Great news! Carla’s surgery is finished and so far (as of 3:00 pm eastern) there appear to be no complications!! Carla is currently heavily sedated, but all signs are pointing to success. THANK YOU everyone for your prayers and healing energies! Carla will have another long road of healing ahead of her, so all continued thoughts for her recovery are greatly appreciated. : )

Prior to her surgery, she wrote the following to close friends and family.

Hey, Everyone!

Finally I have some fairly certain news about the lumbar spinal fusion surgery that is upcoming for me! I had a surgery date at the end of February which was cancelled so I could have my heart tested. Fortunately I tested out fine, so I will be in hospital on April 15th. The operation will begin at 8:30 a.m. I have no idea how long I will be in hospital or how long the recovery will take, as the surgeons tell me that the time for both varies widely from person to person.

It is fortunate that the operation date is a Friday. Mick is in full mowing mode now, busy as a bee, but the first two days after surgery will be the weekend, so he will get to spend a bit of time with me in Norton’s downtown, where the procedure will take place.

They tell me I can expect a fairly lengthy healing period, perhaps six months. After that, I hope greatly to be walking better and feeling better! That sounds good!

I want to thank all of you for caring. I love you all and appreciate your prayers, visualizations and good thoughts greatly. For those of you to whom this applies, thank you as well for the absent healing. I know that all the unseen aid will work miracles.

Some times are all about change! I toss my dice to the winds of spirit and go forth in total faith. It feels as though I am a fool, walking off the cliff of what-was into the thin air of what-is-becoming. But in that midair I am Christ’s own fool, and so the air holds me beautifully!

Much Love/Light to you all