Many of you have requested that we make the audio from our channeled sessions available for download, the Ra Contact sessions especially. Some have initiated 50,000-signature campaigns, organized sit-ins, and led hunger strikes in order to persuade us to share this audio with the world.

We have heard you, passionate seekers. Because you insisted, we undertook a project some years back to digitize our analog (cassette) archives in order to make them available for digital download.

We will begin with the Ra contact sessions of the Law of One material, starting with Session #17, slowly working our way to Session #106, and then offering the first seventeen sessions.

We will make them available in that order because the first seventeen sessions are extremely faint and difficult to hear.

Each session of the Ra Contact will be followed by new commentary from Jim McCarty and Carla Rueckert discussing the session itself and the events surrounding the recording of that session in the early 1980s.

After the audio on the cassettes was digitized, we tried enhancing the quality of the files, but anything we did to them sounded artificial. So we are offering the original sound, just as it was recorded, au naturel!

After the downloadable Ra Sessions are produced by our hard-working webmaster and honored volunteer Steve, we will begin offering other portions of our audio archive, including speeches, interviews, and the vast Q’uo library as well. Hopefully you will find these handy for enjoying on the go.

Each audio file is encoded in the mp3 format without any DRM restrictions. It is intended for your personal study and enjoyment. We respectfully request that you not distribute this audio over the net but instead point interested seekers to this website.

We ask this only because we already give the text version of the material away for free to any interested seeker the world over. It is hoped that, as a byproduct, this Audio section of the online store will help raise revenue for L/L Research so that we may continue serving seekers and offering free material as it is produced. Thank you so much in advance for honoring our concerns regarding file sharing.

We hope you may find these sessions a good resource! We at L/L Research offer them with our best love and light.

Please let us know if you would like any of our written works produced in the mp3 audio format.