Taking a quantum leap forward in the digital realm, Bring4th has innovated a feature seen nowhere else in the entire infinite universe.

Bring4th members may now “like” a post by clicking on the button of the same name in the lower right corner of each post.

Reasons for liking a post may include but are not limited to:

  • You resonate with the message of the post
  • The author of the post put into words that which was only a vague feeling inside of you
  • You gain new insight, perspective, or are able to refine an existing idea with the aid of the post
  • You are the president of a large country armed to the teeth with nuclear weapons who - upon reading a post about brotherhood and love - decides NOT to press the red button that day
  • The author has inspired you
  • The author has presented a mirror to you which has allowed you to discover heretofore hidden aspects of yourself, catalyzing spiritual evolution
  • The author posted a request to look under your seat, at which time you discover front row tickets to see (insert favorite musical act, inspirational speaker, or shuttle launch of your choice)
  • You despise the author and decide to destroy him or her with kindness
  • You thought you were on Facebook
  • The author is experiencing an emotionally difficult time and you wish to express support
  • The post is one among a variety of competing views within a thread and you wish to second a particular view
  • You simply feel gratitude for what the author has written

So you see, there are any number of reasons to utilize this revolutionary feature. Whether you actively participate, seldom participate, or are a reader-only, please exercise the LIKE button!

All likes are anonymous, btw.*

Love/Light, The Bring4th Team

*Bring4th however is required by law to send all “Like” data to the NSA, DOD, and the FBI. And to your local newspapers.