Update: New Multisite Languages

2023 February 3: German February 5: Indonesian February 7: Portuguese February 8: Greek (For its debut on the site! Language #22) February 9: Italian February 10: Polish February 21: Spanish, Chinese March 21: Farsi (Persian) (For its debut on the site! Language #23) March 28: Turkish March 30: Russian April 4: Bulgarian April 24: Dutch May 16: Czech May 29: Serbian, Romanian June 11: Hungarian September 30: French October 12: Korean (For its debut on the site! Language #24) December 1: Swedish December 22: Arabic (For its debut on the site! Language #25) 2024 May 17: Finnish (For its debut on the site! Language #26) June 15: Hebrew

If you click the language icon in the upper-right corner from anywhere on the site, you will open a language menu of 22 different languages—soon to be 23 with the introduction of Greek. Like this:

Translations list

Clicking the native name of each language opens a simple Welcome Page which lists all the books and/or transcripts available in that language, each item the gift of a dedicated volunteer translator.

Today we unveil the launch of the multisite in German (Deutsch). The first of 23 languages, it was selected in order to honor the work of our friend, Jochen Blumenthal, who heads up the German/French publishing house in partnership with L/L Research. Like Dorothy entering a world of color, German seekers henceforward will open a parallel German version of the Library site:

The foreign-language versions of the website will feature:

  • All the existing transcripts and text documents available in that language
  • All the existing books available in that language
  • A dedicated Ra Contact page like the English one, making the Law of One available in session-by-session format and searchable in that language
  • A language-specific search engine(!)
  • Navigation options in that language
  • Several of the site’s main pages (like the Home Page, Channeling Library page, etc.)

In the coming weeks, the remainder of the other languages will come online. Unless they wish to remain anonymous, we will also create more prominent fields to identify the translator(s) of a particular transcript or book, among other things. And finally, what for us is something of a metaphysical cherry on the top:

  • Any time a particular transcript has versions in other languages, a drop-down menu will be available to toggle that transcript between every available language while preserving one’s place in the text. This will allow foreign readers with some understanding of English to more directly compare the translation to the English original, or any other language for that matter, among other benefits.

Thank you to all the love, dedication, and good humor of the over 20 translators who contributed the many additional pieces needed for this project; and thank you to Daniel for the many hours invested in leading up this massive effort to build 23 foreign-language versions of the library website. As you may imagine, this project greatly complexifies an already very complex website. We hope it may play a small and humble part in providing spiritual support to seekers around the world in their search for the One Infinite Creator.

Bundled into the launch of the multisite are a couple of other upgrades, including the launch of the Wiki Page, available via the (plant-based) hamburger menu in the upper-right corner of the website, and a greatly improved mobile menu. Also, a small bell/whistle: all transcripts now feature average read times so that you can better budget your time for your spiritual studies and practices, which is surely where the majority of your time goes in a given day. :-)