Dear K,

K, I am not usually as prompt as this. As a matter of fact, usually it is somewhere between one and two months before I get to everybody, but I am really getting the pedal to the metal to try to catch up before vacation on Thursday, this being Tuesday. I think it will all work just fine, but I will have to keep moving.

I am very happy that you are very happy that I wrote you. I really feel strongly that one of the main ways that we learn is from talking to other people who are following a spiritual path, whether that path is only tangentially connected with ours, or whether it actively opposes ours, or whether it is that of a like-minded being. It can challenge and make one think and then, of course, the validation of people of like mind is such a blessing, but you just learn from everyone who is thinking about the Creator. I think that is basically it.

Even though you wrote the letter to me the day after you wrote the letter to Jim and me, since I guess you must have gotten a letter that day, I am answering it first because it just feels the right way to do it. I can’t explain it any more than that. I do value corresponding with people like you, K, and thank you for and am humbled by your persistence and determination on the path that is generally rather uncomfortable. At least half the time because those who are on a path of accelerated seeking and learning are also on a path of accelerated change and change is painful.

However, it is what we all want so we die daily to the personal self to make room for the impersonal self, the higher self within.

I have heard about the Bee stuff, taking bee pollen or getting stung or whatever. I have heard about that for a long, long time but I am allergic to bees and I have never gone into shock because of a simple old yellow jacket, or wasp sting or anything, but I have become much more swollen and sore than most people. I have no idea why I am so allergic, but I am allergic to the entire world. It was one of those things where I was trying to breathe and I wasn’t having a whole lot of luck at doing it so I went to an eye, ear, nose and throat specialist and he tested me for allergies and I was allergic to 48 out of 48. He said that there was no use in testing further because that meant that I was simply a sensitive and that anything that I fiddled with, anything I ate, anything I was around, I would have some kind of sensitivity reaction to it if I got too much of it.

I am waiting for a true curse to come upon me where I cannot eat peanut butter. Luckily this has not happened, so I don’t exactly feel that your Uncle Tex’s cure would really help me out a lot because the allergic reaction is not likely to help, but truly the arthritis does not bother me so much any more. It is there and when it bothers me is when it gets a little worse. It is a progressive disease and actually it is getting worse very, very slowly.

The main thing about it is that when you deal with pain on a daily basis, it becomes your friend, it becomes your companion. You cease being so afraid of it and then you cope with it. Gradually I have found that as I get more limited as the arthritic disease progresses, which, as I said, is in a very slow way compared to some people’s run-away rheumatoid arthritis, when each increment of pain becomes a little more, I gradually learn how to deal with it. When I have learned how to deal with it, then I have a happy heart again, and it doesn’t really matter to me that I have to wear a cervical collar and can’t wear anything around my waist because my tummy is all messed up and all that.

I find that boring. I find the whole thing boring. But I am very good to myself. I do eat not very much, but well, I hope, and exercise. Hopefully my attitude and the meditations, etc. really keeps the arthritis and the lupus down to a real low level. My problem is basically that when the disease started, it was so rampant that it did a lot of damage while I was still in denial about it, saying, “No, no. This will go away.”

I look like I am in a wheelchair as far as my x-rays go, but I have found through hard exercise (six days a week I do something for an hour), either walk or do jazzercise. I have been doing zero impact aerobics six days a week because believe it or not, that is easier on the feet than walking on pavement.

So really I don’t feel that I am in such horrible shape. It is just that most people are hurt, and bleeding, and sore, and aching in their heart because of the disappointments of life. In my case, I have had extremely good luck in being treated well. Lots of people around me when they first get me want to cure me very much, but eventually they forgive me and they don’t see it any more. They just see that I have a happy heart and I think that is a very healing and redeeming feeling for not just me, but for them also.

Jim told you that I might be interested in writing something for the paper that we have started here. I would be glad to. I have a suggestion on the next page. I could handle this in one of two ways.

