For all the collaborators in our labor of love who have been so incredibly generous this year with your donations and your directed, supportive energies. A huge thank you from our hearts. We are suddenly able to look towards the coming months with optimism, pay our bills, and look forward forward to serving each of you in every and any way we can.

We are all a part of something much larger than ourselves. An energy of love and light that was begun so long ago with Don’s, Jim’s, and my humble effort has taken fire and truly it reaches around the world. We are humbled and thrilled by your response to our request for help. And look forward to each and everything that we can do to improve our service to you and to the planet.

For the archive site, we have several things in mind, reaching back into our past history preserving archives that indicate not only the positive side of ET communications but the hilarious and sometimes ludicrous mistakes that those before us have made because of fear. Thankfully, there is no fear in us now.

On the Bring4th website, Monica Leal and I look forward to restoring the “In the Now” program taking up individual questions from those who call in and also picking up some of the threads that are being discussed in the forums. We are still at the stage of testing our equipment and making sure that Monica and I know how to use the software, but before the month is up we will be back on the air, and we hope you’ll be there.

It’s been far too long since L/L was able to host weekly meditations meetings, and while they are not immediately going to begin again, my improvement of late promises that it will be sooner rather than later that we are back in the swing of studying and seeking together and being able to post new readings on the archive site.

All this is possible only because each of you – some in easy circumstances and some in impossibly difficult ones – gave us generous gifts. Everyone infinitely huge and totally adequate. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I’ve never felt more gratitude in my life for the incredible support of so many. And I know it is for that energy that flows through all of us, not to any personality. We are in this together. And between us we can offer that which none of us alone could dream of offering – the doubling effect of so many lights coming together to lighten the consciousness of planet Earth. Thank you for letting us be about our business. We hope that we may aid you in being about yours as well.

Let us know what more we can do. Gary manfully answers every letter and we try to respond to every request. Keep the prayers and good thoughts coming. All is well and all will be well. Much love to you all, and above all things, our most grateful thanks for your generosity at this time. This is Carla for Jim, Gary, and all of those many volunteers who make L/L Research what it is today.