Dear A,

[This is a Valentine’s note from Carla to A.]

First of all, I’d like to apologize for talking to you on tape, but my handwriting is pretty illegible because of the arthritis and my voice is a good deal more legible, shall we say.

Thank you so much for your very supportive letter. It is always a great, good feeling when someone writes in and says that the work that we have done has helped them. We put it out without anything but the desire to be of service to the Creator and it is great to know that sometimes the material does help people.

Your purity of spirit must be rather high since without knowing what is in the channeling handbook, you were constantly receiving general answers to the specific questions. The principle involved, of course, is that a general answer gives people the tools and resources that they need to evaluate their own experiences into polarized as they wish polarized towards service-to-others and towards love, and worship and praise of the Infinite Creator.

The trouble with asking about phenomena is that they are but sign posts pointing to the underlying mystery of creation, which scientists have rather blanketed by a razzle-dazzle array of technology, especially in this century so that people believe that things can be known. It actually is not so. The scientists themselves will be the ones to tell you that as they search and search for matter and look deeper and deeper into telescopes and most delicate instrumentation they have been able to perfect, they have been able to see not the mass of an electron, but merely the path of its energy, which is a very, very deep and fundamental indication that we and all that we see about us are part of a great illusion, which is made up of various focuses of energy, complexes of energy, that seem to separate us from one another and the world around us. In actuality, we really are all one so the helpful type of information, which one receives from metaphysical channels, is that which gives the seeker resources to use in choosing how to accelerate the path of spiritual evolution.

I feel confidently that we have finished our physical evolution and further evolution will be spiritual.

I see that you live in South Carolina. We visit South Carolina once a year to go to Pawley’s Island. Ours is a labor of love and we have a ball doing it, but in actuality, as any ministry is, it is fairly single-minded and fairly intense. Except for our day off (we do give ourselves a day off a week), our days are spent in channeling, and in teaching meditation, and answering a good many letters, sending out books, etc., and I do church work in addition to that because my path is Christianity. Jim works in his green cathedral as he tends to his gardens here and his 90-acres of wilderness at Avalon, which is our retreat.

We feel tremendously fortunate to be able to do this. Fortunately, we have enough to get by without having to work 9 to 5 and that frees us to work all of the time on ourselves and in service-to-others. A tremendous boon. We live pretty simply, I guess, but we have a fine time. At any rate, Pawley’s Island is a real relaxing time for us because we remove ourselves from the work that awaits us. Because of the fact that the books have been out for a long time and there is this kind of domino effect, the more people see the books, the more people write in, the more people send secondary orders and more people have questions. As the years go on, and we answer every letter, the work is continuous pretty much. It is all a ball for us. It is what we want to do. But it does take up our time and it is certainly what we want to do, but the two weeks we give ourselves to lie in the sun and jump the waves and just be our wonderful refreshers and renewers of our spirit so that we can go back and do it again with an even more single-minded love in our work and gratitude for being able to do it.

I think it is a good sign that you have a small meditation group. When I started channeling, I was being asked a lot of specific questions and I didn’t know any better than to answer them and I found myself getting detuned because I am like you, I went ahead and trusted the contact, which was a foolish thing to do. But I didn’t know that. I didn’t have a teacher per se, not one that was any more experienced in channeling than I. So I did the channeling handbook, which is not a report on things that I have learned from other people. It is just a report on what I’ve figured out so far in my own channeling, which I have been doing since 1974.

But the great temptation, you see, is to answer specific questions with specific answers that are accurate and that is an open door for negative entities who wish to mimic positive entities and are able to do so to the positively oriented channel by couching their answers in what seems to be positive language.

Actually what it is doing, is drawing the attention of the people away from the great mystery and wonder of the one Infinite Creator and the great love and light, which created us and which we are a part of, and to which we wish to return, and focuses on mundane phenomenon. There are many remarkable things that have occurred and many things to ask and I don’t suggest that anything is unworthy of comment, but simply that you are quite right.

The importance in daily living is in being of a consciousness that sees everything in the light of a consciousness of love so that one may see a difficulty as a challenge when you are learning a lesson of love. One may see the Creator in each person, and so love that person and have compassion on whatever difficulties that person might be having, rather than judging.

God bless your work. Never be discouraged by the small numbers. It simply means you are doing more advanced work. The people that basically tell fortunes and are working with inner-planes masters are able to give more specific information without detuning the channel. On the other hand, it is a field prone, very much prone to folly as anybody that reads the literature can see. Those who have a tendency towards egotism will receive quite simply a gradual lessening of available light until such incorrect information is being offered through their channel that their light is put out, the information is discredited, and another source of the lightening of the consciousness of the planet has been removed. So I am tickled pink that you were avoiding that snare and I hope you are work is very blessed in the time to come.

Your letter was a lovely one to receive and I wish you a very happy Valentine’s day.

Lots of love and light,