christ as a mythical system, which I think is a perfectly logical to do. It may give an example here or there, but not in such a way that it offends those who are unchurched and that is where their ministry is.

They are not working Christians any more than Jesus would work with church-going Jews. He was working with the unchurched because the people who are going to church are having at least a fighting chance of hearing that red print in the New Testament and thereby having a path of life in service-to-others to follow that is certainly ideal and real.

Creator is much more emotionally, colorless than God. Christ consciousness takes the pain out of the word Jesus Christ. Error takes the Christianity and the guilt and all of the judgment out of the word sin, etc. When you see that the language is such that it would rub some of the people the wrong way simply by the use of particular religious words that have become overused to the point of idiocy, you have to realize that the person is not as tuned as it might seem to be as a channel.

I don’t put myself up here as a great big expert. I have done a lot of channeling and I believe in it as a means of service to the point where I have been doing it since 1974 when Don said, “Ruckert, your free lunch is over and you are going to learn how to channel.” I never wanted to. I really enjoyed listening to the message, but apparently that kind of passive attitude makes for a good medium because I did learn in about two months and I have been working on it myself ever since because, really, I have not seen any writing on channeling besides my own.

Not to be too modest, that addresses some of these concerns about how to go about being a practicing, responsible, careful channel that indeed might make some contacts, that might inspire, or help or give some sources to a spiritual seeker.

We all have a mission and it is entirely possible that the mission that you have is, indeed, to show that science and spirituality are two sides of one coin. You don’t know that it is. You found that it says your name. It is like a compliment. It is making you feel that you are important and in an absolutely tuned contact, this would not occur in such a way. However, if showing of science and of spirituality as two sides of one coin resonates to you as your mission, it doesn’t matter how you come by the information because I think we recognize the things that are true for us.

I would like to point you in the direction of Dewey B. Larson’s books. I think he is still alive, but a very old man. He is a physicist, an engineer, who did research in his home for years and years while he was head engineer for the city of some place up there in the Northwest. Basically, he was able to create a classic theoretical universe, starting with one concept only and that was velocity = space/time. Don, in the four Ra books, especially in the beginning of Book II, worked extensively with Larsonian Physics and as a channel, Ra was able to talk about it, but as a person I never go beyond plain geometry. I was just too lazy. I enjoyed reading and stuff so I went with what I was strongest at.

So I can’t talk to you about this, but I am absolutely certain that science and spirituality are one mystery that is the unified universe. There is only union and science is spirituality and spirituality is science. Both together make up the mystery of all the illusions. Illusion within illusion within illusion. Larsonian stuff, Don thought that was the right track beyond, but he is not here any more so perhaps you can take up his work. I am afraid I don’t have any information or knowledge of a masters degree physicist to continue with that particular search, but I really do think that if velocity = space/time … In other words, everything everywhere is moving outward from all points at the speed of light, at unit velocity, and it has created, by the use of the photon. (This is Larsonian, don’t ask me to explain it. You just have to read it for yourself.)

Larson was able to get a theoretical table of elements that fit exactly. He was able to get inter-crystalline structure measurements, etc. that fit exactly the observed measurement using that and it is my feeling (if this will help you in any way) but it is my feeling that the spiritual equivalent of v = s/t is that consciousness = the God-self over free will, or in some cases, free will with the God-self completely hidden somewhere. The idea, you see, is to come more and more to that Creator-self, to the Christ within, or whatever you want to call it. That would simply be that one unit of humanhood is made up of Creator free will. That is what we are. We are the product of self-consciousness given free will.

The free will has caused us to discard our experiences in many, many different ways because of our prejudices, and biases and different things. As you know, nobody observes the same meanings in the same way. Various meanings of one text can be suggested so that might help with your mission also because it may be your metaphysical equivalent of the physical way things are. I have absolutely no field to develop the idea. It is just something that is in my mind.

