Dear E,

I’d like to thank you for your (minutes?). I’m not familiar with [Essesenity?], or Vashar although I have heard the name before, and am not a person who wishes to judge between channels as to their validity of information because I’ve found through the years, as I’ve been of service as a channel that a book I may think is absolutely appalling, will be shown to be by someone else who is on the path of seeking, as being the most exciting new book that’s come along in a long time and has very much excited and engaged their interest.

So, I must refrain from judgment of our own material and others as well. Since you have a Channeling Handbook you know the sort of thing that I aim for in my own channeling, that is, an impersonal contact that deals with general metaphysical and spiritual principles and gives one tools and resources that will enable one to accelerate the path of evolution along the spiritual path.

The origin of the Vinon channeling is work between that gentleman and a fellow named Andrija Puharich. There were hundreds of thousands of words channeled through Vinon [inaudible] and the only published account of them is a very small percentage of that information and is included as an appendix to the book published in 1974 called “Uri” which was about Puharich’s experiences with Uri Geller.

The person to contact would be Andrija Puharich, I know he lives in North Carolina on Josh Reynolds Estate, which is called “Devotion” and it’s somewhere near Elkins, North Carolina. I’m sure that in some of his writings somewhere that is mentioned, but I don’t have that information any more.

But at any rate, that is the genesis of that material and Puharich, if anyone, has the files on it.

As to the Probert channeling, that happened way back in the 50’s in California during time when people like George Hunt Williamson (which was a made-up name—his real name is Michael d’Obrenovic, he was a prince someplace in East Europe, but never liked to capitalized on that fact.) He was an archeologist and had done a lot of work with Indian lore and discovered a good deal of occult connection between the Indian signs and UFO phenomenon.

He wrote quite a few books which were basically plagiarized by Eric Von Daniken who was the original person who pointed out the interesting phenomenon of the lines in Nazca and the heads at Easter Island, that sort of phenomenon. It was in that milieu of anything-can-happen that Probert received the information that he received. I think he worked through a group in California called “Borderline Science, Inc.”, something like that. Again, it happened so long ago that it is extremely doubtful to me that there is any extant material available. However, you might make friends with a diligent librarian who likes searching through Library of Congress catalogs and can find some of this information for you.

The most popular book that Probert put out was called “The Magic Bag: A Manuscript Dictated Clairaudiently to Mark Probert by Members of the Inner Circle”, but it has long been out of print and your best bet would be to try to find it in a library if you live anywhere near a large town.

What you will find on these tapes is largely the same material but presented in a characteristic and idiosyncratic way due to the personalities of the channels.

“The Nine” which was channeled by Mark Vinon purported to be the channeling from the Council of Saturn which was the group which judged who should come through the veil and have contact with people of Planet Earth which was basically under a quarantine of non-interference beyond a certain point so that we could make our own choices. It’s very very important to us to be free to make our own choices and not to depend upon the authority of anyone—including our own channeling and all others.

[inaudible] is much more friendly talking and seems apparently to be an inner plane type, by which I mean, the man had physical existence on Planet Earth at one time and is consequently able, without detuning the channel to give more personal information than an impersonal source, such as [inaudible] or Ra.

I will send you our latest catalogue. You will find that our style is hardly grand—we type out a catalogue on a piece of paper with our logo on it which happens to be Picasso’s rendering of Don Quixote. We feel that what we have to offer is valuable to some but we have no desire to push it on people

As to how much things cost, if it really distresses you not to know what it costs just to print things and what it costs just to mail them and what percentage of overhead we need in order to keep going as an organization—we do have a sheet prepared. We would prefer to follow the metaphysical principle of sending the books in good faith

And if the material is acceptable, then the contribution we receive in return will be a statement from that person of the value of that material, consummate with that person’s ability to give. Some people are dirt poor, prisoners in particular, have a great deal of trouble giving any money, yet they are just as worthy to receive this material as anyone else.

Consequently, we prefer to follow the metaphysical principle of plenty and to affirm that those who are more comfortably off will send generous donations to make up for those free books which we send out to people, like prisoners and older people living on Social Security who simply do not have any money and are eating dog food to survive.

Our readership consists of people from pre-teenage to well into their 90’s, so there is no group targeting or advertising plan or any attempt to push ourselves forward.

If you do not feel comfortable, as I said, simply giving an amount that you feel appropriate for the information you receive and for the work that we have done, then we will be glad to send you a sheet showing what our cost of the book was, what the cost of postage was, what the cost of household supplies (office supplies which you use like wrapping tape and envelopes and things like that) and what percentage it takes in order for us to reprint the books because of course one has to hedge against inflation somewhat because the cost of printing keeps going up, but so far we have not had to do that but two or three times.

Most people realize that we are very serious about trying to live in a metaphysically clear manner and are able to make the adjustment from paying a certain price for a certain piece of information, to evaluating the impact of that information and it’s worth to them and donating accordingly the amount for them that is comfortable that will express the gratitude that they may feel towards the group for working.

