L/L Research would like to announce its annual Homecoming Gathering held in our hometown of Louisville, KY.

  • Beginning: Friday, August 29. 5:00 PM eastern.
  • Ending: Sunday, August 31. Evening.

(With optional, additional time on Monday, September 1st if you’d like to hang out longer.)


At this year’s Homecoming we will do as we have in year’s past, and create space for attendees to use a segment of time to present on a topic that is close to his or her heart. The amount of time usually works out to around 30 minutes per person.

Presentation is not necessary - many choose to participate in the event without presenting - but it is highly encouraged if you have even an inkling of interest. We love hearing from everyone in the circle and find the energy flows, builds, and spirals upward ever so intensely and beautifully when seekers bring something to the table. Options for presentation include but are not limited to:

  • Sharing of an important event in your life, be it traumatic or wholly positive
  • Sharing of significant current catalyst, be it a life lesson, or recent conundrum
  • Performing the entire Lord of the Rings trilogy in under 30 minutes
  • Coming with a question for the group in order to receive feedback from other seekers
  • Reading a paper you wrote regarding philosophy, metaphysics, or something else close to your heart.
  • Playing or performing music, reciting poetry, or other creative expression
  • Spoon bending exhibition. (Seriously, if you can bend spoons with your mind, please show us.)

The basic criteria are that your presentation be in some way related to spirituality/philosophy/personal growth, and of course not be heinously offensive to other attendees. Within those parameters the possibilities are limitless.


With that, registration is open!

To register please go here or send an email to us at .


Tuition for L/L Research’s Homecoming this year is $180.


  1. A meal charge of $30 covers five meals: a phenomenal home-cooked meal dinner on Friday + breakfast and lunch buffet on both Saturday & Sunday.

  2. You will be responsible for dinners Saturday and Sunday night at nearby restaurants where we will have reservations.


We have a group discount available for a great rate at a nearby hotel that is available until August 8 or rooms run out, whichever comes first.


If help is needed, we can provide transportation to and from the airport for a $10.00 roundtrip fee to cover gas, or whatever fuel source may be powering our anti-gravity flying machine.


TBA. It will look much like last recent curriculums.


If you would like to discuss the upcoming event with other seekers and perhaps look into the possibility of carpooling and/or room sharing and/or couch surfing, please visit Homecoming’s thread on the Bring4th Forums in the “Meet-Up Area” forum here