We would like to announce the most awesome online tool ever created!*

L/L Research’s ninja master webmaster, Steve E., built a calculator into the Bring4th website that, in a matter of seconds, allows you to simultaneously calculate and see the three biorhythm cycles, and the 18-day adept cycle.

Click here: http://bring4th.org/biorhythms/

It is an impressive feature that will likely prove helpful to many a seeker. On behalf of all Earth peoples, we offer Steve our heartfelt gratitude for this gift!

If you would like to thank Steve, you can drop him a line at the webmaster email address listed on this page: https://www.llresearch.org/contact

Note: Be mindful of days where any part of a cycle intersects the zero point (0%), the critical time, and especially if two or more cycles do this simultaneously. If you have four lines intersecting zero point on the same day, you may want to consider staying home. :)

Even better than engrish.com. Which is not, incidentally, a calculator.