About hypnosis, when Don was alive I worked extensively with hypnosis. I watched him work extensively with hypnosis. I have not the right kind of voice for hypnotic subjects exactly because it is sort of comforting. You are supposed to be able to more or less be in command. Have a clear and direct voice when … I have done a fair job of putting people into a trance and finding out information that they ask me to find out from the higher self, from another incarnation or something, but my experience is limited. However, I have watched others do it, probably three or four hundred times through the years, sixties, seventies into the eighties. Jim, my remaining partner at L/L Research, is excellent at it.

The one thing that you have to be absolutely firm about with the hypnotist is that the hypnotist may not make a suggestion. Hypnotists do not realize for the most part that if they say, “Are you a girl or a boy? Are you male or female?” that closes off any other possibility for what that person is going to be because of the desire of the entity totally concentrated on pleasing and answering the question. So you simply had to say, “Look at your hands. What do they look like?”

There are certain ways to suggest things very subtly and I urge you, if you do this kind of work, to get not only medical hypnotists and spiritually-oriented hypnotists, but hypnotists that know their job, that know how to keep a person in a deep trance, keep that person safe, give him tools so that he can come out of it if he gets too scared. Give him an observer to run to if he is not scared enough to come out of trance, but would rather look at it outside of the scene itself and just witness it.

And most of all does the hypnotist not lead the patient in any way? This is a remarkably subtle mental feat and few and far between are the hypnotists that are even trying to be as pure as that. However, I do urge you to go for that. If you are doing the work, I urge you to do the very best you can to explain to the hypnotist that there is a great danger of leading the witness and that nothing is to be suggested. You have to find neutral ways to ask what is happening. What you look like and that kind of thing.

Last of all, I see that our silver flecks are your half ring. We have gotten silver flecks and hawks for telling us when we are on the right track for years and years and years. Even in the middle of the city, we have had a hawk sit on our car when we were really worried about something one time so I applaud you for knowing the synchronicity of spiritual coincidence and using that knowledge that you have to be listening for an awareness that something special is going to happen.

This was not written by you. Let me congratulate the person who gave this message to you. As I understand it, it wasn’t you, but at any rate, everybody has got 2, or 3 signs that are only subjectively interesting. There is no objective group in the spiritual world. It is a mystery. It will be a mystery throughout its entire object of creation and then we will be a mystery. I don’t think the mystery ever stops. It is simply a road towards learning how to follow our service-to-others, which is the path of future evolution, as far as I am concerned, and I do believe in evolution. It is what we are to aim for.

I would suggest to you as you go through this work that you balance your scientific and various needs thinking to give at least twenty minutes of listening meditation per day. Fifteen or twenty minutes are not going to seem that long after a couple of months. The body sometimes throws up all kinds of barriers because the dense bodies in this culture are not used to sitting still for long periods of time and your stomach may get upset, or your head may start hurting or you may start seeing some of the denizens of the lower astral planes at the top of your subconscious in greens and monsters and stuff.

They will start to make you uncomfortable if you haven’t been meditating daily. So give yourself up to six months just to get to the point where you can listen. Give yourself all of the time in the world, really. You are going to honestly think that this is the most excellent tool for spiritual acceleration or revelation.

I guess that is all I have to say. I just thought that message looked an awful lot like messages that I myself got in 1974 and 75 when I was first started to channel so this person is starting out with beautiful thoughts, and good ideas, and good channeling and just pass on to the person for me the concern about tuning and challenging each contact so that the information that you get will be of the highest order that you can safely carry. That she can safely carry.

It has been good talking to you. It is nice to say second hand, hi to WA I haven’t seen you since 1975. We went to the Mufon convention in Fort Smith, Arkansas and Don and I were making a picture at the time, which was taken away from us and totally ruined. We came there to make a movie. It is an awful movie. I am willing to tell you that. I think that is the last time I saw WA.

I will say good-bye now. Take care and God bless.