We truly are in a labor of love here—we do not take any money at all for the work that we do, except Jim has to take a dollar for tax purposes for some reason. He has to take a dollar a year. I always tell him not to spend it all in one place.

As to people who have told you that you have come here to be an interspecies and inter-dimensional communicator, I would present to you what seems like a wet rag, a caveat, a dampening, but I try to do this in all kindness and compassion to people who do not feel an urge from within to do this or that, but who are told what their path of service is going to be from the outside.

I have found that although in some few cases this is accurate, in a very large majority of the cases, some nine out of ten, the telling of the person that he is to be doing a dramatic service for planet earth in the future is a trick of words designed to make the person feel more closely bound to that teacher and more important and elite and special. All of this being distinctly service to self oriented.

I cannot tell you how many people have written to me in great despair and sorrow that they have not been able to manifest the channeling that they were told it was their business to do. So take a large salt shaker to this information. It could be and it could not be. I’m not psychic and I don’t ask questions like that of my sources, because specific information such as this, at the level at which I am working, would be considered infringement on the freewill of the entity and choosing for the entity instead of the entity making free choices of his own.

You must follow your own inner directions. You need to be in touch with yourself—not with any other authority. It is always helpful to have a friend along the path, whether that friend be incarnate or discarnate—someone whom you can bounce things off of—someone who acts as a mirror to you—someone you admire—someone who is a true egg to you, without demanding anything in return.

My personal source of comfort in that respect is Jesus Christ—I have no idea whether he ever lived or died, but the story of his life is extremely meaningful to me as a parable and I find that I refer myself back to “What would Jesus think, what would be in the mind of Jesus.” It is a good yardstick with which to measure the illusion.

I recommend to people that they look for an imperishable source of this kind of yardstick to be a help to them along the road, not depending on any human or channeled information, but depending instead on some imperishable ideal, or some personal representative of that ideal.

So you meditate for yourself. And if you are to be an interspecies communicator with dolphins, it will more or less hit you over the head with a 2x4—that’s been my experience on paths of service in this lifetime. You don’t have to seek and search and ruminate, agonize and trouble your soul over what your path of service is. You have only to open your eyes and gaze in front of your face. It lies directly before you.

People have a lot of trouble with that because a lot of paths of service are very intensive, very difficult, very low paid and very undervalued. I’m thinking especially in relationship to children. As far as I’m concerned, it’s probably the highest path of service on the planet, because you’re dealing directly one on one with the Creator. You are preparing that creator to live an adulthood which is more and more able to dispose of those little parts of the self that stand in the way of living a universal and impersonal life in service to others.

You’re right. If it happens, it will happen in complete synchronicity so I urge you to be patient and to take your concern into meditation daily, and I’m not speaking of a prayerful meditation, but a listening meditation. You are not listening for a specific word or voice, you are simply listening. I find it effective to just follow my own respiration, as I breath in and out. It gives me something to concentrate on that has absolutely no value whatsoever intellectually. But it keeps my attention focused so I can listen inwardly and I recommend that to you.

I do teach channeling privately, but I have learned not to teach individuals channeling. My requirements for teaching people channeling are one of two things: either a person is able to make the commitment to come and work over a fairly long period of time—a year or even two years, and I work with that person long enough so that person feels clear enough about their contacts and their ability to discern between spirits by tuning and challenging them, so they can go off on their own; or, I ask that someone who wishes to learn channeling from me to bring at least two other people who do not necessarily want to channel but wish to support you in your ministry.

The reason for this is I have taught channeling to people who were pretty skilled at it and showed great promise but when they went home there was no support group for them. Without a support group one cannot function channeling verbally. One can channel within oneself by keeping a journal or a notebook of one’s dreams and studying that which the subconscious has to tell us, by meditating daily, by opening the doors of perception and removing the veil to the subconscious so that we are living more and more in the moment, in the present, which is the intersection between time and eternity.

The primary goal of all of us is to live in that moment and to be a light through which the infinite light of the infinite Creator can shine. We are conduits, we are not in and of ourselves capable of a great deal. We are too bound to our humanity—we have too much free will, and we are too unwilling to discipline it. Thus, we exhibit willfulness instead of willingness to serve. We want to determine our own path of service—we want that path of service to be dramatic, and we are not really willing to be patient and wait for the true guidance, the true signal, the resonances of inner truth, for us, that guides us in the way that has been prepared for us to walk in.

So, if you can find a couple of people who will be your support group when you get back home, there’s a motel right up the road that charges $30-$32 for a double and is nice and clean—not particularly fancy, obviously, it’s only a mile down the road, and I would say, depending on how much of a natural gift you have, it would take between a week and a month to be able to go back to your own environment and successfully initiate your own contacts.

