Each year seekers dedicated to the study of the Confederation philosophy meet at L/L Research to revel in their shared passions – ranging from discussions regarding whether the first or the second distortion is the best (answer: the first), to strange phenomena experienced along the path (including contact with other beings, distortions of time and space, and Tom Cruise), to moments of laughter, moments of tears, and moments of contemplative silence.

As many a Homecoming veteran will report, it’s a rather bonding experience. Most if not all who attend, even among the more introverted and alienated-feeling (which describes many wanderers), experience the joy of being open and without pretense within a group of seekers who, above and beyond all else, simply accept the other self.


At this year’s Homecoming we will do as we did last year, what we call a symposium, perhaps not so accurately named but it sounds so cool and erudite. Using this format, each attendee will be given the opportunity to use a segment of time to present on a topic that is close to their heart. The amount of time will depend on how many opt to present divided by our available time. This usually works out to around 30 minutes.

Presentation is of course not necessary – many choose to participate in the event without presenting – but it is highly encouraged if you have even an inkling of interest. We love hearing from everyone in the circle and find the energy flows, builds, and spirals upward ever so intensely and beautifully when seekers bring something to the table. Options for presentation include but are not limited to:

  • Sharing of an important event in your life, be it traumatic or wholly positive
  • Sharing of important catalyst in your life, be it a life lesson, question, or recent conundrum
  • Coming with a question for the group in order to receive feedback from other seekers
  • Finally solving the “What will happen on Dec 21, 2012?” question once-and-for-all with a definitive, brilliant, mind-blowing theory that will be impossible to refute; impossible, because yours is the only right, the only sane, the only possible interpretation.
  • Reading a paper you wrote regarding philosophy, metaphysics, or something else close to your heart
  • Offering an analysis of The Law of One material
  • Pitching your new sitcom, “Everyone Loves Ra” starring Ra (played by Clive Owen)
  • 30-minute long guitar solo

The basic criteria is that your presentation be in some way related to spirituality/philosophy/personal growth, and of course not be heinously offensive to other attendees. Within those parameters the possibilities are limitless.


We will intersperse the symposium portions of the weekend with focused, and sometimes guided, meditations. Our objectives will include entering the silence, communing with one another, and using our combined battery to send healing energies to the planet and those suffering entities upon her surface. Motivating our meditation is the need to embrace beingness. It is our understanding that in so doing, we raise our own energetic vibration and subsequently - and of necessity - lighten the planetary consciousness. We feel that this is always helpful in the third-density environment, but is especially needed at this juncture in our collective experience.

Additionally we may have a Q’uo channeling on Sunday depending on the state of Carla’s recover from her surgery, and we may also spend Saturday evening down on L/L’s aspiring bio-dynamic farm, Avalon. This is to-be-announced.

A note about Carla

As many of you know, Carla is still undergoing a prolonged and problematic recovery from a major spine surgery. Her current energy reserve for the day is easily depleted.

Due to the low-energy situation, Carla will likely participate very little in the 2012 Homecoming. She will need to sequester herself during the majority of the event in order to protect and conserve her limited energy stores. Carla will endeavor to spend as much time as possible with the group - she hopes that healing between now and then will increase her capacity to be with the circle - but in all probability we will not see very much of Carla. With the aid of technology, however, Carla will be able to hear discussion in the circle of seeking, and we will be able to hear Carla when she speaks to the circle.


Friday, August 31, 2012 at 6:00 pm eastern (GMT -5) with a home-cooked meal


Sunday, September 2, 2012 with an evening dinner.

*We will extend the event into Monday, September 3rd for all who would enjoy more informal time at L/L for meditation, discussion, and who knows what we’ll come up with. : )


Louisville, Kentucky, the great city of


Tuition for this year’s Homecoming is $180.00 and (along with foodstuff cost) can be purchased here: http://store.bring4th.org/product_info.php?cPath=26&products_id=90.


  1. A meal charge of $30 covers five meals: a phenomenal home-cooked meal dinner on Friday + breakfast and lunch buffet on Saturday & Sunday.
  2. You will be responsible for dinners Saturday and Sunday night at nearby restaurants


L/L Research has a comprehensive list of all hotels within a five mile radius available upon request.


If help is needed, we can provide transportation to and from the airport for a million dollar roundtrip fee to cover gas. By that we mean, $10.00.


TBA. It will look much like last year’s curriculum available as a PDF download.


Please contact Gary, admin for L/L Research, at in order to register for Homecoming or ask any questions you may have!


If you would like to discuss the upcoming event with other seekers and perhaps look into the possibility of carpooling and/or room sharing and/or flash mobbing, please visit Homecoming’s thread on the Bring4th Forums on http://www.bring4th.org/forums/showthread.php?tid=4832&pid=84720#pid84720.

The Homecoming Event on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/393586650691692/