Dear friends of L/L Research –

It has been two and a half years since we had to make a mid-year plea for funds. However, Carla’s months-long recovery from spinal fusion surgery, plus a spike in reprinting costs, has caused us to be in serious need.

So we would like to issue you, who have been friends to us in the past, an invitation to browse our online store ( and buy one of our new products, or simply to make a donation at this time.

We have a good many brand new garments for sale that went online July 22nd (, including T-shirts, long-sleeved T’s, and hoodies in handsome colors, plus several new publications of which you may not have been aware.

Please browse our store and see if you would like a copy of our 25-year collection of The Light/Lines Newsletters – the book is worth it, just to see Jim McCarty with a beard and a full head of hair on the cover, twenty-fives years makes a difference! – or one or more volumes of the eighteen-volume printed archives of our channeling from 1974 onward, or our latest book, Living the Law of One – 101: The Choice. There are other goodies new to the store as well, including drawings by our beloved Sister Lorena, and bumper stickers.

Also, we have a special opportunity at the moment to use the services of Renee Martine, a professional at publicizing and creating videos for spiritually oriented individuals and groups. She wants to do that for us a labor of love but she needs the money for a plane ticket to travel to Louisville which will cost about $300. It only will take 6 people donating $50 each to make that happen. If that speaks to you, please note “For Renee’s plane ticket” on your donation.

Thank you so much for reading this and responding, if it is something that appeals to you to do. We have always depended almost completely on donations for paying our bills and we know that this occasion will be no exception. All will be well and we will continue our labor of love together.

Blessings and L/L, Carla and Gary

For all of us at L/L Research