As a new year starts to unfold, we are wrapping up our 2013 Fundraiser. This year our campaign closes having raised almost $41,000. We cannot help but be filled with immense gratitude for all who offered their support. Donations make up a majority of L/L Research’s budget, and volunteers help to keep the work going. Both are vital to our mission. We strive to offer as much as we can to the seeker free of charge and hold strongly to the belief that this spiritual information which we have the honor of maintaining should be accessible to all. Through the generosity of donors, and through the volunteer efforts of those who chip in their time, energy, and talents, we are able to share the life work of Don, Carla, and Jim freely with the world. It is our hope that this work creates a safe haven of thought and inspiration for all embarked upon the eternal quest to seek truth.

These funds and your volunteer efforts will not only allow us to maintain our current mission with integrity, but also embark on new and exciting ways to serve all seekers. The world continues to transform at a rapid pace and L/L Research will continue to adapt to new generations of seekers ready to open their minds and hearts to love, light, unity, and joy.

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you!

Please see our attached Donor and Volunteer Year-End Thank You Listings.