KH is starting our community after three years of carefully thinking about it, which I truly, truly approve of so we will be a threesome again and that means that we can channel any time we want to. It is dangerous to channel with less than three people in a group. For one thing, you are going to be getting personal information, which [inaudible] tends to channel. For another thing, the protection value of three is very much stronger than the protection value of just one channel and a battery, one channel and a scribe, whatever you want to call it. Actually, I think the bigger a group is, the stronger it is if all are of one mind, but it is difficult. As Don used to call, grade the group correctly so with K here, my thought that some of these questions on the second letter, the one you wrote the day before you wrote me, like, “spiritualism and search for God, inner-guidance, is this from UFO people; changing the vibrational frequency in respect to all of us; each of us having responsibility not only to ourselves, but in the destiny of the earth; and, of course, what is channeling?

I could send you, and I think I will, my Channeling Handbook, which it doesn’t look to me as if you have read. You are familiar with the Ra material, but not the little channeling handbook I wrote. I think the first chapter is “What Is Channeling?” And that is why I am thinking I will send you that, but I will also attempt, as carefully as I can now to give you some information about what I personally feel how it started, etc.

In 1962, Don Elkins, who was a professor of physics and mechanical engineering at the State Scientific School of the University of Louisville, a prestigious school, who was interested in the paranormal in general, came across some interesting information from a group in Detroit, which had such luminous members as George Hunt Williamson and WR. HP was also of that group and Don met him when he moved to Louisville and took up a very responsible position at Ford Company.

P had brought from the Detroit UFO Contactee group, and they had an actual contact, information on how to get in touch with the allegedly UFO entities without having to go through what is perceived often as a trauma of the actual experience of contact. The scientific nature of the experiment was vitiated when WR came down to visit HP at the end of about six months, meditating weekly and just waiting for something to move our mouths. After WR came down and channeled, “What in the world are you doing? You are getting my words. You are just not saying them,” one by one, the people in the group began to be able to get words, one a time. It might take a half hour to get a five-minute message, but the messages were inspirational.

At that time, we did not know any more than anyone else about channeling, and we made many mistakes, from which, hopefully, we have learned. And which I may share with others who wish to do a holy and sanctified job of offering to those people who are hungry for spiritual food, that food which does not contain dogma and doctrine, but merely suggests certain spiritual principles, tools and resources for spiritual evolution.

I loved the meditations and I did not want to channel. I wanted to listen so from 1962 to 1974, that is exactly what I did. During this time, HP’s wife got extremely tired of holding meetings in her home so in 1974, Don told me, “Your free lunch is over. You are going to learn how to channel.” I was a reluctant channel, but Don was my partner and he was seldom, if ever, wrong about anything. So on faith, I simply began to work every day receiving and it took me about two months to get anything. I think my first contact was, “I am Hatonn. I am having trouble with this instrument.”

I began a process of careful evaluation, and analysis and deep intuition concerning the lay ministry that I had chosen because I consider the so-called New Age channeling when it is genuinely service-to-others and not mixed, as a lay ministry to unchurched Christians.

I began with no knowledge of how to go about protecting a contact and making sure that the contact is the highest and best of which one is capable. I did all kinds of things wrong at the beginning. I allowed very specific questions and I allowed myself to answer them. I allowed unspoken questions, which is really an ego-game. Although I got perfectly understandable answers to those who had mentally got the questions to me, I felt that it was sort of show-boating and grandstanding; and not really the best way to receive inspiration and information, tools and resources on how to go within, how to find the Creator within and how to manifest that in a live pattern.

There aren’t that many natural channels just as there aren’t that many good organists, or good trombonists or any art that takes not only art by a craftsmanship. As always, the secret is persistence. I have been channeling now for sixteen years and I still feel that I need to practice a little bit at the end of each morning meditation, just two or three minutes, in order to go through the preparation process in the most efficient and single-hearted way possible. This is perhaps the most difficult part of channeling. The preparation for the channeling.

