We are thrilled to announce the publication in print of the archives of thirty-five years of L/L Research channeling. Many collectors have written in asking for a printed version of our whole archive to be available, and we are happy to say, “Here it is!”

The eighteen volumes of this archive span the beginnings of our recorded sessions of channeling in the early 1970’s to the end of 2008. Future volumes of this archive will be created as channeling sessions accumulate. Each volume contains 400 pages of our channeling sessions. The sessions remain imperfectly edited, as is the archive as a whole, but nevertheless constitute a fantastic researcher’s resource.

These volumes are tremendously handy as resources for the spiritual seeker. Imagine having the entire L/L archive sitting on your shelf, available whether or not the power is on! And they make a beautiful appearance. The webmaster of our archive site has done a beautiful job of formatting and producing these volumes.

We hope you enjoy using them as much we have enjoyed producing them for you for the last thirty-five years.

Each volume is 8.5 x 11 inches in size, 400 pages, with a laminated color cover.

Please note that the single-session downloads from our archive website will always remain free for individual study and enjoyment.