The more work in consciousness that you have done prior to such a trip here, the easier it will be for you to channel once you are here, so I’ll quickly run through those things that you’ll need to work on, namely the Red Ray, the Orange Ray and the Yellow Ray. Since you’ve read the Ra books, you know of which I speak. That is, if you are having trouble liking yourself, feeling worthwhile, feeling self-forgiven and able to forgive others—this is a life threatening situation—so you need to heal yourself. You need to feel that you are worthwhile, that you do have something to offer by your very being, by your existence, think of yourself as a breath in the great infinite respiration of eternity.

If you take a shallow breath you shall not be giving to that infinite intelligence, which is the Creator, full knowledge of the self. It is the person that takes the deep breath of life during these fleeting moments that we are alive and in these bodies, that is the most service to the infinite one.

So it is important to clear the Red Ray chakra, by realizing the beauty of the self, the perfection of the self, the excellence of the mechanism of sexual expression, whether or not you have any yourself has no effect on this opinion. It is indeed a marvel that the Creator was able to create a way in which people would be bound to link themselves together in an intimate enough way to be able to be teachers to each other—mirrors of each other.

So you can be celibate and a hermit and still see the excellence of this plan and realize it was a good and beautiful way of the Creator expressing itself through duality into oneness.

Then there’s the good old Orange Ray, which people have the most trouble with in this density. That’s the relationship they have with other people. It is all too easy to become an adversary; either a passive adversary or an active one. It is all too easy to be without charity. It is all too easy to be hurt. It is all too easy to give umbrage and not asked forgiveness. It is hard to be humble, especially when you feel that you’ve been brought here for a special purpose and that that purpose is very important and that you are working on yourself.

What you have to realize is that we’re all made of one thing—the Creator plus free will. Consequently, from the meanest, filthiest, drunk in the gutter to the most seemingly advanced and intelligent shaman or master, all beings are metaphysically equal. You cannot build yourself a stairway to heaven. So you need to clear that Orange Ray.

So if there is a damaged relationship which you can mend, by all means mend it. If you cannot mend it with the other person, at least forgive it of yourself—forgive the entire incident—so that you do not carry baggage around with you.

The third ray that must be cleared is usually the easiest to clear, because entities really don’t think too much about paying taxes or the things that go on in government. The reaction in most cases is to be completely indifferent, which is a clear energy. It’s not a strong energy but it does not have to be a strong energy to be a balanced energy.

In other words, if you don’t vote, but at the same time you don’t kvetch about the horrible things that are happening, you’re balanced. If you vote and you want to complain about what’s happening, you’re balanced. But you can’t cease from voting (or being politically involved in some way) and then complain about the system.

So these are the things you have to gaze at. And, of course, the work environment is the same as the society, need to be clarified. At that point you have energy rushing into the heart chakra, which is unimpeded by blockages below, and it is that Green Ray energy which then can be used to do that work in consciousness that is necessary to channel.

So if you would like to come with two or more people for week at a time, I’d be glad to work with you. If you’d just like to visit over the weekend sometime when you’re on your way someplace, that would be fine too. All I ask is that you give us a couple of weeks notice because my dear companion, Jim, works to his own extremely rather rigid schedule actually, which he makes up himself and then sticks too rather rigidly, and it takes him about two weeks to work a visit like that into his life so that it all flows smoothly for him and that’s very important to me.

That’s about all I do have to tell you, except that I would be very happy to communicate with you through the mail in any manner which you like. I think that spiritually oriented communications are very valuable, and what one is seeming giving, one receives back a hundred fold so that one is always learning more than one is teaching, and I welcome your letters and I welcome your visit.

I have stringent requirements for the teaching of channeling for the simple reason that I have taught 200 or 300 people to channel, but of those that have learned, not one has gone on to become a successful channel because I was not aware of the great necessity for having a protective, universalizing, support group which enables the channel to speak in a cosmic sense rather than a personal sense and so to get information that will offer tools and resources for spiritual growth.

It is a beautiful winter’s day here and I hope that you are having one too. I will get Jim to send you our spiffy catalogue and you can order what you wish and as I said, if it is indeed necessary for us to send you all of our prices, we will send them to you but it is with reluctance that we do so, because we really feel that people are in all different circumstances and what one person can afford $5 for, another person could afford $100 for, and we have no desire to limit the amount of charity that people feel towards us, but only say: please donate an amount that is comfortable for you if you find this material interesting.

I know it’s risky, and I must admit that since the postage went up the last time we have not been able to publish a new book, but Jim and I both would like to preserve that metaphysical way of being.

I wish you much love and light and hope I have been able to be of some help. We’re here, we don’t talk on the phone—I hate phones. I have pretty bad arthritis in my neck and arms and holding the phone is sheer torture for me, so please write and if you like you may send my tape back so I can use it again. But please reply on paper because I am much more easily able to get the gist of what people want to know and how I can serve them by looking at the paper and being able to highlight those things which are asked.

Thanks so much for your letter, and God bless your ministry. Take care, cheerio,