I tune my instrument by prayer, and song and meditation until I feel that I have reached the highest state of mind, and spirit and soul that I can achieve stably. I do not want to lose my ability of character because that would very much limit my ministry. Once I have gotten to the place where it feels that I can hold that amount of realization and be clear, I go through the chakras, gazing at each one, making sure that they are all spinning. If they are not spinning or flashing, I encourage them by visualization to do so.

The idea, of course, is to get the energy flowing fully up through the lower three energy centers and into the heart chakra, which is unconditional love. It is only an unconditional love that one may channel and, indeed, there is more to it even than that.

Once one has tuned, one needs to declare oneself. In order to declare oneself as a timeless, eternal, metaphysical being of light, one must do the best one can to gaze at one’s inward part, one’s core of existence, to find out what it is that we are living for; what it is we would die before denying; what it is that causes in us the passion of worship, adoration and desire to be of service. Each entity that wishes to serve will express itself differently.

Consequently, I would not make any suggestions, but simply ask each person who wishes to prepare himself to channel, that he meditate daily, once in the morning at the very beginning of the day, and if there is time, it is greatly helpful in clearing the lower energy centers to take fifteen or twenty minutes at night before you go to bed, simply looking over the day, asking yourself, “Where did my feelings move?” The good and the bad alike are very much balanced by procedure of thinking about how you felt and than allowing its antithesis to come into the mind so that you have moved from what is basically a false position of good only to a total realization of the unity of all things.

Later on, I figured out for myself (and this is only subjectively true for me; I don’t mean to put a stumbling block in front of others) that it was necessary to challenge all spirits in the name of that for which one would die. Since I am a mystical Christian (in other words, I don’t care whether Christ was historical or not, the story is good enough to get me through eternity), I challenge in the name of Jesus the Christ. Jim challenges in the name of Christ Consciousness. These thought forms are extraordinarily powerful, completely powerful, completely service-to-others oriented, of course.

Negative energies cannot pass that challenge because they cannot be overtly dishonest. They may be very clever, but they may not be dishonest when it comes to a meeting of the darkness and the light. The light will move into the darkness whether the darkness knows it or not. That is the strength of unconditional Love.

There are many, many people channeling today who have no idea how to control the process of making contact. You cannot control. You can only stop an actual contact because you are receiving concepts or words from the unconscious mind just as thoughts arise in your mind from the unconscious. I would not be surprised if all that we think is outer—angels, guides, masters, the Holy Spirit, etc, were not actually subjectively perceived and subjectively real to each person.

Consequently, a person who challenges in the name of positivity and love, however that higher force expresses itself to the instrument, whenever you do this challenging, you have control over what you are going to hook up to. The things to watch out for in channeling are several:

First of all, it is folly to channel alone. You may keep a prayer journal. You may keep an essay notebook, but do not think of it as channeling, but rather of expressing yourself. You may well be channeling a wiser and deeper part of yourself.

Secondly, a thing to watch out for is the cleverness of the negative polarity. It has to be clever because it is not good. If there is any weakness at all, especially in the lower energy centers, the inroads that a relatively less powerful entity, since a fourth density entity, can make are horrendous. I have seen people whose personalities simply flew apart and they had to have psychiatric help and always it was because the channel was practicing without the safety of the universality of a group of at least three people.

Signs of a negative contact moving through a positively oriented channel are these: Specific dates and prophecies because you see that is service-to-self information. Gloom and doom and the talk of the elite—the remnants shall remain, etc. More service-to-self. I have even seen careful descriptions of how to discriminate between those who are of the remnants who shall remain and those who don’t make it, and, therefore, cannot be allowed in the survival camps. Anything to do with the survival of the human body and not spiritual principles is definitely a bent contact. Anything which purports to come from Captain this or Commander that, or Lord the other, is very, very suspect because I have found that service-to-other group entities, social memory complexes, are humble with a humility that is bred in the bones.

