After nearly seven years, L/L Research would like to announce a new Archetypes Workshop!


Friday, April 11. 6:00 PM eastern.


Sunday, April 13. 2:00 PM eastern


Sephira, a career philosopher and mystic, has taken the last four years away from the academy to study The Ra Material for the purpose of teaching the Law of One. In addition to his primary role developing the upcoming encyclopedic glossary of terms from the Ra Material, his work has revolved around the archetypes as presented in Book IV. Having focused upon filling the gaps left by the unexpected end of the Ra contact, Sephira has developed a system of study which he is now prepared to share with the broader community of seekers in the hope that he can assist in rendering the abstruse into the common, the muddy into the clear.

The event will begin Friday evening with a home-cooked dinner, followed by a “Round Robin” wherein we go around the circle and share a bit about ourselves. Weather permitting, we will be able to do this around a bonfire near the pond.

The study portion of the weekend begins Saturday morning, with a series of discussions and lectures designed to assess the participants’ level of study and to put us all upon the same page. Later on Saturday, the primary method of the workshop will commence: guided meditations into the hearts of the energies of collectively chosen archetypes, followed by small-group and large-group discussions. This activity will continue on Sunday morning, when greater participation will be gradually encouraged.

Finally, the event will close midday on Sunday with a presentation on tools for further study and a Q & A session.

A recent reading of Book IV is strongly encouraged, though it is not an absolute necessity, as the purpose of the workshop is to move beyond Ra’s difficult terminology into the pure energies of the archetypes themselves and their manifestations in everyday life.

Each participant will also be given an early draft of Sephira’s upcoming book on the archetypes to take home.

Venue Location

L/L’s good friend, Fox H., has graciously offered her homestead as the venue for the Archetypes Workshop. Fox and her husband Steve built a beautiful cedar-clad home on a 70 acre piece of property in the rolling hills of rural Kentucky near the small town of Perryville. Their humble abode streams lots of sunlight throughout and feels about as comfortable and at-home as one can get on this planet.


There are two major airports near Perryville, KY:

  • Lexington, Kentucky’s Bluegrass Airport, about a 50 minute drive. (LEX)
  • Louisville, Kentucky’s Standiford Field, about a 1.25 hour drive. (SDF)

Both offer car rentals.


There will be a tuition charge of $180, and a meal charge of $30, totaling $210.

The meal charge includes two home-cooked dinners, two breakfasts, one lunch, and multiple snacks.


There are a number of great hotels in Danville, Kentucky, about a 15 minutes drive from the Archetypes Workshop.


To register, please either:

  • Send an email to Gary or Austin using the “contact” address on this page:
  • Go directly to our online store to purchase the tuition/foodstuff registration payment here

As of the posting of this announcement, we have ten seats remaining.


If you would like to discuss the upcoming event with other seekers and perhaps look into the possibility of carpooling and/or room sharing, please visit the thread for the Archetypes Workshop in the “Meet-Up Area” forum here.