Scott writes:

I hope 2012 has been a good year so far for you, though planet earth is surely in its birth pangs. As for me, I’m living in Taiwan, traveling in Asia, and walking the Way as always…

To let you know, I was on the “Breath of Terra” webcast show at 7pm PST on Sunday, September 2 for a 2+ hour interview. We covered a range of topics from the current global shift to the dynamics of planetary awakening and karmic flow of cosmic plan. The show is available in archive version using the link below. For more info, here’s the show description:

My weekly Ra study group continues, and if there’s enough interest I’ll start a new Law of One Skype group, studying the Ra Material PDF compilations, or selected topics by group interest. The 5 free PDFs, new writing, and current class information is available here:

By our last 2 years of class, we’ve produced about 125 videos for the YouTube channel:

Finally, I also continue to do counseling by Skype voice for short- and long-term work. If you’re interested, please let me know and we can talk more about it. Here’s the counseling info page:

In these, the end days of 3D earth civilization, it was prophesied and is quite clear that outer authority is failing. Those with eyes to see (by love) and ears to hear (by wisdom), understand this ‘house of cards’ is collapsing and are preparing, as human karma must play out. And yet, a new day is coming as earth enters the dimension of love & understanding. For wanderers, it’s the endgame we long expected – but love/light is more present now than ever, and we needn’t lose hope when outer veils rip. At 4am, few know the glorious Sun nears the horizon, but always, day follows night. Please stay true to what you really are.

I wish you peace and well-being, in forever,

Scott Mandelker