I have never felt the slightest bit of ambivalence within them. They know who they are and they do wish to help, but the job of the channel is to prepare oneself in as excellent and cleanly a manner as possible. I also use cleansing of the physical body at the time of prayer before I channel on Sunday night. It is merely a gesture of a ritual that manifests my desire to tune, but I really do feel that it is an important part of my gradual entry into a state-of-mind to where I can hear, not with my ears but just coming up right out of my subconscious, concepts that may hopefully help a few people.

I must warn people who are dabbling with channeling the information you get is information for which you are responsible, and to channel one way and live another is to invite very much the entry of the loyal opposition into the equation. It is a marvelous idea for channels to find ability lives for whatever state makes them feel stable. Some people feel more stable when they are on the road. Take very seriously the tuning and challenging processes. Otherwise you may well get so-called evil spirits, although I don’t like that word. It has a lot of emotional connotations whereas the word negative is much more natural in its emotional impact.

I think that is probably enough for now. I am also going to send you The Channeling Handbook and you are perfectly welcome to quote the Ra material, the Secrets of the UFO, the Channeling Handbook, anything we’ve got. I even suggested to Jim that when KH comes to join our community in September, perhaps we could have a special series of meditations on the questions that you asked to both of us the day before. I would think that the information would be more helpful channeled than written out of my experience, but if this is not something that you feel is true, please let me know and I will be glad to speak simply of my own opinions.

Our people always suggest that they do not wish to be a stumbling block to anyone and if anyone wishes to disregard anything that is said, they are urged to do so because my sources do not claim to be without error. They simply are reaching a hand back to help people just the way we reach a hand back to our planet if we are responsible and try to help that density here.

I am sending you some material on pyramids that Jim worked up for a workshop we had. We are sending you significant dates and then Jim did a two-pager on the densities and the energy centers so you can add that to your collection of notes for the class to come. It really does sound like your enthusiasm may very well start a group in B and I would be very tickled.

Unfortunately I cannot teach channeling through the mail safely. The problem is there is not a support group unless the person is already channeling and what I am doing is finding in between the lines what people say when they write me about channeling, that is what their problem may well be.

I think you know we speak on inspiration and consequently, two or three people can ask the same question at different times and receive a completely different channeling oriented towards the deeper intent of the question.

I am very glad that you have had positive experiences with the little spacemen. I have heard of many and I am very sad at the paranoia that has been developing for years. Actually it has just sprung up anew this year on the bad UFO entities. There are many, many planets, you know “Invasion of Planet Earth” and all that.

I have talked to people who have had very positive UFO experiences and some have had them repeatedly.

I really think that to the pure of heart, the call is pure and I think entities from their home density sometimes come to waken within us the knowledge of the great mystery of creation. There is no explanation for that little man. Yet it is subjectively, extremely interesting and fascinating to you. You saw it. You had a feeling that the person was alive. That he was benevolent, intelligent and aware. And obviously, it meant a good deal to you in terms of inspiring you to seek further along the lines of the truth of this great mystery of the Creator, the creation and our relationship thereto.

I am disabled and to me it is a joy to find works that I can do that I think might perhaps help people. While I am confined to a cervical collar and sitting in one place most of the day, it is not usual really for people that can’t use their hands, etc. to be able to be productive, but thanks to tape recorders and much help from our little community, I manage to get quite a bit done.

I am glad you feel connected to it because I am really pleased that you got a lot out of the Ra material. It was a contact that was very difficult, obviously. I went down to about 84 pounds. I couldn’t eat enough to keep my weight on. And I hate to eat anyway because my stomach hurts when I eat. It is nice that you feel connected to us because I honestly believe that we are connected. Those who resonate are brothers and sisters of sorrow. We are wanderers and the sooner we remember it, have faith in it, and have confidence and quietness in our hearts, the better.

