There comes a time when you have to admit that the webmaster of this website,, is a genius. We are not sure that that time has come, but the word is forming on the tips of our tongues.

To those of you who are members of this website, you will notice a fantastic new feature in the My Dashboard section. In lieu of a spoiler about what precisely this is, you will have to sign in and access the My Dashboard area to see this incredible doohickey for yourself.

[For non-English readers, "doohickey" is defined as "something unspecified whose name is either forgotten or not known". Similar to gizmo, doodad, and thingamabob.]

Furthemore, some of you may have noticed that the interactive social networking map in the Seeker Connector section of the website went caput a few weeks ago. Steve, Bring4th’s webmaster, has found a much better altnernative from a company named ZeeMaps. Please take a moment to visit the Seeker Connector section and add your pin! (Re-add your pin if you had a pin on the previous map.)

Thank you, Steve, for these great new features!