L/L Research announces the first ever online course designed around the basic principles of the Law of One!

Available through the newly created International Metaphysical University (IMU), Carla L. Rueckert will be offering an open enrollment class titled “Basic Principles of the Law of One”.

Class Description

The L/L Research group received the Law of One material in the early 1980s, and it has since become a hidden classic in the field of consciousness research. However, it is not easy to read. In 2010 Carla wrote an entry-level book, Living the Law of One – 101: The Choice to give seekers an easier run at the material. This will be the text for this class.

In “Basic Principles of the Law of One”, students will learn about unity, free will, love, and light as well as exploring the ways of polarity and the functions and use of the energy body. A student entering this course can expect to learn how to graduate from third density, the Density of Choice, and go on to fourth density, the Density of Love. Carla finds the principles of this philosophy to be very helpful in her own life, and she looks forward to sharing this information and inspiration with you.

This class can be accessed at International Metaphysical University’s course catalog page at http://intermetu.com/curriculum/course-catalog-1/. It’s designation is CON 604 Basic Principles of the Law of One. To watch Carla’s intro video to the class, please visit http://intermetu.com/faculty/carla-l-rueckert-m-a/.

From the IMU website

It is the mission of the International Metaphysical University to provide an open-minded platform for the examination, exploration, and advancement of consciousness in an online educational environment. Toward this goal, we:

  • Offer high-quality, credible, enjoyable, and comprehensive education in alternative areas of study
  • Employ top experts in related fields to provide the highest-quality education possible
  • Graduate knowledgeable, forward-thinking, and well-trained professionals with the ability to think for themselves and push boundaries to become leaders in their respective fields
  • Encourage, document, and publish independent research for the purpose of garnering credibility and encouraging mainstream acceptance and use of field-related processes and information
  • Bring together top experts in related fields to encourage problem-solving through cooperation, brainstorming, and research
  • Encourage and support growth of the metaphysical community across the globe
  • Acknowledge self-study
  • Ordain Ministerial Lightworkers
  • Raise the consciousness of the planet and beyond

Enrollment and registration will happen through the International Metaphysical University. If you have any questions about enrollment or the university itself, please contact the friendly staff at IMU. If you have any questions about the content of the class, please send us an email at .