Now anything that you would wish on channeling, other than what I have said, you are also welcome to quote and if it is okay with you, I truly would prefer channeling about assistance from UFO people, changing of the vibrational frequency of the earth, etc. All of these questions. I’ve got these questions. I don’t keep them.

I could give my opinion and it may perhaps be that that would be better than a channeling. You let me know what you want, an opinion or a deeper look at each subject.

People who are religious and have problems with channeling are often not aware that Paul included channeling in his list of spiritual gifts. He called it discernment of spirit. It has been going on forever, ever since the beginning of Homo sapiens. There is a telepathic part to all of us that is hidden beneath the veil and as we grow accustomed to each other, we begin to know how each other will feel: to sometimes have a funny feeling if I am away; or someone will come by; or a sudden urge to call someone and ask if he is all right. This is also a kind of channeling.

I believe that each and every person in the world is a channel all of the time. They are not necessarily conscious channels, but they are channeling that which is their consciousness. Those who are still asleep are channeling a consciousness basically built on distraction and not thinking because it is simply too painful to think about the great disturbances that we have experienced on earth and the damage done to it.

Channeling is also that which Jesus repeatedly stated that we get. He was always trying to explain to people, “When you hear me, you do not hear me, but the Father within.” If that is not a simple explanation of channeling, I do not know what is.

He was perhaps the best channel I have ever become acquainted with and mystically I don’t care if there was a historical Jesus or not.

Sometimes we simply channel the very surface of ourselves and skate along on the top of life, but we are still channeling though. Much is beyond our conscious control at all times and we move in intuition as much as we move in …

[Side one of tape ends.]

…so it behooves everyone not just vocal channels, to do the work of clearing the lower energy centers; making one’s peace with sexuality as a beautiful experience of the Creator; working within the self and with the people that you want to be with to remove the desire to possess or the fear of possession; the desire to be possessed, or the fear of being possessed.

Once those energies having to do with survival, personal relationships and relationships within the society, are pretty well peaceful, then the atmosphere is right or the best work that can be done. Your work can be completely undramatic, but extremely important like raising children and teaching them by example, vs. the more dramatic forms of service like healing. Not any two people have the same work to do upon this earth. We all are here, I think, because we have earned the right to try for graduation. We have the possibility of polarizing strongly enough towards service-to-others that we may graduate with the planet into fourth density.

Channeling is a word that has very tacky connotations because so many mediums show-boat and act in a certain way that is more dramatic and of this world than passing on spiritual information, which may constitute [inaudible] sources. It is, in short, a tacky field for the most part. Occasionally I run into somebody who is doing wonderful channeling work. It happened to me the other day, but it simply does not happen that often. The people who are spiritually religious fear that it is coming from evil entities and need to ask that particular channel, “How do you prepare to channel?” If the channeler says, “I just open up my mind and I just start going,” then that person is not to be trusted.

There really does need to be the work in consciousness done because once is hooked up to one’s contact, it is basically out of our hands except we can simply stop talking if we feel the contact is not excellent.

I thought you might enjoy these sheets, so I am sending them on to you too. Your UFO experience sounds very much like a positive UFO experience. You had a real transformation experience there. He had the alien voice other than human yet because you were a child and knew to trust. You were sensitive to precisely how he felt.

I don’t know what percentage look like that little fellow, but there are a lot that look like that little fellow. I think they are truly positive and that he disappeared is status quo. That is the way it happens. So do not doubt your experience, but rejoice in it because you can never prove to another soul anything spiritual. All you will do is engage in fruitless argument. Consequently, I suggest to any who wish to be an apostle, shall we say, for the Ra material or for anything in particular, to cool it. Lay back and wait because people will write you, or will call you, or will come to you and will ask you for help, will ask you to share and at that point, the time has come for you to speak, but until you are asked questions, you may drop the seed that it is not your responsibility as to the nature of the ground. As Jesus said, “Some seeds drop on good soil, some drop on sand, some seeds on rock. He just simply said to be spirit-centered upon thoughts of God, of the Creator, and in the unity of creation.

