Art of Healing Circle Retreat

L/L Research is excited to announce that we are hosting the workshop “Art of Healing Circle Retreat” developed and facilitated by Beatriz Gonzales on the weekend of March 21, 2014.


A health intuitive with 30 years of experience, Beatriz has developed a healing exercise called “The Miracle of Self-Healing,” that draws upon concepts discussed by Ra within the Law of One material. Initially focused on physical healing, Beatriz has transitioned her techniques to address the root of physical ailments within the mind complex. She discovered the Law of One while seeking to make this transition and found that the information given by Ra was a perfect fit for her techniques. Years of study have resulted in a unique marriage of the Law of One and Beatriz’s techniques for engaging in the art of self-discovery and healing.

Beatriz will begin Friday night with a lecture, discussing some of the science behind how our emotions can affect the functioning of our body, offering an in-depth look at the process of emotional catalyst becoming physical. Then on Saturday, she will discuss the idea of separation consciousness in contrast to unity consciousness, highlighting how our state of mind may affect these physical processes. Then, as a group, attendees will pinpoint a specific emotional catalyst which they wish to address and Beatriz will guide everyone in her “Miracle of Self-Healing” exercise, a truly transformative experience. The group will return Sunday morning to reflect on the experience of the day prior, sharing openly about what was discovered, felt, and transformed during and after the exercise - this sharing being an integral part of the healing process.

This workshop will be an opportunity both for learning and healing. It will be most useful for those needing to address a particular catalyst, be it physical and/or emotional. It is both a personal and collective experience, and attendees are highly encouraged to share openly in this safe atmosphere with full support of the group.


Friday, March 21st, 2014 at 7:00PM


Sunday, March 23rd, 2014 in the afternoon.



Location & Lodging

Courtyard Louisville East 9608 Blairwood Road Louisville, KY 40222 (502) 429-0006

Courtyard has rooms available in the range of $120/night. Alternatively, there is lodging within walking distance with more economic pricing:

Days Inn Hurstbourne 9340 Blairwood Road Louisville, KY 40222 (502)425-2689


Red Roof Inn Louisville East 9330 Blairwood Road Louisville, KY 40222 (502)426-7621



Lunch and snacks will be provided on Saturday and Sunday, with attendees being responsible for the rest of their meals.

There are good restaurants within easy walking distance, and an abundance of options within driving distance. We may coordinate a group dinner at a nearby restaurant.


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More Information

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