I am glad that you have got a ghetto blaster, but I would really appreciate it if you write back to me because of the difference in the time it takes to listen to a tape and the time it takes for me to read a letter. I read pretty quickly and I can get through it pretty fast. I cannot get through listening to anything but in real time so there you are.

I am going to send you the Channeling Handbook for you to choose things out of and you’ve got some quotes from me here and I need you to tell me whether it was acceptable or not that we channel the other questions, or whether you simply wish me to write a series of articles. I can do either one. But in my opinion, on spiritual principles the contact that we have will give a much more universal and objective view of situations, processes and transformation than would I with my various biases, with which I came into this world, and personality which I have not yet found a way to remove so that I may be a completely impersonal channel. I am not sure that will ever happen to me in this density.

Congratulations on your little paper being a hit. That is really neat. Just be sure and stay on top of the power curve because if you keep trying to improve, and improve and improve by using better paper or more pages or whatever, you will find that the cost is higher.

I am so glad that you have run into spiritually aware people. I went through Idaho once during a blizzard. It was pretty bleak. I remember a sign that said Pocatello and it seemed almost like the car was going Pocatello, Pocatello, Pocatello down the road. It was a beautiful state, but it didn’t look like it had very many people in it.

Let me know whether you want me to write articles or whether you want me to channel. As to my being a technical writer and all that, actually what it is a mental pick. I love the language and consequently, I have tried to love the language by keeping myself from abusing it. In other words, I am a conservative person that prefers classical college English to the colorful metaphors, and colloquialisms and neologisms that so infect our culture in the 20th century, especially since the advent of the computer with a whole language in itself.

I look forward to hearing from you and we are going to go on vacation so I won’t be back until September 4, so I imagine when I come back I will have a stack of mail. It may be a while before I can write you, but I promise you that I will send that Channeling Handbook and perhaps you may find parts of it that will be helpful to people and that is totally up to you. I have no feeling about needing to be reimbursed for anything.

We always have accepted contributions because it takes a lot of money to print books, but we have never charged people because we receive the information freely and we feel that it should be given freely.

Luckily there are many people who are very aware that there are people out there who love the Ra material, but who cannot afford it and they will check the little space that says, “Contribution for prisoners,” and I include real Senior citizens on Social Security and kids that haven’t gotten enough money and are thrilled with the books. They make up the slack sort of. We had a real bump this last winter when the postal rates went up because you know we were balanced at having $2.00 after we paid everything, but in the black. We went in the red last December. It was very uncomfortable so the next dozen or so people I wrote to that I knew well enough to know that they wouldn’t interpret my request as a request for money, but a request for prayer that they offer affirmations for plenty for L/L and it was a beautiful thing to watch. Within three weeks, we had gone into the black again and were okay.

What is happening with me now? We were going to have a workshop this summer, but Jim and I sat down and had a very careful long talk about what we had to offer. Jim is going to be working on that concept until he comes up with the service he wants to give, and because Jim is the way he is, I am extremely patient with that and supportive because he does not do things quickly. He does everything quickly as far as having a schedule for the day and being efficient, but he thinks a matter through very thoroughly before offering an opinion and when he comes up with an opinion, it will work. I am very content to wait.

We’ll probably have some kind of conference this winter. We take people into the house. There is also a motel up the road and we were teaching channeling, but I finally decided that it was just the wrong thing to do because people would come from afar and they would be so inspired by each other’s intensity. You know the way work shops always are with spiritual-minded people. It is very exciting to talk to other people who live life that way, but when they would go back home, they would not have a support group. They would not have an experienced channel to help them over the humps so we decided not to teach people to channel that could not come once a week. It is limited to people who live in the Louisville area because Louisville is a pretty long commute from anywhere. It is in the middle of nowhere.

I am back singing for my 23rd season with the Box Society. I started out as an alto and then one day the head of the Box Society heard me helping out the sopranos. I have a very straight tone and Box music is written for a boy soprano kind of tone, which is exactly what I sound like. When M heard that straight tone up on those high notes and he found out I could hit them, he said, “You are a soprano,” which took a little getting used to, but it is all right. It is just that it is not as much fun as singing the inner part because there is not as much challenge. One is so often singing the tune.

I am involved in some church work right now that is special. The Episcopal Church women of the diocese of Kentucky are going to have a convention at our church this next Fall, October 27-28, and I have the honor/duty, shall we say, I have been appointed the local arrangements chairman this year and will automatically become the program chairman next year for the diocese of Kentucky. So I am putting a lot of thought and time into that.

I have a prayer group at church. They are all anonymous except me so that they won’t have trouble with spiritual pride—people coming up to them and saying, “Oh thank you, thank you, you saved my child.” It is all anonymous. I do all my work through the mail because we are a downtown parish and almost nobody comes from downtown because downtown are poor people and the Episcopalians have a real problem with poverty. I am hoping this is going to be less and less true it the future. I believe it will be.

We are going on vacation the 17th to a lovely little place called Pawley’s Island. It is not that far from Myrtle Beach and all of those expensive hotels that front on the beach, but it is quite shabby and quite comfy for people like me who don’t like to have to live up to their bathrooms.

You can rent a cottage, especially a smaller one, for a very reasonable fee. In our case, we get a wonderful great big porch, a little sitting room that catches the sun and doesn’t have air conditioning where I quite often go and read if it is not too terribly hot because I really enjoy the heat. An air conditioned, great big living room, which segues into a dining area, which segues into a kitchen. It is basically built all as one room except for the bathroom and the two bedrooms. Since we can do our cooking there if we wish, then the rent that we pay is just all that we have to pay. It is extremely inexpensive compared to other vacations that one might take where one might be a little bit more high-fluting in one’s choices of places to go.

We really enjoy it. It is the same beach and it is the same ocean as at Myrtle Beach and we do not need the luxury nor can we afford it. We are really looking forward; have been saving all year, like we always do. We just got our Traveler’s Checks yesterday. We leave Thursday. We will be back September 4.

I guess that basically is our news for right now. We continue to have a Sunday night meditation and needless to say, if at any time you wish to visit, simply let us know. Visiting on the weekend is the best for us. Jim is very busy on Saturday and most of Sunday, but I have much more freedom simply because I can’t do as much. I can’t move around as much so I enjoy the times I have when people come and wish to talk about spiritual matters. I feel that is part of my service and not Jim’s. He is not inclined to talk for long periods of time. He is very terse and economical in his wording. Also the best channel I think I have ever trained.

I guess that is about it. The cats are thriving. Jim is happy as a clam and I am counting the hours until we leave so you let me know when you have a chance and you feel inspired what you would like to do about those questions you asked, and you have got the Channeling Handbook and you are welcome to quote out of it. That should give you a start and that makes me real happy because it is nice to help out.

I will leave you for now and bid you adieu and lots of love and light. I too am thankful that this correspondence has begun. If you will do me the favor of writing a letter back to me, it would make it a lot easier for me. This is very selfish and I apologize for that, but listening in real time is probably ten times as slow as reading and being able to mark with an underliner things those things are needed in color. It draws you to the words. I can read a letter through the first day it comes, put it in the back of the box and when it gets to the front of the box, it is already to answer because I have marked those things about which I wish to speak. If you wouldn’t mind typing, I would be very grateful and thank you for saying that you can struggle along with my handwriting, but I really don’t want to foist it off on you. I am really glad that you have ghetto blaster.

Yes, I was a librarian. It sure sounds like it, doesn’t it?

Cheerio until I talk to you again. God bless.